psoriasis much improved

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  • > After a couple of years on the diet I have had no change to my psoriasis except when I recently did a few self experiments under Dr supervision using topical anti-biotic creams and for a short time pills (under the theory, like ulcers, there may be bacterial inflammation aspect to the condition).

    I’ve read a bit about the human microbiome and psoriasis. I think that there is some relation to gut flora. (See links below.) That is part of the reason why I cut out: sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, juice, soda, and other things that might modify the gut balance in a negative way. Basically I only buy whole foods, and I cook everything from scratch.

    I do eat a lot of probiotic (homemade sauerkraut, pickles) and prebiotic foods (garlic, weeks, onions, bananas, etc.). I also make a large green salad the main meal once per day. Just about everything in my current experiment is high-fiber: vegetables, fruit, buckwheat groats, amaranth, etc.

    > I am sure that fasting is responsible for many health improvements, so why not skin?

    The last five day fast also improved my seborrheic dermatitis, even clearing up small bits.

    Here are some links that I’ve found in my research:

    Medical nutrition therapy as a potential complementary treatment for psoriasis–five case reports.

    Incidence of Candida in psoriasis–a study on the fungal flora of psoriatic patients.

    Influence of Fasting on Intestinal Permeability and Disease Activity in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Fasting, intestinal permeability, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    (Gut permeability and Lactobacillus reuteri) The effects of Lactobacillus strains and oat fiber on methotrexate- induced enterocolitis in rats

    “Otherwise healthy and well-nourished patients with rheumatoid arthritis show significant clinical improvement from practising prolonged fasting for 7 to 10 days. The improvement is reversible and lost when eating is taken up again. Although of little therapeutic value, the anti-inflammatory effect of short-term fasting is of significant interest and better understanding of the mechanisms is desirable.”

    I quoted the abstract on the last one, because my symptoms come back very quickly after I start eating again, and I don’t know why.

    I have many more links, but they are buried in my browser tabs.

    > If you are getting an improvement after 3 days then it may be related to the amount of glucose you have.

    It’s possible, but I go into ketosis within 24 hours. I am still learning, so I don’t know exactly how it works.

    > Are you on a vegan diet for health reasons or philosophical reasons? What about fats from cheese and milk? Where are you getting the bulk of your protein from?

    I am vegan for health reasons.

    From my research, it seems that 15% of calories from fat is ideal. I get that from things like: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, avocado, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc.

    I get protein from legumes, amaranth seeds, nuts, and other vegetable sources. Broccoli, for example has about 75% of the protein of beef, calorie for calorie.

    I’m a little worried about those high-fat, low-carb diets. I don’t think that I do well with a lot of meat. Also, psoriasis increases chances of heart disease, and I have to be careful. I’ve had triglyceride problems, which I solved by going back to a vegetarian diet, which also improved the skin psoriasis.

    Thanks for all the updates and tips!

    Wow you seem to have it well covered. I do eat meat/fish but not a lot. I like my cheese/yogurt and have no problems with the concept of eating such fats.

    By all means try alternate of 5:2 diet. Its doable. Id try and go zero tolerance on any grain based foods and see what happens.

    Im not a big fan of bananas and eat them on a limited basis. Most of the time I eat my vegetables raw in salads. I like eating/drinking apple cider vinegar as it slows the absorption of carbs/sugar. Whether any of this will help with your psoriasis I have no idea. try it for 2 months and see what happens.

    Hi calr:

    There is some belief in the fasting world that psoriasis may be caused by what is termed ‘gut leakage’. The theory is that the intestine is inflamed and ‘torn’, allowing bacteria to enter the body from the digestive track. The theory goes on to postulate that the bacteria wreck havoc with the body’s immune system, leading to psoriasis, among other auto immune ailments.

    The fact that short term fasting (7 to 10 days) relieves the malady seems to support the theory, and the fact that it returns after eating is resumed would indicate that the ‘tear’ is not yet healed and the food and bacteria once again enter the body causing the psoriasis to return.

    The possible answer is a fast long enough to allow the ‘tear’ to heal completely. It has been reported that fasts lasting several weeks, instead of several days,followed by a vegetarian diet sometimes ‘cures’ the psoriasis.

    This is an interesting video that touches on fasting and psoriasis and may give you an additional avenue for your research. It contains a segment on ‘gut leakage’:

    Good Luck!

    > I do eat meat/fish but not a lot. I like my cheese/yogurt and have no problems with the concept of eating such fats.

    I love meat and dairy (kefir, yogurt, cheese), but I’m trying to be conservative with my food choices, because I will have to go on methotrexate soon if I can’t move this condition towards remission.

