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More on what to do if you’re not losing weight

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  • 2 dress sizes is very impressive. Perhaps you are just on a bit of a plateau or you may just have averaged out the calories in and calories used.

    I’m confused – its not hard! I have been doing what I thought was the 5:2 diet, and after the first week I lost 6lb. The second week I put 4lb back on. I am yet to weigh myself this week. My question is (after talking to OH about his friend doing it but a different way) I am eating normally at the weekend – breakfast, light lunch and dinner. After dinner on Sunday I don’t eat again till Monday morning (fast day) then have coffee, soup, light dinner, all within 500cal. This makes a ‘fast’ of 12hrs then 500cal in that day then no food from 7pm(ish) till breakfast on Tuesday, am I doing this right?

    I am a 64 yr old male just starting my 15th Fast Day. I have lost weight but am a bit concerned over some of the postings concerning weight loss or lack of it. I am not being critical of any individual, far from it and I do not like to see any sarcasm aimed at any one, But….
    Posters need to support each other. Some posters clearly are on various types of medication and this may well have some type of effect on attempts at losing weight. For any one on medication do as Michael and Mimi have said elsewhere, seek medical advice but do not give up hope. Certain medication I was on had a side effect of weight gain. This was unknown to me and a change did help. Good luck to all giving this diet a go.

    @secretsupper – I to started the fasting in August and can safely say I’d had the healthiest winter I can remember and feel wonderful.
    I am reasonably fit for a 52 year old but could not shift enough weight to obtain a Normal BMI rating. Thanks to this diet I have, but then became concerned that I could lose too much. I contacted the US research team featured on the program and they kindly responded saying that my body would eventually find it’s balanced weight, and effectively stay there.
    Now, I do the diet once or twice a week, my weight is stable and as I stated my health is excellent.
    It may be that you to have reached that balanced weight.

    Week 9 just finished. Please see my blog for inspiration.

    Been on this for a month – not lost a pound 🙁 Don’t find the fasting too bad, prefer to go 36 hours i.e. supper on Sunday to breakfast on Tuesday. Appreciate I probably do need to “up” the exercise but even so surprised not to lose anything. Any tips ?

    I tried this diet for the first time in the autumn after watching the Horizon programme. I really struggled on fast days – grinding headache, bone tired and irritable beyond reason. Worst of all, I didn’t lose any weight. It was affecting my ability to concentrate at work, so I gave it up as a bad job. This month, I decided to give it another go, with some modifications. I’d been cutting out coffee on fast days – this time I continued to drink black coffee and found the whole thing much easier – now I know what the headaches and tiredness were all about! I’ve also stopped having breakfast. I’d trained myself to have it, though it wasn’t natural to me, because I thought I needed it. But if I revert to my more natural pattern of not eating til lunchtime, I find it much easier to make it through and I can have a very decent lunch and dinner on 500 calories. I was not previously at all careful about limiting calories on non-fasting days and was definitely eating above 2000. This time I started monitoring every day on MFP and aimed for an daily average over a week of 1200 calories. I didn’t make it, and it was only the fact that I’m in half marathon training and burned over 2500 calories through exericse in the week which brought me down to an average of 1400. Nevertheless, I lost 2lbs this week (the first on-diet weigh in). which is pretty much what you’d expect from an overall weekly deficit of 4200 calories. For weightloss (and I stress that point), there’s nothing magical about this diet. It’s a calories in/calories out equation, like every other. The point is that it is a more psychologically sustainable way of dieting than daily restriction. I’m going to try to keep going for six weeks and see what happens, hoping that over time I”ll also start more naturally limiting my non-fast day overeating. By the way, I don’t eat junk, don’t snack, and cook fresh and delicious food. Just too much of it!

    New to this, should the first day on the diet be a fast day. Not sure how or when to actually start the diet. I would like for my fast days to be Monday and thursday.

    I’ve been on the plan about two weeks and love it. I’ve lost 3.5 lbs. and am very pleased.

    Shirley, are you vigilant about not going over 500 calories on your fast days? I triple check my calorie count for my fast day, planning out my fast day the night before. Also, although I absolutely refuse to count calories on my feed days, I am mindful and aware of what I’m eating. I don’t deny myself, and yes, sometimes my portions were larger than what I should have eaten, but I still lost weight. And I do feel I’m eating less on my feed days than what I used to. Since nothing is off limits…I absolutely feel no need to binge like I used to.

