The Third Annual Silly Season Challenge

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  • Thin, I also have a great dislike of beetroot. Although the very small leaves that appear before the bulb forms, I like as a salad leaf. However I recently tried a coleslaw blend that I purchased from the supermarket that contained grated beetroot, carrot and broccoli stems. The beetroot didn’t bleed and it actually wasn’t a strong flavour. I actually liked this blend. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably just boiled, roasted or pickled beetroot that I can’t stand. And like you if the juice gets on something else I won’t eat that either.
    Pickled beetroot featured strongly during summer when I was a child I was the only family member who hated it. It was so widely consumed that it was considered quite un-Australian to not like it. Clearly my taste buds have no nationality.

    During the summer I made some burgers that had grated raw beetroot mixed in with the beef. It was, according to the recipe, an Australian speciality. I was not converted.

    So glad to see so many familiar names on this thread! What a party.
    For some reason, these past Fasr Days have not resulted in a weight loss — very odd.

    Guess I should do a log-in of starting weight. Dec 1 : 107.6 pounds = 48.8 kg = 7.6 stones
    There. I wrote it down.
    When is the end-date?

    Pickled beetroot with your burger (with everything) is an Australian speciality, Penguin.
    Adding grated raw beetroot isn’t, but I have done it to good effect! Very finely grated, and not too much. So that is one Australian.

    Good morning Silly Season Challengers

    Thin. Beetroot. I really really dislike it. I reckon it tastes like mud that puppy Maxx has been digging in and leaving a little present. UGH And Penguin, yes, beetroot on burgers is an Australian ‘thing’. WHY???? Congrats on yet another pound disappearing

    I do an official weigh-in on Fridays so will report progress each week. I have a spreadsheet with some simple formulas that help me keep track and it is so encouraging to see the graph going down, albeit slowly

    So FD for me and not so busy at work, unlike Tuesday where the day flew as we were flat-out and I had the best FD I’ve had in my 10 weeks of doing this WOE. Today will be a challenge but I know I can do it.

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening depending where you are in the world

    Interesting that others dislike beetroot. Anzac, your assessment is spot on. I was a fussy eater as a child but, as an adult (and pre-5:2) could never have been labelled such. Beetroot was the only thing that I absolutely could not eat and tasted it about every 10 years just to see if I could get it down. I can’t swallow it. The smell is just terrible to me. It wasn’t until I was in my 50s that I learned my brother in the UK is exactly same about it. Maybe it’s a genetic thing.

    When I was backpacking around NZ, I had a job at a hamburger joint in Queenstown. The owner sold hamburgers with sliced beetroot. Yuk, it made me sick just making those things. When we moved to Oz, we discovered that ‘Mexican’ restaurants served beetroot in various dishes. I’d never seen that in Mexico.

    LJ, good to know that your FDs are still unblemished!

    Fastingme, a party! I made my SSC end date 3 January just because it’ll be the day after my first FD of the year. I suppose it’s officially 1 January or whatever you want it to be. Had you lost a lot of weight with IF?

    Thin, pickled beetroot slices on hamburgers is an Aussie tradition too (especially before we were invaded by the US chains that put dill pickles on everything). I made a hamburger seller make me a completely new burger once when he put beetroot on it despite me asking for it without. We had a debate about why taking the beetroot out wasn’t enough to fix the problem.

    Hi All! I’m joining this challenge! Tomorrow is my usual Friday Fast Day. I’ll contemplate what I’m moved to commit to for this challenge. I want to choose something worthy of my participation, though something that is not too big to succeed with. I will be contemplating on this tomorrow and write it up here tomorrow eve.

    Welcome Minka! Looking forward to reading what you decide. Keep it fun, we don’t want you stressing about this!

    LJ, you made me laugh so much about the hamburger. I absolutely get that. I can’t eat a salad that has that juice contaminating it. I do concede that beetroot is a fabulous colour so I can see why it’s used in salads. But hamburgers and tacos?

    Still under 60kg but I’ll have to do better on NFDs if I’m to meet this goal. I have two non-Christmas events to tackle tomorrow so today must be well controlled.

    Well I had a failed FD yesterday so am still 87.4 kilos today, weigh-in day. Will need some serious mindful NFD’s now, especially as I fell over my dog at the dog park this morning and twisted my ankle…so my planned long walks and sessions on the exercise bike today and over the weekend are now out the window

    LJ, once a smidge of beetroot juice touches anything it must be discarded. I completely understand why you insisted on a new burger

    Good luck at your two social events today Thin, but I’m sure you will be fine. You are so great at this WOL which is a huge encouragement to me

    Have a great day challengers!

    Minka, I’m joining you in a FD today.

    I had planned to have all my NFDs as controlled days this week. So far I managed 2 and the other 2 were a very long way from controlled and involved too much of the wrong foods.

    Quick check in before we go into town for Christmas shopping. Since fasting Mon/Tues I have had a couple of unwise days and put back on some of the weight I lost. OH has put it all back. So today is an extra fast day.

    Penguin, hope that extra FD deals with any extra sneaky mince pies.

    My FD has ended with a particularly delicious piece of grilled tandoori chicken & veg.
    The next 2 days will be tricky. Tomorrow I have an afternoon tea to deal with and also family dinner (paella and baked cheesecake) on Sunday night.

    Hi Silly Season Challenge partners,

    During my fast day today, I took care to work out what I thought I could ‘pull off’. In the past I’ve sometimes committed to more than I was able to carry out. So for my Silly Season Challenge, I’ve decided that I will continue my 2 fasting days a week and to also begin keeping a food diary starting today. I will write everything I eat in a calendar style page to a day diary. This will be my indirect way of being more conscious about what I eat on NFDs. If I have to write it down, I will hopefully bring more awareness into the moment before I put something into my mouth.

    In the past simply putting what I eat into a food diary format helped me immensely in the past, so we’ll see if this will be true going forward! You’ll find out as well as I as the coming days unfold.

    Cheers for the cheerful season!

    Have lost a pound from yesterday’s Fast! Hooray.

    Minka, I too find that food journaling [on my Fitbit site] works to rein in overeating on Slow Days.

    Thin, when my ODH and I started Fasting 5.5 years ago, I didn’t have much to lose. But I joined in to keep Himself company and on track. He lost 45 pounds. I wanted to lose 2# and keep it off. I lost 5 and kept it off, which is the big victory for me. Over-all, from my peak non-pregnant weight to now, I have lost 26 pounds. AND KEPT IT OFF.

    The weight I am today is my favorite weight, but I would be Fasting 4 days/week to keep it, so it is not my Target Weight. It is my Sleek Weight.

    Have a good weekend, All — but be careful out there! Calories launch sneak attacks.

    Thin and others – thank you for the warm welcome. I’m from Surrey in the UK. I tend to measure my weight in lbs, I guess because so many others do. My ideal weight is a nice, round 150lbs, and my starting point, a year ago, was 200lbs. That way, it’s easy to see that I’ve lost 25% of my body weight whilst following this WOE. Also, I can see changes more easily in lbs than in kgs, because it’s a smaller unit of measurement.

    I suppose I’m sticking with the ‘Fatfingers’ moniker because it reminds me where I’ve come from, and what I’ve achieved. I’m not sure what caused my fingers to inflate so much when I gained weight. My mother-in-law weighs around 230lbs but still wears her wedding ring with ease. Anyway, since I lost the weight, there is quite a lot of loose skin on them, so much so that I have to ‘fold’ the skin to get my rings on! Human bodies are peculiar things!

