No Weight loss please help!!

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No Weight loss please help!!

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  • Hi! I’ve been on the 5:2 diet since the 6th January (2 months) and within the first few weeks I lost 3 pound. However, since then I’ve lost absolutely nothing. I’ve been going to the gym twice a week and fasting twice a week. This week I decided to oup the anti and went to gym 3 times and went for a run, all HIIT.Weighed myself this morning and I’ve put on a pound!! I have considered 4:3 but it will have to be a last resort. Please help/ give any suggestions as I am feeling really demotivated and fed up πŸ™


    its standard miss-motivated that early in a diet you loose alot more-stick to your pattern dont give up and tell us all how much in total you lost not just what you lost last week!

    ,aybe 4.3 is a good idea-then you have less of a DEMOTIVATING EFFECT when you come back onto your seond fast day….


    Exercise will often lead to weight gain:

    That does not mean you should not exercise, just that it will take longer to lose weight.

    Here are some other tips:

    Good Luck!

    I’ve had a similar problem! I’ve been doing the 5:2 for 3 weeks now. I lost 1 measly pound in the first week and nothing since! I exercise regularly, running about 15km a week. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Could it be because I’m not technically over weight? I’m 5ft3 and weigh 8 and half stone. Would like to get down to 8…it’s really getting to me that I haven’t really lost anything though πŸ™

    Hi simcoeluv I understand your point! However, for me it’s more to do with how my clothes fit rather than actual weight as I’ve always been heavy. Even as a size 8\10 I was 10 stone and am now 12 stone 3 and a size 14, as someone who is only 5ft 2 my BMI is horrendous but clothes wise i’m average but want to get to my comfortable size 10. I wonder whether anyone else has this problem?!
    I think my wobble is down to hearing people say that they’ve lost a pound a week, which should mean that I should have lost 8\9 pounds but havn’t. Hopefully I can stop thinking about numbers and just enjoy the process of becoming a healthier, happier person!!

    Hello, I understand how you feel. I have not lost any weight for 4 weeks now and today I have put on 1 lb, (yesterday was a fast day). I came on here to seek advice and came across your thread. I started on Jan 6th also and have lost 8 lbs in total but as I have already said, nothing for a month now. If I was anywhere near my target weight I might understand why the slow down but I am a size 16, 5’4″ and 12 stone 12 lbs. I am not sure how to improve my diet to start the loss again. I exercise, walk good walks every day. Have given up chocolate for Lent and cut back on wine to a couple of glasses at weekends. What to do now? Hope we can find a solution missmotivated.

    I am also a large build- thats the only way i ever xplain very slow weightloss-i was told at weightwatchers it was about increasing metabolic rate(called TDEE here) and reducing bad foods-with low gi and just consuming good foods high gi- next week I will find out….

    Will be interested to know the outcome davidrob. I try to have few carbs but maybe I need to cut them out.


    “Hello, I understand how you feel. I have not lost any weight for 4 weeks now and today I have put on 1 lb, (yesterday was a fast day). I came on here to seek advice and came across your thread. I started on Jan 6th also and have lost 8 lbs in total. . .”

    The average weight loss on 5:2 is about a pound a week, and women tend to lose weight a little more slowly. You appear to be right on track. This may help:

    Good Luck!

    hm what does Garcinia Cambogia have to do with 5:2?

    We all experience a plateau at intervals during this WOE as our bodies adjust. Just stick with it and you will win πŸ˜€

    Hi, I’m a female 34 with 2 children. I eat fairly healthy and love exercise.

    However, I am starting to think I am the only exception to the 5:2 rule.
    I have been going for 2 months now and have lost NOTHING.. Not on the scales, not in centimeters (yes I have taken measurements at the start, and again this morning)… Just a big fat nothing πŸ™ I am getting quite disheartened about the lack of response my body shows. I can’t see why. Nothing changes no matter what I do – watching what I eat on normal days, NOT watching what I eat on normal days, cutting out carbs for dinner, eating carbs at dinner, exercise, no exercise. TEsting these as the weeks tick by, always hoping the scales will show some results next week. (Oh yeah, forget to mention the 2 weeks of NOT weighing myself and monitoring ‘progress’ and gaining a kilo. yikes.)

