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  • Hi, there everyone, I am creating this thread for my accountability to see if I can stick to this diet. For many years i use to only read everyone’s post and get inspired, few times i even posted in a few threads but eventually I use to loose interest and fall of the wagon.
    So I decided to create my own and keep posting my progress here weekly and try to keep myself motivated.
    I am 43, stay at home mother of 2 lovely kids. I live in South Africa and we are in lockdown level 3, so staying at home makes it more difficult to not think about food with the kids around and cooking for them and hubby. I have been doing a mix of 5:2 and 4:3 on and off for a couple of years. I was 77kg around 2018 and now iam sitting at 68.2kg. I am 165cm tall and my perfect weight is 62kg.

    I started in the beginning of January doing the 4:3 after the festive season and loads of eating.
    I do exercise at home 4 to 5 times a week. I do exercise bike 1hour and skipping 1hour, sometimes on the weekend i go cycling with hubby.
    I am trying to keep refined carbs and sugar out until I reach my goal.

    05.01 69.7kg
    14.01 68.2kg

    Wish me luck

    Today’s is fasting day and I like to p finish with all my exercises. On my first post i said that i would cut refine carbs completely, but I believe that will be very hard, I haven’t been having any during the week, but on the weekends will try and keep it to a minimum.

    I do weight almost every day to see the up and downs on the scale and mostly will be posting my weight weekly unless there is a huge loss overnight. Today after weighing myself i saw a dramatic loss.
    I know that plenty that I have lost so far is water weight, and the weight will eventually slow down, but I can see a lot of difference how my clothes are fitting me. I am happy in loosing 2.5kg a month.

    15.01 67.4kg

    Total loss so far is 2.3kg

    Very pleased so far, I hope I can keep up until I reach my goal.

    Yesterday I checked my weight and saw a nice loss. Keeping the refined carbs to a minimum, and hardly any sugar. Keeping up with my exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

    21.01 67kg


    Hi everyone, we are having such a rainy weather here and it’s a bit cool also.
    My 3 fasts this week was Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, normally I do the 3rd one on Friday, but today is my son’s birthday and he asked me to make a a chocolate fudge pecan tart that I discovered the recipe sometime ago and everyone loved it. So I will enjoy it with the rest of the family after a lovely dinner. As I mentioned before, I keep the refined carbs in the week out, but on the weekend its difficult, so I normally have 3 meals on the weekend and try and keep the snacks out. And another thing i forgot to mention, I don’t drink alcohol or any cold soda drinks, so I believe that makes it easy to not go overboard on the calories on the weekend. I use to love to drink sodas but have completely left it out and believe me, it makes a huge difference on the weight loss. And I have tried and kept my exercises up but this week did only 3 days for 1hour each day, normally I do 2 hours, find it difficult when I am in my menses, I get very tired, plus with all the rain we cant go cycling on the weekends in the early morning like we usually do. Anyway, today is weighing day.

    29.01 66.7kg

    Total loss for the month 3kg

    Very happy with this loss, I hope I can keep the motivation up and continue this journey with the same will power so I can reach my goal by my birthday in May.


    Good job, keep going

    Thanks BunnyBB, all the best on your weight loss journey.


    Do you count calories on your non-fast days? And what kind of exercise are you doing?

    No I don’t, during the week on my nfds I have breakfast and dinner and no refined carbs. I have rye bread. Only on the weekends I have 3 meals and i have refined carbs, I try not to snack. 3 times a week I do 1h on the exercise bike and 1300 skips, and dumbbells. When the weather is good on the weekends, hubby and I go cycling early mornings for an hour.

    Wow, that is amazing. 👍🏻

    That’s great progress Riz
    I’m F64, I’ve tried many diets over the years but weight always goes back on.
    I started 5:2 last week, lost 4lbs in the first week. On my FD I didn’t have any bread or potatoes. Breakfast was fresh fruit, small lunch small crackers with Philadelphia light cream cheese or fresh fruit then a recipe from 5:2 cookbook. On 1st day of FD I went over total 533 but on the 2nd FD only 484, no alcohol on FD days
    Now in week 2 my FD are going to be Mon, Wed and Friday I’ll fast till 6pm to see what difference my weight loss will be.
    I’m not counting calories on NFD but trying not to snack in between meals, I go walking a few days in the week wear a fitbit which makes me more aware of how much I’m moving about.
    I need to lose at least 2 stone (12.7kg) and would like to do this in a reasonable time, my son is getting married next year so this is my target.
    Any tips to would be appreciated, good luck for this week

    Hi pjg61, thanks. U are doing quite well yourself.
    I also do mon/wed/fri
    During the fast days i try not eat anything till 6pm, But i do have a date fruit in between my exercises do give me a boost, I drink lots of tea, hibiscus, green tea, warm water with lemon during the day to keep me full. On the weekends i have my latte with my breakfast and i drink water with lemon with my lunch and dinner. Never juices or sodas. I want to reach my goal by May. I hope we can do it. Just stick do the plan and it should work.

