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  • Whops!
    Fast day went really well yesterday, right up until the point that i was tempted with fish & chips after picking up OH πŸ™
    I’d only had 4 hours sleep the previous night due to picking up OH and son from train station after England game, so was feeling rather tired and grouchy! I knew that i would be in bed by 9pm (which i was!) so the offer of no cooking was VERY appealing πŸ˜‰
    So i had plaice and chips – eek!
    I feel very bloated this morning, not yet eaten anything as have not been hungry at all – just wondering whether to carry on fasting till tonight’s dinner, or have a small lunch and go with planned fast tomorrow?
    Any ideas?


    Ah well – the forum is obviously a quiet place in the UK at lunch!

    Decided to knock a 2day fast on the head and had some lunch

    Will start again tomorrow!

    Hi Lulabella

    It isn’t very nice when no-one responds to your post but you are right; sometimes the site is quiet.

    I’ve read that you only have 7lbs to go anyway; so I wouldn’t beat yourself up for being human and lacking a bit of will on a certain day.

    Just get back on the wagon tomorrow; that’s the beauty of this dieting regime. Only 2 days out of 7; so in reality you have 7 per week goes at completing a fast day.

    Thanks PreciousBooB,
    I had an omelette last night so did not completely blow the week πŸ˜‰
    I did have a docs app last night, just a regular thing, but they weigh me and seeing as I had my clothes on, I thought, that can’t be right, so weighed myself at home, naughty as I don’t weigh till Saturday mornings! But I “seem” to have lost 2lb this week!!!!!
    Actual weigh will be tomorrow am, so we will see!! πŸ™‚

    I think your mistake with my username might be freudian?

    Though I do make a lot of boobs!

    whops! the hazards of posting too early in the morning! LOL!!

    Hi lulabella, I’m sorry I didn’t see your post until after you were probably long asleep(not a lot of help in deciding about dinner, huh? πŸ™‚ ) sounds like you made a good decision. Don’t let one slip up get you down, that’s the great thing about this way of eating don’t you think? the flexibility is wonderful. Plus, you lost 2 lbs! I sneak in the occasional off schedule weigh in myself. LOL.

    Hi PreciousBooBoo, just want to say I really enjoy reading your posts. Haven’t noticed a lot of booboo’s. πŸ™‚ you are always so encouraging, thanks for being so helpful.

    wishing you both a great day.

    Thanks x

    Hi MountainMyst and lulabella

    I think this happens with a lot of people despite the ‘notify me’ option; so I’ve only just located your posts and had the time to respond.

    I would need matchsticks on my eyes if I was posting at 6.40ish in the morning-that is dedication lulabella!

    Thank you MountainMyst for your kind words. There is someone else out there after all.
    Like some other folk; I too like to think I’m not just ‘talking to myself’ especially when I do go out of my way to encourage other people then often don’t get a response because they don’t check after posting.
    I don’t do that so I make myself look good and caring; I do that because I am a good and caring person. I also don’t like to see lonely posts with no or few responses. I don’t need other people to instruct me to do this; I do it quite naturally precisely because I don’t want people to feel ignored.

    But thank you for thanking me; I too need encouraging and acknowledging sometimes. For example: in my thread
    ‘Help – all ladies of a certain age please respond’ I specifically asked those women at my stage of life to tell me their experiences to give me some much needed encouragement because my weight loss was and still is verrry slow.

    I held off saying anything about my losses until I had hit a figure worth mentioning (only 9lbs but a hard won 9lbs) and did so on that thread and ……not one person reading it congratulated me.
    Not one; do you find that strange or is it just me? I also posted it on another thread and one kind soul congratulated me and that was it.

    I should have added there; got that off my chest now.
    How are you both doing? We are all human with all the failings that includes

    “not one person reading it congratulated me.”

    A life well lived and hitting your target health is it’s own reward & congratulations.

    Depending on the acknowledgement of others will most often be lower than your own expectations.


    I totally agree with your response rockyromero though I find it a bit glib; but it is still nice to be congratulated when you are the type of person who goes out of their way to encourage, welcome, support and congratulate others.

