Three 36 hour fasts in a week and only 3 pounds

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Three 36 hour fasts in a week and only 3 pounds

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  • Hi,

    I have started this week with 3 x 36 hour fasts only water and black coffee, fasting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The fasting I did not find too hard apart from the Friday fast as I seemed to be more hungry than before.

    Below are my figures which to me do not look like very much.

    13 st 9.9 lbs – Sat
    13 st 11.4 lbs – Fri (Fast day)
    13 st 8.5 lbs – Thur
    13 st 10.8 lbs – Wed (Fast day)
    13 st 9.6 lbs – Tue
    13 st 12.9 lbs – Mon (Fast day)

    At the start of the week I had a Dexa scan to find out how much fat I have to lose, no longer could I kid myself I have a lot of muscle and I am big boned. The result of the scan was high visceral fat that put me at high risk of a lot of nasty diseases. The amount of fat I have to lose is 3 1/2 stone.

    Have other people done 3 x 36 hour water fasts and if so what was there weight loss like? I know as I eat normally over the weekend I will no doubt put most of the lost weight on as it has got to be water weight?

    It is disheartening to do that amount of fasting and not lose much weight, I am of the thinking quicker loss will keep me motivated and on track. Like Michael has said that people that lose weight faster are more likely to succeed.





    Hi Chris,

    Try doing 5:2 and only weigh yourself once a week (if you must weigh yourself at all), and don’t worry about the results until you have a month’s worth.

    Scales are problematic for daily weighing as we fluctuate so much with various bodily processes holding water etc, and they have mad behaviour that seems to have no scientific explanation whatsoever.

    Make it easy and sustainable. Slow and steady wins the race.

    I lost 30kg that way.

    Hi Cinque,

    I did try 5:2 which I found harder to do than not eating at all, nice to see though that you lost so much weight with it!



    Chris, I find that some foods [for me beer, white rice] put the weight on and then it stays for a while, difficult to remove. Perhaps something like that is happening to you?

    it could be, i did eat quite a bit of sweet stuff and pizza.

    It takes a deficit of around 3700 calories to lose 1lb in weight and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

    You’ve lost some weight in your first week so you know that it works and what you need to do is readjust your expectations and continue with what you’ve started.

    That might sound harsh but it is impossible to lose weight at a quicker rate without giving up eating completely.

    If I do 4 36 hour fasts in a week I lose 2lbs which doesn’t seem much but it took me a number of years to gain weight so it’s unrealistic to expect it to fall off at a faster rate.

    Fasting isn’t a quick fix but it works and it helps us change our eating patterns for the better.

    Hi again Chris,

    Do you mean that when you tried 5:2, eating anything on a Fast Day was difficult for you?
    With basic 5:2 you have an upper limit of calories for Fast Days, but you don’t need to eat any if you don’t want to.
    Water Fasting is fine.

    Your post here sounded as if three water fast days in a week was hard work and seemed to have little result. So going back to two a week might make it easier, and if it is easier then you don’t have to worry so much if results take a while.

    This post from Simco is a lovely reminder of how it can take time:

    I also take the point about sweet stuff and pizza that you and Fastingme have discussed. I cut out added sugar before I began 5:2 and I think it is the combination of 5:2 and no sugar that works so well for me.

    But the issue about making 5:2 easy and sustainable is central. It means that even when you get down to your healthy weight you can keep doing it to maintain that weight.

    It is a trick to work out how to make it easy and sustainable. I hope you find what works for you. Good wishes.

    I was so busy reading your dissatisfaction that I didn’t take in that you lost 3lbs in a week. That is phenomenal!
    The average with 5:2 is one pound a week. What you are doing is working extremely well for you.
    Make it as easy and sustainable as you can, feel pleased if you lose a pound a week, and get ready to have to buy new clothes soon!

    very true Amazon that it took time to go on, but I was hoping and after reading and watching so many videos that it would go quicker than the standard calorie restriction.

    It is not harsh what you are saying but reality, i did expect big numbers in the first week but now i know i shall persevere.

    Thanks as i suspected I gained after eating normally so at 13st 10.9lb this morning, but thanks to you and Amazon I have reset my expectations.

    The only fast I found hard was the third one of the week, I think I will take your advice and try to not eat and if I find it hard then it 500 calories in the evening. I so need to drop added sugar which is the cause of my weight as i do not drink or overeat normal meals.

    I have bought some Huel to try which I think I will use on a fasting day if I get hungry as it is not many calories.

    Thanks all again!

    That sounds great Chris. All power to you.


    Men can have 600 calories on FDs.

    I only eat dinner on a FD. I put aside 100 calories for milk and kefir which I drink every day and I find it possible to make a very filling dinner with the remaining 400 calories.
    Some days fasting is a breeze and others it is tough but I’ve found that having a glass of water and a hot drink cures hunger pangs immediately. If I want something savoury a mug of Bovril or Miso does the trick.

    I have done food free FDs but I realised that it wouldn’t work for me long term although many people find it easier than only having 500/600 calories.

    I’m in the weigh once a week the day after a FD camp. I really cannot be doing with all the ups and downs of the scales and although I fully understand the fluctuations of weight over time, I find it counterproductive to see a larger number than the day before when I’ve been working so hard to lose weight.

    Thanks Amazon unless I had a ready made meal I would find it hard to calculate 600 calories. i like the idea of having Bovril on a fast day.

    The Simco post made me laugh and is probably how we all thing when venturing on another weight loss plan.

    ChrisPE, if you need recipes with the calories, et al, all counted out, click on my ‘handle’ and look at my profile. You’ll see my blog address. There I post recipes for other Fasters. That way no one has to count calories since I have done it all. My husband and I eat 600 calories on a Fast Day and have done so for 5.5 years.
    Good luck. Hope there recipes help.

    Thanks fasting me, I shall have a look!

    update in a week 3 x 36 hour fasts and I am exactly one pound down in weight loss but at least I know it is a pound of fat not water :O)

    Well done on another pound loss. How’s the Huel working for you? I’ve been using it for a few months.

    Thanks, for a week the total loss was a pound on 3 x 36 fasts, I am now starting this week doing 5:2 it seems like it will be less painful and I bet the results are the same.

    I tried the coffee flavour and must say i did not like it, so have a bag of Huel sitting doing nothing.

    What flavour have you got, do you like the taste?

    I also have the coffee and didn’t like it much, but I have the vanilla and use that and the coffee one together just to get rid of the bag of coffee flavour. I also add some of the mocha flavour shot or instant coffee if I need an extra boost. I have it for breakfast most mornings 2 x scoops in 380ml water. On FD’s I sometimes mix just one scoop with 200ml water so only 150 calories. I don’t eat during the day, then if I’m honestly hungry I have the Huel about 4pm or if I’m ok then I fast till I finish work at 6 then have a couple of hard boiled eggs and a salad and save the Huel for breakfast the next day.

    Good idea to mix with something else, I may mix it with an expresso shot to get rid of it. i did buy my son the Vanilla one, so I may mix it with that.

    I must admit it does not taste at all like Coffee.

    I started on Monday with my first fast doing 5:2, I skipped all food until I got home from work about 20:00 and had some low carb 200 calorie meals I bought ages ago.

    Tomorrow is my fast day so will give the Huel another go when I get home from work.

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