November 2018 Monthly Challenge

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November 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Still Day 26 –

    @at – the link was to show “Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Results” from

    Day 26
    FD today stayed around 544 calories today. Busy with art today. Not much is going on.
    Have a good evening.

    Day 27 – JAPAN – NFD

    85 Water fasts done in 2018 … 5 more to make my goal of 90.

    I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my right hand, probably from working on the frog stands. I just have to work at other things for a few days. No push-ups as they put too much strain on the hand.

    @at – The more vertical you are the easier the pushup. You can even do pushups just leaning into a wall. Just try to always maintain good form, if it gets sloppy you need to do something easier. Pick a style where you can only do 6 to 12 pushups before your muscles can’t hold a nice form. Then try to do 5 or 6 sets of those, 2 or 3 times a week. It is probably better to do on NFDs so you muscles can heal faster. Anyway it is really impressive you can do a 3 minute plank. I couldn’t do that right now, I would have to work up to it. (Plus I need to find a good book to read while planking.) @snowflake56‘s 8 minute planks are something I’ve never even gotten close too.

    Day 26 USA (Utah – visiting) FD

    Going to do today at about 800 calories so calling it a FD.

    May everyone who is ailing feel better soon. ‘Tis the season for illness all over the world, it seems.

    @northerndawn – our SIL and I were glad your Vikings won last night beating those nasty Packers!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 26 Ohio, US — FD(#32)

    This FD went pretty well. The frantic energy at work really helped to keep my mind off of food all day.

    @snowflake56 Thanks for asking about the dog. The vet was able to get me in, if I want to, to a vet hospital which will do the endoscopy for $2300. That’s probably not going to happen. It seems to me that’s a good chunk of money with no positive health outcomes for the dog. The vet did give me a new probiotic medicine for the pup and last Friday I gave him one capsule. That night it was like WW III for the dog and I had to get up in the wee hours of the morning and clean everything in sight up. That included a bath for the dog as well. The pup is just today getting back to feeling a little better. Tomorrow is another trip to the vet and we’ll discuss what this new experience might mean. One step at a time seems to be the way to go here.

    Hope you all have had a great start to the week!

    DAY 27 – UK – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD ended at about 750 so not entirely a FD. Will be mindful what I eat today to compensate.

    Weight still up down up down same couple of lbs. Totally shattered, no energy. Untreated thyroid issues don’t help!

    Perhaps if my next blood test shows lack of thyroxine my GP might prescribe.

    Wishing everyone a good day.

    Day 27, Barendrecht Netherlands, NFD

    Today will be a great day, friend and her husband are both doing very well so my DH will come to pick me up and we go home tomorrow. I didn’t do the planned 30.000 steps yesterday only got to 19.000 steps/13 km but it’s fine, it’s way more than I do at home. This morning I’m doing the last dog walk alone, this afternoon my DH will go with me. He doesn’t know the area so I want to show him. Lots of herons, swans, ducks, geese, horses, sheep, pheasants and lots of nice dog owners.

    @matpi poor dog and poor you, I hope the vet finds the right treatment for the dog, perhaps in the beginning it will go by trial and error, not easy with a dog. About the endoscopy, my BIL, a vet specialized in animal breeding, always said: If you want to get rich, become a pet vet.

    @dykask I’m so sorry you hurt your hand perhaps you wouldn’t have if I didn’t kind of challenge you. Planks are the only exercises I’m good at, I have the feeling you have much more variation in your exercises. I only want to do things that are effective but don’t take too much time. Please take care and take it easy!

    @at I did 21.000 steps not 21 km. I took a look at the yoga poses, I don’t think I can do them, I’m not able to bend over to get my belly to my upper legs. Too stiff in the lower back I guess, you must be so flexable.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Feeling 100% better this morning. No aches and pains and my abdomen is is a calmer state. I made some kefir on Sunday and have been drinking that, so that, with the fasting, and lots of rest,meets to have done the trick.

    @ciren I agree with you that foreign travel and air travel can often do a number on us. The only time in my life I ever got flu was the day after a flight from Portugal. I was knocked for six within hours, could not get out of bed for days, terrible pain. I realised then that anything I had had before was just a bad cold.

    @snowflake56 and @dykask I am finding the frog, planche, and plank conversation very interesting. I could do the frog stand not a bother years ago…..doubt I could now. I need to start working again on my core….but liking @dykask‘s suggestion of push ups against a wall 🤔

    It’s my brothers 20th anniversary today. He was only 29 when he was knocked down accidentally by a car on Thanksgiving Night in 1998. Tragic times. We had a family mass on Saturday evening to commemorate him, and it was lovely, there was also the first Holy Commumion class there too and the church was ful of kids and their parents, and it was quite a happy mass. So I won’t be somber today. I miss my brother still but 20 years means that the grief has subsided.

    Going to try an FD today.

    Pocket List Day 27

    Day 27 UK NFD

    Been swamped with a heavy cold last few days.

    Intrigued by all the talk on planks, planche, walking etc realise I must raise my game.

    Christmas panic creeping in don’t enjoy struggling to find meaningful presents for people, annual frustration, feel like I’ve used up all my good ideas on previous years!

    Thank you to those that mentioned our poor uncle, desperately sad times for him and his family.