    ” but it is still nice to be congratulated ”

    How about recognized…?

    I recognize your presence more than what you actually do.


    Hi PreciousBooBoo
    Just to say I understand exactly how you feel! I know you have been contributing for a long time, so the issue is a bit different to the one I raised in ‘it’s not just about the posts’ about newbies not getting responses, but I still have not had anyone make any comments about ‘my story’ in the May to December topic – tho I haven’t checked it today. (I now know I should have done what USA later suggested and started a new topic.)
    There are just so many people posting now, which is great, but it can be easy to miss posts that if you HAD seen them you would have made a reply.
    I must admit that I don’t use the ‘notify me’ option because I access this forum via my iPad but the email address I registered is not one I use on the iPad…silly, but I didn’t know of the consequences when I registered.
    I am also a lady of a certain age, but haven’t yet contributed to that topic (I don’t think??) because it seems very active. I more often add my comments to topics with less discussion. But the more topics you contribute to, the more time consuming it is to keep on top of them all!!
    Anyhow, belated congrats for your weight loss. Well done, especially as it has been hard won πŸ˜€ I am sure you will keep up the good work – hopefully you still are getting enough from contributing to this forum for the forum to be a support to you.
    Best wishes

    ******* Seriousness alert *******
    I’ve been scrolling through the posts and am quite distressed by what it reveals about the human condition. So many of us are wedded to alcohol and can’t see a purpose in life without it – what on earth is all that about? We have a real problem here, surely? So many of us fast successfuly and then turn to a big binge on chocolate or whatever is the thing that we think will bring us happiness – again – what on earth is all that about? I don’t believe for one second that a bar of chocolate or a bottle of wine brings happiness in any way. Yes, a great evening with friends and loved ones with a glass of wine alongside is a lovely thing, and a choc or two with coffee as a celebration, but that’s about enhancing an already special time. Sitting feeling miserable and glugging down a bottle of wine and eating a whole box of chocs never made anyone happy, ever. So why do we do this to ourselves? I suspect those of us who love alcohol, love chocolate or crisps/chips, vats of cake, cheese, cream, whatever, need to give these things up entirely until we are able to slowly add in a small quantity on an occasional basis without going wild, and find a healthier sense of normal.
    Whenever I think myself or hear others say “I really couldn’t give up x or y” I suspect I/we should try and do without it for a while, stare it in the face and consider why these inanimate things seem so tempting. Who, for example, when at their happiest would think “if only I had half a chocolate cake now I’d be even happier”?
    What a westernized problem this is and how on earth did it come about? For those of us in the west, food is cheap and horribly available at all times – it’s so easy to look to it for comfort rather than to our friends and family, to our work, our hobbies, our pastimes and to be blunt, our life. And I guess this has all been said a thousand times before, but it doesn’t make the situation any less dreadful. We can blame the ghastly food corporations for producing foodstuffs that make us ill/dependent/hooked/addicted but many of us have choices that mean we don’t have to comply and buy and eat the stuff. We need to find more power to our elbow. Somehow.

    Hi Humphrey
    You raise lots of points that I would think many of us ponder!
    Does addiction play a role here?
    Do we turn to food/drink out of a lifetime habit of doing so? As you infer, does it seem easier to do this than find other solutions?
    Do we want instantaneous solutions, and somehow the immediacy of the nice taste of choc/alcohol/etc has greater power than the benefits that come from not having these?
    Do we say we can’t give up x,y, or z because we really don’t want to?
    Do we sometimes actually want to fail because we get perverse pleasure from it?
    Over-eating/drinking certainly is a western issue. I understand that there are now more people in the world with obesity issues than those who are malnourished…

