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  • Hallo together,
    I´m a woman from nearly 50 years and found the fast diet quit accidentally. My english is not verry well an I think my grammer is realy bad. Even though I want to start this program immediatly. I ordered the book and before reading start fasting next day. Yesterday I had my second fast day and I lost 2.4 kg till this morning. I can imagin to follow these programm long time, because it was very easy to fast only one day and know, that tomorrow I can eat whatever I want. I was not realy hungry on my fast and I hope, that this will stay so in every fast. Meanwhile I read the first part of the book and now the practice part will come. Though I even start, I think there will be many informations for doing a good fast. Frindly regards, germangirl

    Welcome/Wilkommen germangirl. It is great isn’t it? I agree that looking forward to what you can eat the next day really helps me on a fast day. This really works, I have lost 10lb(5/6kg) so far and feel great. Good luck to you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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