    So, one week into December and I’m maintaining at 150lbs – yay! My tip: eat lots of seasonal Brussels sprouts! They boldly go where no other veg has been before, or so my insides think!

    Well that didn’t work. It is Friday and I was subverted by the TGIFs – thank God it is Friday.; in my case that takes the form of a bottle of whisky. I am off to London Sunday morning to see my daughter and family, back Monday PM when life will get serious again.

    Fatfingers, that is seriously impressive. Well done.

    I’m still here reading everyone’s posts but haven’t had anything extraordinary to report so I haven’t been posting myself.

    One thing I do have to say is, I LOVE beetroot! Cooked, pickled, raw, made into dips, juiced, anyway you can think of really. I usually grow it and also use the leaves. The baby ones in salads and the big ones are really yummy sautéed up like silverbeet or even better in a cheese and spinach (beetroot leaf) pie or triangles or anything like that.
    I love beetroot in salad sandwiches and I don’t mind it on hamburgers but honestly I can’t even remember the last time I had a hamburger. I like them it’s just that I don’t usually order them when I’m out.

    Mmmmm, I feel like some beetroot now! Don’t thing it goes so well with prawns though

    Quacka, you’ve lost brownie points with that beetroot report, ha ha! C’mon this is Australia. Of course you can have beetroot with prawns!

    Minka, what a thoughtful goal! Writing everything down definitely keeps us accountable. I think this is why FDs are so successful while NFDs are so tricky for so many of us. If we had to record everything consumed on NFDs AND calculate the calories, we’d be horrified. But, because we’re attracted to a WOE that doesn’t require us to count calories most of the time, we’re not accountable for all the extras that pass our lips on those days. Recording the food, if not the calories, is a good compromise.

    LJ, who was a statistician, once kindly calculated my calorie intake on a typical NFD. It wasn’t horrendous but still an eye opener and far more calories than I’d have ‘estimated’.

    FatFingers, I spent most of my uni days around the Guildford area. I’m from Sussex. What a great result to lose 25% of your body weight. I love brussels sprouts and had them last night. It was a family tradition to have them with Christmas dinner in England. Here in Perth, they become absurdly expensive at this time of year but I feel compelled to provide them anyway. Good job with your SSC goal.

    Today I have the morning tea for a departing neighbour and the Italian restaurant tonight. I sneakily asked the host of the latter event what her OH would like for his birthday and she replied with a list of fairly expensive sounding ideas. From that, I’ve concluded that they are footing the bill for the meal! If I’m wrong, it will have been a rather expensive exercise. I’m at 59.2kg today and still have my walk to come so I should get through this week unscathed with tomorrow’s FD.

    Penguin, was that a whole bottle of whiskey – or just reaching for the bottle? Noble to add another FD either way. Is your OH doing water fasting too?

    Fastingme, that was good of you to support your OH. Well done both of you. That’s what my OH did for me for 11 months. He didn’t have any weight to lose and quickly had to move to 6:1 with extra calorie bulking on NFDs. He’d had enough after 11 months but, by then, I was well on my way to losing 20kgs and it was clear I could do it without his support. My biggest hurdle to this WOL has been providing meals for OFMs on my FDs. I’m not tempted by the food, I just don’t feel like preparing it.

    Have a great weekend all!

    Good morning SS challengers

    This week has been a mixed bag. Over the week I lost 0.5kg (a pound), however as I’d lost double that in the first 2 days of the week it means gained weight in the last 5 days! I did meet my exercise goal. Despite the heat here I managed over 10 hours of exercise. I even resorted to going for walks in the nearby air-conditioned shopping centre as it was too hot on the footpaths. I had intended all 5 NFDs to be controlled days. Only 2 of them were – the rest were definitely uncontrolled and responsible that gain at the end of the week.

    Fatfingers & Fastingme, well done on the weight loss

    Thin, I hope you cope with the weekend food challenges to your satisfaction. I have similar food challenges this weekend.

    Quacka, the only thing you mentioned that I can tolerate is the beetroot leaves, I love them as a salad leaf. I’m even growing them so I can harvest the tiny leaves.

    Penguin, I hope it was worth it – was it a good whisky?

    Minka, I’m a great believer in a food diary. I’ve kept an electronic one for years even though I no longer count calories. When you have to write it all dawn it does make you pause and think about just how much you are putting in to your mouth. It can also highlight certain food issues or trigger foods. I hope it gives you some insights that are useful.

    My FDs this week will be Tuesday and Friday.

    I’m still bouncing up and down. 61.2 yesterday and 59.5 this morning after yesterday’s FD. I think I may not be eating enough salt on some FDs. The day after both FD this week, my BP was too low. After eating some Vegemite on sourdough toast tonight I finally started feeling better. Miso soup on FDs would probably be a good thing.

    I like beetroot, especially pickled or roasted, but it was only recently that I heard of putting it on a burger. I’ve seen recipes for vegan burgers that blend grated beetroot with various other ingredients, but not putting it on top. I don’t eat a lot of burgers, but it sounds good. The only thing that would keep me from doing it is that beets are so messy. I’m always dropping food on myself. Beet juice can be very difficult to wash out of fabrics.

    Minka, glad you’re joining the challenge. Your goal sounds like a good one.

    Thin, hope your restaurant meal doesn’t result in too much food eaten.

    Hi fellow SS Challengers!

    Quacka, I’m a beetroot fan too and I’m with Thin about also having them with prawns. If I liked prawns, I would like beetroot with them! I make a delicious ‘Enzymatic Salad’ that is based on finely chopped beetroot, purple carrot, ginger, red onion, parsley, dried currants and toasted sesame seeds. I dress it with olive oil and lemon juice! That said, I also have made a delicious beet kvass, though haven’t made it for a time now. Will have to buy more beets!

    Penguin, my dad was a big Scotch Whiskey drinker. He loved Glen Fiddich and Chevas Regal! I admit it all smells a bit like lighter fluid to me! Tee, hee!

    Fat fingers, I am impressed! Shedding 1/4 of your body weight! Wow! Well done and for maintaining too! I’m even more impressed by the maintenance!

    Thin, I can’t wait to find out whether the neighbors end up paying for dinner. You’ve now sparked my curiosity about what gift you might have picked out for the neighbor? You don’t have to say, though.

    fastingme, thank you for the extra support for keeping the food journal, both you and LJ appear to have experienced success with this, which helps! I might have said the one time I kept a food journal was at the request of a dietician. As soon as I stopped seeing her, I stopped keeping the journal! I’ll be my own dietician this time around!

    LJ, everything you wrote about the value of keeping a food diary is already kicking in for me (thank goodness) and I’m only through the first 3/4 of my day doing it!