    This plan is amazing. Period.

    I’ve been on the diet three weeks now and my weight hasn’t changedat all. I have been taking measurements and as yet haven’t noticed any significant difference. I eat 450 – 500 calories on two days a week .My TDEE is 2,177 calories however I have been monitoring my calories on non fast days and they are usually 1500-1800.I do weights and cardio 4-5 times per week. My BMI is 25. ANy suggestions as to where its going wrong??

    Hi there, I have been on the diet for 6 weeks and have only lost about 2 lbs. On fast days, I eat nothing until about 7.00pm when I eat my dinner of about 400 calories, I do have tea with a splash of skimmed milk throughout the day (but I include this in my 500 calories for the day). I am tracking my calorie intake on non-fast days and take in about 1800 – 2000. I do drink alcohol at the weekend and the odd latte in the week, but rarely go over the calorie limit of 2000.

    Surely worrying too much about what we eat on non-fast days kind of defeats the object and just means we’re on a diet all the time.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be really grateful to hear them.

    To all the women who are having trouble with the diet, I’d like to suggest you take a look at The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas. I wasn’t having much success with the 5-2 diet when I heard about The Plan. From following the advice in that book I learned that I have a problem with tomatoes and potatoes. I found that it didn’t matter how many calories I ate, if I had tomatoes, I could count on gaining 2-3 pounds. Now that I have cut them out, I’m losing slow but steady.

    I’ve been having a good read on the comments – quite mixed reviews.
    As soon as I get my book and have a good read I will have a go. So key is to do measurements and try and stay sensible on non-fast days … although the fasting days are worrying me :/
    If anyone can send any tips I would be most grateful 🙂

    … as I’ve not read the book yet please can someone tell me if you have to cut out or down on carbs on this diet?
    Thanks 🙂

    I’ve been on the 5:2 since the programme originally aired last September. I’ve lost a lot of weight and also experienced a plateau so thought i’d share a few things here (sorry for long post)…

    I’m a 44 year old Male 5’10”, started the diet at 15st 3lbs. I fast on Monday and Thursday and eat an evening meal of 500 calories or less. During the day I don’t snack, and only drink water and black coffee (sometimes I cheat and have semi skimmed milk in the coffee but I’m cutting that out from here on).

    After 5 months I’d got down to 12st 13lbs (loss of 32lbs or just over 2 stone). But ended up putting a few lbs back on due to Xmas and a week’s holiday when I didn’t fast and have plateaued at about 13st 2lbs.

    I’m now through the plateu and am slowly losing weight again but not at the dramatic initial rate. Given that I intend to stay on the 5:2 for life I’m happy if I can only lose 1lb per month from here.

    What I found is that I’d started snacking the night before a fast day, being a night owl I had a tendency to eat around midnight the night before a fast day. In the early days of fasting I didn’t do this. So for me the fast begins after dinner on the night before the fast so that I can get a full 24 hours of fasting in on a fast day.

    Also be mindful of what others have said that a feast day isn’t an “Eat what you like” day, it’s an eat normally day. You can still eat burgers, pub meals, pizza etc… but don’t stuff yourself like a hamster to buffer up for the coming fast. Eat a bit more than usual but don’t gorge yourself.

    Last year I was wearing size XL shirts – yesterday I tried on a size Small shirt while out shopping and it almost fitted apart from it being too tight around the chest (damn those pecs ;-)) – this diet is awesome – thanks Michael, you’re quite literally a life saver 🙂

    Thanks for your tips and story EasifyUK. I think looking upon this as a way of life rather than a quick fix is key. The fact that you only restrict twice a week makes it doable in the long term. Good luck to everyone fasting today. Recipe book coming VERY SOON!!
    We are now being translated for 20 territories, including Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Taiwan…. welcome to all newcomers, let us know how you fare.