    @snowflake56 – I can so imagine the scenario with those chaps in hospital. We visited my OH’s aunt in hospital many moons ago and she was in a mixed ward. We were sitting opposite her so couldn’t see what she could see but I noticed her eyes getting wider and wider with a look of horror on her face. I turned round to look at what she was looking at and there was a young chap with a hospital gown on all open backed fully exposed climbing over the cot sides (bed bars) of his bed. OH’s aunt was in her 70’s and a mother superior, she’d probably never seen the like before, poor thing!
    Glad your friends have made a good recovery.

    @annemarilyn – thanks for your insights.

    May you all have a perfect day and good luck to fasters and controllers.

    Ta x

    Day 27 a wet and windy Belfast CD

    Dog walked, ironing done, and now a little time to catch up on the posts. After lunch I shall start on my cooking, I have decided this year to give my kids a hamper of home made goodies, so this afternoon it’s chilli jam. I have Christmas puddings and red onion chutney made already. As I pack it up just before I give it to them I shall include some kefir and shortbread. Any suggestions for anything out of the ordinary?

    @ciren2 – hope your brother gets well soon.
    @flourbaby – A carton of wine gums? Is that not suicide? I would have to eat the lot!
    @annemarilyn – great post. 👍
    @dykask – your determination and self discipline are exemplary. I always enjoy reading your posts
    @matpi – sorry to hear about your fur baby. It’s so hard when they’re not well. Hope you get it sorted soon.
    @judyjudes – Thyroid issues are no joke. My doctor was very loath to prescribe thyroxine, but when I finally got the tablets it made a good difference.
    @snowflake – your dog walking g route sounds blissful. I do yoga and one of the benefits is the continuing improvement in flexibility. I can’t bend right over to my knees because I have a bad back, but I think that without the yoga and Pilates I think I would be In a very different place now.
    @daffodil2010 – I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose a sibling. Thinking of you today.
    @dingping – your poor aunt! I can’t imagine what was going through her mind. Many years ago my stepfather was in hospital for heart issues. He was very poorly and the man opposite him regularly had his family come and sit by his side with a primus stove and heat up curry and have a family meal. My stepfather was a very plain eater, and detested spicy food so it was a double whammy. It only stopped when he complained!

    I’m off to brave the elements now to go to my Pilates class. All the talk about planks, planches, frogs etc has inspired me.

    Day 27 North Canton OH Recovery week
    @ciren2 that’s so terrible! I hope he gets better. Airplanes can be little incubators of disease – circulating lots of germy air.

    @annemarilyn, I so agree. Having lived a life of constant calorie restriction, I can attest to just how mind-blowing this way of life was when I stumbled on it. I feel so free to enjoy the little and big things now.

    Thank you for sharing those inspiring words from your friend

    @at I agree with Jack Dixon

    @matpi I hope your dogs get better 🙁

    I hope everyone who has aches, pains, colds and or the blues feels better soon.

    Motivational quote of the day:
    Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall – Confucius

    Pocket List Day 27

    Day 27 Canada CD

    Finally felt like yesterday was a good FD and looking forward to controlling the carbs today. Treating it as a training run for christmas when the house is full of all shapes and sizes of temptations.

    @michelinme I have been undecided about joining in December. I am worried about getting here regularly. Would it be OK if I popped in when I could? I now know I need to be part of this forum to keep on track.

    Good luck today everyone!

    Day 27, London UK, FD,

    @debster251 ……. Suicide indeed, but I DO love a bargain, even if it scuppers my 5:2 WOL!!! I took the ¾ full carton to work, left it on my colleagues’ desk, it’s all gone now & I don’t think he shared it with anyone else, clearly we’re very similar!!!!

    The Xmas goodies have started being delivered to the office, we get boxes of chocolates, biscuits and booze from suppliers and clients, then we share them out amongst all the staff just before Xmas. I don’t expect every box will make it intact ‘til the 21st!!!!!

    I’m looking forward to my soup this evening……………………………. I’m starving!!! It must be the cold weather!!!!

    DAY 27
    NFD Thank you @shinything for setting up the Dec. spreadsheet. Got all my days on there. We are having a great cool down in Florida. Feels sooooo good. Cleaning up the house for my company coming in on Sat. Looking forward to seeing her. Planning out places to take her.
    We have been in Florida for a year and a half and I thoroughly love being here.
    Did pretty good on my fast day, yesterday. Since it is cooler, I made vegetable chili for tonight. 🙂
    Hope everyone has a great day or evening.

    USA Day 27 FD

    Finally I am back! Way too much Thanksgiving food, so after a good FD today! This is a stressful time in the year with so many things to do and too much to eat! I mean to control myself this year and continue with my exercise plan. I have lowered the stress by having completed my Christmas shopping already! Yay! Anyway, have a great day, everyone!

    USA Day 27 FD

    Joining today’s pocket list:

    Pocket List Day 27

    Day 27 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Yesterday turned into a very good FD at just over 500 calories. Maintenance is still my game at 6:1.

    @flourbaby – oh wow — office goodies shared with co-workers! Yeah for you! But why is they are always laden with calories or alcohol? 😀

    ONWARD and downward.

