Mindful May ☯️ 2024 Challenge

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  • Welcome to the Mindful May ☯️ 2024 Challenge! I’m David – aka funshipfreddie – and I’ve volunteered to host this month. Everyone is welcome to join the monthly Challenges. So whether you’re a fasting veteran, just trying it for the first time, or if you fell off the wagon & are coming back to the fold, you’re invited to spend the next 31 days with us – to create or reinforce some healthy habits, & to maybe discover just how easy it is to reach your goal weight without facing months or years of daily deprivation. Fasting is tried & tested, it’s free (in fact it saves money) & for many of us it’s the only thing that works. We eat what we like – most of the time – & still lose or maintain weight & stay healthy.

    “According to researchers at Brown University School of Public Health, the reason many of us are overweight has more to do with our mind than our body. We make choices on what to eat based on deeply ingrained habits, habits about how food makes us feel, instead of what it does to our body. So the mistake most people make when it comes to weight loss is to simply approach the problem from the perspective of the body, and ignore the role of the mind. A growing body of research has found that mindfulness helps people lose weight and keep it off.” ~ Charles A Francis

    So by combining mindfulness & intermittent fasting we can only increase our chance of successfully losing &/or maintaining weight & having a healthier lifestyle. Mindfulness is a word that’s thrown around a lot lately, especially on social media, & can mean different things to different people. The word is synonymous with meditation, & the formal version refers to sitting & concentrating on an object or sound, or repeating a mantra, with the aim of calming or focusing the mind. Informal mindfulness complements the formal & can be incorporated into any area of daily life. There’s nothing ‘woo-woo’ or mystical about it; it is simply PAYING ATTENTION. So the challenge this month – in addition to committing to a fast day or two per week – is to attempt to incorporate some MINDFUL EATING into our daily lives.

    What is mindful eating? Mindful eating is about using mindfulness to reach a state of full attention to your experiences, cravings and physical cues when eating. It involves:-

    – eating slowly and without distraction.
    – listening to physical hunger cues and eating only until you’re full.
    – distinguishing between true hunger and non-hunger cues for eating.

    From – https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/mindful-eating-guide#what-it-is

    These monthly challenges were started by @coda in May 2016 and have been going strong ever since. Goals can be overwhelming when viewed as a whole. But by breaking them down into small achievable pieces (monthly challenges), we are able to stay focused and motivated to accomplish our goals one step at a time in bite-sized monthly challenges.

    There are no rules, but as a general guide, here are some tips for any new people:

    1. Posting – Please start each post with the day of the month, where you are, and if you’re on a fast day (FD), non-fast day (NFD) or controlled day (CD). We’re all over the world and in different time zones so it helps us keep track of which day we’re talking about, who else is fasting with us on a particular day etc. Look at the various posts, and you’ll soon see the pattern, and will learn how useful it is for reading.

    2. In your first post, please introduce yourself to the group – this helps us to get to know each other, which is especially helpful for newbies. Perhaps say something about where you started, your journey so far, what you’re aiming for or how you are benefiting from fasting. You might like to include your starting weight or your goals for the month. But you don’t have to – share only what you are comfortable sharing online.

    3. Spreadsheet – we will have a spreadsheet available and we will post the link on a separate post when we have it. It will be in alphabetical order by username. If you find it helpful, you can use it to record and track your progress as well as keeping track of how others are doing. It can help with perspective, accountability or planning. And if you need help just ask – there’s always someone happy to help. But you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. It’s just another tool you can use if you choose.

    4. Frequency – Some people post daily, others check in every few days. Some are brief, others are long and chatty. If you’re posting for a second time in the same day please head your post e.g. Day 1 – 2nd Post. Past history shows that posting every day truly does help with motivation for staying on track with your goals, so please don’t feel shy about suddenly posting daily; we love new members!

    5. Content of your post– Comments or questions, complaints or celebration – anything you’d like to share with the forum. Recipes, tips, tricks and bright ideas are always welcome. Remember: we all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon or days when we are hanging on by our fingernails, days when our mojo deserts us and days where we feel completely in control. So DON’T GIVE UP – whatever it is, you are not alone!

    6. Community – This is a worldwide forum so there’s usually someone online. We all do our best to offer advice, support and solidarity

    7. Pocket lists –A ‘pocket list’ is a list of the names of people who are sharing the same goal on a particular day. It’s great psychological support in mentally keeping that list in our back pocket, knowing we’re not alone. Anyone can join a pocket list or start a pocket list. Typical pocket lists are for FD but in the past they’ve been used for people doing daily exercise or planks, or DTF (dry till Friday).