    Today I broke yesterday’s fast and if I hadn’t been diarizing my food, I would have already consumed much more than I actually have! I know because it is like I’ve passed through a couple of ‘trigger check points’ (like navigating through an obstacle course was more how it felt) when I would have otherwise reached for treats. Instead I remembered what I did this morning which was…

    When I woke I felt to actually write down what I intended to eat, much like I do on a FD. Thin, you are so correct! If I treated my NFDs with a little more of the attention that I put into my FDs, I wouldn’t continually be ‘off the rails’ on my NFDs. So I wrote what I planned to eat this morning and I’ve added a few more things along the way and since I have time today, I’m also entering everything into My Fitness Pal just to see how the nutrients are tracking. The addition of My Fitness Pal isn’t something I will have time to do every day, though feels good to do today. Tracking the nutrition including calories has been fulfilling because it helps me see, feel and experience what the number of calories my TDEE actually looks, feels and tastes like! I don’t like tracking calories from day to day and won’t do this every day. Instead I will continue with the written diary. However, I really want to ‘get’ what my optimal maintenance nutritional numbers really are! I eat in such a willy nilly manner most of the time, I’ve lost touch with what eating balanced is. I would like this to become as much second nature as the 1/4 TDEE FD calories are!

    I’ve got one of those Christmas socials coming up on Tuesday evening. There’s work Christmas BBQ after a staff meeting and the bosses are all bringing a plate to share with us underlings! I’m aware that there are not many gluten free dishes and I think no gluten free desserts, so that will be my reason for keeping to protein and salads!

    This is a great group and I’m very grateful you hosted this again Thin!

    I’ve decided to add one more commitment to my Silly Season Challenge and that is to weigh myself daily. Thin, I know you practice and benefit from this, so thought to add it to my Silly Season routine. For the past year I have only been weighing myself the morning in which I break my fast. Today I clocked in at 58.4 kg. (128.5 lb). Ideally I would like to convert some of the fat into muscle, since I could use more of that. However, I’m aware at the moment I’m not putting on muscle when I put on a pound or kilo! So, though 58.4 kg is a great weight really, it is my weight at the end of a fast! I’m sure if I consume food in my usual willy nilly ways, I would way above my above my goal weight envelope trigger number of 59 kg. I hope this makes sense. Weighing myself daily is another way of seeing the reality of my actions and assists my accountability.

    This beetroot thing is going the same way of the hot cross buns discussion. I thought it would never end. This January, I shall take care not to complain about hot x buns appearing in the store right after Christmas. The ensuing discussion lasted as long as the buns – until Easter!

    Interesting things in the above posts. I’ll have to save my replies now as it’s time to get to the second event.

    Lol! I remember that hot cross buns discussion Thin! It was a crack up! I would giggle every time I’d read about them. I learned a lot for a non-hot cross bun eater! I can’t remember the last time I ate one!

    By the way, I’m now on my TDEE caloric limit for the day… well, for dinner I had a home made crock pot beef stew and vegetables. I didn’t weigh each portion of ingredient I put in the crock pot, nor did I weigh the serving I placed in the bowl I ate, so when it came to logging this into My Fitness Pal just now, I ended up using a ‘Homemade Crockpot Beef Stew’ 1.5 cup serving size, that I found among the options! I doubt that recipe used the purple carrots and same amount of other veges and beef for that matter, though I guess a rough estimate here is good enough! I’m going to go with that. Ditto for the salad Mr M made me for lunch. I used another salad recipe I put in the system awhile back, one of my own recipes, that didn’t have exact same ingredients but close enough. So, rough estimates here are good enough for my purposes here because the main thing is that I know I’m on or around my TDEE right now. Had I not looked, I might have gone and eaten one of the beautifully ripe Black Sapote fruits calling to me from the refrigerator! I know that will have to wait until tomorrow or another day now!

    I’d love to fit into a particular dress that my belly only has grown out of! Maybe that can be my reward for succeeding in this Silly Season Challenge!

    What great fun it is to read all the comments: witty, serious, droll, sincere. And I will keep my opinion about beetroot and Brussel sprouts to myself.

    Good morning SS challengers

    Another challenging NFD for me. Family dinner tonight, which means I’m cooking for tastes other than my own. It means less veg than I would choose, more meat and no legumes. The main that I’m making for tonight is actually quite a balanced meal (baked lemon chicken, paella and salad), but dessert is chocolate mousse. Every ingredient that went into that mousse seemed to contain little other than fat and sugar.
    While I try to limit my food intake prior to dinner on days like this, I never seem to be able to achieve that goal. I suspect it’s partly because I’m in “feast day” mode and handling the food while I’m preparing the meal doesn’t help – I’m snacking as I go.

    Fastingme – definitely no beetroot or brussel sprouts in tonight’s meal!

    Minka, I think your approach to working out NFD calorie intake is a sensible one. You just need a general idea not an exact calculation. It can help you work out whether your portion sizes are about right or need adjusting. I found with some things I needed a smaller portion of the higher calorie items and a bit more low cal veg if I needed to maintain the same size serving.

    Thin, hope last night’s dinner went ok.

    Cali, I love it that your solution to inadequate salt is vegemite 😀

    Hope everyone gets through their challenges for today easily.

    Fasting me – don’t hold back, please!

    LJ, I was thinking about you and your family dinner tonight. It sounds good and, as you’ll probably have leftovers, you can eat less, knowing it’ll still be available another day. Or do you send the leftovers home with the guests?

    I woke up feeling out of sorts – almost poisoned by all the sugar yesterday. I had no intention to consume alcohol last night but I’d held out for dinner since the morning tea and it was absolutely ages after arrival at the restaurant that everyone finally took their seats and then, some people started ordering pre-dinner drinks. Another long wait and some bottles of wine appeared on the table. I was so hungry by then that I poured myself some wine (ridiculous excuse to drink alcohol, I know). By the time the food came, I could have eaten the table cloth. The Atlantic salmon was superb but I ate all the ink risotto as well. It’s one of those places where food is presented vertically on the plate and not much of it so it probably wouldn’t have been too bad – had I stopped there. But then everyone started ordering desserts and, now two glasses of red wine down, I did the same. Despite the fact that we never, ever order dessert in a restaurant. OH and I shared it at least.

    I came to this thread earlier but couldn’t bring myself to confess all this so went for a walk instead. The damage is 59.7kg, half a kg up. Not terrible especially as today’s a FD but annoyed with myself for being a glutton nevertheless. I blame the wine!

    Minka, I feel you are possibly a bit hard on yourself. You say you’re off the rails yet your weight seems ideal. Think how far you’ve come since you started. I think it’s commendable that you’re charting your daily intake, even if roughly, which is giving you feedback to put the brakes on. We could all benefit from that. I’m glad you weren’t sitting next to me last night with your apps! It doesn’t matter if you’re weighing after breaking your fast because it’s the same routine each week. Yes, I am an obsessive weigher and let the scales be my constant guide. This doesn’t suit everyone, I know LJ has an adverse reaction to what the scales reveal. I hope you find a good balance (so to speak).

    Cali, do you have a lot of events to attend this month? My next ‘thing’ isn’t until Friday so it should be a reasonable week for me food wise and then we’ll be halfway through the challenge.

    Footnote: Minka, I forgot to say that we bought the birthday boy something for his new shed that he’s almost finished building where he plans to restore a morgan. We got it right, the hosts covered the bill – which must have cost them a packet as there were about 20 of us. Oh, and I should perhaps add that OH drove us home.

