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  • I know this may sound bizarre but having been on diets much of my life, I find the fast days easy. It’s the non fast days which are hardest. What should I eat, will I over eat and undo all the good. I’m scared of getting out of control on these days. Any advice or pointers? Many thanks.

    Hello B_a_s,

    I know exactly what you mean.
    My system is to always have cruditΓ©s in the fridge, like carrot salad with feta or something coleslawish. (Not store bought with too much mayonaise or lots of oil.)
    All this I prepare the day before, so a bowl is readily available, otherwise the chocolates will call louder!

    Does this help?

    Good luck,

    Hi Tante
    Thanks. Preperation I key for the fast day’s. On a non fast day I’m assuming you shouldn’t eat more than your TDEE? 😊

    Dear B_a_s,

    I just don’t want to feel hungry on non-fast days. It reminds me too much of all the dreadful diets I’ve tried in the past. That is the main reason for keeping the salads at hand, haha. (And usually they’re the leftovers from the day before, so it doesn’t involve extra preparation. πŸ˜‰
    I do keep track of the calories with an app. Bothersome, but otherwise I’ll derail…
    And yes, I mean to stay below my TDEE.

    Hi there, that’s really helpful. Good luck in achieving your goal 😁

    Do not exceed your TDEE on Slow Days. Eat carefully but eat well. Mind the protein and if you are like me, keep the Calcium in mind. Trying to eat 1100 mg of Calcium every day can make me feel full — 1 oz cheese and Green Milk [smoothie of milk and spinach] at lunch pretty much keeps me going until dinner. After 5 years of Fasting, the appetite is much smaller.
    Good luck.

    Thank you. Really appreciate your help. Just trying to get my head around being able to eat what you fancy and not being prescribed what you can eat.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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