    Day 27 UK FD

    Yesterday’s FD morphed into more of a CD, but sets me up nicely to have a FD today 🙂 Thus far I’ve had an apple and 10g almonds, later I’ll have veggie stew with smoked tofu then baked apple with lots of cinnamon & a little ff Greek yogurt – yum. I’m reminded that it’s all in the planning, and the preparation – again!

    this morning I was down to 144lbs but up 0.5″ on hips and waist…. not the shape-shifting I was after. But a dress that was tight 1 month ago now looks fine – possibly even at the upper end of big. And a velvet tunic I bought from ebay months ago & didn’t think would fit yet is just about there..

    Still not done yoga or meditation this week, nor indeed written a plan or mapped out my To Do list for home or projects. Feel as tho I’m coming at everything backwards without a useful framework, but also finding it hard to focus without phone or laptop. SO much time lost to tech failure this fortnight, not just not being able to do things but also researching and fixing them, and getting by.

    I’ve felt strangely miserable, murky and cut off – not helped by the dark grey cloud cover and cold,wet, windy weather. It’s not just the being cut off bc I can always find pottering and projects to do and can’t imagine being bored. But not being able to plan or work as expected, and the sense of letting people down 🙁 Tho I’d have felt v differently if I’d kept up yoga & meditation & not been ill too 🙂

    Wonderfully, I’ve just taken delivery of a new plug-in mouse to go with the old laptop, immediately followed by delivery of new (preloved) laptop. I won’t let myself set it up until this evening bc I’ve got so much else to do, inc compiling overdue expense claims which will almost cover all these costs 🙂

    @annemarilyn thanks v much for the quote – perfect timing for me yesterday 🙂

    @dykask thank you for the push-up info – i feel v motivated to try standing/wall ones on NFD now

    @daffodil2010 thinking of you on your brother’s 20th anniversary xx

    @dingping your mother superior aunt made me lol 🙂 Thinking about the Christmas stress, might it be worth thinking about doing things completely differently? Eg making vouchers that offers your help with something, or spending time together at an event or activity – a booklet of Sunday lunch vouchers, or a day at the seaside voucher? Or making something, giving a charitable gift that will make a difference in the wider world (clean water, toilets, farming, training, education, medical help) or perhaps having (eg) a £10 challenge?

    @bellyblast – of course, the challenge is there to support not to dictate. Please use it however works for you 🙂

    @debster251 more unusual things for your hampers… I’ve made elderberry and blackberry shrubs for years, but can be made with lots of different soft fruits. (Shrub is a sweet drinking vingear, made by marinading soft fruit in vinegar for a few days then straining & adding sugar, heating and bottling.)It’s delicious and hugely versatile! EG great in fizzy water or sparkling wine – we had prosecco with blackberry shrub last week and everyone asked for a bottle! – or with white wine, added to mulled wine or hot punch. Or drizzled over ice cream, as a salad dressing, warmed as a sauce with meat or cheesy dishes, added to casseroles or soups. I also love it as a drink with hot water +/- honey, or by the tsp when feeling ill esp with cold or sore throat.

    Goodness what a long post! Onwards & downwards….

    Day 27 Pocket List


    Day 27: Gloucester, UK: NFD
    Injections done. Very painful as the needle went in (and I had three!) rather like a bee-sting. Two in the right hand and one, X-ray guided, in the left wrist. Hopefully, after a few days I will be pain free…currently the two in my hand are very sore. I’m supposed to keep my arms above heart-level for the rest of the day. Just try that ha…ha…!
    @dykask: hey to the queen of water fasts! 85 and counting.
    @daffodil2010: glad you are feeling so much better.
    @ccco: You’ve completed your Christmas shopping already? I try not even to think about it until much nearer the time! My DH makes things easy by buying things for himself and then asking if I want to buy them and give them to him at Christmas. My daughter, about to work and live in Australia, doesn’t need “stuff” as she has to get rid of a houseful before she leaves. I’ll give her money to tide her over her first week or so as she settles in her new country and life. Cards will all get sent around the 12th, and that’s about it, really. DH deals with the food supplies and cooking as I’m at work, very busy, at this time of year. Christmas, for me, is carols and church on the day followed by a good afternoon walk following lunch.

    USA Day 27 FD

    Ciren2 I know that my having finished Christmas shopping seems incredible but I don’t have very many people to buy for anymore! I always asked my children and their spouses what they would like. That makes it easier. This year my DD asked for a gift certificate to a spa for a Mom to Be massage at the Four Seasons, so that is what I got her. She gave her husband boxing lessons! LOL My SIL asked for this waterproof contraption that goes over the back of his bike to carry things in. Because he rides his bike to and from work, I thought that was a good idea and bought him that. I asked my son and his wife if they wanted a waterproof tent for Christmas because they like camping out, but never heard back from them, so I bought them clothes. My DD also asked for a crib for my son to be grandson, so I got that. Everybody should like what they get! That’s what puts a smile on my face Christmas morning. Seeing them happy! 🙂

    This is a water fast day and I am still going strong! 🙂

    Day 27 second post

    The December challenge is up & running – come and join us 🙂

    Day 27 – Ireland – CD

    Relatively controlled day today in very cold and wet weather…great chance to test out waterproof clothing 🌧🌂☔
    Hoping everyone is having a good day.
    Onward and downward ⏬

    Day 27 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    2nd day of a B2B and making it a water FD as well. Trying to end November strong.