    Thin, sorry you had such a bad yesterday. I’m actually relieved that for once, it wasn’t me having to take that deep breath and confess to my food choices. Usually you can be relied upon to stay on the rails regardless of the challenge and I’m the one heading off into sugar binge territory. I can’t even claim wine (or whisky) as an excuse.
    Actually I washed my wine glasses to use tonight as they haven’t been out of the cupboard in years. I’ve filled them with chocolate mousse 😀
    As to leftovers, sometimes I get to keep some but I do usually offer to send things home with others if they want them. I’ll be happy to keep some leftover chicken and paella, as I can fit that easily into a NFD. I always send leftover desserts home with someone else, although sometimes there’s nothing left but a few crumbs. This side of the family have very specific tastes. Basically any dessert with either white or milk chocolate, raspberries or pavlova will be inhaled as soon as it hits the table, anything else and only half the group will eat it. I always have a fruit platter to cover dessert abstainers – and to cover the teenage appetites that would eat 3 pieces of dessert if I let them! I usually put the fruit platter on the table while I get the dessert, cut it and serve it. By that time, the fruit is almost all gone.
    Actually, as I like to cook, having guests with good appetites is a blessing.

    I know it is early days, so to speak, though the daily weighing is already kicking in and serving as inspiration. For the first time in months I weighed less this morning than I did yesterday morning when I broke my fast. That heartens me to continue following this SS commitment strategy! Granted, it was only 200 grams less, though I’ve usually been a half kilogram + up when I’ve weighed two mornings and further after a FD.

    Thin, I trust that today’s FD has already taken you back to where you feel best being. Your description of the food served at the restaurant sounded like art work on a plate. Tee, hee, I’m dying to read what the dessert was that you shared with OH!! That dessert was probably something I would have enjoyed devouring too and doing so is in the spirit of this thread! We can celebrate the season with delicious food and end up not needing to make a New Year’s Resolution!

    Also Thin, it was also a delight reading about your and OH’s gift to the birthday boy and how practical is sounds to be; that it will be used to restore something, though I wasn’t sure what a ‘morgan’ actually is, so I googled it and came up with this definition, which I realized probably isn’t the correct type of ‘morgan’… “a horse of a light thickset breed developed in New England.” So, then I realized it is probably a car or motorcyle, so searched down that track and yes! I found it is a car! Wow! What a car that will be when restored, given this definition… “The Morgan Motor Company is a family-owned British motor car manufacturer that was founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Morgan is based in Malvern Link, an area of Malvern, Worcestershire, and employs 177 people.” Special because of its sounding of being originally from a boutique car manufacturer!

    Yes, I too admit that I can be very hard on myself, so I appreciate your care in reminding me how unnecessary doing this actually is. It is true that I’m maintaining quite wonderfully in many respects. I find FDs almost ‘second nature’ and feel devoted for life. FDS feel like a lifeline at times.

    LJ, yes there is peace in me knowing that I’ve reached my TDEE again for today and I have to chuckle because as I reflect on this I realize there is some part of me that is at ease because I know I will not starve! I know that this sounds ridiculous really and I can’t say why I would even fear starving, though when I feel the peace of why I’m at ease knowing my TDEE, that’s what comes up! I didn’t have parents who told me stories about only getting bread and drippings either during the depression or about starving kids in Africa so I can’t say this is what is there! Maybe it’s just what some call the ‘lizard brain’ being activated in me that feels fear in not knowing what the TDEE really looks like?

    I also wanted to add LJ, that the chicken paella sounds delicious and your chocolate mousse in wine glass sounds divine! A good chocolate mousse is one of my favorite desserts because it is usually made gluten free so is one I usually can enjoy and I’m a chocolate fan for sure! I’d be scoffing up everything you described and asking to take home left overs!

    It’s 10:26 pm here in New South Wales, Australia and I’m already into the start of my FD which is officially a Monday FD, ending on Tuesday morning! It will be quite a physically active day so I’m going to rely on some calories from my Ribose powder.

    OK, I won’t hold back: I love beetroot, broth fresh and pickled. In the summer, I prepare baby beets with their greens. Everyone I serve it to loves it [one friend calls it “Molly’s beets”], even my sister in law. In the winter we have lots of yummy ways to serve pickled beets [never had them with a burger, tho!] Here is a favorite for a Fast Day:

    Baltic Bake: 293 calories 5.5 g fat 7 g fiber 6.6 g fiber 12.8 g protein 33 g carbs 86.4 mg Calcium GF Believe it or not, this diet dinner is from the book Two Fat Ladies Obsessions. The meal has wonderful Eastern European flavors and is so simple to prepare that I assembled it in 16 minutes!!
    1.5 low-fat hot dogs [I like Hebrew National reduced-fat] ½ cup canned sauerkraut ¼ c pickled beets, drained ¼ c sliced onions ½ tsp horseradish 2 Tbsp white beans, drained and rinsed
    Put the hot dogs [frozen or thawed] and onions in a saucepan with a little water or some juice from the sauerkraut. Heat until the dogs are cooked and most of the liquid is evaporated. Remove the dogs and add remaining ingredients to the pan to heat. Cut the hot dogs into 5-6 pieces and put them back in the pan until all ingredients are heated through.

    As for the sprouts, my ODH long ago proclaimed a deep dislike. So our sons grew up not eating them. Now they are very happy roasting them and eating lots. Hooray! I love them and sneak them into a plate of roasted veg with bacon, which even the ODH will eat, sometimes.

    Minka, daily weighing is part of my routine. As you say, it keeps you honest and lets you know when things are getting out of control.
    The other thing that is working for me is the Challenge I’m on which asks me to record daily if I ate my 5 servings of fruit/ver and to certify that I did not snack after dinner. If I can assimilate those behaviors, I will have a good life lesson.

    LJoyce, I like your idea of the fruit platter on the table before the dessert. Brilliant!

    Thin, there’s always the next Fast Day…

    Fasting_me, are you really trying to convince us that the Two Fat Ladies had LOW FAT hot dogs in their recipe???? 😉
    But what a quick tasty recipe that would be for us beetroot lovers.

    Cheers to all the Silly Season Challengers.

    I’m another making sure I have my five serves of veggies a day. I realised, even with my healthy food focus, I often don’t get all 5 in. I’m being creative with veg at breakfast time (except on fast days).

    Cheers everyone. The silly season is getting sillier by the day, and still a way to go!

    Fasting me, I still own a pair of ‘Two Fat Ladies’ oven mitts. They were a funny duo. And I’m giggling about your recipe for that favourite FD meal. Faced with that, I’d happily sacrifice the 293 calories! Totally agree with your assessment of daily weighing though and hope documenting on your other challenge helps cement some good habits. You mentioned before that the survey asks if you’ve eaten breakfast – is the inference that not doing so is an inferior strategy?

    LJ, hoping your dinner party was a screaming success.

    Minka, yes a Morgan is a car, not a horse in this case. The dessert we shared was fig pudding, smothered in some kind of sticky sauce and served with ice cream. To be totally honest, I didn’t slowly savour every bite as I should have. OH is not a ‘sharer’ and sharing food with him is more like a feeding frenzy in shark infested waters. Even if you make an imaginary line through the plate, he still ventures over to your side to scrape up your share. And now I realise I’ve also revealed quite a lot about myself in this paragraph!

    It’s good that your strategies are working well. I’m also pleased to read that you feel you are ‘maintaining quite wonderfully’. You need to pat yourself on the back occasionally. Remember, many people can’t do this so kudos to all of us. I, too, feel that fasting is a normal part of my life and hope it lasts until mine expires. I wonder if there will be 5:2 nursing homes. How is everything else going? Are you on holidays from work now?

    Yes, thank you, yesterday’s FD helped me avoid the ‘trigger weight’ of 60kgs. Another on Wednesday should get me back to the low 59s before the next event on Friday. As you say, a far better option than lamenting and regretting in January. Hope your FD goes well.