    Thanks Riz, I also have hot water with lemon wedge some days. I used to have it when I got up but prefer drinking it later. I drink mainly black coffee or roobois tea.
    Don’t know if I could manage not eating until 6pm but I suppose it does give you the 500 calories for your main meal.
    Today I had raspberries & clementine for breakfast, 4 small crackers, Philadelphia light mini tub cheese and cucumber for lunch followed by mushroom & garlic omelette with tomato.
    Friday is next FD but only up to 6pm then back to NFD until Monday. Catch up with you again with my progress. Pam

    Hi pjg, I find that eating small meals during a fast day never satisfies me and I feel hungry all the time. I prefer do eat most of my calories at dinner. TodayI had my 1 slice of toasted sourdough bread with my sunny side egg fried in ghee, some onions and cheese for lunch. Will have a hand full of peanuts in a while and a lovely dinner with the family later, fasting also tomorrow. Weigh in on Saturday, lets see how it goes. Have a good one Pam.


    Hi Riz
    That’s interesting, I do struggle with the calories at dinner so might not have a lunch and have a later breakfast and see how I get on with just 2 meals on FD. I see that even on a NFD you’re still keeping your meals light, I stuck to my fresh fruit this morning, don’t know what I’m having for lunch, dinner is the Kofta Lamb meatballs I made and have left over.
    I notice you’re weigh is on Saturday, is that because your FD for the week end on the Friday? the reason I ask I usually weigh in on a Tuesday but now doing 5:2 on M/W/F it might be better to change weigh in day to see how much I actually lose in a week on 5:2 if that makes sense.
    It’s pouring with rain again today so don’t think I’ll be venturing very far from flat today.
    Have a good day Riz.

    Hi Pam, during the week i try and keep the calories low during the day so I can enjoy a nice family meal at dinner, and also save some calories to enjoy on the weekends, things Like scones with cream and jam for breakfast and pizza for dinner or lunch. I check my weight every day, but u i like to register the weight weekly after having the 3 fasts, I feel it shows the lightest weight for the week, lol
    We are also having very bad weather this days, been doing all my exercises indoors, I like to do it during my fasts, for the last 2 weekends i haven’t been able to go cycling with hubby.
    Lets hope next week will be better. 🙂


    I had a nice week, finished my 3 fasts, and my exercise routine.
    Weather continues boring and dull with loads of rain. Anyway today is my weighing day.

    06.02 66.3kg

    Happy to see another loss, it’s not as much as I expected but is better than nothing. 🙂


    Hi Riz
    That’s great you had a weight loss, I weighed yesterday (09th Feb) and stayed the same.

    A bit disappointed but I think I might be not eating enough on FD and overdoing on NFD and with bad weather did not go out walking enough! What do you think?

    Monday FD – I only had breakfast & dinner only 367 calories for the day and same breakfast as previous week
    Todays FD – I had 2 small slices of toast and marmalade and having fish tonight’s dinner

    But on a positive note I’ve still lost 4lb over 2 weeks

    Good luck for this coming week. Pam

    This week i was a bit naughty. Had to much food on my NFDs. But I kept all my exercises up.
    Anyway, Today is weighing day.

    13.02 65.8kg Another loss of 500gr

    Total loss for the month so far 900gr. I can see that the weight loss has slowed down a bit, as I am reaching closer to my goal, but I believe That’s part of the process.
    Hi Pam, I try not to eat refined carbs on my fast days, and on my NFDs during the week also, and I try and do all my exercises indoors when the weather doesn’t play part. 4lbs over 2 weeks is very good. Plauteus are part of the whole process. I am sure i might hit one soon. Lets just try and keep up and don’t let any hiccups mess all the hard work.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Hi Riz
    Well done on another loss this week. You are so good not eating the refined carbs during the week, I can manage on the NFD days but do like toast for my breakfast on some of the other days.

