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  • Sometimes it’s frustrating at how slowly I’m losing. I try to remember that I didn’t gain the weight quickly, I’m not going to lose it quickly. I’m still losing at a steady pace, even if it’s slow. I managed 2 fasts last week. I’m trying for 3 this next week.

    175.2 lbs

    I think your thread shows amazing resilience and great losses! It’s really motivating to read, and so honest and realistic! I’m completely new to this program, day one to be exact, and I’m loving all these real life accounts of how it works around everyone’s regular lives. Congratulations on your losses and I’m really interested to keep following your progress.

    Reading other people’s stories really helped motivate me in the beginning. I’m very happy to help others. 😊 Thanks Alli, I hope you’re finding success with this way of eating.

    I’ve fallen into a groove recently. Things are great!

    173 lbs

    Found a groove and then promptly fell out of it. Life happens. I went back up to about 178 lbs. I’ve been working at bringing that back down. Yesterday, I was 175.6 lbs. I’m fasting today and have some what renewed motivation. This way of eating is pretty forgiving when you get off track. Usually it’s easy to get back on plan.

    Alrighty… Fell off the wagon a few months ago. Actually 2 wagons… Started drinking again and stopped fasting. I noticed I absolutely can’t lose weight if I drink. I went back up to 180 lbs. I’ve had 2 decent fasts and have been abstaining from alcohol and I’m already headed back in the right direction. Lots of starts and stops, ups and downs, but this is working. Vacation is looming in 2 weeks, hoping to get out of the 170s by then.

    Restart: 175.4 lbs

    Gained about 10 lbs on vacation. Life has been a bit frustrating. Fasts happen, Keto happens, but weight shifts are not happening. Was 187 after vacation in October, have gotten down to 178, but gain and lose the same few pounds each week. 181 down to 178, gain and repeat. Ugh. I know fasting works, I know Keto works… trying to stick it out while the scale isn’t moving is hard.
    I did quit drinking though! At least that happened.

    181 lbs

    I’m finally back! Lots of life happened… a few pounds gained… but here we go again. Today’s fast day is nearly over with only about 150 calories consumed. I’m holding up just fine, I think my body way ready for a break.
    I’m hoping to post once a week again for accountability.

    New week 1- 189 lbs

    Checking in a bit later than I had intended. I’ve done fairly well with my fasts. I’m trying to focus on at least 3 fasts each week. Anyway, the downward trend has reappeared.

    185.6 lbs

    Keep it up. I just read your thread and it shows this works… and I needed the reassurance as I start week 3 after a weekend of highly questionable food choices.

    Here we go again! There are a lot of things I’ve gotten under control.. the biggest one is staying away from alcohol- more than 4 years sober now. Food is generally under control, I am mostly carnivore, “cheating” involves eating keto.. I’ve been reversing my pre-diabetes numbers slowly, but steadily. Weight has been up and down over the last few years, but I’ve stayed away from the 200s. I’ve definitely noticed that my body doesn’t like to lose weight unless I fast.. so I’m back for another go. Planning to do 3 fasts each week-MWF..
    Current weight- 186 lbs

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)

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