    It annoys me when people say but you don’t need to lose anything. Yes I do. This is not me. My weight crept up 4-5kg in a year from 59 to 63kg. That is a whole clothes size difference for someone like me who is only 5’4 – I refuse to buy new clothes.

    I am wondering whether I should just ditch 5:2 for now. It is great for keeping my weight steady…. but I may have to make a massive effort on the exercise front with some serious dieting to go with it to get to my normal (goal) weight of 59kg and then use 5:2 for the health and weight management purposes.

    I’m fasting today. I used to ‘enjoy’ fast days knowing they get me closer and closer to my goal. But do they? All that tummy rumbling and self control… what for?

    I don’t know what to do πŸ™
    I’m off to Europe/home/holidays in 10 weeks’ time and the thought of gaining another 2kg (no) thanks to my nan’s delicious cooking is really worrying me. I need to get at least 2kgs off before then.

    Sorry about the negative rant I’m just losing motivation.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you’re all having a much better day than me!!!


    If you have actually been doing 5:2 for 8 weeks and have not lost any weight, you are a medical marvel. But quitting 5:2 and going back to the way you were eating, and gaining weight, would seem to be counterproductive. Travel is difficult, so I would suggest skipping as many meals as possible.

    I guess I would suggest that you count calories for awhile. Most people that don’t underestimate their caloric intake by almost 50% (eating ‘healthy’ is not the same as eating to your TDEE or below).

    Here are some tips that might help:

    Good Luck!

    Hi, agree with the above. I tried for 4 weeks and lost nothing. I then checked my calorie intake on My Fitness Pal and discovered that I ate Well over the 1700 cal recommended on feast days.
    I also am 5’4 and totally support you in wanting to shift those irritating few kilos. At your age I weighed about the same and just wore baggy T shirts to hide my tummy. Now at 47, I had my third child at 40, I now have crept up to 75 kilos. I am losing about a kilo a week at the moment after checking my intake on both feast and fast days.
    If, after checking your intake, you don’t lose weight, it might be worth being checked by your GP to ensure there isn’t a metabolism problem.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on. You’re a hero for persevering:)

    silly question – are you drinking enough? im drinking loads – Black coffee – Green Tea – and ginger Tea – Not sure whether any of these have helped me But I started 5:2 on 6th Jan at 11st 9 and yesterday I weighed 10st 8 – I am 40 and 5ft 4 – I have been 11st 9 for about 2 years…. I walk 1 hour everyday and Gym once a week I have done this regular exercise for about a year – I didnt change my exercise when I started the diet as in the past Ive gone in all guns blazing by upping my exercise and reducing my food intake My body goes into starvation mode and holds on to everything!

    I do make sure i eat exactly what I want on my 5 days …. pizza – choc – curries -crisps obv not overdoing it but I dont hold back! its easy to feel like wanting to cut back on the 5 days but i sometimes have to force myself to remember to eat! i probably dont go over 2000 cals on the 5 days…and pretty much stick to 500/600 cals on a 2 day – only because I do lots of walking – i think the more exercise you do means you can get away with a few more calories but on the whole I would say DONT DO TOO MUCH exercise on a 2 day! I walk on my 2 days and GYM on Mondays which is a 5 day!

    Im overjoyed with my weightloss – It has been the easiest stone Ive ever lost! I think perhaps the drinking helps ( as on previous diets I still never drank enough) and also not overdoing the exercise..

    I do hope you manage to work out a routine that is sucessful for you..

    hello @missmotivated!

    I can only sympathize with you, it sucks being small ( in height i mean) I’m 5’2 myself and paying big prize for it! because we are tiny, we do need less calories then average, and cutting them down to 500kcal in a fast day is not doing much, not quickly anyway. see my rant

    you say:
    for me it’s more to do with how my clothes fit rather than actual weight as I’ve always been heavy. Even as a size 8\10 I was 10 stone and am now 12 stone 3 and a size 14,

    well i understand what you are saying… my sister is same height then me and was always weighing less then me- but even when i was size 6, i was wearing DD bra, when she has no breast at all πŸ™‚ I also understand that breast is mainly a fat tissue, so i was heavier for reason πŸ™‚ all of us are build different but there is not such of thing as ‘heavy boned’.

