Starting the 5:2 tomorrow

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  • Hey everyone, I have been doing the fast 800 where I have been eating 800 calories for 7 days. I lost 15 kg in 4 weeks and then the next week I had put on 6 kg, so frustrating. But to be fair I ate some pretty crap food!! So I decided to try and buckle down again and lost 2 kg and so a total of 11 kg so far but this has been the craziest bumpiest ride of my life. I have decided to try and do the 5:2 to see if I can do it. Does it matter what I eat on my non fasting days? Or do I have to be strict there too?

    Hi Moanas2, congratulations losing 15kg in 4 weeks, and commiserations for putting on 6 kg in one week.
    Hopefully you find 5:2 easy and sustainable and you can keep it going to get to your target healthy weight and then sort out maintenance.
    It does matter what you eat on non fast days, but you should not be burdened by keeping it strict. Aim for non fast days to be the normal healthy eating you want to do when you are at your healthy weight, and add a feast day here and there.
    Good luck and all power to you.

    Wow thank you so much this has been so helpful. I especially love the idea of having a feast day it just sounds like something that I can try and sustain thank you

    I hope you have a great fast day today!

    Wow thank you it went so well and just keeping busy was really key


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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