    8. 5:2 basics – answers to many FAQs plus top tips:

    9. The “rule”. The F word is not allowed!! (This is the only time I will use it – but here, the F word is FAIL.). We all stumble in our journey – it happens. But acknowledge it, think about what you can do next time, and continue. We’re all here to help!

    We tend to use a LOT of abbreviations in these posts. Here’s a guide to some of the more frequently used ones:

    5:2 – 5 days NFD – 2 days FD
    16:8 – 16 hours fast – 8 hours non fast
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    ADF – Alternate Day Fasting (FD – NFD – FD – etc)
    AF – Alcohol-free
    B2B – Back to Back (consecutive FDs)
    BMR – Basal metabolic Rate
    CFD – Controlled Food Day (a day’s eating comfortably below your TDEE)
    DH, DD, DS – Darling Husband, Daughter, Son
    DTF – Dry ’til Fri (no wine, beer, etc.)
    EE – Emotional Eating (reflex grazing out of a need for instant comfort instead of satisfying hunger)
    EFS – Epic Face Stuffing (Definitely due to a faulty OFF button!)
    FD – Fast Day (500 cals)
    FD800 – Fast Day 800 calories
    Hunger Dragon – that dreadful psychological beast that sometimes cannot be satisfied. Some people even name theirs (e.g. @i-hate-lettuce had an inner warthog!)
    IF – Intermittent Fasting
    Keto – way of eating that generates Ketones
    KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!
    LC – Low Carb way of eating
    LCHF – Low Carb High Fat way of eating
    LFD – Liquid Fast Day (incl. tea, coffee, miso, bone broth & water)
    LOL – Laughing Out Loud
    M/WOAM – Man/Woman on a Mission (courtesy of @i-hate-lettuce)
    MFD – Modified Fast Day (800 cals) on the new Fast800, it’s a FD
    MFP – MyFitnessPal – a smartphone app & website that tracks diet & exercise.
    NFD – Non Fast Day
    OH – Other Half (eg spouse/partner)
    OMAD – One Meal A Day
    PFDS – Post FD Smugness (courtesy of moi!)
    Pocket List – Names to “keep in your pocket” for a common goal for the day
    TDEE – Total Daily Energy Expenditure (see the ‘how it works’ link on the home page to work out yours)
    TRE – Time Restricted Eating
    WFD – Water Fast Day (Water only)
    WFH – Working From Home
    WOL – Way of Life
    WOCA – Woman Of a Certain Age
    ZBC – Zero Breakfast Club

    Wishing everyone a successful Mindful May Challenge!

    “Greater in battle than the man who would conquer a thousand-thousand men, is he who would conquer just one – himself.” ~ Buddha

    I’ll be there on Wednesday 👍 thanks for hosting end setting up the challenge @funshipfreddie 👏

    Day 0 – USA/GA

    I’m here and committed for May. Got to get out of the 230s this month for good.

    Day 1 – Ireland – FD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶‍♂️ 🌾
    Starting – 154.5lbs ⚖️

    Thank you @funshipfreddie for setting up a mindful month… I need it so much.
    @stitchincarol my gosh! I hope you are well and that the tests bring reassurance but good to cut back on any extra pressure for the moment.

    My intro for the new folk and welcome back to anyone who is up to come back this month! Hi @songbirdme 💕💕

    The first challenge I joined was October 2017…and I’ve been intermittently fasting in all senses of that phrase 😂 since. Sometimes it’s hard to do but you fall off and you just climb back on again… 🧗‍♂️

    My name is a little play on words as I am a french speaker so “J’ai faim” means “I’m hungry” but also stands for Just Another Intermittent Fast And I’ll Maintain…it makes me smile 😊

    I recently reached my ideal weight (155 lbs) but maintenance is hard and I bob up again after holidays etc. I’ll get to 155lbs again this month and ideally down to 152 this year – then bob between 152 and 155lbs forever and ever. 💪 I thought I might have cracked it last month and stayed in that zone but it wasn’t to be…

    I love being outdoors even in our lovely Irish weather and cycle, walk, swim in the sea. I do some strength work too but that’s fallen by the wayside in the past few months.

    I stay away from alcohol 🚫 most of the time and have reduced added sugars ✅ and eat gluten free 🌾 because of intolerance symptoms – headaches mostly no gut issues. I’ve recently fallen back into the habit of more sugar and it is doing me zero favours so that’s the focus this month too.

    I have two auto immune conditions and the above foods definitely cause flare ups if I take them in … along with hormone deficiencies now due to my age. My little icons help me to stick to clean nutrition.

