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  • Newish to 5:2, about 2-3 months. Lost 6lb but nothing for 5 weeks. I live with ME, not able to work, use an electric wheelchair and the only walking I do is in the house. I have no idea how many calories I should be eating as I am not sure how much energy i use up each day. My recommended amount is 1710 which seems really high and have been sticking to it. Often it feels like have eaten too much, should I be eating less? All views and opinions very welcome, thank you.

    Hi Alison,
    Welcome to 5:2 and the 5:2 forum. I have ME/CFS and have successfully used 5:2 to get my excess weight off and have used 5:2 for about 6 years There are at least 2 of us here from Australia on the forum who have ME/CFS and have used it long term. I encourage you to keep going and keep tweaking what you’re doing re food quantities till you get your desired weight loss happening at the rate you’re comfortable with. Also to keep using it long term to keep your weight more stable. There is a thread for ME/CFS you may want to look up.

    I fell off the 5:2 wagon during 2020 and now have some Covid kilos to get off and will be using 5:2 to do it. Propr to that, it took me 2 years to lose 22 kgs to get to my goal weight of 62kgs. I’m female, a senior, and 5’6”, 169cm. It was slower than some people do it, but I’m very grateful I had a way to achieve it that was compatible with my ME/CFS.

    There is a calculator on the menue for BMI, and the calories needed using your weight, height, exercise level and age, which I found accurate for my weight loss.

    Best wishes to you,

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