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  • Hi , I used to fo this years ago, but got fed up with not eating the same dinners as everyone else. Now I am a stone heavier due to various things in my life. I’ve a actually been trying to lose weight for weeks but hover around the same few pounds… and so decided to try this again. My main problem is to get through one day. I’m going to try tomorrow. If I can get through day 1. It will be hard but I will give it a shot.

    How did your first fast go? Have you done another one since?

    Hi, I managed. I am on my third fast day at 500 calories. Harder though the longer you do it. I think you get hungrier!

    Woot Lin! Well done.
    It doesn’t keep getting harder. Hopefully you will work out ways to make it easy and sustainable. I’m nearly up to 5 years doing 5:2 (15 months losing weight, the rest has been maintaining it) and I find there are still hard fast days, but it is great when it becomes our way of life.
    Sending good wishes.

    Hi Cinque, I’m also new to this site and am impressed to communicate with someone who has committed to this for the long haul and has found the way to make just a way of life. I’m really hoping this is what is ahead for me. Today is literally my first FD and I’m only hours into it. I don’t usually eat breakfast, so the first few hours were always going to be easy. Let’s see how I get through the afternoon? I’m just off to find myself a calorie counter app.

    Hi BestIntentions,
    How did your day go? I was very nervous on my first day, but realised by the end of the day that 5:2 would suit me. As the friend who introduced me to it said “You can do anything for just one day!”

    I lost 15 kg in 15 months, which is longer than average but down to a chronic illness that means I am not very active. It felt so good. I got down to the lower end of my healthy weight range. I have been a little bit less strict since I began using 5:2 for maintenance, occasionally doing 6:1, or eating a little more on fast days, but basically I need to stay on 5:2 to make sure my weight doesn’t start creeping up again. The friendship and support I get here (Southern Hemispherites thread), and keeping it easy and sustainable, makes me sure it will stay my way of life.

    I’m really hoping it will suit you. Best wishes.

    Hi again
    Well Day 1 was surprisingly easy. I had a little collection of distraction activities to defect my attention away from the idea of food. I did some yoga, some meditation, some creative colouring (highly recommend), played some solitaire and few easy chores. I tried to be really kind to myself. That was Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday I was just mindful of my eating (and drinking) and on Wednesday I weighed myself for the first time and had lost my first kilo. I was so happy. It made Thursdays FD really easy also, due to being motivated by an early result. I had already come to the conclusion that I probably needed to eat only one meal a day in order to lose weight, so this really suits me. I have always found that delaying the first solid food for as long as I can is the easiest way, because as soon as I “break the seal” I’m looking for food from then on. I really want to settle into this as a regime that will work for me for the rest of my life. I’m looking to lose 10-15kg also – or should I say 9-14kg, since I’m already on my way. Thanks for the support.

    Hi, Im returning too! Did this for around nine months 5 years ago and felt amazing! .. the weight stayed mainly off (with a few fluctuations ) until December 2019 when i found myself out of work; Covid19 and everyone being at home has meant lots of baking and grazing.

    Ive always been fairly slim but at the age of 40 found I gain in areas i have never seen before; now at 47 I have taken on a completely new shape, one which I said I would never let myself be! I wonder if any other ladies around my age have noticed this?
    Ideally a stone and a half would be a great starting point; I intend to do Mondays and Tuesdays with one 400 cal meal in the evening, the 100cal allowance will be for coffee during the day which I am not willing to give up just yet!
    Biscuits (cookies) are my main downfall and lack of exercise (which i used to partake in, 7 days a week); I hope seeing the weight fall off will reignite my past love of exercise.
    I feel a little apprehensive because i know today I will be thinking about food more than usual but hopefully with the encouragement from the forums and revisiting the books i will get through the first few weeks without too much anxiety.

    Hi like you have done this before and sen the results.
    I fast Monday and Tuesday; this (today) being my fourth fast in total (week 2)
    I lost 3lb last week even with anniversary meal, chocolates and two evenings consuming 11/2 bottles of wine (both evenings)!
    Today I am tired and hungry, its not a total doddle and some days may catch you out but there’s always tomorrow to rectify
    Good luck; you know it works

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