    But….. life is for living and like others I tend to have one blowout (EFS) day a week where I might have some treats like crisps etc.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list Day 1 🧘‍♀️

    Day 1 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.3 kg

    May 1st! And a public holiday in South Africa – ‘Workers Day’. Which is kind of a non-entity when you live in a retirement complex. The line-dancing will take place as usual 😅 I’m currently maintaining, after starting 5:2/IF in 2014 & joining the Challenges in 2018

    Oh crikey, @stitchincarol?! I was gob-smacked when I read your post? So you still don’t know for sure what happened on March 21st? It must have been a very mild one if it was a heart attack? Coincidentally, I’m going to see a cardiologist in a couple of weeks. I had a stress test about 18 months ago, which I passed. But I read recently that an artery can be blocked by up to 70% & the stress test won’t be a problem. So I’m hoping to get a coronary calcium scan just to be sure.

    Remember – it’s ‘Mindful May’. So try the 5 S’s:-
    Sit, slow down, savour, simplify, and smile: These are the basic tenets of mindful eating, and with some practice, they’ll become second nature before you know it. “Sit down when you eat,” advises Susan Albers, (author of ‘End Emotional Eating’) “It sounds easy, but you’ll be surprised at how often you eat while standing. We eat 5 percent more when standing. Slowing down helps break down the food and gives you time to contemplate each bite”.

    Fun Food Facts:-

    The Domino’s co-founder traded his shares for a Volkswagen:- One year after opening, James Monaghan, a co-founder, traded his half of the shares for a used VW. 38 years later, the other co-founder, Tom Monaghan, sold his shares for $1 billion.

    Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day:- The only reason this became a popular idea, is because a company called General Foods used this as a marketing campaign in 1944. They coined the phrase to sell more of their cereal Grape Nuts. The campaign stated that “Nutrition experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

    It’s impossible to cook an egg on a sidewalk. The highest temperature ever recorded was 131 Fahrenheit (55 C). In order to cook an egg on a sidewalk, it would need to be 158 degrees (70 C).

    “A month from now you can either have a month of progress or a month of excuses for why you haven’t” ~ Unknown

    Day 1 UK f800

    Thank you @funshipfreddie for guiding us I really like the 5S idea and I’m going to implement this month as much as I can

    A bit about me – 62F living on the south coast of England with DH 2 adult sons one nearby one in London

    Been losing and putting back on the same 20lbs forever – sometimes very quickly sometimes they’ve stayed off for years Had a serious health issue last year which has made me determined to be as healthy and happy as I can , managed to lose most of the extra weight in Jan/Feb and March and April have seen mixed results but I only have 5or so lbs to lose and I’m more interested in adopting a healthier sustainable lifestyle

    Have a very busy May lined up holidays , weddings and sadly a funeral so if I can drop a lb or 2 I’ll be happy Looking forward to our shared journey

    @stitchincarol Oh my – what a few weeks you must have had , good news that the test so far are looking good , I think you’ve earned that break from teaching this month ,please do look after yourself 💕
    The funeral is 23/05 and yes FIL will be attending albeit in a wheelchair

    I’m travelling again tomorrow so may not be able to check in but see you all soon

    Day 1-No. VA USA-FD

    Happy to be joining up for Mindful May, and thank you to @funshipfreddie for hosting. Yesterday was supposed to be a FD 800 but ended up being more like a 1200 calorie day, so not a disaster, but not a “mindful” eating day, either. Would like to be able to shed a few pounds this month. With the nice weather, gardening should help with the physical activity part.
    I am a 73 yr old physician (pediatrics), still working 4 1/2 days per week, hoping to retire by next year. Started fasting in 2017 and lost 23 # at the time, but over the next 2 yrs, weight drifted back on due to non-compliance. So far, since January of 2024, I have lost 15 #, so I am heading the right way. Another 8-10 # to go, however. Somewhat stagnated the past two weeks. Avoiding bread and crackers and other deliciousness like that has helped a lot. Also very little alcohol in the past three months seems to have helped.

    By the way, @funshipfreddie, I did the cardiac calcium screening last year and it was so quick and simple (even though it involved the CTscanner) I was amazed.( I got a good report, which was also nice, since there is a family history of hardening of the arteries and heart disease.). @stichincarol, will they do a cardiac calcium scan in your case?
    @jaifaim, I did notice your mention of the dreaded “crisps”. They are always lurking….Salt and vinegar, my favorite, though I will eat any kind….