    Hi Sassy, I’m sure that addiction or at the very least habit plays a role, yes, but the nice taste thing is interesting. I know that people will throw something down their necks that is unhealthy and might in theory be a good tasting thing but in actuality we don’t really like it that much. In particular the aftertaste of processed foods can be quite ghastly – the initial tastiness hit is ultimately ruined by a chemical concoction that bears no resemblance to home produced grub. I suspect that’s why people will eat a pack of bought donuts but if they made the time to make a cake at home, one or two slices would suffice; the donuts offer the promise but don’t deliver, so you keep trying and hoping that the next one will fill the hole.
    The not actually wanting to give up/get slim is equally potent – the “what if being slim doesn’t make my life better, and then I can’t even blame the weight. So in fact I just have a crap life” scenario.
    I wish that we could have contentment classes at school. You know, finding things to do and be that makes us happier in ourselves, not just chasing the exam, the grrades, the uni place, the job. Teachers that can inspire children to make the best of their one, short life in whatever way appeals, whether that be bird watching, skateboarding, reading the whole local library dry, setting up a community bakery, raising chickens, designing extraordinary buildings, galvanising the local community to do things that improve all their lives. We live in such a cynical world, but everyone needs hope and inspiration and something to concentrate outside of themselves.And on that note, i’ll go walk the dogs!

    “I wish that we could have contentment classes at school. You know, finding things to do and be that makes us happier in ourselves,”

    Those classes already exist, although they may go by different names.

    We can be content and happy without external stimulation. Many of us don’t believe it.

    The discipline that fasting brings to us is a subtle form of joy and happiness that we rediscover in other areas besides food and drink. When we remove food and drinks and even people from our fasting days, what remains is ourselves.

    Being comfortable with ourselves begins the process of happiness. Of course, how we use our alone time makes a difference. The trap exists of watching TV where others have drama, and solve situations with foods and drinks, and advertisements appear that drives the messages of happiness found through more foods and drinks.

    Fasting is a subtle happiness revolution which is dangerous to the profits of the establishment.


    Very wise words from both Humphrey and rockyromero πŸ™‚
    Agree that food in mouth is not always about the taste – does the comfort of food in mouth go back to when we were babies being breasted (or even bottle fed)??
    I went on a course once about over-eating and we were told to really savour our food as we eat – eg slowly dissolve the chocolate in the mouth. That can help you feel more full, and also make you aware of the nasties in some foods (those horrible chemical after tastes, as you say) that may make you not so keen to eat that again.
    When I was young ‘everyone’ only ate home cooked food; we had cakes, puddings (baked desserts), etc, but no weight issues. We didn’t eat in the evenings after dinner, and less snacking during the day – and snacks would be the home made foods or fruit. And of course we weren’t spending lots of time on these electronic devices!! I am not particularly one for talking about ‘the good old days’, because the world moves on, and has to, but it is a pity that the pace of life now means that many in the western world do not find time for home cooking.
    Cheers πŸ˜€

    Hi Sassy

    I’m sorry this reply to you is so late; I only look at the site intermittently and then sometimes only for 10 minutes or so. So there is no time to properly respond to a post like yours above.

    You are clearly a good hearted person but you are right; it’s not quite the same situation as yours was (initially). If you give lots of other people pats on the back for their successes then I do think it is only human and natural to desire the same for yourself.

    I do look at the May to December thread from time to time and have posted on it but I wouldn’t necessarily post a specific response to you on it; if I was going to comment I would address it to Lindy because it is the thread she started and ‘maintains’.
    I hasten to point out here that this is how I approach the threads; other people will do their own thing.

    Someone else advised that you start your own thread and ‘tell’ us your story of your fast diet experience; this is where I would respond to you directly. So I think it is entirely understandable that no-one responded to you direct on that site.
    So have you started a thread yet?

    You also mentioned that ‘contributing to the site will be a support to you’ – I’d have to disagree with that really. I contribute because I don’t want to be a silent member.

    After reading your post; I started to think about what keeps me still looking at the site when the support/encouragment is so one way.

    And it is this, as Couscous mentioned; I read many more posts than I contribute to and I read time and time again that men and women all over the world, at all different stages of their lives are on this eating regime and, in the main, it is working for them.
    They are losing weight and much, much more importantly, they are improving their health.

    Many of those are people like me, who have spent their lives trying to lose weight, losing it and then usually gaining it back and then some just for good measure.
    The signs are, going by research carried out by the other 5:2 diet and now anecdotally on this site; that this regime allows them to maintain their weight loss – period.

    So that is why I keep looking at this site; it reinforces that, in the main, this diet works for people. I used to give newbies this advice when they first posted; read back at many of the posts and you will be seriously motivated.