    Good morning all

    I’ve loved reading your posts and glad everyone seems to be doing well, or if there have been glitches everyone is quickly getting back on track. I’ve had an up and down 3-4 days due to social events and I gave in to the urge to graze nearly all day yesterday. Scales are being nasty, I am 87.7 so have gained of course. It feels a long way to my challenge weight of 86 right now. It’s my birthday today so we are having family over tonight and OH and I have prepared an Indian feast…I cooked a Goan pork curry which is tomato based and OH has done a whole tandoori chicken. I will make naan bread and we will have a big salad to go with it all. If I can avoid the naan the rest isn’t terribly high calorie. Either way, tomorrow’s FD will be very much required!

    Good morning everyone

    Today’s weigh in 67.9kg and I am surprised it is not higher. I think my light calorie Friday helped to keep it down. We were away on the weekend and ate out three times over the two days! I did make the best choices that I could find on the menu. One dinner was a lamb salad, lunch was a seafood and vegetable dish and breakfast was a brekkie bruschetta. I managed to stay away from the bacon and eggs or the smoked salmon and avocado (that I have had before and was delicious but way too filling.)

    I’m on a FD today. I’m hoping after Wednesdays FD I will be seeing the 66’s again.

    I have no more social commitments until Christmas day and I am really looking forward to it.

    Hope you enjoy your Indian feast tonight, Anzac. It really sounds delicious. 🙂

    Have a fabulous birthday Anzac. The feast sounds so delicious. Home made naan would be hard to resist.

    Good job Quacka! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend away.

    Anzac, that Indian themes dinner sounds just lovely. I hope your birthday dinner is great. Mmmmm, naan bread.

    Quacka, it sounds like you managed those food choices very well.

    Thin, no screaming, but the meal was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. I used a new method for cooking the chicken (slow poaching followed by quick high heat roasting). It gave me tender juicy chicken and brown crisp skin – I’ll definitely do that again.

    Fastingme, I too am amazed that the 2 fat ladies has a FD suitable low cal recipe. I still make their Welsh rarebit recipe – it was called Souffle Rarebit. Unlike most recipes it contains no alcohol. When I need a savoury morning/afternoon tea dish to feed a crowd it’s one of my go-to dishes.

    Minka, I think that fear of being hungry is very deep seated in many of us. It was one of the things that had me worried when I stated doing FDs.
    I’m so glad to hear your current approach is working for you. A few days ago you seemed worried about how things had been going lately and now you sound settled and positive.
    Thankfully there were plenty of leftovers from dinner and I sent some home with guests and I still have some of the paella and 1/2 chicken in the fridge. I was happy not to keep a lot of the paella as rice is something I rarely eat.

    I’m aiming for a NFD today and fasting tomorrow.

    Did someone mention hot cross buns?? Hot cross buns and pickled beetroot = not a very good combination. 🥴

    Cali, I adore hot cross buns (actually any yeasted baking involving cinnamon). I think putting beetroot on them might be the only way I can think of to stop me eating them!

    I just had a call from a neighbour – would I like to come to a christmas afternoon tea? Just what I need, another christmas food event!

    Well done Thin! You’ve succeeded in remaining within wiggle room span and enjoyed the fig pudding dessert as well! That’s what this is all about! …Enjoying life and remaining slim!! I can’t think of any other program that offers the best of both worlds, as this does!

    Thin, I love your quips about OH and food sharing! I envisioned the slide of the spoon in your direction on the plate so I can understand why you didn’t have time to savor each bite! I’m not a good sharer either, much to Mr M’s chagrin sometimes. It’s terrible for me when with others at Asian or Indian restaurants where everyone wants those at the table to order something different so that they can taste everyone else’s selections.

    fastingme, the beetroot baked dish sounds delish! Your other challenge sounds intriguing, tell me more! At first I thought that there might be a thread on this forum on those topic, though now am inclined to think that it is an app challenge? I like the commitment to no snacks after dinner. Glad you’ve been reaping benefits of daily weighing too.

    Happy Birthday Anzac! What a tasty birthday feast! The meal sounds well rounded and healthy to me! Enjoy!

    Quacka, Good for you for making those healthy restaurant choices! I gather we are both fasting today which is Monday in Australia! Hope yours is going well too.

    Cali, you make me giggle with the image of hot cross buns smothered in butter and beetroot relish! That’s actually a helpful image during this fasting day of mine. I’m suddenly not hungry!

    LJ, what a challenge to attend another Christmas food event! I’m sure you’ll do fine. I still admire how you described your experience at a high tea once, where you were happy taking single taste bites of the various delicacies and to pass the rest on to others at the table to share. Because I’m so poor at food sharing, I don’t think I would be able to pull off such a feat! Not sure the strategy would work at a Christmas event either, though you often inspire me with the various strategies you employ to make this WOL work even better!

    The work Christmas BBQ dinner is tomorrow. I will have to keep in mind while there that I’m still writing down everything I eat and that includes everything I consume at that party, so that is going to be my simple strategy, to remember that and that I’m weighing daily. Here’s to me hoping I remember in a moment of potential weakness when everyone around me is snacking and over indulging in desserts and encouraging me to join in too!

    Reading this thread is becoming one of the highlights of my day! I read some quips and quotes to my ODH and he laughed out loud.

    Cinque, well no, the Two Fat Ladies did not use low-fat hot dogs [kielbasa, perhaps?] but the remainder of the recipe is their’s, altho I added the white beans for more protein [swapped out from their potatoes]. Anyhow, we like it a lot. Do you not eat breakfast on FD? You mentioned that you don’t eat veg in a FD breakfast.

    thin, was that a Sticky Toffee Pudding? I love that!! My ODH and I usually share a dessert when we dine out. LOVED the shark feeding image. Yeah, I guess the Health for the Holidays challenge is championing the eating of breakfast. Which we know is not de rigeur. But since lots of office workers idea of breakfast is a large sugary-whipped cream coffee and a doughnut from the break room, perhaps promoting breakfast at home is a good idea.

    Happy birthday, Anzac! What a sumptuous feast you have prepared — and you’re right: it is low in calories. I love a good naan. Mine work out at 88 calories each, so once in a while I can fit one into a Fast meal. Have a great time. You’ll get back on track.

    Quacka, you are doing well at hotel meal choices. And without too many holiday eat-a-thons planned, you should be where you want to be at the end. Lucky you. We have been invited out for Saturday dinner [a couple who has cut out all sugar for the month of December], and are scheduled for a tea-time with other friends on Friday. Tomorrow we drive to the Distant Hospital for an appointment which we enliven by eating Linner in that town. No hurry-up meals when we get home, plus the earlier meal time means more of a 16:8 pattern. Hmm…3 meals out this week. Uh-oh.

    LJoyce, I don’t eat much rice either — seems a waste of calories. Your Poached/Roasted Chicken sounds remarkable. Yes! Hot Cross Buns! In the States they are only at Easter, do other countries eat them at Christmas, too? I prepare a large amount of dough in early Lent, freeze the un-cooked balls of dough, and bring them out for Friday breakfasts. Works well.

