NOCTURNAL EATING (Extreme Night Owl Here…) What about Ramadan observors?

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NOCTURNAL EATING (Extreme Night Owl Here…) What about Ramadan observors?

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  • I am doing OK on the 5:2. Have been at it about 7 weeks now I think.

    I have read here and elsewhere that it is “such a bad” pattern to eat late at night. (I can’t find the precise thread where I was reading this before, so am starting a new one. Sorry…)

    There are studies that compare RAMADAN pattern eating (fasting until sunset each day for a month) that find that it is not a particularly unhealthy pattern–and has even yielded good health markers. I recall reading an actual controlled study, but can’t find anything on the net right now other than popular-level reading on the topic.

    Nights are rich with enjoyment for me. There’s no compulsion from any direction and I have always enjoyed eating LATE. I mean 1 a.m. is the *earliest* I have my last meal, and more typically somewhere in 1:30 to 3 a.m. territory.

    I do favor a big salad, with the “most sinful” elements being blue cheese, avocadoe and olive oil, for the last meal of the day. Followed by two tablespoons (yes, count them, just two) of sugar-free vanilla ice cream.

    Now retired, I am typically going to bed about 4 a.m. Sometimes slightly later.

    On the recent 5:2 adventure, I’ve lost a modest amount of weight. My face thins before my gut does (unfortunately), at age 60.

    About to get a lipids panel and A1c reading (can update).

    But basically, I’m hoping to hear from others that NIGHT EATING is not an unforgiveable lapse! If it is, is there scientific evidence that eating later is detrimental, really?

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