    ‘Even as a size 8\10 I was 10 stone and am now 12 stone 3 and a size 14, as someone who is only 5ft 2 my BMI is horrendous but clothes wise i’m average but want to get to my comfortable size 10. I wonder whether anyone else has this problem?!’

    Yes I do! As we are only 5’2 your BMI will be horrendous, becouse you are not average woman. size 14 at our height would compare with size 18 for average woman if you compere fat % I’m wearing size 8 now and there is still LOTS of fat! I’m not saying you need to slim down to size 4 or 6, stay where you are comfortable but don’t be surprises about numbers. UK size are LARGE and growing (i work for large uk clothes brand, and believe me they are doing it so people feel better they fit smaller sizes!) I find even if I’m size 6 in UK, trying to shop elsewhere in EU I’m shocked to see myself not fitting size 38/40 (10-12)

    I’m not trying to be harsh i promise! I know how it feels… I’m fasting every other day and my scales showing same number for last 2-3 weeks. I know @simcoeluv you will say i’m some nature freak πŸ˜€ i can see difference in my body so i’m shifting some fat, but not as fast as it was in the beginning. I’m also fully aware that I should only eat 350 kcal on my fast days (not 500-600 kcal like i do) and really look at my kcal intake during non fasting days. I’m working on it, step by step and ladies if you want loose weight please look
    it may help you.

    I really recommend to look at BMR and TDEE again, and try to work out what small steps you can take each day. Glass of wine less? or coffee with no sugar? try some clothes too, you may be just like me, not loosing kg but shrinking anyway? Pick one pair of trousers+top which are tight right now and try them on every mon maybe?

    if that doesn’t help, maybe there is something your GP can help you with?

    i wish you best of luck! xxx

    Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum and the diet. Well, I’ve done it for 2 weeks so that’s 4 fast days and no weight loss. I’ve stuck to less than 500 calories and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too hard. On non fast days I try to keep under 2000 cals (tracked on Calories Count app ) but today I read about TDEE and used the calculator and found mine is 1360! That means on a fast day I should eat 340…. That seems a lot harder than 500 / 2000. Any advice? Is it [500 / eat whatever you like within reason] or [500 /2000] or [1360 / 340] ? I’m very confused!

    Ok I just checked the figures and I’m allowed 1560 …… Not sure what I did wrong but I guess it’s an improvement. Still not sure though. Is that all I can eat on a normal day then?


    If your TDEE is 1560, and you eat 500 on your diet days, you will cut about 2100 from your diet each week. That would mean you should lose about .75 pounds a week (though not necessarily consistently).

    If you average eating more than 1560 on your non-diet days, you will lose less.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks simcoeluv. How many calories should I eat to lose about 2lb a week?


    To lose two pounds a week you need to cut about 7000 from your diet. At 1560 TDEE, your stay even caloric intake for a week is about 11,000. So you would only have 4000 for the week to lose two pounds. That is less than 600 calories a day.

    I would say a goal to lose two pounds a week is very unrealistic. 600 calories a day is pretty much a starvation diet.

    It just takes time to lose weight.


    Oh ok. Thanks for that info. I’ll just keep on trying for a few more weeks at my new TDEE on feed days and see how I do. Thanks again

    That is the best plan — try it at 1560 and see if this works.

    My TDEE is 2138 and I aim for 1600 calories on the non fast days – about 500 calories less than needed to maintain my weight. On the weeks where I do this on at least 4 days, I am losing over 2 pounds.

    Cant do this every week though.

    So this means then, that on a fast day I must severely restrict my calories, and on a ‘feed’ day I must restrict them less severely, but at no point do I get to eat “what I like, when I like”. It’s starting to sound like a calorie counting, weigh everything, deny yourself lots, D I E T! I thought the whole idea was to fast 2 days a week and then, within reason, eat what you like on feed days. I’m thinking if the idea was to count calories every day then Dr MM would have created an app by now. I don’t understand how this has become a calorie counting diet. I’m back to weighing all my foods, even on a food days when I’m not fasting. How has this happened?

