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  • Hi everyone

    I am a total newbie. I have been looking at the website for a couple of days and am hoping this programme will be the one that finally sorts out my weight problem.

    I am starting my first ‘fast day’ tomorrow. Does anyone have thoughts on how to manage the first fast day or any comments on how they managed to kick start their weight loss.

    Thank you

    Hi there,
    I am a lapsed 5:2’r (I’ve been away from it for approx 2 years ) and I have built myself back up to restarting tomorrow.
    From my past experience, it’s about staying hydrated, having the “right foods” ready and waiting ( or easily preparable) for when you break your fast & don’t be swayed by people who will say things like “oh that can’t be good for you!”
    I personally swear by the hairy dieters cook books whose majority of recipes are within 500cals and are delicious.
    Good luck for tomorrow- stay strong!

    Thank you Karendav, hopefully we’ll kick 2019 into action.

    Best of luck with your new journey. I’m new to the forums but have been lurking for some time. I’ve really found this way of life to be so beneficial and freeing. I hope you find the same.

    Hi JumpGoldPenguin

    How is your journey going?

    Hi @daw1962

    Surprisingly well. I did go about the fast days very gradually. I was having soup and fruit for lunch and dinner and then gradually cut back to just soup or fruit in the evening.

    I can’t do a total fast day with nothing as I just can’t handle the hunger! When I started it felt more manageable but now I’m a few months in it seems to have ramped up. That might be because of Xmas and new year and the abundance of tempting food lying around but I usually manage to control it by thinking “I will have it tomorrow”.

    I’ve lost more weight than I could have imagined. About half a stone in the a month. So in that sense it’s going brilliantly. As someone who tried to control weight (and often failed) with exercise this is freedom I never thought possible.

    Hi @jumpgoldpenguin

    It’s so good to see how much people are losing and how they are managing to control their fast days.

    I am back in the office today and there is a pile of goodies that people have brought in from their homes :-(. Today I am just trying not to snack in-between meals and am making healthier choices.

    @daw1962 – I totally understand. It is a hard time of year to start. Once the first fast day is done there is an overwhelming sense of achievement. I never ever thought I could fast for 36 hours on 500 cals or less and yet, I am doing it. That sense of willpower is phenomenal and you won’t regret it, I promise.

    Sometimes I will take a little piece of whatever is on offer – a quality street, a chocolate coin etc and put them in a drawer and think “tomorrow I can have that”. It seems odd behaviour but it cuts down on that feeling of denial. I hate to feel denied and that’s what made this way of eating possible. I am fasting today but yesterday I had cheese scones with real butter. It was epic!


    Yes I think that the mindset of saying I can have this tomorrow helps.

    Hey daw1962

    Just checking in to see how you’re Going? The end is in sight!! I love fast day bed time… Easiest 8 hours.

    Hi @JumpGoldPenquin

    Today is my first day, wish me luck! I’m just about to have breakfast (8am) as I leave home for work at 6am I always eat when I get into the office.

    Hi all

    I have survived my first FD day, my tummy was growling from lunch but I stuck at it and my dinner of salmon and salad tasted sooo good.

    I am going to do FD every Monday and Wednesday starting next week.

    I am chuffed I made it today.

    So glad you made it! Yes it’s an enormous sense of achievement. I managed to stick to 500 cals yesterday also, so was v pleased with myself, too.
    I am going to try to opt for a Monday and Thursday I think for my FD’s.
    Good luck!!


    Well done you too.

    Sorry for the late reply. I dropped my phone in a toilet full of bleach yesterday so all day was taken up with that mini drama!

    Congrats!! How do you feel? In control? Empowered? Doing a fast day is the biggest challenge you face on this woe and you did it… The world is your oyster now!


    Hope your phone has recovered.

    I did my first FD on Thursday and was ok on Friday, today I’ve been out with the girls in London so had some wine and Pizza but have walked over 16,000 steps doing a treasure hunt so hopefully not too bad. Next FD is Monday wish me luck.

    Hi Daw

    Just checking how you are doing. I did my first fast day on Saturday which was fine – I think I was so full from Christmas / New Year I didn’t feel too hungry.

    Two fast days this week on Tuesday and Thursday so may start my own diary at the end of the week to track progress and keep myself motivated.

    Hope all is well and your fasting is not too hard this week.

    Hi CherryBlossom

    Today is my 2nd FD, I have been hungry since lunch but I am sticking to my guns. I feel as though I as sloshing around the amount of water and green tea I’ve drunk. Looking forward to my dinner later. How are you going?

    Hi all

    First week done! Did 3 FD as only started last Thursday, really pleased with the results.

