Too much food?

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  • Hello from Southern California!
    My husband and I just started this plan yesterday and I have to tell you I am a bit concerned that my TDEE is way too much. I am type 2 diabetic and my TDEE winds up being 1913 calories which I think is too much food? That’s like 637 calories at one sitting if I divide up into bkfast, lunch and dinner. Any thoughts out there?

    Thank you!

    I suggest you use the calculator on this site which you can find by clicking resources. Enter your details using sedentary for exercise level (IMO the calorie allowance for exercise is too generous and we all over estimate how much we do) and also use your goal weight which means less adjustments when you get there.
    The other thing to do is bear in mind that 5:2 is like any other weight loss method in that it is about creating a calorie deficit, so the less you eat the faster you lose. There is no need to eat up to your TDEE if you don’t want to.

    Hi little and welcome:

    You might find your TDEE goes down if you use the lowest exercise level and compute it for your target weight rather than your current weight.

    But as you are a Type 2, I would be more concerned with the types of foods you are eating rather than the amount. Higher good fats, higher complex carbs, lower refined carbs and lower proteins are the general answer. There is a Type 2 thread or two on this site with more information.

    Here are some 5:2 tips, which include an explanation of TDEE:

    Good Luck!

    Hi Amazon, I did use the calculator on this site and did use sedentary level. Didn’t think anything of it until I tried to eat the calories for a NF day. Nice tip you gave about entering goal weight, too bad they don’t make a note of that when entering info. Thanks again–

    Thanks simcoeluv, I am totally good with what types of food I should be eating/am eating, thanks.
    My son is the one who brought up IF program to my husband and I so I thought “why not”? This is his choice for wol now especially for his job as police officer and he highly recommends it. Thank you also for the 5:2 tips. 🙂

    Hi little:

    As a Type 2, you probably know that it can be totally reversed by either combining water fasting with the proper diet (check out Jason Fung and the Longo Longevity Diet) or by using Dr. Taylor’s work on diet alone, as popularized by Dr. M’s Blood Sugar Diet.

    Good Luck!


    Last year I tried the 5:2 plan for a 4-6 weeks. I didn’t eat all my tdee. I was fine for the first couple of weeks then I found I was ravenous and couldn’t keep under. I think that was a big part of me giving up. It felt like I was just limiting food severely one day only to binge the next. This time I am going to use most or all of my tdee (1895)for a few weeks and see what happens.
    I am just getting back at it, last week and this week so I am definitely not as experienced as some of the others, but based off my response last time I wonder the feeling that it’s too much food may remedy itself in the next week or so. 🙂
    Either way I am committed to working through this time, coming to the board here to get advice and just shift and keep working. No more giving up!


    Thanks simcoeluv. I was off oral diabetic meds over a year ago but put weight back on. 🙁
    My doctor does not recommend fasting diets for diabetics but I am going to do this with my husband. We are looking forward to becoming more active at our 60+ ages and being in Southern California there is no better place to be outdoors and be active!

    Thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best. I just found out this morning trying to eat 637 cal at one sitting was just not going to happen. Then I got some advice to enter my GOAL weight, not my current weight which lowered the TDEE considerably.


    I wonder if I was eating too many calories on my food day. I can’t stress it. I am not eating for 48 hours plus I workout, but it feels like more than I am used to!

    Going to drink lots of water and let it go!

    Learn to eat until you begin to feel full, no matter how many ‘more’ calories you ‘are supposed’ to eat.
    The best exercise for dieters is pushing away from the table.

    Thank you Fasting

    I definitely overate yesterday. I like what you said about how many calories were “suppose to eat”.

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