    Cali, speaking of Hot Cross Buns, try this: [do not add beet relish! 🙁 ]

    Hot Cross Pancakes

    2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and slightly cooled
    1 cup buttermilk
    1 large egg
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    1 cup all-purpose flour
    1 tablespoon brown sugar
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
    1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom
    1/4 cup dried currants
    1 teaspoon fresh lemon zest
    1 teaspoon fresh orange zest
    butter and oil for cooking
    pure maple syrup for serving
    For Cream Cheese Cross:
    4 ounces (1/2 cup) cream cheese, softened to room temperature
    2/3 cup powdered sugar
    2 tablespoons milk or heavy cream
    In a small bowl whisk together butter, buttermilk, egg,  and vanilla extract.  Set aside.
    In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and spices.  Add the wet ingredients all at once to the dry ingredients.  Stir to combine.  It’s ok if the mixture is a bit lumpy.  Add the currants and fruit zest and stir to combine.  Allow mixture to sit for 5 minutes while the griddle heats.
    Preheat oven to 150 degrees F.   Place a oven-proof plate in the oven.  This is where the pancakes will stay warm while the entire batch is cooked.
    Heat a griddle (or nonstick skillet) over medium heat.  Add about a teaspoon of butter and a splash of vegetable oil.  Heat until fat is hot.  Spoon 2 tablespoons of batter onto the griddle for each pancake.  Fry until golden brown on each side, flipping once.  Place cooked pancakes on the warm plate in the oven and cover with a clean towel.  Place a bit more oil or butter in the pan after each batch of pancakes are cooked.
    To make the cream cheese mixture, stir together the three ingredients in a small bowl.  Place in a pastry bag with a medium round tip.  If you don’t have a pastry bag, a ziplock freezer bag with the corner tip cut off is a good substitute.
    Top stack of pancakes with cream cheese cross.  Serve warm with maple syrup.

    Minka, the Challenge is from my health insurance group, which covers teachers and municipal workers.It lasts 4 weeks. I sure hope the lessons learned will stick. Do the ‘minions’ actually have fun at the Bosses’ BBQ fete? Those can either be a chore or a treat. Write it all down! When I’m tracking my calories on the FitBit app and I dine out, I just type in “Dine at ______ Restaurant: 800 calories.” Just a wild guess of course.

    Today is a Fast Day and I’m coming in to it at a very low weight. I’ll be curious to see what it does to my weight tomorrow. There is a point below which I don’t want to go. We had “Breton-inspired Baked Eggs’ this morning. They contained artichoke, curry powder, tomato, and cottage cheese. Tonight’s dinner will be a salad with BEETROOTS, Walnut, and Bleu Cheese. Another favorite.

    Hi everyone

    Weight today 67.6kg

    Day after FD and I am starting to worry about the coming holiday period. I have one more FD this week and then next week will do a Monday/Tuesday B2B FD. I am going to have a busy Wednesday so I’m hoping that I will be able to not eat all day and just get through to dinner. It’s OH last day of work for the year so I would think we will be celebrating with a couple of beers that night 😉
    The following week will be Monday Christmas eve which would normally be my FD. I will have family down so I’m not sure what to do there. Maybe I will try the just having dinner again. I am planning to not have breakfast all throughout the holidays as firstly it is extra calories, but more importantly, eating breakfast always makes me want to just keep eating all day. Psychological or physiological, I’m not sure but either way breakfast doesn’t work for me.

    I am going to struggle to do 500 cal FDs for the holiday period. I know we will be eating lots of salads so I will be focusing on the healthy eating. Also trying not to drink too many beers. Again so difficult when it is so hot and I really love coming home from a hot morning of fishing and cracking an icy cold beer.

    Oh well, see what happens.

    Fasting me, your salad sounds yummy except for the blue cheese. I love every cheese except for that one. I have tried and tried it over the years but it is one of the very few things I still don’t like. I would sub in fetta cheese.
    What sort of dressing do you put on that?

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning all

    Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂 I had a lovely time. My naan sadly didn’t work out very well but it was all eaten (including by me) so it couldn’t have been too bad. My pork curry was really nice and hubby’s tandoori chicken delicious.

    After two weekends and mid-weeks packed with social events my weight has blown out and I am 87.9 today. However that is all behind me and my FD today and Thursday will hopefully see quick reversals.

    Thin, I had a big laugh at your description of ‘sharing’ with your OH. Mine is the same! You have to shove it in quickly to get any at all. You should see him with a bag of salt and vinegar chips…between he and Maxx I’m lucky to get one chip.

    I’m going to struggle during the holidays too Quacka but determined to counter with exercise and plenty of controlled days. I’m not sure I will be able to do FD’s while at home for 2 weeks but I’ll see what happens

    That recipe sounds amazing fasting_me

    I hope your work Christmas BBQ is great Minka.

    Cinque, I totally agree that it feels like the silly season is going to be sillier than normal. So glad for this challenge therefore.

    LJ – drat those friendly neighbours! Better than the alternative though

    cali, I am trying to imagine hot cross buns + beetroot without gagging! UGH.

    Have a great day all

    Lots of laughs here. Very funny, CalifD.

    Fasting me, I’m wondering how you’ve got away with no-one on this forum shortening your pseudonym. And I’m starting to regret writing, ‘don’t hold back’. No, only kidding, I read the recipes and I’m in awe of some of the foods you’re able to incorporate into a FD. Hoping that Distant Hospital visit is for nothing too serious and that the meal is lovely – again, only 800 calories, you’re a star! Restaurant meals are something I’ve come to dread, especially Italian. It takes me a good week to get back to the pre-restaurant meal weight. That dessert was similar to sticky toffee pudding, yes.

    I can see how by asking whether the participants ate breakfast, it really means ‘did you eat something before leaving home?’. We live near a prestigious boys’ boarding school and, when I’m out walking, see many of the lads in groups at the local bakery or supermarket buying chocolate milk and an enormous sticky bun. Parents perhaps cashed up but time poor? What strikes me about this food choice is how people walk about while eating – I have never eaten anything without sitting down to do so – well, OK standing around in a group situation maybe, but never while roaming the streets eating something from a paper bag.

    Minka, I guess you’re right. It is about enjoying what we love to eat while staying within a healthy weight range. I’d love to cut out sugar like Cinque and FM’s friends (there, you’re officially shortened fasting me) but it always seems so daunting. I feel so horrible after eating sugar, as if I need to de-tox.

    LJ, glad your guests weren’t actually screaming. I suppose for that afternoon tea, take a deep breath before going in and just do the best you can. Peruse the whole feast while enjoying a drink and think about what you might be able to do without.

    Quacka, there was a segment on the radio yesterday describing studies of people who’d made it to old age while remaining well i.e. no cancer, heart disease and so on. They’re called the ‘welderly’. We’re good at studying disease but few studies have been conducted on well people. The study concluded that histories of those who made it well into their eighties without disease did not smoke, drank little or no alcohol, ate low salt diets, had low BP (either naturally or controlled), engaged in some form of regular exercise and for men, they were married, for women they were not! The doctor explaining the report added that a good strategy for reducing alcohol was to switch from full strength to low strength beer. I don’t know if you’d find that helpful? I am so envious of you discovering 5:2 at an age when you can make meaningful changes to your health and longevity. Unlike me, at 58 when I arrived here.

    Anzac, glad your birthday was fun. I’m sure the naan was yummy. Don’t tell the vet that you feed Maxx salt’n’vinegar chips! They’ve trained DD to ask clients ‘what do you feed him/her?’. The main meal option is disclosed. Then they must ask, ‘and what else?’ and some less healthy options are revealed. Again, ‘what else?’ and so it goes on. I watched a video of DD making one such consultation under assessment conditions with the owner of a lab. It was hilarious.