    I love what EasifyUK had to say. I have been on the plan now for two full weeks and heading into week three. I have lost 20 pounds so far (yeah I know that seems to be alot compared to some of the other figures I have been seeing on here -although I confess I don’t know how much a stone is in pounds). I seriously needed to lose the weight and the fat- my doctor was all over me about it. Although he has never said the words “pre-diabetic” (my blood sugars have been elevated the last couple of times) and I am on lipitor for high cholestrol. This plan has been amazing (and I do look at it as a plan not a diet-this is a lifestyle change)and not all that difficult to maintain. I added walking a mile and a half 5 times a week to my regime (pretty much the only exercise I get at this point) and have been watching what goes into the mouth on the non fast days. I actually have been calorie counting just to see and it has been fascinating to see that if I eat more smartly I do not exceed my daily allowance. I also don’t stress about weighing myself. I do it once a week on a Sunday morning and that is enough for me to know that I am making progress. I fully suspect at some point I am going to hit a plateau and then I will have to figure out what to do next to keep making progress. I should lose another 15 – 20 pounds. My sage words are . . . keep at it! It works!

    I have read the book twice and almost all of the comments on this blog. I am about to launch myself into this after trying every diet known to mankind. To be honest I am nervous of having 5 days where I don’t count calories in case I go overboard. Reading the comments above I confess I am confused that some people are having great losses and others , despite doing the diet are not losing much or nothing at all.

    @ella S: For people who may not be losing much weight, it may be worth examining how much food they are eating on non-fast days. Michael/Mimi say don’t be obsessed with calorie counting on non-fast days but as a general understanding of what you are actually consuming on a daily basis, it may be worth picking a few random days over the past couple of weeks (including a Sunday), listing everything you ate, and then work out the calories as accurately as possible. You may find that what you thought was acceptable (2000 for woman, 2500 for men) was higher than you expected. This can give you a broad understanding of what you should be consuming on non-fast days.

    Hi everybody, well I’ve just ploughed through all the above as a result of weighing myself today. I’ve just completed my 3rd day of fasting yesterday and today I find I have gained 1lb!! I started after reading the entire book and am very dissappointed. 1)I did this because I hate diets and thought that the “eat what you like” printed on the cover meant just that. I am surprised how many people on here seem quite ok to accept that that is in fact not true. I am not,incidentally, pigging out on non fast days. I find fasting days a nightmare but have steeled myself to get through them only to now be told that you have to watch what you eat 7 days a week!? Kind of defeats the purpose no? That is just like every other diet. I’m not giving up just yet, I will stick at it for another two weeks but if that shows no results then I am going to have a pagan book burning ceremony. Very poor return for what has been a tough few days of starving.

    Have been doing the 5:2 diet for 4 weeks and not lost any weight. I take thyroxine for under active thyroid and HRT after hysterectomy could this be affecting my weight loss. I am so dissapointed as I am desperated to loose weight. Can anyone help x

    I have been doing the fasting diet but I’m wondering…
    I have always had a low caloric intake on my off days, roughly 1000 calories because I have an illness and spend a lot of time in bed. Should I be eating less than 500 calories on my fasting days or will it still work? If I eat more than 1000 calories on my off days, I gain a lot of weight. I think its because of my hypothyroidism even though its controlled by synthroid. I can only eat 1200-1500 calories when I am extremely active. I have just recently started walking on the treadmill and I’m at 30 minutes approximately 5x week. Any help to improve my fat and weight loss is greatly appreciated!

    Dear all, this is my first week. I am 45 and have polycystic ovaries. Always have had weight problems. Am mediterranean, very good nutrition, low calories but still cannot lose weight. I have big hopes with this. I know that my condition is a problem for lots of women but it’s never mentioned on “diet” books for women. Doctor , will this make a difference??? Thanks for reading.

    If his is my second week and I lost 2 lbs, but I seem to be weigh myself the morning after my fast day and my weight had been up. Next day when I eat and I weigh myself after that I lighter. But haven’t moved off the 2 lbs yet.
    But I do feel alert and very in control. I was juicing prior to this, if I sipped all day on my morning juice of veggies with apple of corse water in between could this be preventing me from a complete fast?

    117262. Do not give up and please try not to think in a negative way about this diet if weight loss is slow or none at all in the initial stages. I have lost aprox 12 pounds after 18 fast days. I have found that if I do have late night suppers, a couple of beers each night on my non fast days then my weight creeps up to negate some of my weight loss benefits. However I look at weight loss as a secondary target. It is the other benefits that are more important for me. My blood pressure is good, BMI is falling and I feel better within myself. I am not angelical about this diet, far from it but stick with it, become more aware of what you eat on non fast days and at least give it a couple of months. Good luck with it and keep us informed.