    Thanks PreciousBooBoo for responding – much appreciated πŸ™‚ and apologies for making incorrect assumptions about this forum as support.
    I didn’t start my own topic because there seemed to be so many topics already, but I now realise this is what I should have done, and so have been thinking about a focus for a topic that I can start. I quite understand now why I would not have had comments on my May to December post; but I am a little surprised that so many of the responses I have given have not had further comment. Presumably also a product of busy people who can’t keep up with all the posts that are now appearing!
    I do agree with the reasons you give for continuing to read the forum – it is great to read about so many people losing weight and getting healthier and happier without providing the diet industry with $$$. I think 5:2 and its variations is a fantastic WOE and would like to see it promoted more. I would like to see more research done by well respected research agencies that would compare different forms of ‘diet’ for both weight loss and lifetime maintenance. (What are you referring to with the “other 5:2 diet” ??)
    Best wishes

    Hi Sassy (like your username by the way)

    Firstly, can I say; you don’t have to apologise for getting my motivation for sticking with this site wrong. I just wanted to make my point.

    The other 5:2 diet is the original one developed by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell who, if I remember correctly (I have their book; I just can’t seem to put my hands on it right now) run a clinic for breast cancer.
    They developed this diet about ten years ago, to help their patients – Amazon describes it as ‘revolutionary and clinicly proven’. Michael mentions it several times in his book. They carried out studies on the patients that followed their eating plan and as I said above; the results are very encouraging both in the short and long term.

    I decided to buy both books and take the ‘best bits’ out of both. In my opinion (though I don’t want to put anyone off considering both) the 2 day diet is the harder to follow because it is much more restrictive in what you can consume on the other 5 days.
    I also feel though (and this is just my opinion before someone decides I need correcting-I don’t mean you Sassy), that those hardy souls who can follow it to the letter will actually be more healthy in the long run because the food for the fast days and the other 5 is a mediteranean diet and the alcohol levels allowed are pretty low.

    Most people know that alcohol isn’t a good idea for the body full stop but lord, life would be awfully dull without it to blur some of the harsh realities it can throw at you. I also think that the food it focuses on would be much more healthy for my body than the food I choose to eat following the fast diet.

    But I think that is one of the fast diet’s greatest attributes; you personally decide how much alcohol you wish to consume if any and likewise choose your own food types/quantities.

    I would say that this is the main reason for the fast diet’s runaway success – it’s only 2 days a week and you are really not restricted in any way (except maybe not to go too mad on the other 5 if you want to lose weight consistently).

    I mean, honestly, apart from the hunger and for me, the long sleepless nights….it couldn’t be easier!


    “Most people know that alcohol isn’t a good idea for the body full stop but lord, life would be awfully dull without it to blur some of the harsh realities it can throw at you. ”

    The same is said about foods.

    Actually, life is better without poisons to the body.

    Ignore what movies and drama and advertising has told you up to now.


    Hi PreciousBooBoo (other readers most welcome too, another essay from me!!)
    Totally agree with the reasons you suggest for why this WOE works; now we just have to wait a few years to confirm that people can maintain it and the weight loss for the longer term. This is the critical issue for me, and no doubt many others, who lose weight then put it all and more back on again – for me, this is cos I slowly but surely add back in foods I had cut out or restricted. I am really hoping that by continuing to have fast days, that this will continue to help me not (or at least only rarely) over-indulge on other days. (I just looked at the recent article by MM on coffee vs smoothies where he mentions prospective studies – that is what is needed to compare different ‘diets’.)
    I wonder how many people who have had lifetime weight issues can stick to food eating regimes where they totally cut out foods considered not healthy by that eating regime? I really admire those who can, but I feel that generally if someone has that amount of willpower, then they probably have not had ongoing weight issues. Something I fail to understand is why I, and no doubt many others, who consider themselves intelligent, are not able to manage the intake of non healthy foods, when I know what it is doing to my body. (There has been some discussion on this in earlier posts on this topic.)
    A personal note re alcohol. Fortunately – or unfortunately – it has been many years since alcohol had a ‘positive’ impact on me. Occasionally it may make me feel relaxed and happy, but generally it goes from just being a drink to something that makes me feel ill!!! Can’t recall when it started – possibly associated with menopause??
    Re other things that help me with this WOE, I have never had sugar in hot drinks, and gave up adding milk when at college. My basic diet for a long time has been large salad for lunch and lots of veggies for dinner. What hasn’t helped me in the past was large portion sizes at all meals of the non-veg as well, and chocolate. Reducing the former has been relatively easy, and I have cut back a lot on the chocolate, but really don’t want to give it up – I do try to savour it more tho (as also mentioned earlier). I do crave something sweet a lot of the time, but so far am managing to resist most of the time – as others have mentioned, once one starts on the sweet stuff, it is hard to stop…
    Are your sleepless nights just on fast days, or in general? Many women have problems sleeping, especially as we get older… I don’t have any tips on how to change this tho.
    By the way, just looked at the source of your name – πŸ™ that you no longer have your precious pet, but πŸ™‚ good to retain the memory.
    Sassy (it’s nice that you like the name πŸ™‚ )