    @judyjudes – sorry you’re not doing well & that things improve for you.

    @snowflake56 – glad your friends are doing well. What a lovely place for a walk!

    @daffodil2010 – happy you’re feeling better. Losing your brother at 29 was rough but glad that the grief is lessening.

    @dingping – listening to the different ideas on this forum might give you a few ideas for gift giving. I’m glad my son suggested going consumable with family. He’s going to come over and we’re going to make a couple of kinds of Chex mix; one savoury and one sweet.

    Day 27 Pocket List


    Day 27 Minnesota, USA FD
    Day 26 CD
    Day 25 NFD

    So sorry to be absent these last couple days. I’ve read several of the last posts and caught up to a day or so ago, but still have a gap in there.

    Thanksgiving wasn’t horrible as far as calories consumed, but it seemed to nudge my momentum in the wrong direction. It’s been tough getting back on board with monitoring intake and adding a good FD. I’ll need to keep this in mind for next week (my OH and I have Birthdays), and then over Christmas. Too many sweets or a little too much wine and it’s just so easy to keep going on that backwards slide. I need to be more mindful during these days of celebrating, and ask myself if it’s worth it in the long run to indulge myself in the moment at the expense of stalling or failing on my future goals.
    Isn’t that the definition of maturity: Being able to delay instant gratification for the sake of meeting future needs and goals? Maybe I need to write that on a note and keep it in my pocket along with the pocket list!

    @songbirdme: Thanks for cheering the Vikings on! Maybe that’s why they won. 😉 It was a fun game to watch. Dreading next week’s game.

    @annemarilyn Thank you for the keto bread recipe and the link…looks like a good one. Congrats on your restraint over the Thanksgiving Holiday and the new low on your scale. It feels so good when it happens and I hope you’re enjoying it.

    @snowflake56 Glad to hear your friends are better and you’re getting back to your home and routine. If I walked as many steps as you have the last week I don’t think I’d be able to get out of bed! My feet would hurt too much. I think the mixed wards in the hospitals there sound like a terrible idea. There are so many people of both sexes that would be uncomfortable….The point is to make it a healing place, I would think. I’m glad that’s not something they are doing here in the US, as far as I know.

    @ciren2, I’m glad you came out okay after your injections. It’s quite painful at the time, and if you don’t keep your hands raised and maybe some ice (?) at times, it will take longer to be comfortable. But the injections do help a lot of people for quite awhile.

    @michelinme I hope you’re feeling better soon and not cut off or down. You’ll get your lists and projects sorted soon, I’m sure. And thank you so much for hosting in December!!! I will be joining the challenge…and thank you also for your statement that “the challenges are here to support and not dictate”. I think we all take the challenges seriously and do try to post as often as we can, and it’s lovely that you understand that so well.

    @shinything Thanks for setting up the spreadsheet! I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that, myself. It’s great that you are so generous with your time and ability.

    @matpi I really hope you can figure out the best way to treat your pup. My sister is a retired vet and showed me the syllabus’s at various vet schools that now teach students how to market and bill and “encourage” clients to spend more money on their pets. After all, they say, there is so much overhead in a clinic that has to be paid for……not to mention making a “good” living. Pressure from Pharma also. She is glad to be done and to have practiced at a different time….when Veterinarians actually tried to keep costs low so that every child/family could afford a furry friend.

    @emma-taylor I hope you are feeling better and achieved a good CD or FD…..hoping you get yourself in a good frame of mind. I’m forgiving myself for the past several days and moving forward and glad to be in the same forward moving wagon as you are!

    @daffodil2010…I hope you feel like yourself soon. Your bug sounds nasty. Be kind to yourself while battling it. I hope you can rest. Congrats to your stepdaughter for her achievements.

    I’m sending healing thoughts to everyone who is dealing with illnesses and other challenges.
    Best of luck to everyone and take good care of yourselves.

    Day 27 Pocket List


    Day 28 – Melbourne AUS – MFD

    Hi all, I’m back!

    I had the most wonderful wedding, everything was perfect (apart from the inevitable hiccups) and honeymoon.

    I got home on Sunday but things have been a bit hectic so haven’t managed to log in (but did manage a FD on Monday).

    Haven’t weighed myself yet, just going to give myself this week to get back into the swing of things and I’ll be back fresh for the December challenge! I’m guessing I’m up about 2kg, but not worried.

    I have lots and lots of posts to catch up on, will be helpful on today’s fast day no doubt, aiming for somewhere between a FD and a MFD.

    Happy fasting everyone, and it’s great to be back!

    Pocket List Day 28

    @michelinme: Alright if I join you for December, most likely in the sidelines, but you never know?
    @debster251: It’s my husband’s brother who’s ill, not mine. We haven’t heard anything for a day. He was due for an MRI scan, presumably of his kidneys. He has a bad infection, I think….I’m sure he’ll be fine after awhile. That will certainly teach him to go on cruise ships!!
    I have the next two days off work to rest my wrists/hands after the injections. The downside is that, next week, in exchange, I have none….as we’re not “allowed” to be absent during the run up to Christmas. This way it goes under the radar. Apparently.