    Must go for a walk, I’ve been putting it off as it’s so smokey. There must be a controlled burn somewhere. Have a great day all. Easy on the beetroot.

    Thin, I’m sure I can be restrained at the afternoon tea on Friday – unfortunately it was meant to be a FD! However, I have just found out I am not needed for babysitting on Thursday, so I can fast then instead.
    Thin, if your daughter is asking “what does he eat” questions for a lab, the answer should probably be anything he can get hold of – food, shoes, balls…

    Fastingme, I’m not a big pancake fan, but for easter bun pancakes I think I’d make an exception. Just reading the list of flavour ingredients had me drooling.
    On the issue of hot cross bun availability here – is is meant to be only easter here too, but the supermarkets like to get the most sales they can and the hot cross buns usually start appearing in January – usually at the front of the store where you almost have to trip over them to get in. It gets a lot of people riled up (including Thin), but they must sell enough of them to make it worthwhile. Most of the supermarket offerings are poor quality so I don’t have a lot of trouble waiting until closer to easter time and buying them from my favourite bakery (which only starts offering them a fortnight before easter).

    Anzac, I didn’t mean to sound like a grumbler, I am very glad to have friendly neighbours. I am also a “plan ahead” person who panics when best laid plans get thrown out the window. I’m sure I can manage it without going overboard.
    If you want an alternative recipe for naan I’m happy to share the one I use. Although it’s definitely never as good as those cooked in a tandoor oven.

    Minka, I remember the event you described – it was actually my birthday supper at a cafe that just serves desserts (and their own hand made chocolates). Most people ordered a tastings platter so there was an explosion of sugar on offer. I was practicing mindful eating and realised how the pleasure faded if you took your time to savour every mouthful slowly. Thanks for reminding me of that. Mindful eating is something I know how to do, but I often still don’t do it – why is that???

    Time for my FD lunch – my second pot of tea for the day.
    I managed to avoid eating the raw shortbread dough (or the cooked shortbread) – actually I don’t usually find that much of a challenge these days thankfully.

    Coming up on the end of my Monday FD at about 460 calories.

    Fasting e, thank you for the hot cross pancake recipe. I can tell they would be good just from the ingredients.

    Thin, your description of DD’s questioning clients about what they feed their dog’s is a good strategy. It’s surprising how many people feed things that can be dangerous to pets. LJ’s comment about ‘whatever they can get hold of’ is true too. Our dog can hear a cheese wrapper or smell the cheese from way across the room. And he’s always sniffing around for morsels we may have dropped.

    Minka, I’m not a good food sharer either. I have no problem with dishes served ‘family style’ at Asian or Indian restaurants, but once it’s on my plate, don’t touch it. I find it annoying when people go around the table trying each other’s food. It has nothing to do with dieting or calories, I just don’t like the practice. Splitting a dessert is the only exception. That doesn’t bother me at all.

    Quacka, I don’t worry about what I eat on Christmas Eve and day, but I do make sure I get 2 proper FDs in each week and holiday weeks are no exception. I’ll do either a Sunday/Thursday FD or a Wednesday/Friday FD schedule. I haven’t decided yet. We have Christmas Eve day with family and Christmas Day here with family again. I can’t believe it’s so close already! We still have to finish decorating the trees.

    Anzac, your Indian dinner sounds good. Did Maxx steal any Indian food?

    Fastingme, your insurance group challenge sounds really good and fun, especially if others are joining in at work. Is everyone at work taking up the challenge? The work BBQ in which the supervisors prepared all the food for us was very good and lots of fun. I do have to chuckle though because one of my superiors always takes what I say to literally and seriously when I’m actually joking! So if there was an awkward moment, it was that one!

    Quacka, I admire your commitment to a stint of B2B. For the reasons you said is why I tend not to eat breakfast. Today I prepared for my evening BBQ that way. I did have a 1/4 black sapote for morning tea and then salad for lunch and nothing else until the BBQ at 6 pm and those longer time spans between eating today helped me feel more prepared for the BBQ.

    LJ I was thinking more about your comment about how deep the starvation fear runs in us as humans and I realized that this is exactly why at least one friend said she wasn’t able to do 5:2. She tried it a couple of times for a day each and never lasted even 12 hours because she feared she would starve. Others have also expressed their fear of being hungry on a FD and so have said ‘I could never do that’. Even when I explain that the hunger comes and goes in waves, it doesn’t seem to register, again, maybe because for some even though the hunger comes and goes, the fear around it might not? …By the way, I applaud you for baking on a FD! I can’t imagine doing that because the aroma would compel me to take bites. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve baked cookies and then eaten half the batch within a couple of hours of them coming out of the oven partly because the aroma wafting around the house calls me back again and again and I love the cookies I bake so much, I usually don’t eat just one at a time! I admire your resolve LJ.

    After yesterday’s FD I’m well down at the lower end of my goal weight wiggle room envelope which felt really rewarding when I saw the number on the scale this morning. To honour this I wore a favorite form fitting dress to work and I got s few compliments too, which was wonderful. I feel good when I’m within this lower end of wiggle room because some of the clothes I really like wearing most, fit the best.

    The BBQ started out very easy. I chose two chicken skewers and selected a couple of salads to have with them. The salads were made by the supervisors and I had the zucchini noodle salad (you know those strings of zucchini shaped like noodles?) and another salad of parsley and other greens chopped with feta crumble, fresh pomegranate seeds mixed with a bit of brown rice. I also had one wholegrain Sakata cracker with some pesto dip, Camembert and tasty cheese slices and 3 raw cashew halves! Up until this point I felt perfectly fine and satiated. I’m a loose follower of high fat/low carb cuisine so all of the above was in alignment with that, except maybe the Sakata cracker, though I was fine with having eaten just the one and proud of myself that I didn’t morph into a kind of ‘zombie’ mode that I can slip into. This is where I munch on chip after chip, cracker after cracker or whatever it may be just because the food is there looks tasty and sometimes just because I can! I did keep in mind that I would be writing everything I eat, all down in my diary which did help keep me alert and with a bit of care in my selections!

    When dessert was brought out, I did admire the chocolate log and were I not gluten free, I would have definitely indulged. It looked delicious! The Pavlova was gluten free, though I happily related that I find Pavlova too sweet. I explained it tastes to me like eating spoons of sugar with a bit of egg white mixed in. The supervisor sitting near me said chimed in that that’s pretty much all Pavlova actually is! So was easy to pass on that, though I told the other supervisor who made the Pavlova that the Pav decorations looked very pretty! At that point I thought I was home free, happy that I didn’t have to eat any dessert and then a higher up boss said, ‘Yes, but there’s a gluten free cake in the kitchen that so and so made. We didn’t bring it out because there’s plenty here with the chocolate log and Pav and we’re saving the gluten free cake for office staff morning tea tomorrow, but since you are gluten free, go ahead and enjoy a piece!’ How could I refuse the higher up boss, especially since she was making an exclusive exception for me? She even went so far as to want me to have a piece to give her a report on how it tastes so she will know before the morning teat tomorrow! I went ahead and complied and ate a piece of what tasted like an almond flour syrupy sweet cake with a rose petal icing. It was delicious though I was conscious that I ate it at the pace of everyone else around merrily shoveling food down, which was a bit too fast for me to really take in the cake’s nuances. I did report to the supervisor that it was delicious though! LJ, maybe the peer influence is partly why we are less mindful when eating, at least at social gatherings?