    I’m 69.40kg and need to get down to 56.23kg to be back to my weight for my height & age. As I’ve got older I’ve found it very difficult to lose the weight but very easy to maintain.

    I’ll see how I get on Tuesday weigh in I will have done Wed, Fri (up to 6pm) & Mon FD and went walking Thursday & Saturday (not much again this week)
    Good luck for the week and speak again soon

    I am not feeling well this week. Think I got the flu. Manage to do my 3 fasts, and very light exercise.
    I had all my flu medications but still feeling very tired. We are having very hot weather.

    Weight remained the same 65.8kg

    No weight loss this week. Maybe the meds are making me retain water or something. But I believe plateaus are to be expected every now and again.
    Pam did u try to weight yourself after the 3 fasts and see how much u loose? Maybe on Saturday morning? Give it a shot and see the difference, just a suggestion.
    Have a good one.


    Hi Riz
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well and hope you’re feeling better now. It’s good that you stayed the same especially if you was taking meds as well.

    I had another week of staying the same and felt quite down, so have decided to have a rest week but just watch what I eat.

    I hope you get on ok this week and will catch up with you again soon


    Thanks Pam. Feeling much better now. Sorry to hear that u stayed the same, don’t give up and try and make changes where u can and see if it makes a difference.
    This week I did Monday and Tuesday back to back fasting and Wednesday and Thursday did 800. Friday was a NFD. I did all

    So weight for 26.02 was 65kg

    Total loss for this month is 1.7kg. Much less than I expected. Was aiming for a total of 2.5kg but that’s ok. Can’t get it perfect all the time 🙂
    I hope that the month of March will be better. 3kg more and I will reach my goal hopefully by May.


    I was trying to type that I did all my exercises this week and I don’t know what happened, maybe i hit submit without realizing that the sentence wasn’t complete. Lol

    Monday and Tuesday I did B2B fast, Wednesday ate around 1100 calories, did another fast Thursday, did exercise 3 times this week. Today is NFD, so I checked my weight this morning and I must say that I was quite disappointed, it went up 600gr for no apparent reason!

    So weight today is showing 65.6kg. Grrrrr what happened here?!?!? Can’t understand !!!!!

    My mother is coming from overseas to spend couple of months with us, because of the covid and lockdown she wasn’t able to come for long time. I am actually worried that during this time i might put on weight, because my mother loves to see me slim but keep insisting to join her for all the meals on the fasting days, and u know it becomes tempting to given. I just hope I can make her understand and be strong.


    Hi Riz
    Sorry I haven’t got back to you I’ve been going to a chiropractor 3 times a week and it cuts in to my working day quite a bit. I have been keeping a food diary of sorts to log calories and types of food I’m eating and keeping to around 1200 calories and weighed on Tuesday 2nd March and lost 1lb (500gr).
    I am doing a weekly walking challenge with a group of friends on our fitbit and think that is also giving me a bit of motivation.
    I shall keep trying to shift this weight as I really don’t like being this overweight.

    I’m sorry to hear that you put weight on but it could be the after effects of the flu, have a few days off and then restart to see if that kick starts it off again.

    It will be great to see your mum if you haven’t seen each other in a while, perhaps while she is over you can try giving your mum some of the low calorie meals on the FD so you are all eating the same.
    Take care and good luck for your weigh in tomorrow
    Pam x

    The weight on the 06.03 was 64.9kg, so basically I lost 100gr only this week! Boring!
    Well, it’s better than nothing. Hi Pam, glad u lost the 500gr, some weight loss to keep u motivated.
    Good u found the group of friends for your exercise routine, I believe that helps to keep on track.
    My mum is a diabetic person, so she needs to be eating something every 2 hours, if I do that on fasting days even if is low calorie meals that will pass the 500 mark for the day. Lets see how it goes.
    Take care Pam, chat soon.


    I have been having very busy days with mum around. Didn’t get a chance to log in last week to write my weekly update. Did exercise 3 times a week.
    Weight on the 12th was 64.4kg. Loss of 500gr last week.

    Let see how the rest of the month goes.


    Hi Riz

    That’s great you had loss this week and you managed to do exercise 3 times in the week, I know how difficult it is to keep a normal routine when you have family staying.

    I had a busy week so our meals was a bit haphazard and didn’t get out walking at all so was quite pleased to stay the same when I weighed on Tuesday. I thought this week might be better but it’s looking pretty much as hectic. If I could lose 1lb (500gr) a week I’d be happy as it would be going in the right direction.