    “I wonder how many people who have had lifetime weight issues can stick to food eating regimes where they totally cut out foods considered not healthy by that eating regime? I really admire those who can, but I feel that generally if someone has that amount of willpower, then they probably have not had ongoing weight issues. ”

    We all have weight issues. It’s how we are made up. We consume to survive and we would continue to consume if we each didn’t manage the consumption.

    Along the way, some pickup strategies, like 5:2, to manage that consumption. There are also faster strategies. Some of those strategies allow the ability to eliminate certain foods completely. I have. Many of us have.

    It’s up to those, that want to achieve a certain health result, to learn those strategies.

    Much of that is shared here.


    Fair enough rockyromero! I acknowledge that there are far more strategies than just willpower πŸ™‚ But I think it is a philosophical question as to whether we all have weight issues – it depends on your interpretation of ‘weight issues’. My OH never gave a thought to what he ate or how he exercised until he was nearly 60yo (he is an eat to live not live to eat person, and not at all sporty), and has always been slim and healthy. Now he still eats whatever he feels like but does 30min on the treadmill most days (and that is a strategy, I know, but he managed for years without any conscious strategies for managing his weight and health). I may be missing the point you are making tho…

    ” I acknowledge that there are far more strategies than just willpower But I think it is a philosophical question as to whether we all have weight issues ”

    I learned here that the fat inside our bodies are also harmful. My body is still learning and is still changing. With those changes, I’ve adjusted by eliminating certain foods.

    In some cases it’s willpower but more effective is creating an environment to assist in those changes. World power.

    My environment home does not have foods that in my moment of weakness, that I would eat.

    That’s not totally true, as my wife is transitioning with 5:2, and chocolate and breads sneak in still. It will take more time for her to eliminate them completely, as I have.

    I’ve shifted my thinking of food as just fuel, and eat to satisfy the hunger.

    Our refrigerator is often empty, and I smile at what guests must think when they see that. Although, we do have many restaurants surrounding us. So, a lack of food is never a problem.

    With 5:2, I’m more amazed at how little food we really need to get through our days.


    Hi rockyromero, you have obviously had great success with your approach. πŸ™‚ I especially agree with you re how little food we need to get thru the day. I don’t think I want to see all food as just fuel tho – I do still want to eat and enjoy foods such as chocolate, the occasional cake etc, even tho I know that the body doesn’t need them!! πŸ˜€

    “I do still want to eat and enjoy foods such as chocolate, the occasional cake etc, even tho I know that the body doesn’t need them!! ”

    Such conviction!

    What if you could feel the same about what you consider healthy foods for you?

    Can you notice the highly charged emotions that you are expressing?

    If you were detached from yourself, and saw yourself, as if you were seeing someone that you love so dearly, maybe even more than yourself, wouldn’t you want them to do the right, healthy thing? Forever?

    I know I do.

    It slowly tears me inside when I see my wife sneaking her chocolate. I don’t think that I have yet met a woman that can refrain from eating chocolate. Even society wants to promote chocolate as a loving token of affection. Consider the chocolate at Valentine’s day. There are even chocolate fun races. If I were to truly hate someone, it would be by sending boxes of chocolate to them.