    2nd post

    @fatfingers I loved your long post on Day 23. Congratulations on your anniversary of this WOE. I think it sounds like you’re at a very healthy weight for your height. I’ve read Varady’s book. I liked her information, but not especially the tone her co-author set….kind of typical diet bookish. I’ll look forward to hearing about your maintenance experiments and experiences. Please keep us posted on whatever you decide to do.

    @gretta Welcome back! I’m so glad you had a wonderful Wedding day and honeymoon. 2Kg gain over all that celebration will be taken care of in no time at all. The memories will last, the weight gain won’t!

    @ciren2 I wonder if he picked up an e-coli infection….the toxins released by some varieties can shut down kidneys in a New York Minute, as we say. Very serious. I hope he comes out of it without lasting damage.

    Day 27 – UK – CD

    A lovely day – spend the day with DD – an early birthday shopping trip and lunch out for her birthday in December 👩‍❤️‍👩

    An evening class with OH – high intensity pilates!

    Managed to make today a good CD 😇

    Off to bed now – pleasantly tired so looking forward to a good night’s sleep 😴

    Day 27, UK, NFD

    I’m still plateauing …. onwards we go 🐢 ….

    @daffodil2010 thinking of you on your brother’s 20th aniversary and sending you a huge virtual hug. I can not even imagine the pain. xx

    @bellyblast we are here to support each other in the way we need to be supported and that doesn’t have to be in form of posting every day 🙂

    @kaywesterman, @northerndawn you are most welcome xx

    @gretta glad to hear you had a fab wedding 😀 , welcome back 🤗

    Have a good evening everyone 🌹

    Day 28 – Japan – NFD

    @snowflake56 – Don’t worry about my hand. Muscle injuries are common and it isn’t a big deal. It likely happened because I’m using muscles that I hadn’t been. So it is actually a good sign when you have minor injuries since it is a sign of pushing one’s limits. The only concern is to let them heal and not make them worst. The great thing about muscles is when they heal they are typically stronger and tougher than before! 😀

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    After yesterday’s very wet and windy day, it’s now dry, but with a storm due in later the temperature is now 14C! Feels positively balmy. I hope to get my lunchtime walk in today, it rained far too much yesterday.

    This is a theme I have spoken about before, but did anyone see that BBC programme on Monday called “The Truth about Menopause”? I found it interesting from the get-go, as the presenter stated that a few years ago she started feeling anxious and suffered sleep problems for no apparent reason. Doctors gave her various treatments but nothing worked, until she went to a gynaecologist, who told her she had started the change.

    It was a bit of a lightbulb for me as I had been suffering from anxiety and palpatations so much the past couple of years that I went and got my cardio health checked (heart problems in my family) but got the all clear. I know I am pre-menopausal so perhaps this anxiety etc is related to hormones…I think it might be.

    Very interesting tests done too…..women who followed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy got through symptoms so much better. High Intensity exercise is vital for bone density.

    Going to research CBT….I know someone on this forum recently spoke of it for overcoming anxiety/depression and I would much rather this route than big Pharma medication.

    ANZyHOO, enough rambling…this could become my new pet subject if I don’t watch it ha ha!!

    @gretta Welcome back. Delighted you had a wonderful wedding ☺️
    @ciren2 Ooh, poor you, hope you recover ok, and the busiest time of the year too.
    @shinything thanks for the hug, much appreciated. Thanks for December spreadsheet – you are this forums spreadsheet Angel 🎓
    @northerndawn and @annemarilyn thanks for the good wishes, I feel so much better now. Yesterday’s anniversary was not a somber day, I focused on the good times with my brother, we will always be young and carefree in those memories ☺️
    @michelinme I will be joining you for sure on the December challenge, November has me plateauing in a place heavier than I was in August!
    @flourbaby people are already asking in work if it’s too early to bring in Xmas goodies….all met with a resounding YES….but someday soon the tins of Cadburys Roses, tins of Quality Street, The boxes of Heroes and Celebrations, the mince pies…they will start appearing…Noooo I have not negotiated the office Xmas goodies since 2015 I hope I can remain strong 😱😱
    @debster251 and @dingping those hospital stories are funny until you realise the impact it had on the poor patients. My MIL was also in a shared ward when she first took ill and once when we visited one of the elderly men across the ward just stripped buck naked. My DH complained and she got moved, but sheesh, what was going on when it wasn’t visiting hour 😨 The poor lady is long passed but I will never forget it. Luckily she did not have her glasses on so did not notice 😆

    Have a great Wednesday everyone

    Day 28, London, UK, NFD

    I’m feeling very tired at the moment and I still can’t get ANY water down me!!! Even peppermint tea has lost it’s appeal, neither MO nor niacin are doing the trick at nights and I’m restless throughout the night. This is so unusual for me that it’s starting to annoy me, I LOVE my sleep and the 3am wake up is frustrating!!……. maybe I’m starting the change too @daffodil2010?? I’ll watch it on iplayer to self-diagnose!!!

    It all adds up to me wanting to throw in the 5:2 towel (temporarily, I haven’t lost my mind completely!!) and binge on chocolate, croissants, biscuits, bread & cake!!