    I have been checking that on my normal day I could be eating only something like 1000 calories without even trying, for example eating soup and salad for lunch and soup again for dinner. Still I have only been putting up weight for the last few months. Should I then make sure that on non-feasting day I eat the 2000 calories even if I don’t need it? Also, I know I’m not over weight so is that the cause? Someone’s told me that the reason I never lose any weight is because I eat too little…

    I’ve been on the Fast diet for 6 months. When I started the diet my cholesterol level had been a steady 4.4 for ten years and now it has risen to 5.1!!!

    Funnily enough I had been 2 stone overweight for at least 10 years and had lost it (very slowly) before I started the Fast Diet. However I must now cut back on the cheese and butter etc that I thought I could eat on my non-fasting days, such a shame!

    i was doing ok – this monday was my 3rd weigh in. I had lost 4Lbs in total (i have 10 pounds to lose, 14lbs would be nice). However at this weeks weigh in I had gone up a pound. It is the week of my period so wondered if it was too do with that. thanks

    Just saw the program on Vermont Public Television. Very interested. I’d very much like to know if Michael’s IGF-1 values have STAYED down since he began the diet. I did some reading in the scientific literature and it seems that long term caloric restriction (while it has all the weight benefits shown) doesn’t have a long term effect on IGF-1. The IGF-1 decreases seem to be more closely related to decreases in protein intake – something potentially very important in protein-addicted 1st-world countries.

    Here’s the link to some of the research I found, comparing long-term caloric restriction, equivalent exercise, and neither. It also then looks at vegan versus higher protein caloric restriction, and then has the caloric restrictors change their percent of protein intake, and finally their IGF-1 drops.

    I have been following the Fast Diet for 5 weeks now. I am happy with the 8 pounds of weight lost. I have lost 3 inches from bust and hips, but the waist has remained the same. Has anyone else had this experience and would welcome any ideas to reduce the waist (yes, I am an apple)! I have increased my activity to walking the doggie 1 to 2 hours 5 days per week. Thank you!

    One more thing, yesterday was a fast day and unfortunately, also a day when I had two root canals done. The pain last evening was very unpleasant, however, this morning it there was no pain! Possibility that fasting helped with the healing?!!

    One more thing, yesterday was a fast day and unfortunately, also a day when I had two root canals done. The pain last evening was very unpleasant, however, this morning there was no pain! Possibility that fasting helped with the healing?!!

    I started eating low carb 2 weeks ago and added intermittent fasting for the last week. I stop eating at 7pm and have nothing but water/tea/coffee until 7pm the following day.
    I follow a continuous pattern of “24hrs on/24hrs off” and am finding it so easy to stick to. The hunger comes in short waves and I just have to distract myself until it passes. Eating low carb tends to kill my appetite anyway which helps a lot.
    As a lifetime comfort eater/binger, I cannot express my relief at finally feeling effortlessly in control of my eating. I feel so energised and clear-headed, no longer needing to sleep in the afternoon.
    Results at end of week 2: I’ve lost a stone in weight and 3in off waist.
    Happy 🙂

    I’ve lost around 6 pounds in 6 weeks with weight fluctuating. I also suffered headaches but since adding one or two coffees with a little skimmed milk I no longer suffer them. I have tended to gorge on non fast days so probably could have lost more. I tend to follow myfitness philosophy of eating back exercise calories. I have noticed a surge in energy and can manage high impact aerobics even on a fast day. I am a 56 year old female. My main reason is the health benefits. When I fast I eat 4 small meals throughout day. Not sure though if it matters how you split your fast day calories.