    It’s a faster death, we are finding. This sugar covered in brown, in decorations.

    The day that you and I and others see food as fuel is the day that we have matured into healthy beings, into role models for others, for those that look up to us.

    Fasting is a new beginning for many of us and healthy, long lives are the reward.

    Wouldn’t you want that for those that you love?


    Hi lulabella and Sassy

    Firstly: lulubella – sorry we seemed to have hi-jacked your thread. Please come back and reclaim it! and tell us how it is going for you.

    Hi Sassy

    You should start your own thread; then we can chat on that – you mentioned above that you are trying to think of a ‘focus’ for one but you don’t need to really. Just say ‘Hi Sassy here’ and away you go!

    Regarding your sweet tooth; I saw a fab machine advertised in summer called Yonannas (hope I’m not going to be flogged because of indirect advertising!)
    You use frozen banannas and other fruits and the machine grinds it into a lovely ice-cream mixture.
    I thought at the time about all the fast dieters with a sweet tooth but never got round to mentioning it.

    It’s not choclate admittedly but you can add your own ingredients to the basic recipes; so people add those little choclate bits that you use for cake making etc.
    I thought the potential was endless and the greatest thing of all is that it is dairy free, has no additives and you control the calories/ingredients etc.
    We love ice-cream in our house so we would consider this a real healthy treat.

    Regarding your comments about cutting out certain foods; I would think the best way around that is to try to seriously cut down on them but don’t cut anything out.
    If I have to ‘cut out’ eating anything at all; that is the first thing I want to eat! It’s a psychological thing isn’t it?

    When you dieted in the past, like most of us, you cut out eating certain foods then gradually, because you are only human, you introduced them again and gained weight. So if you were to lose your weight still consuming those foods but much less so or replacing some of them with the above; you wouldn’t be in that same position again. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I do like to have wine at weekends and really that is why I’m on this version of a fast diet and not the 2 day diet I told you about.

    Regarding my sleepless nights; my insomnia has got steadily worse since becoming a lady of a certain age. But on fast days; it is horrendous. I can lie literally for the entire night and not sleep a wink. It’s actually quite gruelling just lying there – wide awake and your mind whirring. However, it is a sign of just how much I want to lose some weight that I am prepared to put up with it. I did remark to my husband the other day; that it’s just aswell that I don’t work anymore because I feel wrecked the following day.
    Still no pain no gain!

    Thanks rockyromero and PreciousBooBoo πŸ™‚
    Rocky – I certainly hear what you are saying, and do agree in principle too. And I now only rarely eat the less healthy foods, partially for the reasons you discuss. I need to become a better chef so that I can make the healthy foods more interesting!! Although I love salad and veggies, they can be bland, and although I do also have a variety of fruit to chose from to help with sugar cravings, sometimes only sucrose products satisfy. But I will reflect more on the points that you make.
    PBB – the Yonannas machine sounds interesting. I do make a fruit smoothie from frozen raspberries, good yoghurt and a little milk – is there a reason why you suggest dairy free, apart from extra kcals? I like dairy and assume it is the easiest way to get calcium?? Your sleeplessness sounds awful – have you seen someone about it? I used to have sleeping problems, tho nothing like yours, but these were mainly caused by work stress. Like you, I am no longer working (YEAH πŸ˜€ :D) so my sleep has improved considerably. But if I have been doing mentally active things before bedtime, it can take me ages to get to sleep (whirring mind, as you say). Presumably you have tried relaxation techniques without success? A work colleague found that hypnotherapy worked for her – I tried it, and it did help for a while, even tho I don’t believe i was actually hypnotised. Maybe if no techniques have worked, you should just stay up and watch DVDs, listen to music, read (if you can summon the energy) – you might fall asleep while doing so?? Actually, the hypnotherapist was against doing pleasurable things instead of sleeping, so she suggested getting up to do the things you hate (like spring cleaning!)… My mother has similar issues to you, but she pops pills – tho often not til 3am then still gets up at 7am and so feels dreadful anyway…you can’t tell her.
    I am sitting in bed writing this (I love my iPad <3 ) while hubby is on the treadmill, one son has left for uni, the other is still in bed having had his first Year 12 exam yesterday (tho he needs to get up soon as he still has 6 more exams to prepare for). The dogs are with me too, under the covers (you can say ugh, tho given your love for dogs, you might not), enjoying their sleep in until I get up to give them breakfast…
    And that was totally off topic!