    I’m looking for my positivity right now, it’s deserted me, but I’m too busy yawning to find it; soooooo tired! At least tonight I should sleep well, even if it is from exhaustion!!!

    Stay strong everyone

    Day 28 Belfast CD
    I’m feeling tired and out of sorts today. Maybe it’s the grey, rainy, windy weather? Those are the dangerous times when the biscuit tin beckons!
    Dog walked before the heavy rain and high winds materialise. Today is a day for chores; all those niggly jobs I’d promised I’d do on the next wet day! As I’m in the house I must stay mindful and keep the kitchen closed until mealtimes.
    @michelinme – you’ve opened up a whole new world of shrubs! Thank you. That’ll get the conversation going!
    @ Bellyblast – I hope @michelinme doesn’t mind me adding my penny worth! I’d say just check in when you can. We all have busy lives and there is no obligation to be a daily poster.
    Thank you for the spreadsheet @shinything
    @annemarilyn – I had to google Chex Mix. That looks interesting!
    @gretta – welcome back ‘Mrs’! So glad all went well and you had a wonderful time.
    @daffodil2010 – yes, I saw the programme and found it very informative. Luckily I had a great lady doctor who looked after me. I chose not to take HRT and muddled through. I took Black Cohosh for a while but didn’t honestly see any improvement. Looking back, anxiety and sleep were a problem and I passed on a brilliant job which was just made for me, because I thought I couldn’t ‘cope’ with the change. Night sweats were my biggest problem, which exacerbated my poor sleep. I still occasionally get overly warm but hey ho, it’s mostly passed and I’m still in one piece! The interesting fact was the lack of symptoms in Japanese women, perhaps down to the soy and the oily fish. As always, that Diet word keeps coming back!

    Someone here mentioned the need to constantly nibble. My friend keeps a packet of fresh peas in the fridge to nibble on. Not quite the same as wine gums eh @flourbaby?

    Anyway, onwards and downwards.

    Day 28 UK FD

    Re menopause chatter – I don’t think this is talked about enough in society or by women to women. Looking back, and having come through to the other side of the menopause, I now realise that a lot of the health problems I was having were menopause related. I suffered predominantly alone and my male GP was very unsympathetic and couldn’t see a link between the various symptoms I had during this time. Knowing what I know now I think I would have insisted on being referred to a endocrinologist and got informed professional help.

    Thanks for ideas re Christmas presents.
    @debster251 – your blackberry shrub sounds lovely.
    @annemarilyn – whats chex mix?
    @michelinme – as a family we are doing the £10 challenge including charity and homemade, but still finding it challenging, found loads of good films on DVD’s in charity shops but nobody has a DVD player anymore as they have subscriptions to Netflix or the like. My mother won’t handle second hand books/goods ’cause of the thought of the germs on them (she won’t use a library for the same reason!). I make life difficult for myself as I still do stocking presents as well as main present for immediate family. Stockings are usually filled with homemade goodies, the obligatory chocolate coins and an orange at the bottom!

    My OH’s aunt story is amusing when looking back but was horrific for her at the time and as many of you pointed out we had to complain for her to be moved, but as @daffodil2010 says you wonder what happens when you’re not there or for those that don’t have someone to complain on their behalf.

    @gretta – delighted your wedding day was so special, congratulations.

    To all feeling a bit under the weather, wishing you speedy recoveries.

    Day 28 Pocket Fasting List

    Day 28 – Ireland – FD

    Struggling today…so hungry.. not sure I’ll make it through but figured I’d come in and post and that would help me try stick to my fast day…
    I saw the Tuth about Menopause programme on Monday and found it very interesting.. I had bloods last week as my GP thought that it was a possibility that my tiredness issues were down to Menopause but they have all come back clear..

    Phew… The craving for biscuits has passed..
    Onward and downward ⏬

    Day 28 North canton OH Post Thanksgiving Recovery week

    I stepped on the scale this morning and I am back to where I was before I threw caution to the gallows and so the grindstone continues #thankful

    Welcome back @gretta, and congratulations again on your wedding

    Wise words @dykask, that’s why I welcome the feeling of soreness the day after a workout, because that means I pushed myself

    @daffodil2010 my 16 year old is currently being treated for anxiety/depression with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with a very low dose antidepressant. It appears to be working and I am so very thankful. It’s been a difficult year trying to find the right treatment course for her, yesterday she came up to me and gave me a hug for absolutely no reason, something she has not done in months!

    @flourbaby that sucks! I love my sleep as well and I do not do well without it. Have you ever tried melatonin? MO did not work for me but melatonin did the trick – knocks me out like a light, it was recommended by my daughter’s psychologist, the pediatrician gave her blessing and I also know a few friends who swear by it.

    @jaifam yay for beating those biscuit cravings. Onward as they say

    Day 28 pocket list

    Day 28 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Yesterday wasn’t very controlled (DAFD for me seldom is) but still at maintenance this morning. Had a very good Silver Sneakers workout yesterday, and that seems helpful. Have a massage scheduled for this afternoon.

    @basyjames – sending hugs to you for your daughter. Dealing with any kind of mental illness in a family is most stressing for everyone. May she continue to improve and find meds that stabilize her well.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 28 NFD

    Today is a NFD. I am doing 5:2 this week. I have calculated using my TDEE that I can only eat 343 calories at most on FDs. Yesterday’s FD was a success with ending at 160 calories. I am determined to stay strictly 5:2 for awhile, including all of December. It seems I do best staying with a habit than switching all around to different things!

