pcos, hormone changes, not losing weight

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  • I’ve been on the fast diet for 6 weeks now and after initially losing 4lbs and 2″ from my waist in the 1st 2 weeks, I’ve not lost any since. I have pcos and have also recently stopped breastfeeding (this stopped properly 2wks into the diet). At the beginning I was eating a pretty high fat, high carb diet but I’ve vastly reduced that in the past week and a bit as I’ve become much more aware of the calorie content of the foods I was eating. I’ve stuck so rigidly to the 500calories on fast days and I just feel really disheartened!

    An obstetrician once told me about how people with pcos survive well in fasting conditions so I wonder whether there’s something in that that’s effecting my lack of success?

    I’m not really overweight (5, 4 9stone 5lbs) but am mostly concerned about future health risks, particularly diabetes.

    If anyone has any thoughts or advice I’d be really grateful!

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