    I’ll be glad when all the unpacking is done, painting finished so life can get back to some sort of normality. I’m still going to Chiropractor but cut it down to twice a week

    Speak to you next week, take care
    Pam x

    Hello Pam, this week i took my mum for some shopping and doctors check ups, so didn’t manage to do any exercise, I was to busy running around. Monday to Friday I did OMAD with exception of wednesday, mum and I had lunch at the mall, and Saturday morning my weight was also the same as last week 64.4kg. I also hope to do my exercises this week and 4:3 and loose 500gr. The weather is starting to change, getting cooler by the day. Glad to hear that u done with all the unpacking, I have been there, I know what you mean. Have u been going to the chiropractor for your back? Hope is nothing serious. Have a good one and chat soon.

    Hi Riz, How did you cope with just OMAD, don’t think I could manage that. Sorry I missed writing to you last week, weight has stayed the same again I’m great at maintaining weight but no loss at all since March 19th. My clothes are fitting better so shape is changing with all the walking but not the weight. I’m still going to the chiropractor, it’s nothing serious I have osteo-arthritis in lower back, neck & shoulder which has been very painful with the move so this is helping and have noticed the improvements already. I will reduce the visits soon to every couple of weeks soon I hope.
    Good luck with your week, I’m going to be optimistic and hope to get my weight moving again this week, not sure how yet but not going to give up, have a lovely Easter and speak soon Pam x

    Hi Pam, life has been busy lately with mum around,doctors check ups and some shopping. I haven’t checked my weight lately and been on and off of 4:3. Need to restart again my routine. Hope you doing well.
    I don’t know if I will be able to reach my goal weight of 62kg by May like this….
    Lets see how it goes. Have a nice one and chat soon.


    Hi Riz, I hope you’re mum is ok and that you’ve managed to get back on track. I’ve also had a busy time mainly with birthday celebrations. April has 3 birthdays in our family, our son on the 11th, mine on the 13th and our youngest daughter on the 23rd.
    Despite all the celebrations my weight on Saturday was still the same! Weighing daily I think is not good for me as it alternates between losing 1lb and then putting it back on.
    I’m going to start afresh with the 5:2 and do my my best to get some weight off before our holiday at end of May. I have set myself a mini target to lose 3.5kg so it doesn’t seem so daunting as I still have a lot to lose.
    Take care and speak next week, Pam x

    Hi Pam, mum is gone home. I have started the 4:3 today after having a long break. My weight is up, sitting on 66.7kg arghhh….My lowest weight before my mum came was 64.4kg. Need to try and bring it back to that first and then aim for the final goal of 62kg. Starting my exercise routine also. Now we are in winter here, I feel so lazy to exercise in the cold but I have to. Lets see how this first week goes.
    Hope you doing well with the fast diet. Let me know how you doing.

    Good to have found your post Riz and friends, I shall be following your progress. I restarted 5:2 after about 10 years. I’m now in my mid 40s and due to some perimenopausal symptoms, I’ve returned to 5:2. So I restarted on 25 May 2021, and I’ve never told anyone publicly my measurements, but here they are: 52kg, 32 inches waist measured at the belly button level, and I’m 5″1 and slim build (if not for the belly!). In addition to health benefits, honestly I really want to wear what’s in my wardrobe and not to buy anymore “loose cut” tops. A real low point was on my birthday last year the dress that I wanted to wear didn’t zip up. The thing is I have a lot of nice dresses and outfits and it would be so lovely to wear them without my belly sticking out from the ribcage down (it is more like protruding rather than spreading sideways, if it makes sense?). I have been asked if I were pregnant, but I have never been….

    I don’t drink alcohol. I do want to enjoy a glass or two of wine on special occasions, but I think I’m intolerant of it, I go bright red quickly and heart palpitations too. I don’t drink fizzy drinks or juices or put sugar in hot drinks either. Although my GP prescribed some iron tablets and advised me to take them with a glass of orange juice. Why didn’t they suggest eating an orange to help the iron absorption? Only after I bought the carton I clocked on the sugar contents.