    Matt has a point here about IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1); it seems more research needs to be done on whether 2 day diets lower IGF-1 in the long term. I don’t think it was measured in Michelle Harvie’s research on her 2 Day Diet either. I spent a bit of time trying to understand how IGF-1 related to weight and breast cancer risk when I wrote my literature review for my PhD the other year (which was on breast cancer risk, vitamin C intake and supplement use). I found it wasn’t straight forward. Oddly, for instance, despite increased levels of IGF-1 being associated with increased weight in overweight women, lower levels of IGF-1 have been found in obese women so it appears levels of IGF-1 cannot explain the increased risk of breast cancer in obese women. There are various other mechanisms by which weight can affect cancer risk so whether or not IGF-1 is lowered in the long term may not be the main marker of risk, insulin sensitivity for instance may be a better marker. Michael said in his book that he didn’t have his insulin sensitivity tested as it’s a test that is hard to do and extremely expensive. More research needs doing on the diet as they state. I think the psychology of the diet is great so I hope it is found to bring lots of health benefits. I’m looking forward to learning more about this topic at the London conference on Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer on the 16/17th April, at which Michelle Harvie will be giving a talk.

    Like cynister I’m apple shaped. Even though my BMI was well within normal range I started this diet because my waist was getting close to half that of my height (78/160cm). I’m pleased to say that within 6 weeks I have lost 4cm around my waist (though only 4lbs in weight). I do a lot of moderate to intense exercise e.g. cycling and running, and therefore would suggest to cynister to try increasing the intensity of your exercise – if its OK to do so, may be by increasing the briskness of your walks if there is scope before progressing onto more intense activities such as swimming or cycling.

    There are a lot of people on here saying the same thing – either getting initial weight loss then going back up as i found myself, or not losing anything or a minimal amount. I’d like to see a post from Mike or Mimi in reply, and not one that just gushes about how well the book is doing in other countries. There is obviously an issue here that needs more research as to why its not working for some. Good reason to have a follow up program Mike!? Over to you now – the silence is deafening….

    Just to say on a more positive note that Mike got back to me and will post an answer by the week end. Im still a big fan of this diet and if they can find out why it doesnt work for what is hopefully a small percentage of people then they’ve got it cracked. In a short space of time, doing this diet has completely changed my relationship with food – for the better. I thought I couldnt have a cup of tea without having a biscuit with it, I now know I can. Im also now more aware of the calories in things like puddings, so much so I wouldnt thank you for a piece of sticky toffee pudding now.not that im never going to have a piece again, but it will be much fewer sugar laden foods I’ll choose more often. Im cooking fresh food more often – and enjoying it better. So, really looking forward to Mike and Mimi finding the last piece of the puzzle for those of us that are faltering. Keep up the great work guys! X


    Can I use The Fast Diet when I have underactivated thyriod, got medicine, 50mcg daily. It is difficult for me to loose weight, before I started this Fast Diet, I was on low calorie diet, 1000-1100 daily for 8 weeks and did loose a little in the beginning, but the last 3 weeks nothing has happened, even though I have been very strict about calorie intake. I started one week ago on The Fast Diet and have been eating 400 cal. on the fasting days and about 1600-1700 on normal days, but nothing has happened yet. So I have been thinking about, if I need another way of using my calories on normal days, that standard – meaning changing daily income from day to day?? Does anybody know anything about that? I have calculated a bit and was thinking about the following to boost my metabolism better:
    2 days of 400 cal.
    2 days of 1200 cal.
    2 days of 1500 cal
    1 day of 1800cal
    All together for one week: 8400/1200 per day.

    Is it completely out of normal thinking?

    I am 54 years old, 168cm and 92 kilo.

    Hoping for help and advice here.

    Pia from Denmark

    hi pist1958 (Pia)

    my wife has underactive thyroid and she’s not losing much either although she has lost fat and her cholesterol has come down so stick with it and see how it goes-

    re pollyc,

    I’ve been doing this for 3 months now and so far very good results -have lost 9kgs and significant cholesterol drop-however for last 2-3 weeks no significant weight loss despite sticking to the diet. My gut feeling is that will need to stick to eating less than 1900 cals per day as my omron scales says and then that might re kick start the diet. I look and feel much better though.

    Hi Briccolone.

    Thanks a lot, I will stick to it, measuring my waist and other areas too – hope it will work in the long run.

    Pia 🙂

    I recommend using MFP app to help make you aware of what your consuming calorie wise on none fast days. I have found it very useful. I’m down 11 pound after 4 weeks and on none fast days I’m not eating as much, it’s almost as though my body is self correcting it self.

