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  • Hi everyone,
    I wonder is it possible or maybe even better on 2 fasting days instead of having limited calories meals just fast completely only drinking herbal teas, black coffee and water, I myself prefer that way and do it twice a week. On other 5 days I eat most healthy diet with all necessary bits. I would appreciate any opinions. Thank you.

    Hi Gabeshelena! There are a lot of people here that water fast. I do it because frankly it is easier for me to not eat at all rather then to eat a small amount.

    The more hours you have without eating the better. Even people that eat the small amount often just do it in one meal so they can at least have a reasonable meal.

    Hi, thanks for your comment. For me is also far more easier to fast totally than have limited food. And I really feel well doing it. I cannot do it for longer than that 30’hrs as right now am trying also to starve my cancer and don’t feel too well if I exceed that period. But twice a week these 30’hrs enables me to feel great. During other 5 days I also maintain 16:8 eating habit.

    I have no experience with fasting with cancer. I wish you well and hope your doctors can help give you good guidance too. It seems that a lot of doctors are becoming more enlighten with fasting and of coarse doctors often require at least short fast for some medical tests.

    I sincerely hope you can beat your cancer.

    Gabeshelena, I have no experience with this either, but there are studies related to fasting prior to chemotherapy being helpful in improving the effects of the chemo. There are lots of articles relating to this if you Google “fasting and chemotherapy”. Valter Longo is one of the researchers who is studying this. Of course, your own doctor or oncologist is definitely a good choice to start for advice.

    I wish you all the best in getting through this thing.

    Lots of people in these forums find it easier to do a complete fast rather than 500 or 600 calories on fast days. I find it difficult to do a complete fast but it seems like eliminating those 500 calories would speed up weight loss. It works well for many people here. Eating lots of vegetables and eating healthy in general on your NFD is really important too.

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes I’ve read about all the benefits of fasting while having chemo and other cancer treatments. Luckily I didn’t need a chemo. But as the oncologists are concern I must confess that I didn’t get any help regarding anything what isn’t within their scheme, guidelines and procedures. -:((( I have to do it my own research and decide myself! And sometimes it is difficult, I go with my instinct..hahahaha. As the fasting is concern I just know that I feel much better on fasting (and this is nothing to do with cancer, as supposedly they cut it out). I want to loose more weight and feel better. I just wasn’t sure whether complete fasting is acceptable or better then partial one, which you prefer and not interacts with some metabolism during this 5:2 diet. You all have answered my doubts. Thanks a lot.

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