The Snake Diet

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  • Hi,

    I have attempted the fast diet before and failed :(. I want to start again and really go for it. I’m at my heaviest now around about 16 stone. I’, a 5’10 man.

    I am really feeling my body slowing down under the excess weight. On fast days I did feel lethargic and suffered from headaches.

    Recently seen some info on the snake diet and the “snake juice”. Anyone else have experience with this? The diet it self seems a little extreme to me but I like the idea of the water having the electrolytes in it that won’t make me feel awful. Would their be a way to adapt it for the 5:2?



    I have no idea what the snake diet is, sounds awful.

    A few years ago I found fasting harder and a few times I had a bowl of miso soup during a fast, mostly for the salts and it was less than 40 calories. It did help, but most days I was fine. Even if you are water fasting for 36 hours (two nights and a day) you won’t likely have any real problems with electrolytes unless you are really messed up to begin with. When it did help having some soup I was doing multi-day fasts and even then it was probably more in my head than my body needing it.

    The best way to learn to fast is by fasting. It gets easier and easier over time. Mostly we deal with issues because we are just too used to eating while we are awake.

    On the other hand if worrying about your electrolytes helps you fast then it is probably helpful. I used to shop for what I wanted to eat the next day, whatever works. Good luck with your fasting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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