    Dingping: I still have a DVD player and use Netflix DVDs. I do, however, stream Amazon Prime! I am, I guess, a little old fashion! LOL

    Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

    Day 28: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    My hand is much better 24 hours after receiving the cortisone injections, hopefully there’ll be freer movement after a few days. My other wrist still burns on the outer edge on certain movements. I had a bit of a “discussion” with the doctors at the last minute as I felt they were about to inject too far to the middle…but they did it anyway, hoping it would spread over the whole area. So, not entirely confident it will do the trick.
    @northerndawn: Yes ice did help a bit yesterday when my hand was particularly sore. Funnily enough my wrist didn’t hurt at all …the local anaesthetic I suppose.
    Your point about e-coli…could well be something like that. A bit of a coincidence his kidneys packed up immediately after the cruise. Still producing no urine. However MRI shows his other organs are undamaged.

    And @gretta:
    So glad your wedding was wonderful. Being newly married is a lovely time, beautiful memories for both of you for many years to come. Congratulations!

    DAY 28 – UK – NFD

    Yesterday ended up being a FD as didn’t eat until about 18:30 last night. Today has been controlled as have most none FDs due to under active thyroid.

    @debster251 yes I agree that GPs are generally reluctant to prescribe for under active thyroid. It sucks. Just waiting until I’ve had my next blood test then I’m going to pester pester pester 🙂

    Day 28 – USA – NFD

    Finally achieved 2nd FD of the month yesterday at 700 cals. and an immediate 2 lbs. whoosh this morning. Still losing inches and outlook for reaching maintenance at the end of Dec. looks good. I still read all your posts daily and there are too many to respond to, but I do respond when I read them, lol! I should probably get a voice recorder to memorialize my reactions! Perhaps another FD to end the month between now and Friday? We’ll see.

    Day 28 UK CD

    Had a surprisingly good day – esp considering I stayed up until almost 1am with first steps setting up new laptop! Got gently ready to go into town for today’s meetings – inc taking food for the lunchtime meeting – and somehow all the most helpful project papers appeared from the piles in just the right order. Not only did the meetings go pretty well but I was able to hand over a couple of longterm niggly projects that have been nagging at me for ages.

    It all stemmed from being tight for time and deciding to do gentle yoga to reset my body rather than washing my hair. It has wonderfully reset something calm in both body & mind – I’ve gone with the flow the whole day and felt much more positive – despite rain, wind, dark clouds, train problems etc. I must remember this. But Why is it that i actively resist the things that are really good for me?!

    I had late lunch of salad which was mainly different dark green leaves, beetroot and avocado with a tiny portion of chopped strong cheddar, dressed with elderberry shrub. Plus a small banana and some pumpkin & sunflower seeds. Supper will be a baked sweet potato with veggie mince and peas – hopefully setting me up for a good FD tomorrow!

    @northerndawn thank you! Amazingly a lot fell into place today, and some difficult things were passed on – all seemingly miraculously! I can imagine that with a couple of good days work I might even have some perspective going forwards – and get on top of what feels like chaos at home 🙂 And spoke to GP yesterday – blood tests tomorrow, appt next week – so hopefully get a handle on whatever’s been keeping me down for the last month or so.

    @gretta welcome back 🙂 So glad everything went well with your wedding – and amazed you’ve had a FD already!

    @daffodil2010 thks for flagging up the menopause prog, I’ll look out for it. Me too with the plateau heavier than August 🙁

    @ciren2 absolutely – great to have you with us in December. Hope your hands continue to improve, and the treatment works for you

    @flourbaby me too with water & peppermint tea – and wakefulness and down mood. Today felt like breaking out of a shell, while still being under the cloud. Yoga was the key to perspective for me, and drinking has improved almost as a by-product – today I’ve remembered to drink and actually drunk, after almost 2/52 of massively reduced input. Wonder if they’re connected?

    @dingping sounds as tho you have some wonderful Christmas ideas already in hand! My other ideas have been thinking around a theme – one year it was everything edible, other years books, inner child, bed time, body & bath…

    @basyjames well done on getting back to your happy place 🙂

    @debster251 I nibble frozen berries – cold, refreshing, sensory hit and sugar hit all in one 🙂

    @matatauta congrats on your FD and whoosh! I’ve got one last FD for November & hoping to make it an Actual FD – they’ve been in rather short supply this month 😀

    Day 28 Massachusetts USA FD I finally got to the YMCA (to swim) where there is a scale. I’m up 1.5 pounds after Thanksgiving. I’m going back to one FD/week and several CD’s/week until I’m back to my ideal as we head into the Christmas season. I’ll be at the Y 2x/week in the coming month so it’ll be easier to monitor where I stand. Encouragement and Congratulations to all of you!

    Day 28 Minnesota, USA FD?