    Weight loss – 5 1/2lbs
    Waist lost – 2 inches
    Hips lost – 1 inch
    Boobs – stayed same :-0
    Arms lost – 1/2 inch

    I am very happy today. 🙂

    Hi Daw

    Well done on your progress – I also did three FDs and lost just under 6lb. I got back on the exercise wagon too so feel much better, like my poor body is starting to wake up after being put into a sugar stupor. Off for a long walk in the woods later today.

    How did you find your fast days? Mine are getting easier though it’s early days, but may stick to trying to do three whilst I have so much weight to lose.

    Are you doing anything nice this weekend/next week?

    Wishing you well for another great week. Will catch up with you again soon. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Hi CherryBlossom

    I find them tough as there is always so much cake etc in my office.

    I thought I may try 3 FD next week. Do you do every other day or back to backs?

    Good morning Daw

    That must be really difficult with cake and food around in the office. I work from home most of the time so much easier for me in that respect.

    I did three days last week because I had a nasty shock when I weighed (for the first time in ages). I thought I had stayed roughly the same as I had been for a couple of years but was a stone heavier. This means I have 70lb to lose rather than 56 – which was bad enough to begin with.

    I’m going to play it by ear and see how I feel in terms of doing two or three days. Last week’s fast days were not consecutive but I may try to do a couple of days together this week. I’ve done longer fasts before and not found it too difficult.

    I find not eating during the day on fast days is easier so I save my calories for an early dinner. If I eat a small amount of something earlier it makes me much hungrier than not. How about you?

    Look forward to hearing your progress this week.

    Hi CherryBlossom

    Like you I got a total shock when stepped on scales as I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been. In fact more than when I was pregnant!! Also as I’m only 5ft 2 every pound shows. It was a hard wake up call to be honest.

    I did go out for dinner with a girlfriend last night and ate what I wanted but Monday will be my next FD. I will see how that goes in relation as to whether I can do 3 FD this week.

    Going for a long walk this morning as nothing else planned today so wanted to do a bit of exercise.

    Good luck this week.

    Hi all

    Did 3 FD this week, last one seemed easier so maybe your body adapts.

    Lost another 3lbs this week.

    Waist lost 2’’
    Hips lost 1/2’’
    Arms lost 1/4’’
    Neck lost 1/4’’
    Bust lost 1/2’’

    Very happy

    Good job, daw!! Proud of you.

    Thanks fasting_me

    How are you doing?

    Hello Daw, 3lbs down for me this week too – I also did three FDs and didn’t find it too difficult.

    I’m starting to feel better in mind and body. Even a few pounds off seems to make life and movement a little easier. I’m maintaining my determination, not restricting too much on non FDs and eating the food I enjoy (but without all the rubbish I used to eat before).

    Early days but maybe we can really do this?

    Hope you have another great week, catch up with you soon.

    Hi CherryBlossom

    Well done you. I’ve a big night out tonight with girls do going to have s drink or two. But I know next week I’ll be back in the plan. We still have to live and enjoy life.

    Have a good week


    So glad to hear all the positive stories, I’m due to start with my first fast day on Monday with my other half and currently sorting out my shopping list for the week ahead.

    I don’t currently have breakfast so I don’t think that would be an issue but the snacking after dinner is, so I’m curently searching for nourishing and filling recipes with soup sounding like the best filler for lunchtimes.

    Hope to hear how well you are all doing in the weeks/months ahead.

    Hi all another 2lbs off this week.

    Getting into the swing of things now.

    Hope you are all losing!

    Hi All,

    Great to read of all your successes!

    I’m coming back to 5:2 after losing a lot of weight with it a couple of years ago so a newly formed forum group seemed like a good place to start, hope it’s okay to drop in. Sadly, I put most of that weight back on again (not an uncommon story with me) but I feel ready now to give 5:2 another go.

    I’ve just finished week 2 and would give myself a score of 3-4 out of 5 for the 4 days I’ve done so far 🙂 and I’m feeling my way back into the swing of it and lost a kilo in week one (I weigh-in on Mondays so I’m hopeful of another loss this week).

    I’ve been doing these 2 weeks on 500 cals but was very curious to read today that MM is now talking about 5:2 with 800 calories, and (being the piglet I am) that got me a little excited – has/is anyone doing it this way?? Last time, I found the hardest time was the evening so to be able to fast all day and then have a decent evening meal might help me get round the terrible fast-night sleeplessness I had in the past.

    Looking forward to losing weight with you – all the best,


    Hi there

    Yes I do 800 Cala on my FD’s and I’ve lost 10lb in 3 weeks do yes it works for me.

