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  • Hello!

    Thanks for the tips everyone. So I have another question probably sounds stupid. On your fasting day you wake up and eat like 500 throughout the day. Now once its midnight
    Do you just go to bed or are you able to do normal eating? I get to feeling faint the day after my fasting :(.
    Please help me lovely people!


    Im usually in bed well before mid night so its not an issue. Are you saying youre prepared to stay awake until midnight just so you can eat? Seems very counter productive to me. You really cant cheat yourself.

    Do you have an unusual sleep pattern because youre a shift worker? If youre a shift worker then there is probably not a lot you can do, if youre not Id be trying real hard to get into “normal” sleeping habits. Otherwise youre going to find it difficult. While you sleep your depleted glycogen stores are topped up from your fat reserves. So you should have about 70% glycogen reserves in your liver and muscles even if you have fasted the previous day. At about 5am you body will release a sugar hit in preparation for the mornings activity. This is called the dawn effect. If you have very disrupted sleep habits then this wont be happening and may well explain why you feel faint the next day after a fast.

    How long have you been doing this for? Poor eating habits lead to very lazy liver function. It will take you about a month to get some sort of “fitness” back into you liver and realistically closer to 6 months for it to function well. There are no short cuts, initially it will take an effort on your part. You need to hang tough. Waiting up till mid night just so you can eat wont be doing you any favours. Sorry, just trying to be realistic and honest.

    If Fasting causes you to feel faint around midnight, then go to bed and sleep it off. I used to be a night-owl, staying up until 1 am, but that was a long time ago when I was your age, Nikki. Nowadays, I go to bed most nights at 11 pm and read until 12, then sleep like a brick for 7 hours. Fasting does not affect my sleep.
    What is most important is this: what do you eat and when do you eat it?

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