    This is my 4th week of fasting, second fast today as I’m typing. I try to stick to the 500 calories meticulously. A typical fast day means no food or drinks with calories until after 2pm, then I might have a bowl of porridge oats made with water, and some raspberries (if I can last without this, then my dinner can be more substantial). For dinner, I have lean proteins with a massive plate of greens. I might have a mug of tea or two, with a tablespoon of semi skimmed milk. On non fasting days, I don’t count calories, but I am learning to eat low carb, and smaller portions of these. My choice of carbohydrates are sweet potato, brown rice, sourdough toasts. Occasionally I will have the usual refined carbs, but trying to keep them a minimum. I love cooking, so am looking for natural alternatives, e.g. butternut squash and celeriac. When I go out for special occasions, I do have desserts, otherwise at home, I stick to plain full fat yoghurt, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. I’ve started to ask family members not to bring over cakes or sweets, etc. and I have NEVER done that before!

    My goal is 48kg, and lose 5 inches by Christmas 2021. A few days ago, my weight remained at 50.2kg, but the waist measurement has not changed at all. I am thinking rather than measuring with a tape, putting on an old work dress would be a more helpful indicator.

    Like you, I hope by posting the numbers on here will help me stick to the plan, and get some encouragement, together be healthier.


    Hi Grace, so nice of you to post on my thread. And thanks for the detailed info. I am around the same age as you but I believe I am taller then you, that’s why the 62kg would be a perfect weight for me. I try and do 4:3 most of the times and exercise 3 times a week now because of winter we don’t go cycling on the weekends.
    I try to keep the carbs low but it’s very hard because of the children on the weekend specially, they always want me to bake or my husband makes scones and cream or biscuits, but during the week it’s quite ok. I also have a problem with myntummy after my last child, I had a c-section and that messed up. I also have so lovely clothes that I would love to wear lying in my wardrobe, I sometimes feel depress when I look at those lovely dresses and can’t fit.
    This week i only managed 2 fasts and 2 days of exercise. Weight is down to 65.7kg so down 1kg
    Pleased with that. Hope to fast mon wed and Thursday next week.
    Have a lovely weekend all and chat again soon.

    Last week Saturday was my weigh in day. I managed to do 3 fasts and did all my exercises. Apparently my digital scale is starting to give me problems, it shows me the kilos but i can’t see it on the grams, it’s like what it shows is kinda incomplete so I can’t make out what is suppose to be. I have ordered another scale that should arrive this Thursday hopefully. Today is very cold i couldn’t manage to do any exercise, but yesterday was a fasting day with loads of exercise. Hoping to fast Wednesday and Thursday.

    03 July weight was 64.something grrrr

    Definitely a loss, can’t make out exactly how much.

    Have a good one everyone.

    It is definitely a marathon. I have weighed a couple of times weekly since 25 May 2021 when I restarted the 5:2 fasting model, this week is the 7th week. Very sloooow progress. Funny thing is after about 5 weeks I weighed myself after 2 fasts (i.e. Friday morning, as I fast Tuesday and Thursday), the scale showed I have lost 2 kgs. But catch me weighing on other days, the scale says I have put back 1 kg, meaning lost 1 kg only. This week, I weighed after the first fast of the week and it showed a loss of 2 kgs. (I checked I wasn’t dreaming!!) My weight fluctuates on the eating days or during the female monthly cycle, I guess this is common with most people, whether male or female. Really I’m still confused about what the accurate number is. Patience is a hard lesson!! I do get disheartened each time I “grab” the waistline. I find it much harder to lose the waistline than the weight itself. Does anyone find this at all?

    My hope is by Christmas (or end of March 2022 my 10th wedding anniversary), I would be 4kgs down and 5 inches less in the middle, not sure if this is achievable – maybe the weight will come down by then but I am dubious about the waist measurement. What does everyone think?

    Hi…. it’s been quite a while since my last post. I went on holiday and then I broke my ankle, still wearing the moon boot, fortunately the surgeon says no need surgery just conservative treatment. So I don’t move much let alone exercise. In this 4 months of inactivity I have put on 8 kilos. Been eating anything and everything. Haven’t managed to do any fast days for 4 months! I am very disappointed with myself. So I decided to restart my 5:2 and 4:3 fasting lifestyle and we bought a boxing bag with gloves to keep me active. So cycling, jogging and skipping are out of the question for now. Let’s see how will I manage. Wish me luck.