    Good luck

    Wonderful progress and determination, all of you. My husband and I have been in the Fasting Lifestyle for 5+ years, still Fasting 2 days/week; still keeping the weight down where we want it to be. Small fluctuations still occur [up a pound or two] but then a good Fast Day sets it to rights. Wonderful plan.
    Keep up the good work. Weary not in well-doing.

    Hello Newbie,
    Wellcome to the Holy Grail of diets. Last July I started the 5-2 but in the Alternate Day Fast mode with 500 calories for my fast day goal. At 63 I couldn’t walk 200 metres without aid as my knees were showing degenerative signs. I was told I could be looking at new knees in 3-5 years. I needed to get the weight off fast. I’m 5’5″ (I used to be 5’7″ when younger) and was 15.8 stone but now I’m 11.3 and back to walking the dog 15 miles per week. I’ve still got a ways to go but I’m certain I’ll finally reach my goal of 8.12. I love the freedom this way of eating gives me. It takes away all the guilt and pressure that has always nagged at me about weight and dieting matters. For Fast Days, we make a huge pot of vegetable soup (unblended and not many potatoes). This gets portioned out and put in the freezer so on fast days, that’s what I get in the afternoon. Then at dinner time, I just have salad with vegetables. Being a veggie for 50 years makes this a treat not a punishment. I actually find the eating days the hardest. It’s really quite difficult when I’m spoiled for choice on my eating days, but it’s so liberating to know that I can have whatever I want. Inevitably, I go for the healthy stuff first with the intention of having a treat, but then I find that my stomach has shrunk and I don’t want any treat after all. It’s such a novelty to just not want the “forbidden” stuff instead of the usual self denial that other diets instil. Even though weight loss has slowed, now that I haven’t as much to lose, it hasn’t had the usual detrimental effect. I love the rhythm of this way of eating. I look forward to fitting in my wetsuit (which I bought small for incentive), so that I can add open water swimming to my fitness regime. I hear the cold will help finish off my fat cells quicker. I’m hoping it will help shrink my old, now sagging stretched out skin, but I’ve always been an optimist. At least I can walk again. I look forward to working out a maintenance schedule where I’ll gradually introduce more eating days. It’s all just soooo do-able. I wish I knew about this in my 20s.

    well done Zany, such an achievement! Keep up the good work all.

    I’ve had a more modest loss this week (the 2kg last week was mostly water and way too much to expect it could happen again!) but my usual rhythm for 5:2 averaged 500gms per week (1 lb) so I’m happy with the result this week. Planning back to back this week (Tuesday & Wednesday) due to work/life commitments but fairly confident having now moved to the 800 cal FDs it’s just so much more doable 🙂

    Cheers, Anna x

    Hi all

    Well W4D1 for me and it’s a FD. I bought the Fast 800 meal replacement shake so I could have for breakfast and dinner and it is absolutely vile when you mix it with water. Sorry but I couldn’t even drink half of it. Wanted this to be good as it’s much less carbs that traditional meal replacements but it was so bad.

    I am going to try it again this evening but this time with milk to see if it’s any more bearable. Wish me luck!

    How did it go with the milk instead of water daw?? I can’t do shakes/meal replacements personally, I just like eating too much however I know they can work really well.

    I had a 5 out of 5 FD on Tuesday but today was a bit of a wash, I think because I normally work Thursdays but had the day off – I’m just so much better on work days with all the distractions, so I’ll have to remember that and adjust accordingly!

    How’s it going for others??

    Anna x

    Hi Daw

    Just checking in to see how you are doing. I’ve had a manic few weeks so not posted for a while but still going strong. I have lost a stone so far in just over a month so pretty happy with that – I feel like I can keep going now with no problem on fast days so happy at the moment 🙂

    Hope all is well with you.

    I’ve been doing the fast diet for 2 weeks now and I want to start the exercise this week as it’s always planned for ‘tomorrow’! I’ve seen the exercises for the ‘fast strength’ workouts and should be ok with them, as long as I actually get started! As for the ‘fast fitness’ workouts, due to knee problems, I was wondering if there’s a workout I could do on my mini-trampoline? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

    So many good stories as told by all you newcomers. Good job finding the 5:2 Plan and good job finding the way to make it work for you. And it does work. My husband and I have been Fasting for 5.5+ years, and we continue to Fast for maintenance. Be aware that Fasting should become a Lifestyle, not just a way to eat to get the pounds off and then abandon. If I weren’t still Fasting, my weight would just go up and up.
    Good luck to you all.

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