    > Id try and go zero tolerance on any grain based foods and see what happens.

    What is it about the grains that might be a problem? I am trying to reduce them, based on anecdotes, but just the cereal grains at the moment. I haven’t heard about problems with other grain-like seeds (buckwheat, amaranth, etc.) yet.

    I will research the apple cider vinegar. At the moment, I’m only using it to make pickled turnips.

    Good idea to add more raw vegetables to my salads. I will have to do some recipe research.

    > This is an interesting video that touches on fasting and psoriasis and may give you an additional avenue for your research.

    Thanks — I’m interested in doing longer fasts. Unfortunately water fasting is not pleasant for me, and I felt terrible by the fifth day. I think that I would need medical supervision, but my insurance probably wouldn’t cover it. It’s all about a quick diagnosis and then throwing some chemotherapy drugs at you. :/

    Looking forward to checking out the video.

    My reasoning behind getting rid of grain based foods is based on the fact that you said you experienced an improvement after fasting 3/5 days. So you are responding well when your body is flipping over to a ketotic state. Eating grains especially bread, rice etc will give you an insulin spike pretty much the same as eating sugar. It will bounce you right out of ketosis.

    I have no evidence that this will work, just thought that it was worth trying.

    Thanks — if my current experiment doesn’t work, then I might try something like that.

    I’m still building up to normal daily calorie intake, and after that I will try 5:2 calorie restriction.

    I achieved 100% clear skin after 11 months of horribly disordered skin with a 7-day juice fast. Symptoms start to creep back after certain “trigger” foods, typically these are animal protein (especially dairy and egg) and anything high in fat. Periodic shorter fasts seem to keep symptoms at bay. Going gluten-free has helped too.

    Thanks! I just spent some time reading through that whole thread. Looks like it’s been inactive for awhile now, unfortunately. it’s encouraging and yet overwhelming at the same time. it sounds like many people just happened to have improvement by using the 5:2 even thought that wasn’t their main goal, which would be great!

    other people claim they’ve had success by eliminating so many things and then supplement with so much that it’s overwhelming for me to think about making changes that big.

    I have never truly been able to pinpoint anything with mine other than body fat. The skinnier I am the less psoriasis I have. That is the only consistent thing I’ve ever noticed. So it’s a huge motivator for me to find an effective weight loss strategy.

    As for many of the other triggers people talk about, they don’t seem to apply to me…the one time in my adult life that my psoriasis completely cleared…so clear you couldn’t even tell i had ever had it was one of the most stressful times in my life and I coped with the stress by drinking a bottle of red wine every day so I know it’s not alcohol, eating a half a bag of potato chips with the wine for my dinner and breakfast was something from Dunkin’ Donuts, so it’s not just junk food, and smoking cigarettes so it’s not that either, all while otherwise starving myself all day long from sheer lack of appetite due to nerves. I was in my late 30’s at the time and dropped about 15 pounds very quickly. So I’m thinking it’s weight loss related!

    This was obviously a horribly unhealthy way to deal with the stress but my psoriasis completely cleared. Since then I’ve completely overhauled all of those bad habits and my psoriasis is some of the worst it’s ever been. I have a feeling that unloading all my extra fat will decrease the flare ups significantly.

    How is yours now? Have you stayed on the 5:2 and is it still gone.

    I never expected the 5:2 to work and started it out of desperation as nothing else had worked. Personally, I think that the improvement in my skin was linked to the action of fasting itself. I was very rigid about 500 calories and fasting 2 days a week, although my diet wasn’t great the other 5! I did notice that I simply felt better eating what I did on a FD that very slowly that started to morph into some of the other days.
    I am now 3 dress sizes smaller and any psoriasis that I had has long since gone. In fact I had forgotten that I ever had it until I saw your post Kerry Ann. I did stop the 5:2 for a couple of months and noticed that my skin was not so good, which made me start again, but that was a long time ago.
    Now that I am smaller and eat much better(more wholefoods and much less sugar) if I miss fasting for a while, my skin doesn’t get worse.

    Kerry Ann, my husband got bored of the 5:2, but he knows it helps. He uses it when he gets a particularly bad flare-up, but has now been prescribed a new medication, which sort of keeps it under control.

    Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, bone injuries, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain from: . Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    Yehudi, I have no experienced relating to medical cannabis, but you might be interested in this:
    (If you are not in the uk, the new scientist is a reputable publication)

    I recently developed psoriasis on my legs. Everything the dermatologist threw at me did nothing. I did some research and came across dermalmd psoriasis serum. After the first application, my itch went away. I use it 2 times a day and am now seeing some healing.

