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  • Hi, new here.

    Hi @mel2020,

    I don’t like to see a quiet thread!!! Maybe you would find the monthly challenges helpful, a new one starts on November 1st with lots of newbies just like you!!

    Good luck whatever you decide, you’ve taken the 1st step on the path to success anyway!

    Wt2goIrena Hi I am new too and started 3rd November and posted something on the Nov challenge but have had no reply back. I had a hard week. Felt depressed, tearful and had little energy. I went to the gym for 30 mins and aimed for 10,000 steps daily. the fitwatch helps. 2 fasts under my belt (can’t do it up)! I feel a great achievement and I lost 1.5 kgs. It is early days. I have 14.5kgs to lose. so I imagine that the weight will be less next week.

    Hi to all, I am also newbie. I want to exchange my views in front of other forum members.

    Come join the ‘starting 5/20 thread.
    If you click on active topics you can see which threads are being posted on. You would be welcome to join any I’m sure.

    Hi myself faizan I am new in this forum.I hope I made new friends.

    IAM to help people who are suffering from weight loss problem.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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