    Our community here is helpful and engaged in supporting each other. We will stay on the wagon and continue our downward journey together!

    Day 1 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 229 lbs. Thank you, @funshipfreddie, for hosting Mindful May. I definitely need to be more mindful about what food and drink do to my body vs. how it makes me feel at the moment and the economics of food (not buying junk, not feeling obligated to “eat up” extra unhealthy stuff, etc.)

    @stitchincarol Take care of your whole self during this Mindful May.

    @brightonbelle Your determination is inspiring. I need to get serious about losing about 60 more lbs over the next few years.

    Today will either be a WFD or, more like, a FD500. Tomorrow, I have a waffle brunch sponsored by a work colleague. From what I’ve read, I should probably start my day with some avocado and maybe a boiled egg to make me go into that feeling full.

    My goal for May is probably 222 lbs. I was happy to see that my weigh-in today is 229 whereas in April it was 236. Of course, on April 1, that was the culmination of about two weeks of no fasting due to illness and conference events. Still, that’s some progress! My true goal this month is to say good-bye to the 230s (again) and try to zip quickly over the next couple of months firmly back into the 210s.

    Pocket list – day 1

    Day 1 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 159.6

    First time I’ve hit the 150s after the first WF of the week, so that’s further evidence I’m actually making progress. My eating truly has been more restrained recently, so it’s nice to see evidence/results.

    Thanks, everyone, for the commiseration. The doctor is going to call this week after he’s had a chance to analyze the pictures from the dye I got on Monday, and we’ll make plans then for what’s next. If my heart would just stop pounding, I’d be much happier; my pulse used to be in the 60s/low 70s most of the time, but it’s been extremely eratic for over a month, and generally in the 90s and for awhile even 105-115. NOT a pleasant feeling. So I’ll keep undergoing the recommended tests, and cutting back on the stress, which has truly been rather intense for several months. I’ve always chosen busy and occupied, but it’s never felt stressful before…

    I’m no longer seeing the point of an introduction, LOL, since we get so few people in total, and even fewer newbies, but: I’m 65F, married to a pastor, 3 adult kids, 3 granddaughters, musician/knitter/quilter/gardener/cook/eater. Happy. About 25 pounds heavier than I’d like to be.

    Today will be consumed with more preparation for the hymn fest. I’d like to say I’ll eat mindfully–great phrase to use, @funshipfreddie!–but my mind is only so big and I’m truly consumed with the hymn fest prep, so… For example, I’ve been practicing the Malotte Lord’s Prayer in Eb for my soloist to sing, but now a baritone is going to sing it this Sunday for Confirmation, and he needs it in G, so I HAVE TO PRACTICE IT IN TWO DIFFERENT KEYS SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    Okay, that was me releasing the stress! 🤣 The daughter of the visiting baritone said “All Carol would need to do is play it.” ?!?!?!?!?!? Rather like saying all someone would have to do is climb Mt. Everest. Well, maybe not, but that thing is not simple, and if you’re passionate about playing all the notes (such a concept, eh?) and only the correct notes (even more novel, right?), it takes some serious attention.

    I’ll quit complaining now.

    Do you all know the piece I’m talking about? I went to look for a link and was surprised to find one from a church in Lincoln I’ve gone to for concerts; the soloist sings this beautifully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbrTja5L0NU The pianist makes some mistakes, skips beats, and omits notes on the last part. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Okay, that’s a glimpse into my life right now, but you all have your own lives, so I’ll just quit now. At some point this morning, I’ll make a plan for today’s food.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    Nice to be back in the fold once more – Definitely hoping to be more mindful this month – thanks for setting up the challenge @funshipfreddie

    April was a bad month for me – lost several friends – my next door neighbour, the husband of a volunteer friend, a very dear friend from Suffolk who was only 56 and today was the funeral of my daughter’s MIL.

    I definitely lost my way last month and the weight has taken an upward trajectory…….sadly weighing in at 65.3kg this morning much to my shame 😳 this is the highest I have been since 2016!!!!! I have to take back control before I’m back where I started from many years ago……..