    Hi Sassy

    Have just read your post above again (didn’t have time to answer to other day).

    And I’m having a good laugh to myself about your suggestion that I get up and do some cleaning when I can’t sleep!!! If I did that my husband would have me committed! He would think I had finally gone off my head and take the only chance he might have to get rid of me…

    The very thought – I detest cleaning at the best of times; it’s a necessary evil. So the thought of me creeping around (so as not to wake my husband who doesn’t have insomnia) and dusting and stuff; very very quietly – very funny indeed but it’s not going to happen! On a more serious note; I try very hard to avoid drugs from the doctor if I can so popping pills is a no no for me.

    I love the thought of your dogs being in bed under the covers; whilst you are sitting posting – very 21st century.
    What kind of dogs are they?

    Hi PreciousBooBoo
    We have 2 King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Darcy and Lizzie (now where did those names come from?!). We got them both as puppies at the same time, because very sadly our 16yo and 8yo Cavvies died within a month of each other πŸ™ Two puppies, disaster!! Getting them to settle at night was more than we could manage, so they ended up sleeping with us…foolish us. We now lock them out of all bedrooms at night, as otherwise there is no room for us in bed, but every morning they come racing up to our room when let out and snuggle in til I decide to get up.
    Do you have other dogs/pets now?
    Back to not sleeping – totally agree re avoiding pills. And I know you realise that the idea of getting up to do something you don’t like is so that you DON’T get up (the hypnotherapist was not an advocate for getting up and doing something else if you can’t sleep, unlike what is often suggested).
    I didn’t sleep much last night, which may have been due to 3 fast days in the last 5… And also to my excitement in fitting into my wedding dress – wedding anniversary today πŸ™‚ am trying to hold off eating to as late as possible (doing 16:8) as we are going out to dinner for the first time in ages and the menu is full of delicious items that will make sticking to TDEE well nigh impossible! But I plan to enjoy πŸ˜€


    I think that one reason that other diets don’t work is because you are expected to give up the foods that you love FOREVER.

    What I did with the 5:2 is instead of giving up something forever you just have to give them up for 2 days a week. Another thing that I do is to not eat certain things at certain times or in certain places. I spend a lot of time in the car driving from one work site to another. There is a certain coffee flavored toffee that I used to eat in the car. So now I don’t have any in the car and won’t eat it there. Another thing that I did was to NOT eat a dessert after a meal.

    So I suggest that if there are things that you know you shouldn’t eat than don’t allow yourself to eat them when or where you have in the past.


    “wedding anniversary today ”

    Happy for you and enjoy well deserved celebrations.


    Hi Sassy

    I don’t normally look at this site on Saturdays – I’m supposed to be checking our emails and saw your post.

    Love the dog’s names! Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite Jane Austens but Persuasion is my absolute fave. That sounds like a perfect recipe for happiness to me and my husband; snuggling up together in bed with two boisterous puppies for company.

    And it’s your wedding anniversary – you don’t say how many years?

    I think it is fab that you have managed to fit into your wedding dress again (thanks to fast diet!) – are you going to wear it tonight for your special meal?! Ha Ha
    The staff at the restaurant would think Miss Haversham had wandered in if your husband left you alone at the table for any length of time.

    I hope your husband appreciates having a wife who (now) has the figure she used to have when he married her?

    Anyway have a lovely wedding anniversary together and blow the TDEE for this special occasion.