    Wow annette52, what a great thread! I’m covered in small patches of psoriasis head to toe, and my scalp is horrendous. I’ve done UV treatment, steroids, coal tar, Dead Sea salts you name it. I now just wear long sleeves, high neck, and jeans all the time. I’m only just starting out but I’m very keen to observe my skin, almost more hopeful of skin improvement than weight loss. The info shared in this thread is so interesting, can’t wait to share my observations over the coming months

    My partner’s psoriasis cleared after he give up most meat. It may have been a coincidence but worth researching if you get desperate.

    Hi All,

    I know the last post here was almost exactly a year ago but i thought i would say something anyway!
    I have had psoriasis for more than half my life now. I don’t have ‘flare ups’, it just seems to keep coming. I also have a severely under active thyroid and (thankfully mild) Psoriatic Arthritis. All auto-immune related.
    I have been reading a lot of the research coming out of the University of Southern California and fasting does appear to be having an enormous effect on auto-immune problems.
    Anyway, i am starting my 5:2 with an 72hr straight water-only fast (i’m 48hrs in) and then will combine 2 days of fasting with keeping my general eating to within the 18:6 scheme.
    Would love to hear any up-dates from you all about how things are a year on.


    Hi P-Px

    I too have been following a similar scheme to that you describe – but haven’t quite made it to a 4 day fast yet. This year I have been mostly fasting 5 days a week eating ~800 calories once a day at night – with a few 48hr fasts thrown in.

    Whilst I have not cleared P with longer fasts, if I don’t drink for several weeks my P “holds” to a more reasonable state. I am planning a 4 day fast over Easter to see what impact that makes and am very interested in your experience.

    My guess it is going to take a few longer fasts over several consecutive months to actually make a dent in the condition.

    Kind Regards,

    Hello everyone,
    I started fasting (16:8) 5 weeks ago to cure my psoriatic arthritis and my psoriasis as it i said to be autoimmune.
    After three weeks my PA got much better, I can go running without getting pain in my lower back, which is an important improvement for me.
    As for my skin, it got worse after three weeks, more patches and more flaky! It seems to be fading very slowly now, it is back to where it was a month ago. Hopefully it will slowly improve…
    I must have lost about two or three kilos, and I feel I have a bit more energy. I’m less hungry too.
    I’ll cary on at least two months but I’m getting used to living this way anyway…

    How are your results? I am starting 5:2 today hoping to heal. I have been whole food plant based no drugs with IF for one year and skin clearing very limited but I have reversed thyroid disease/hashi.

    Hi everyone,
    I posted here a year ago, I was doing the 16:8 regimen and I thought it would help me heal my skin. Unfortunately it did not really work, maybe I was not patitnet enough.
    Two weeks ago I started the 5:2 and this time it seems to me that it has a deep impact on my health. My skin is getting better.
    I’m going to follow this way of life as long as possible, my wife is helping me as she is doing it also. She has lost weight already and she has more energy in general (and in the bedroom also!).

    Does anybody feel like trying the 5:2 to get rid of this disease? We could encourage one another…..

    Take care


    Everybody is different but simply put, fasting SAVED MY LIFE.

    I had facial “dermatitis” (what the derm was saying) my particular symptoms were: first reddening then flaking/itching (an itch that was unimaginably horrible at times) finally the skin would just deteriorate into oozing/crusted lesions. They rescued me from the worst with a massive steroid shot but it started to come back in 5 days.

    I was dying from inability to sleep (the itch). I fasted (AM green tea/lemonade PM tomato mixed into fresh squeezed beet+carrot) in 3 days all cracks healed over, in 5 no trace of the dead skin where the cracks were, I went 7 and all redness gone.

    After a year of meticulous rotation diet I indenfied the foods that triggered the symptoms in order of worst to least: 1. Dairy 2. Gluten 3. Nuts 4. Red Meat 5. eggs 6. fish
    Now this gets complicated because I lived on “vegan extreme” for years before I had this hit me, I had to start eating animal protein again for two reasons, to restore immunity when I was catching one cold after another and to heal a serious muscle/connective tissue injury. (I had to eat flesh to heal flesh). Now I carefully ration my exposure to fish/eggs/meat (I use a lot of vegan protein powder) but NO dairy or gluten. 3 soaked almonds in my smoothie is all the nuts I do. I live right on the edge of the symptoms coming back but when they do I immediately do a 24-hour (eat once a day) regime and that always seizes it up.

    FASTING WORKS. It is criminal that the medical establishment suppresses this (drug company influence no doubt). Look up Dr. Valter Longo he has the research. Fasting “re-sets” your immunity so if you have “auto-immunity” it shuts down the “cytokine storm” at the root level. WAY BETTER THAN DRUGS and with no side-effects.

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