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  • I’m new and finding my way! Loving the principles behind Fast800 and 5:2, and excited to try and slim down and feel healthier. Particularly like idea of combining IF and Fast800. Have tried it a couple of days and already lost 4lb without feeling too hungry. Generally eating an 11.30am ish brunch instead of breakfast, and an earlier dinner seems to work. BUT my morning habit is to have a glass of ‘lean greens’ supplement with lime juice first thing, and a cup of tea with a very small amount of milk – nearly black but about 5 mls milk. Does that count as breaking the fast? Do I need to switch to the lean greens later in the day, or drop them altogether? And can I continue with my minuscule amount of milk in my tea or does that break the fast period? Thanks!

    You’ve got a maximum of 500, 600 (woman or man on the original 5:2) or 800 calories to have on your fast day. Just count the calories in your morning foods and then you will know how many you have for the rest of the day. Enjoy.

    Thanks. It’s not the number of calories I’m concerned about for the fasting – that’s minimal and I can count them in the total for the fast day. It’s whether I can consider 7pm to 11am the next morning as 16 hours of fasting under the Time Restricted Eating/ TRE plan if I have a tiny amount of milk and the greens at 7am? Or does it make it just 12 hours? Thanks!

    The amount of calories in your barely-milky tea is burned off in the time it takes to brew it, drink it, and wash up. Don’t worry about it. If you want to stay ‘pure’ in your no-food-until-11-am, then put off the green drink until later.
    Good luck. We’ve been Fasting for 6 years and really love it.

    Thanks – really helpful! And perhaps I don’t need the green drink any more with all the green stuff I’m eating anyway!

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