    When I arrived home I told Mr M about eating the sugary cake and my fear of it sparking cravings and about an hour later Mr M surprises me with a gift he said he specially bought for me. Mr M rarely surprises me with gifts out of the blue. I think the last one was last decade! However, on this night of nights, when I’d not long before finished a piece of sugary cake I really didn’t want, Mr M presents me with a gift of a box of dark chocolate truffles!?!? The serving size of 3 truffles tallies up to be a whopping 6 teaspoons or 24 grams of sugar. My research has taught me that consuming any amount of sugar over 5 grams generates a blood sugar spike. When I mentioned this to Mr M, he replied by saying that at least it’s less than in a bottle of Coke! Who drinks Coke in our house? Why is that relevant, I thought to myself? Anyway, how could I refuse this gift he specially picked out for me? I know he didn’t buy it just so he could have some, since he prefers milk chocolate. So, I decided to open and try one right then and there and he trotted off to the kitchen to make us each a cup of tea. I picked out the truffle I thought would be least sweet for starters; coffee flavoured. I offered Mr M to share the box with me and he picked out one of the sweetest of the selection, a caramel truffle and I was glad one of those really sweet ones was already gone! As my truffle sat on my plate I was daunted by it. I really didn’t want it, though what to do, as I said, I very much appreciated Mr M picking out something for me. Anyway, I looked at the truffle while my tea cooled and then bit only a skerrick off and let it slowly melt in my mouth. Then I set the chocolate back onto the plate and left it till all the chocolate flavour was completely out of my realm of senses. I then bit another tiny sliver off and continued in this way for the next hour. At times the partly eaten truffle sat for 10 minutes or more in between bites. This felt like it gave my blood sugar a break from too severe of a spike. Even the two teaspoons of sugar that would have been in the one truffle feels like it would have wreaked havoc especially after the other dessert of the syrupy tasting cake which I’m sure had far more than 2 teaspoons in the one slice. I really don’t want a second and a third truffle as the box suggests as a serving size!

    After the amount of sugar I’ve had this eve, I often experience a ‘fall out’ of sorts and in the past the only thing that I find effective at ending the fall out is a FD. My next FD isn’t scheduled until Friday, so I’ll see if I experience ‘fall out’ responses of a swelling of sweet cravings, insatiable hunger, mindless zombie eating mode. Like some aren’t good at ‘handling their liquor’ I’m not good at ‘handling my sugar’! So we’ll see what tomorrow brings both on the scales and in the diary! One thing I’ve already said is that I will only eat one item maximum from the Dark Chocolate selection box per day and that I will have this with Mr M over a cup of tea. Hopefully he will always join me in choosing one with the tea which means I only have to consume 5 more truffles to get through the box.over the next 5 days. …Five more obstacles on the obstacle course to get through! It’s now been over an hour since I finished the truffle and I already feel the sugar loving gut microbes crying out for more!

    Hello everyone.
    First, and article I saw that might lead to some interesting discussion:

    At the very least it is a good reminder of just how difficult this season is because of all the triggers for overeating: feast foods, celebrations, alcohol, family stress ( 😉 ), relief to get to the end of the year….

    Fasting_me (yes I might shorten you to FM too) you are right that I won’t eat veggies on a fast day morning because I don’t have breakfast on fast days (except milk in my cuppa).

    I’ve worked out the Silly Season Challenge I want to give to myself, and that is to record the veggies I eat each day to encourage myself to have 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit. I don’t eat the sweet fruits, so my fruit component will be tomato, capsicum, eggplant etc. They say not to count root vegetables, but I think I will add them in and see what happens.

    Minka, what a great way to handle your chocolate crisis, mindful nibbling and making sure that Mr Minka eats at least half of them!
    (Or you could accidentally drop them and stand on a few.)

    Well it is a fast day for me today, so my veggie intake will only be a small zucchini, half a carrot and two shiitake mushrooms, in my miso soup this evening. It won’t even be 2 serves. But that’s a fast day!

    Best wishes everyone

    Hello again SS Challengers! I’ll attempt to keep this short as I’ve taken up so much of this page already!

    Hi Cinque, What a great SS challenge option! You and FM are inspiring me to think of a future SS challenge option for next year. If I’ve continued to practice my current SS challenge into the New Year and until next Christmas when Thin hosts the next one, the vege challenge would be perfect! Cinque, I think I would get more pleasure out of stomping on the chocolates, than eating them! Of course Mr M would be crestfallen and I do suppose I would miss sitting down with a cuppa to share a treat together, even though he’d finished his before the first skerrick had even dissolved in my mouth!

    Also Cinque, the info in that link you posted makes sense and when I look back, can see the truth of it in my own life and I was never very good at New Years Resolutions, so is why my weight generally climbed year after year, especially once I was health challenged and couldn’t exercise.

    Sugar episode fallout: The good news is this morning’s weigh in was only 200 grams heavier than yesterday’s morning after FD reading so I’m going to say that there has been no fall out in that regard and count this as a SS Season Challenge success! It is your experiences, support and the ideas and strategies I reap from this thread that encouraged me on. Thank you. So far the only ‘fall out’ is that I’m definitely more tired than usual this morning which reminds me of what you described Thin with regard to feeling ‘toxic’ after consuming sugar. Cravings will erupt or not after I start eating any food for the day, so I can’t say for now whether there will be any of those sharks in the water to contend with!

    Joining you in a FD Cinque. I’m below 60kg so far but would like to be a little further below. Today’s fast will help. I’ll kick off the discussion in that N.A. article by saying that their foods to avoid sound easy to avoid any time of year. And their suggested alcohol limits are liberal & vague. Sure, if you currently drink ten alcoholic drinks a day and now limit it to four, “it may reduce your risk of injury and long-term harm ….”. But that’s not the correct message. According to studies I’ve read, daily alcohol consumption at any level is not recommended.

    Minka, I read your post before going to bed last night. What a minefield! It sounds like you handled it as well as could be expected. But Cinque’s idea is hilarious. Showing a bit less concern for the feelings of the feeders! I seem to recall that Mr M. came up with a similarly delectable hand-picked gift last year.

    Were I baker, I think I could handle baking better if it were a FD. I’d employ LJ’s strategy of abstaining. But were it a NFD, I’d employ Minka’s strategy of eating half of them before they hit the cooling tray. Fortunately, that’s one food dilemma I don’t have to deal with as a) I’m useless at baking and b) see no point in voluntarily preparing foods that might do me in.

    CalifD, I’m with you about not worrying about the actual Christmas dinner consumption. It’s just a meal. Being the host, I know there will be leftovers so I will eat less. I won’t eat any of the pre-dinner nibbles and I’ll have an alcoholic drink when the guests arrive (once I’m confident everything is going well with food preparation) and maybe a glass of wine with dinner. Boxing Day will be a FD, not that you have to worry about that in the US!

    P.S. Minka, your post appeared after I’d hit submit. Good to know the fallout on the scales was minimal considering how much effort those bosses put into providing that BBQ and making sure you ate it. Well done. Good luck with the sugar craving aspect today. You made me laugh about Mr M’s quick consumption of the chocolate.

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