    Know where you are coming from. I have lost 12 kilograms (261/2 pounds) since August, with a couple of holidays where I put a little weight back on. I had stopped eating cake but with the 5 and 2 found I could eat it again with no detrimental effects – until now. I am a 53 YO 60 kg woman , height 5′ 3″ and struggling to lose 3 more kilograms. I’m just being good, eating well and I figure the extra time gives my skin chance to catch up. PS I exercise everyday for between 1- 4 hours, I am bad at housework. Stick with it because some weight loss is fabulous, the rest of the benefits are awesome.

    Hi all,
    Can I just say that ‘no weight loss’ weeks are often down to ‘what’ you eat ‘ not how much. Do yourselves a favour and record meticulously(everything that passes your lips) everything you eat and how much exercise, what type ‘for one month’. Weigh yourselves every night and every morning. It sounds like a lot of work but trust me you will never need to do it again or calorie count. Look at what works and doesn’t.
    I became my own weight loss scientist this way.
    Firstly I discovered that I cannot eat more than 1200 cals any day, don’t know the cause but it’s a fact, that is my maintenance level.
    Secondly, I have food intolerances to salmon, tomatoes and bread, if I eat these foods even in the correct portions ?I do not lose weight. I swapped these for white fish, carrots and potatoes, no problem.
    Thirdly, exercise at the gym has absolutely no effect on weight loss ( 500 cal burn 5 times per week)but daily walking for one hour works even at a moderate pace. Dogs now a very healthy weight too. The gym is now for toning only. Who know why? Not me?
    Fourthly, if I don’t drink 8 glasses of water or tea I hold weight, frequent trips to the loo keep you active and flush the system out, good for your kidneys, not necessarily your sleep though unless you can squeeze it in all before 7 pm, I can’t.
    Lastly none of this works unless you can be honest.with your record keeping, plan at breakfast and amend record before bedtime daily !
    These things I do to lose one pound per week, yes it is worth it to keep motivated.
    P.s. I gave up sweets, chocolate and alcohol for one year, it’s not rocket science, these things are a waste of calories, sorry but it’s the truth whether you like it or not. Good Luck all xx Dr Jojo

    hi everyone, in reply to my earlier post and your responses… i totally see where you’re all coming from

    i certainly don’t drink enough water. i am trying to fix that now. bought myself a new sexy 600ml waterbottle and i try to make sure i empty it at least 3 times a day.

    i started to track what i eat on ‘5’ days and yes, you are right, i eat waaaaaaaay more then i’m allowed. my TDEE is about 1900 so i guess if i eat 1800 i can’t go wrong.

    i too am a little peeved i have to track calories 24/7 but i see this as a temporary arrangement. kind of a necessary evil. until i learn to judge for myself what i can and can’t have. who would have thought a large banana is nearly 200 calories???!!!

    i weigh myself every morning. purely to make sure i am not putting on weight and to see how my body reacts to things.

    i’ll keep you posted how i go.

    thanks for all the helpful hints!

    Now that I’ve got my head around the idea that I can’t eat what I like on a feed day I’m adjusting to the idea. However in order to lose weight (say 1lb per week) I need to fast twice a week at 1/4 my TDEE. So that’s 390 calories on a fast day and then I need to reduce my feed day calories slightly too, let’s say to 1400. I’ve set MFP at 1400 then and I’ll see how I get on. Depressingly low numbers….. I may have to resort to exercise LOL

    Since coming on this thread last week there have been lots of tips and help. I hadn’t realised that I needed to count calories on non fast days, I have just been eating healthily but realise now I must look at it all again.

    Thanks, this has been very helpful and I shall miss this forum. Perhaps we can continue it on fb?

    Cyprus lady, a word of encouragement here: I started 5:2 mainly for health reasons, less to loose weight.
    On fast days I aim for 500 kcal but usually end up at 550-600 kcal. On feed days I eat what I want. I recorded every morsel for the first few weeks and once I found that my usual diet is round about 2000 kcal I stopped. My feed days are anything between 1500 and 2500 kcal. Meanwhile I avoid going on MyFitnessPal because of people’s obsession with counting calories and the constant advice to eat less than your maintenance even on feed days.

