My First Fast Day Completed

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  • Hi, my name is Linda and I live in Michigan,USA. I tried the 5:2 fast a few years ago and had such a hard time getting through the day, I felt like I was starving and stressed. This time around I am becoming a seasoned Intermittent Faster using the 16/8, so I incorporated that into my FD yesterday and I had no trouble handling the reduced calories. I have about 10 lbs to lose, and its almost all belly fat which affects my blood sugar, I am pre-diabetic, so I have to get a handle on it.
    I’m so glad to have these forums, I have been doing a lot of reading here the last 2 weeks before I decided to jump in. Thanks for all the great tips.

    Hello, linda. Welcome back to 5:2. So glad it is going to work for you this time. Let me know if you need recipes, since I have lots of them to share.
    Good luck.

    Thank you fasting_me, I would love some recipes.

    If you click my ‘handle’, you will see my Profile. In it is the web address for my blog where I post recipes 2x/week for Fasters.
    If there is a specific type of recipe you’d like me to send you here, let me know: egg breakfasts or seafood dinners or vegetarian meals or dinners with meat.

    I completed my 2nd day, it seemed a little harder than the first one, but I made it through. I have found that a cup of low calorie vegetable broth helps when things get tough for me.
    On a great note, I have lost 4lbs and that feels great, my fasting insulin is still in the low 100’s and high 90’s, I hope that regulates as time goes on.

    I haven’t lost any inches in my waist, that is where I carry my excess weight, I hope that shows some improvement soon.

    How about this, linda:

    Western Bake: 270 calories 5.4 g fat 4.3 g fiber 12.4 g protein 45 g carbs [43.7 g Complex Carbs] 199 mg Calcium PB GF My father taught me to love a good Western Sandwich. So it seemed natural to incorporate that flavor combination in a breakfast. And its a winner.
    1 two-oz egg 1 oz green pepper 2 tsp ketchup 1 oz onions 2 oz pear 5-6 oz fruit smoothie or green smoothie or natural apple cider nearly-black coffee or tea; or lemon in hot water.
    Chop the pepper and onions and cook: either in the microwave or by poaching in water. Drain and combine with the ketchup. Whisk with the eggs, salt and pepper to taste. Spritz an oven-proof ramekin or other dish with non-stick spray. Pour in the egg mixture and bake at 350 F. for 12-15 minutes. Plate the fruit and pour the beverages. Yee-haaw, that’s a breakfast!

    Or this:
    Fish Roasted with Vegetables: 290 calories 5.2 g fat 4.8 g fiber 29 g protein 16 g carbs 180 mg Calcium PB GF Delicious one-pan meal. AND it is low in calories and fat. A women’s magazine had a similar recipe for 425 calories!!
    4 0z pollock or other white fish ½ slice [0.2 oz] American bacon 2 oz carrots in 1/2” chunks 2 oz Brussel sprouts cut in half 2 oz cauliflower florets, cut in half or quarters 3 oz cherry tomatoes, cut in half 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese
    Set the oven at 450 degrees F. Cook the bacon in an 8” oven-proof pan, such as cast iron. Remove the bacon, chop it and set aside. Put the prepared vegetables in the pan and toss to coat with the bacon fat. Salt and pepper to taste. Roast for 10 minutes. Remove the vegetables in their pan from the oven. If you think they will need more than 10 minutes more of cooking, put them back in for 2-3 minutes. They will not be cooked through at this point. Turn oven down to 400 degrees F. Move the vegetables aside so the fish is sitting on the hot pan. Salt and pepper the fish. Return the pan to the oven and bake 5-10 minutes more, depending on the thickness of the fish. Sprinkle the entire contents of the pan with Parmesan cheese and bacon.

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