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  • This is my first week on the 5:2. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

    When I was doing some searching on the internet, I came across the Fast 800, which is the new method. Has anyone try that out?

    I am thinking of doing the 5:2 for several 1-2 months, and if I get stuck, I will be doing the 800. Starting with the 800 right now may make me feel deprived.

    Also, I am 5 feet (or 1.5 meter), should I limit my intake to about 300-400 on fast day or 500 is fine?

    Hi Ann,

    Stick to 500 calories for now. Once you are used to fasting you can decide whether to decrease the number of calories on a fast day (FD) or increase the number of FDs per week if you want to speed up the rate of loss.

    I lost 31kgs doing 5:2 but lost my way for various reasons and gained some weight which I’ve lost and regained several times over and came to the conclusion I needed to try a different approach.
    I made the decision to switch to fast 800 in order to get used to eating less every day as I was having issues with eating too much on non FDs and it is taking some getting used to but is working.
    It’s all about which method works for you and suits your lifestyle.

    Good luck and let us knowhow you are getting on.

    Thank you Amazon!

    31 kg is a lot! Wow! That is some will power! How long does it take you to lose that much? On average do you know how much people lose on the 5:2? I want to compare to give me an idea whether it is working for me or not.

    And also, people have said that losing weight this quickly means we are losing our “metabolism”. The Fast 800 and the 5:2 help weigh loss by cutting out calories. I am wondering if you have this experience?

    Hi I am new to the fast diet, well I am in day 20 so new to this forum really. Week one went well, I lost 3 lbs, but disappointing as I am 3stone too heavy at 5foot 2 inches. In lockdown I have gone from size 14 is bordering an 18. I’m nearly 60 so realise this may have assisted weight gain as well. Anyway, my concern is I have lost nothing since so 13days no weight loss. I am now at point of giving up as I am finding 800 calories and no sugar hard. In my 2 days off as I call them, I am aiming for no more than 1,200 calories, to be honest trying not to go over the 1000 so the 200 is leeway. I would have thought that more weight would have been lost by now. Any suggesrions? I am eating mainly chicken, salmon, broccoli or sprouts, eggs , Apple’s . This week changed breakfast from eggs to porridge with about 6 blueberries but still no weight loss. I have weight watchers scales so calories counting all ok. I do have 2 glasses wine in my 2 days but factor in the calories as that is my treat not chocolate or cake.

    Hello. New to this too, just started with registering on the site today. Have read the 5:2 book and have been trying to intermittent fast myself for about 4 weeks, have lost a couple of kg but its been up & down. Just need some guidance and structure now. Day 1 of a new 7 day lockdown, so what better way to not focus on that!

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