    5:2 does not mean that I can shove 10000 kcal of burger, fries and ice cream in my face on feed days, but I don’t have to say Goodbye to the bit of chocolate or a cookie either.

    Despite this relaxed attitude I loose weight steadily. I am morbidly obese and this means great potential for weight loss with even small changes.

    Now for the big BUT: your TDEE suggests that you are close to a normal weight if not at a weight that was considered healthy until an insurance company “redefined” healthy BMI a few years ago.
    Any weight loss through any diet will be at snail’s pace for you because you do not have much to loose. Relax, enjoy the potential health benefits of 5:2 and forget about your weight.

    Thank you Dummerchen ! What refreshing advice. I’m thinking that I might just try to be very sensible but not deny myself the odd cookie in a food day but count my calories on a fast day. Whilst my TDEE suggests a close to normal weight my tight trousers and muffin top say otherwise! I’ll persevere with a less fanatical approach to calories πŸ™‚

    Diana bee – which FB group do you mean? I joined a group called ‘our fasting journey (5:2) which seems very chatty and supportive

    5:2 Intermittent Fasting Health and Fitness

    You can eat what you like on normal days Cyprus Lady just not as much as you like!
    Dr Mosley called his book ‘The Fast Diet’, every eating regime is a diet. Have you read the book?
    When I started I ate 500 cals on 2 fast days, and what I liked on normal days. After a couple of weeks and quite a few pounds down I noticed I didn’t eat the same size portions as I used to. It was as if a switch had been triggered.
    I started for health benefits as I didn’t want to develop Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke or dementia but I liked the weight loss too!
    I worked out my TDEE etc and found I was already eating the calories indicated.
    Don’t get hung up on calorie counting that will be sure to stop you trying this way of life.
    Do fast sensibly for two days a week and eat normally for five – remembering portion control.
    My only exercise is walking. I hope you will be successful on this way of life.

    “After a couple of weeks and quite a few pounds down I noticed I didn’t eat the same size portions as I used to.”

    Same here. It just happened. Portions I would have looked at in despair a few months ago now seem just fine.
    I also noticed that high carb/high sugar foods trigger me into eating a lot. I had some cheerios the other day and could have continued eating. This does not happen after a nice protein heavy meal; even old fashioned porridge (not the instant stuff!) is better than those sugary things.

    Hi lindyW. Thanks for your help! I did read the book but didn’t calorie count my feed days for the first 2 weeks. I didn’t gorge myself and I eat healthily. I’m vegetarian and I don’t drink so apart from the odd shortbread biscuit I didn’t eat excessively. However, whereas you say “When I started I ate 500 cals on 2 fast days, and what I liked on normal days. After a couple of weeks and quite a few pounds down” … I hadn’t lost anything after 2 weeks which is why I started to think I needed to understand more about the calories on a feed day. I’m going to try counting on fast days and show restraint in feed days and see how I get on. Thanks again everyone

    Cyprus lady

    There are a few of us fasters who have been around for a while and we do not count calories and we have lost weight. I suppose these days we are heretics but when we joined we followed the book and just ate normally on non-fast days. There has recently been much more emphasis on TDEE from the very start. I would say, try 5:2 without calorie counting for a month or so and if you are not happy with your progress consider it one of your options – others are 4:3, low carb, using an eating window on your non-fast days.

    Don’t despair – weight loss seems to be quite slow on this diet but that means it should stay off. I am often up half or three quarters of a kilo but find it is gone the next time I weigh myself. One thing you could try is to do something exercise wise every day – take the dog for a brisk 30 minute walk on the mornings you don’t go to the gym.

    Thanks Barbarita – I think I’m going to join the heretics and give myself a couple of rules instead of calorie counting.
    1. When hungry – drink some water and wait 15 minutes
    2. When I eat make healthy choices and serve half the normal portion and then decide at the end if I really need any more or if I’m ok.
    3. If I’m not hungry, don’t eat!
    Not rocket science really but coupled with my new power walking dog route I think it’ll help.