    It’s around 4:00 pm my time and I haven’t eaten yet, so it would be sensible for me to finish the day out as a FD. I’m feeling a bit tired and foggy, though. This would be 2nd of B2B FDs. Snowing lightly but blowing around, and roads look slick. 26 degrees F (which Google tells me is -3.33 C). I have to go out in a few minutes to drop of OH so he can collect his pick-up truck from the shop, then drive home on busy streets with crazy people all around. 😉 Seriously though, it was on the news at noon that a woman crashed her car on one of the freeways that is close to me, and admitted to watching a movie from Netflix on her iPad while driving. SMH. I really wish I didn’t have to leave my couch. Oh, well, enough whining, or do you say “whinging”? And are they the same thing?

    I’d like to respond to the discussion re: menopause, since I now consider myself experienced enough to have an opinion (and some medical knowledge, as well) about it.
    It’s a difficult time largely because of exactly what you are all describing : sometimes vague and insidious symptoms that are difficult to pin down as being caused by hormonal, situational, environmental or otherwise health related changes. When did it begin and when does it really end? So hard to tell, even from blood tests.

    I’d say that once you hit 40-47 you should assume that many of the strange things going on with your body and mind is indeed the beginning of an interplay of hormones, and physical changes causing lack of sleep and resultant anxiety, discomfort from hot flashes, night sweats, fluid retention, appetite increase, muscle atrophy, skin changes. It can take years to complete, like the changes from puberty to young adulthood, and it is no less of an impactful, life changing event than that, or pregnancy. A blood test is a snapshot in time that can only tell you so much. It doesn’t show the subtle interplay of chemicals that are happening all along, only at a given time. These interactions aren’t constant and neither are symptoms.

    You know when things are changing in your own body so you really don’t need a doctor to tell you that. I hope everyone can make things easier for themselves by finding sympathetic and supportive medical care. I doubt even the most brilliant and sympathetic male doctor can really understand the effect that the process has on a woman. It’s definitely a challenge going through it, and I was lucky to have an easier time that many, but eventually it’s over and in many ways I feel better and have more even moods then I have since I was 13. 😉

    I did find that refined carbs made my hot flashes worse, and so did alcohol of any kind. It also interfered with my sleep, which can be a real trial during peri menopause anyway.

    Good luck to everyone. Have to head out no onto the bad roads. Wish me luck!

    Day 28 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Ended my planned 72 hour water fast at about 50 hours due to a headache that wouldn’t quit even though I put some pink salt under my tongue and drank quite a bit more… I then ate some cheese and nut butter. Today doing fine but eating well, so I can begin a fast late this afternoon. Got to listen to the body 🙂

    @dingping – Chex Mix recipes began on the back of boxes of cereal; various Chex cereals – wheat, rice, corn… My daughter likes savoury things so the Original recipe is something she prefers. It has the cereal, nuts, pretzels some melted butter and worchestershire sause, and seasonings stirred in & put in the oven. Kind of like making homemade granola; stiring every 15 or 20 minutes for 45 min to an hour. There are many varieties, including:

    Muddy Buddies:
    Ingredients 9 cups Corn Chex™, Rice Chex™, Wheat Chex™ or Chocolate Chex™ cereal (or combination)1cup semisweet chocolate chips
    1/2cup peanut butter
    1/4cup butter or margarine
    1teaspoon vanilla
    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

    1 Into large bowl, measure cereal; set aside.
    2 In 1-quart microwavable bowl, microwave chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter uncovered on High 1 minute; stir. Microwave about 30 seconds longer or until mixture can be stirred smooth. Stir in vanilla. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. Pour into 2-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag.
    3 Add powdered sugar. Seal bag; shake until well coated. Spread on waxed paper to cool. Store in airtight container.

    We’ll put them in pretty tins for gifts.

    @gretta – so glad things went well for your wedding and honeymoon!

    @metatauta – sounds like you’re doing well, though busy! Good for you!

    Need to get ready for a “Zoom” mtg. We’ll see how it goes or if I can connect.

    Glad we’re on the journey together!

    Day 29 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Thanks to everyone for your well wishes!

    Managed a very sensible 665 Cal MFD yesterday, and the scales this morning were sitting at 68.8kg (sitting above my very ambitious goal of staying under 68kg for november) so all in all things are where they should be!

    I think i’m going to continue to do one proper FD on a Monday, and a MFD on a Wednesday/Thursday moving forward to sit around the 68kg mark, but be sensible this side of christmas where possible, and keep the training up!

    Still ahve a few posts to catch up on, but hope everyone has a wonderful day!


    Day 28 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 27 — NFD

    Yesterday and today were hopefully the two peak stress days in this “frenzy time” at work. Last night I had to work until late in the evening, and today all the hard work paid off. But definitely I used up all my executive decision-making reserves by the end of the work day and had some donuts for supper. Fortunately yesterday was on the TDEE.

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes about the puppy. At 13 1/2 he is a regular trooper. A year ago this time he had a cancer surgery and recovered in good shape. At his age I don’t really want to put him through invasive procedures. Well, as I’m writing this, he’s staring at me to put him out for his last constitutional of the day. And then WE’RE going to go bed. (From his point of view that’s how it should be. And he may have a point.)

    Have a great day everyone1

    @annemarilyn – in the Midwest, we call your “Muddy Buddies” “Puppy Chow.” Not sure why…. same recipe though!

    Day 28 Canada NFD
    Just made it. CD today 😊

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