    Using the app My Fitness Pal, I realised I was eating on average 3500 calories on my non-fasting days, and have been for the last few years. And I wondered why I wasn’t losing weight, despite fasting for two days, and doing HIT cardio work! Now I eat within a woman’s recommended allowance, and fasting, the weight is falling off. I have always been against calorie counting, so until starting this diet, I had absolutely no idea of how many calories where in foods and drinks, and to honest I am shocked and disgusted At myself for being such a pig. I am also seven months postnatal, had a huge baby by emergency Caesarian, and put on a lot of weight whilst pregnant. I waited until I had stopped breastfeeding before starting this diet. Finally, I have a realistic idea of what I can eat on a non-fast day. You can still eat chocolate, or fish and chips but just need to account for it in your recommend calorie intake. So I think when the book states you can eat what you want on non-fast days, they were right – as long as you stick within the daily allowance. I’m fine with that! Inches have been lost, and my baby tummy is much smaller, clothes feel better and that big double chin is shrinking. I will now go about the rest of my life feeling more informed about food, and let go of all those years of guilty pigging out! Bikini body here I come!

    Dear Michael
    I have watched the documentary a couple of times, but haven’t read your book.
    You mention that Marc? suggested the 5:2 rather than ADF (alternate day fasting). After sharing research on what had been tested so far, you went with something apparently untested.
    Please share more detail regarding the rationale behind the change from what Varady found promising and what Marc suggested you try.

    For those not losing fat, it seems that the ADF was the tested prescription and that which might be adopted toward successful fat loss.

    I have been doing 5:2 for about 12 weeks now – lost about 1st in 7 weeks – nothing budging at all now and I have found it v. v. hard to do when it has been so cold. I know part of the problem is I simply cannot drink tea without sugar but I do drink A LOT MORE water on fasting days.
    However I have another problem. I love veg so do not find it difficult to use them however I seem to get more and more constipated the more I do this diet which is why I have had to give it a rest for a few weeks for my digestive processes to hopefully recover. Can’t understand it as I naturally eat a fair amount of veg on both fasting and non-fasting days. Could it be because I am not a big meat/chicekn/fish eater anyway, and before this “diet” would eat only 2 eggs a month, if that? Now of course I eat 3 or more a week …! Any ideas anyone (PS I am the sort of person who can eat a whole tin of prunes with no adverse effects, likewise brussels sprouts!).

    I have completed 24 fasting days and to date have lost 12 lb. I have been stuck at this loss for several weeks but have not lost heart even though some fast days are still a challenge. I believe the reason for my static weight loss is due to the fact that I do not stick to the recommended daily total calorie intake for men of 2400. I regularly exceed this mainly on an evening eating suppers and some times drinking alcohol even though my consumption is well within guide limits. I know what I have to do to kick start my weight loss and will do so.
    To date I have “banked” a loss of 45,000 calories due to my fast days, calories that my over worked body has benefited from. That has to be a massive positive does it not?. My main advice to all those “Fasters” who are stuck is “stick with it”, look at your none fast days and re-evaluate your eating habits without becoming obsessive with calories on those days. It may be some thing as simple as that. For others I know the reasons will not be so easy. Good luck to you all out there.

    Am I the only one who finds it very strange that some people are dropping weight like water while others similarly situated in terms of weight they need to lose have been struggling (like me)? What people are saying about needing to be “careful” on the non-fast days makes sense, but I find it hard to believe that those who are losing weight are that careful – if they were, they shouldn’t have needed to lose weight in the first place, no? Michael/Mimi – to the extent you have any influence over the research into this diet, please have them examine this phenomenon!

    I am just going onto my 2nd week of the fast diet, i have problems with acid and am on medication, but it has been ok, and ive got through the day without problems. I have lost 4lb. My husband has done this for 10 weeks now and has lost 1 st. At first i didnt want to know about it as i thought i wouldnt manage it, also its so against all the slimming clubs i have done in the past, which say to eat regularly. Even after a week i have started to look at food differently on my eating days, and dont want to over eat, or eat junk food, suppose i just dont want to undo the good i feel i am doing on my fast days. But the biggest difference i have noticed i dont mind going longer periods without eating, as i know i wont come to any harm if i feel hungry and dont eat. Hoping i stick with it, as it really does seem to have clicked, and only serious calorie counting for 2 days a week!

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