    Mybb thanks for your help too. I love the way you assume I go to a gym LOL. Yes I’ve changed my dog walk to a different route which now involves a lot of hills and I try to power walk up them. My dog is a little baffled but it’s good for her too.

    Cyprus lady, your self-imposed rules are so sensible! Most people find that they are not as hungry as usual on the day after a fast so your rules should work really well then, leaving only 3 days in the week when the willpower gets a real workout.

    All the best and let us know how it goes.

    Hi all. I don’t think those who don’t calorie count on non-fastdays are really heretics πŸ˜‰ it’s just that there are a lot of ‘new starters’ and people coming from unhealthy eating backgrounds for whom it is easier to get across the concept (and make sure they’re on the right track) by explaining the basic ‘calorie reduction’ principals behind the weight loss aspect of the diet.

    Some people seem to have no problems with figuring out how to eat healthily on non-fastdays without the need to calorie count but some really do need to pay a bit of attention, otherwise they don’t lose weight and then think they’re ‘failing’.

    I’m kind of half & half myself. I pay attention to calories of my ingredients as I shop, so I always have a good general idea of what rough number I am taking in in a given meal and I try to ensure I’m roughly a bit under my TDEE on most (if not all) non-fastdays. Works OK for me and should mean that it’s slow & steady weight loss and then an easy transition to maintenance when the time eventually comes. That’s the plan anyway πŸ˜‰

    I don’t see not counting calories as ‘heretical’ – this way of eating is about whatever works for you. Counting or not counting? Neither is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – if it helps…do it!

    Sometimes at the beginning tracking calories is a good way of getting to grips with the amounts to eat on both fast and non fast days. Many of us have absolutely no idea of the caloric value of foods, so how else will we know whether or not we are over-eating. It was probably this lack of knowledge that got many of us where we were in the first place.

    Cyprus Lady – I think your ‘rules’ make perfect sense. I particularly like the ‘serve half the normal portion and then decide at the end if I really need any more’ idea – I’d add to that ‘serve the food on a much smaller plate’.

    Most dinner plates are 10 or even 12 inches diameter, since I started my weight loss journey I have used a 7 inch diameter plate. Your half portion will look so much bigger on the smaller plate and you’ll probably find, as I do, that you don’t need any more.

    Drinking water, black coffee or tea or herbal tea when you think you’re hungry works well too.

    It’s surprising how quickly fasting 2 days and eating less than before on the other 5 days becomes the norm and you just do it without thinking about it too much.

    If you have an ‘occasion’ when you are going to eat more, eat cake, drink wine or whatever – then you should do that and not feel guilty. You have to live and enjoy living. Just get ‘back on the horse’ when it’s over.


    Hi TracyJ

    I see where you are coming from. I was,replying to someone who sounded really cheesed off because they thought by learning about 5:2 they had found a WOE where they could escape from all that. Some people will be really put off if told they must calorie count from the get go. Some people are cool with it. If I come across someone who isn’t I like to reassure than that, for them, it may not be necessary. It’s hard to tell when people introduce themselves whether they have been misled into thinking the can stuff their faces 5 days a week!

    Also, I think we experienced fasters tend to forget what a big deal getting through a fast was at the beginning.

    I think when it boils down to it, you HAVE to take in less calories than you are burning. Period. There is no way around that. If you can figure that out without calorie counting, that’s great. I find for myself that I tend to eat mindlessly so I NEED to keep track of my calories. I also found for myself that I LOVE to eat! I’m not bashful about it. So, therefore, if I want to lose weight I’ve GOT to workout. There’s no getting around it. I’m not a person that can survive on 1200 calories a day to lose weight without working out. It’s just not in my DNA. I also think that for those of us that are only trying to lose 10 or 15lbs, it’s going to take longer to see results. You are more likely to see a change faster if you have more to lose. This is my first week fasting, so I have nothing to gage what my results will be. But I have prepared myself to see the scale not move right away. In fact, I’ve already lost 1/2 inch around my waste just watching what I eat but not losing a pound. So, I’ve decided to incorporate 5:2 to see if that will help. But I just keep reminding myself….it will be slow. πŸ™‚ Try to stick with it. Best of luck to you all!!