    Thanks rockyromero and PreciousBooBoo πŸ™‚
    We had a wonderful meal last night. Our sons came too, as it is rare that we go out as a family. 18yo enjoyed that he could legally drink!! Think I will make today a fast day tho… I always find fast days easier after a day of indulgence πŸ˜€
    I am so grateful to 5:2 – I still have trouble believing I have lost so much weight in the time with so little effort.
    Well, I seem to have taken us way off topic – thanks Quick for the on topic comments and suggestions πŸ™‚
    PS PreciousBooBoo – the BBC adaptation of P&P with Colin Firth (tho I love all the cast) is going to guarantee that it is my favourite JA!!!!!
    22 years of marriage – we were late starters. I also thought of Miss Haversham when I was wearing the wedding dress… And yes, hubby is appreciative of my regained figure, though he is the sort of man who has never bothered much about how I look (which is good and bad!!).

    Lovely post Sassy. Am a mother of sons too. Totally lurve Colin Firth. Adore him in Love Actually. A great film to watch in the run up to Christmas. Aw bless. X

    Thanks very much Time4change πŸ™‚
    Totally agree re Love Actually – and not only Colin Firth, but Alan Rickman (despite his behaviour), Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, even Bill Nighy – plenty to love!!

    Happy Anniversary Sassy

    Haha and I’m sitting here watching Disney movies all day.

    I’m not watching movies. I am feeling a bit glum after a three day weekend which included two paellas, birthday breakfast pancakes, lots of spoonfulls of Nocilla (like Nutella) and has left me feeling rather bloated and crappy today.
    I had some successes though: like eating very few of the pre lunch nibbles (I used to be a food table hoverer and hated it even while I was doing it), and not eating ANY pancakes while cooking them….. Actually those are the only success :p the next success will be another successful fast day today though, I’m going to do 4:3 to balance things out a bit. And I have added Nocilla to my banned foods list (Nutella us the only other item on the list) so that will increase success in the future.
    All the best everyone πŸ™‚

    Hey 2B! Don’t beat yourself up over it, it actually doesn’t sound that bad. And especially if you’re doing an extra fast day to cover it! That way you’ve cut out a large chunk of the cals you “over-ate” during the weekend.

    And maybe watching a good Disney movie is just what you need πŸ˜‰

    Hi Lulabelle, and all,

    Fasting and starving, drinking ginger tea. The weather is cold and so am I. Planning on going all out eating tomorrow. Cincinnati chili, potatoes, bread.
    Anything I want. Problem is, tomorrow I won’t want it. Just dreaming…

    Haha Piper that’s not a problem, it’s a blessing πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Nika. I did actually end up watching 101 Dalmations! I can mostly understand kid’s movies these days which is pretty cool. And I can call it ‘study’ ;p Felt much better after a day of around 450 cal yesterday. Still a bit bloated though so maybe something else contributed too.

    Haha Piper isn’t it funny! When I first started (3 weeks ago – I’m way not yet an old timer!) I would dream of having chicken schnitzel or something the next day, then feel disappointed about not feeling like it when the time came around. Now I just crave homemade pork ribs (maybe it’s a good and super delicious combo of protein and fat), which I still feel like the next day. And we have some in the freezer which are on the menu for the weekend. Can’t wait!!

    Ha! See, Disney all the way!

    I actually felt really bad yesterday because I cheated my fast day… I already ate four tomatoes in some bouillon and a medium sized piece of beef (no idea how much it was, or what part exactly – yay for not being able to read Chinese in China πŸ˜‰ ). And then I completely went overboard and completely ruined the day… well, that’s what it felt like. But then I stopped and said it out loud:
    “I just messed up everything and cheated my entire diet by having three shots of vodka and two packs of crackers.” And I realized I sounded ridiculous. Today it even makes me giggle…

    Wasn’t sure where to post it but Sabotaged! appealed to me.

    Hi Nika and everyone

    I totally agree with you Nika; the title ‘Sabotaged’ is a good thread for saying anything at all where you feel you were thwarted.

    Lulabella hasn’t come back to reclaim it which is a shame; I don’t know if you are out there Lulabella because I only get time to read about 10% of the forum.
    If you haven’t posted lately; let us know how you are doing

    Well, my “ruined” fast day (wasn’t that ruined) has now been followed by two more ruined days πŸ™ I’ll try to get back on the wagon tomorrow, doing a fast day and all that.

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