    Hi Riz,
    It’s lovely to hear from you and sorry to hear about your ankle. I wish you luck with your new challenges but be careful with the boxing as you’ll still need to put weight on your ankle to do that. Can you start with gentle walking and diet to start losing the weight you have put on. I’m sure the weight will start to come off again as you was doing very well with your journey before the accident.
    The last time I spoke to you I was feeling very despondent with my weight as nothing I was doing resulted in a weight loss.
    I’m still walking everywhere and I’ve also started going to a dance class once a week for the over 55’s and even though it’s gentle ballet dance (something I’ve never done before) I do feel like I’ve worked my muscles!! I’m also keeping a check on my food intake not necessarily following intermittent fasting all the time but since my last message to you (28/04/2021)I have lost 1 stone in weight (6.35kg) so I think my metabolism has finally started to wake up lol.
    Good luck for this week and look forward to hearing from you again soon, take care Pam x

    Hi, back again. after full recovery of my broken ankle I got sick with accelerated heart rate ranging 220 even at rest, went for an angiogram, doc putted on some meds to normalize it. After that got hit with covid, been struggling with low energy and cough since after recovering from it. starting my 4:3 from today. hopefully will try to also fast tomorrow. weight sitting at 69.5kg… argh
    will try and do cardio at least 3 times a week and lets see how it goes.
    will try to weigh in once a week and post my progress. hope this time I can manage to stick to it. my first goal is to to reach 65kg.
    wish me luck.

    Hi Riz
    Lovely to hear from you again and sorry to hear that you’ve not been well.
    The first time we started messaging was Feb 21 and I was telling you I wanted to lose weight for my son’s wedding in 2022.
    Well at the time I was not doing well kept staying the same weight not losing anything for weeks, well I increased my walking, started doing a few Walking Challenges to keep me going I have not lost all the weight I wanted to but have managed to get down to 62.44kg 69.40kg so feeling very pleased with the wedding only a week away.
    I’ve plateaued again but still carrying on with diet fitting in with my lifestyle, so a longer journey but hopefully I will keep it off this time.
    Good luck on your journey, don’t give up you will succeed and I look forward to hearing how you’re getting on.
    Love Pam x

    hi Pam so nice to hear from you after so long.
    I am so happy to know that you managed to loose so nicely the weight. do you still need to loose more?

    I have been my 3 fasts a week and doing exercise 3 to 4 times a week. I do my usual exercise bike, other days boxing and I do dumbbells.

    I have managed to come down to 66.9kg since I have started. i think its going well and keeping me motivated. my goal first is to reach 65kg, second goal 62kg.

    been busy at work so I haven’t got a chance to post.

    During the week I keep my carbs to a minimum. please let me know when you fast and what have been your meals like.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    all the best

    Hi Riz
    lovely to hear from you, I’m glad that you’re doing well and think it’s a good idea to have smaller goals. It makes you feel good when you achieve each goal.
    I’m still at 62kg and my first goal is to reach 60kg, second goal is 57kg. It is getting harder as I still plateau quite a bit and the other reason we do go out for meals quite regularly, but on the days we’re not out I do try and stick to diet.
    Haven’t been out walking much either at moment which probably isn’t helping much, but I’m still saying positive that I can do this
    Have been cutting out Bread, Potatoes, Rice & Pasta and trying to eat more protein (I don’t have a big appetite so do need to put more meat/fish on my plate) having soft fruit and yoghurts most mornings for breakfast and ham & cheese or eggs for lunch sometimes with salad or on its own.
    Let us know some of your meals to help give me some new ideas
    Take care, all the best Pam

    hi Pam,

    hope you are well. We are not far from our first goal. we also go out mostly on the weekends, so I end up eating a lot, and its difficult to cut the carbs then. I think this is the set back for us. I believe we cant also be to strict otherwise we will get tired of this way of eating. I also cut out the same carbs as u do. I eat during the week mostly yogurt and fruits. lots of egg and protein, cheese and some nuts. so is kind of similar to yours.
    I have been doing my regular exercises 3 to 4 times a week for an hour.
    lets see weigh in on the end of this week what is going to be.
    Have a good week ahead.
    chat soon.

    hi guys,

    weight today is 66.2kg, weight is not going down as fast as I expected but it is better than nothing. continuing with my exercise routine during the week. plus I am suffering from constipation, so I believe it would affect me not being so light on the scales….

    lets hope hope the coming week gets better with more loss.

    have a good one.

    Hi everyone.. happy to say weight was 65kg on Saturday…. have reached my first goal. Had an accident on Sunday. Can’t exercise for 2 weeks. Can’t fast this days because of strong meds… hope it doesn’t affect my weight. Watching what I eat and keeping refined carbs to a minimum… let’s see this Saturday…


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