    Hi thanks everyone for your input! This is such a supportive forum! Barbarita is right – I was cheesed off because when you watch the horizon documentary and read the book (admittedly rather a skim) I was under the impression that as long as I fast 2 days a week then I could eat normally for 5 days…. Which I did and then didn’t lose any weight.

    My ‘normal’ is as Redzgal points out, involving more calories in than burned. I know the equation is very simple but I’m such a lazy bugger and I don’t do enough exercise, so I was somehow hoping I’d found a way to have 2 days of hardship in return for eating about 2000 calories on the other 5 days (and still not exercising!) like Redzgal I do like my food…. My portions are always slightly too big and I do like a cake / biscuit / chocolate or 2.

    Sylvestra – I think that’s a good idea about eating from a smaller plate. I’m going to start trying that. Tonight I had a mushroom burger (normally I would have 2) with some cauli and cabbage, and some orzo in passata. Orzo in passata slips down very easily so it’s easy to over eat so I served 1 reasonable scoop and have not needed seconds! Probably all that wouldn’t have fitted on a smaller plate and I might not have even had the orzo!

    Thanks everyone for all your support! Today consisted of breakfast, lunch and dinner without ANY snacks in between, which i realise is quite rare!

    Cyprus Lady, seems like you’re on the right track. I think we are so individual that we need to find what works for us…it may not work for someone else. Self-awareness is a major breakthrough in determining what your pitfalls are. My goal is to also stop the snacking in between meals on my fast days. I do love to snack!! LOL. Baby steps and you’re well on your way! Much luck!

    Hey guys! Thought I would let you know how I’m doing since I first started this thread. As the scales haven’t been too kind to me I decided to measure myself and see if that would make me feel better. Since the last time I measured (28th January) I’ve lost 14.5 inches from various parts of my body!! I was ridiculously happy and managed to muster up the confidence to weigh myself again and look at the whole picture.I worked out I’ve lost 8 pound since the 6th January!!
    Perhaps I was expecting a miraculous weight loss and that may have led to my wobble but i’m happy now I can see some results. People at work have mentioned that I’m looking ‘trimmer’. Still a long way to go, another 20 pounds, but I’m going to keep going!
    I’ve been reading all your posts about calorie counting and thought I’d share what I do. I find counting calories quite depressing but know its a necessity so I do count calories during the week and then ‘watch’ calories on the weekend so I can have a treat because HEY what’s life without a bit of naughtiness πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for all your comments it really keeps me going!! πŸ™‚

    That is awesome!!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Great job. πŸ™‚

    Well done MissM – its a great feeling isn’t it?
    I’m sorry if it seems we high jacked your thread, but sometimes one reply sets another person off on a similar tangent and someone else jumps in……etc. Usually its all good advise stimulated by the original post and happens frequently.

    Oh no honestly I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments and it gives me a boost on fast days knowing that i’m not the only one who is trying hard πŸ™‚ I’m grateful for it! I hadn’t quite realised how much my weight was getting me down until I started this diet and its made me realise how motivated I am! This forum is a godsend especially as I have a partner who is supportive but refuses to join me on 5:2 its nice to have advise from people in the same boat πŸ™‚

    Now THAT was a random hijacking of a thread. Where do all these pill pushers come from? No you don’t ‘NEED’ supplements and losing weight quickly is so NOT the point of 5:2, it’s actually kind of the opposite of the point really.

    Well done on your progress missmotivated – it sounds like you’ve got it down. Really pleased for you πŸ˜€

    Like other people have mentioned, try measuring yourself. I lost 10 pounds the first month, then gained 3 of them when I started exercising more regularly and I’ve stagnated this month…but I’ve been measuring myself and even though the scale isn’t moving, my measurements are. I was hoping to lose it quickly since I have so much to lose (I’m at 250lbs now) but it is, afterall, just a number displayed on a scale. Exercise increases muscle AND bone density – the scale isn’t accounting for that.
    Your body needs time to get used to the changes too. It’s designed to hold onto fuel and when you stress your muscles, it holds onto water – thanks evolution! lol

    Just keep at it and the scale will move as your body gets adjusted to the lifestyle changes.
    Change doesn’t happen overnight!

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