    @stitchincarol – goodness me – reading your post reaffirmed that we need to look after ourselves. it sounds like they are not 100% sure if you had a heart attack….I hope that the tests bring reassurance 🤗
    @brightonbelle – so sad to read that you lost your MIL recently……thinking of you & your DH 🤗

    I lost track of what happened to everyone over April but hoping everyone is well and will appear on this challenge as we go along……

    This month I promise myself to be more mindful, to log in daily, to stay within TDEE on NFDs, to complete 2 good old-fashioned 500call FDs each week – I must also cut back on the wine intake, which more often than not causes my descent into overeating 🥲

    This Mindful May I will be reminding myself that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. and when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    2nd Post – Day 1 🧘

    Pocket list – Day 1
    @brightonbelle FD800

    USA. Day 1. FD

    Almost forgot that we are in a new month! LOL. Hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂

    Day 2 NZ FD 74.4kg

    Y’day I fell out of bed and left the house in 5 mins to join up with my Mangawhau Mount Eden walkers. Manga is Māori for mountain.
    Intro: I’m Mary, 66 and on my second run at 5:2. The first was in 2018. This time I’m on my way to my goal of 70kg or under. I had friends say last night don’t loose any more weight because your face will get too thin but I’m hoping the next weight/volume loss is going to magically disappear from my hips and midriff!! A younger friend came over in size 29 boot cut Levi jeans in the weekend and I thought to myself, she’s a nice size. I’ll aim to get to a 29 (I’m in a 32 at the moment) and let’s face it, if I am too thin it’s easy to add weight on!! Two sizes is the equivalent of 10kg… Time will tell!!
    I’m a reg nurse, have a FA degree and am currently organising the archive and upcoming exhibitions for my DH who died in 2021. He has an exhibition on at The Mayor Gallery, St James, London at present. My darling wee Westie, Macintosh crossed the rainbow bridge a month ago aged 16. His dear friend Paisley the Scottie always sits on his grave amongst the ferns when she comes over to visit. My aunt died two weeks ago, so like you, @at I am adjusting to loss and aiming for being healthy and fit. @brightonbelle I’ll be thinking of you and your FIL this coming week as you prepare for your MIL’s funeral🙏
    @stitchincarol It’s great to hear you’re feeling good despite recent events and have lightened your work load. Well done on making it into the 150s. Do take care and I hope your test results don’t show up anything too significant.
    I listened to your beautiful Lord’s Prayer focusing on the piano and didn’t notice anything untoward!! Except his page turning. I hope you have someone to do that for you!!
    @funshipfreddie It’s great to have you at the helm and have us focus on mindful eating. On reflection I am a bit inclined to eat lunch especially, standing up grazing, which means I don’t prepare a proper plate of food. I am going to commit to do this and sit up at the table!
    The purple is a standard colour from sheets so your computer screen colours may be tuned to be pinker???
    @excelsior12309 Well done you!! Those summer clothes will suddenly fit and you’ll have extended your wardrobe at no extra cost!!
    @ccco I imagine you basking in the sunshine with your renovations finished looking fit and fabulous!!
    @northgeorgia Great to hear that RESOLVE!!
    I can’t remember who said it (probably @flourbaby!) and it made me laugh at the time because I don’t like to throw out food either… It was along the lines of “I’m not a bin!!” That should go on our list – INAB
    The YouTube video you posted is so interesting. I need to watch it again to take it all in.
    @jaifaim It’s great you’re hovering in your maintenance zone! Is a bag of crisps the equivalent of an EFS??? Mind you, it might be the family-sized bag🤣. I have never got into the habit of eating crisps and don’t think to go to their isle in the supermarket, purely because they are and have always been salty empty calories😋… but like you say, life is for the living! My Achilles heels are EtOH and cheese scones💘 – just writing this on a FD is making me salivate!!
    We went to a Vietnamese French pastry café in the weekend after walking dogs on the beach and I had a perfect Canelé – what bliss!!
    @songbirdme Great to hear from you and I’m thinking your build and move could finally be nearing completion… I hope so!!
    @leoniraats A 1.7kg loss for the month is fantastic especially with everything you are dealing with. Remember to listen to your body and if you’re super tired, take time out and rest up. This WOL is all about sustainability.
    @flourbaby How is the house purchase going? I hope no news is good news!!
    I’m hoping all our absent good friends are hovering and will join us on the restart this month – @penz, @daffodil12309, @lilymartin, @fastingnurse, @maui and anyone else!!

    FD Pocket List🥑

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    My 1st Mindful May day wasn’t too disciplined. I got invited to yet another lunch after the line-dancing. It was a tuna bake + salad. I know that doesn’t sound too exciting, but it was incredible, & I had seconds 😋 Followed by fruit & ice cream. My neighbours are determined to fatten me up 😳

    @at – welcome back!

    @jaifaim – I’m really good at quitting bad habits & then quickly finding a substitute bad habit, almost without even realising it. After I quit drinking I started having a bag of crisps (a regular 36 g one) almost every day. I haven’t touched them for months now though, apart from a few at Christmas.

    @northgeorgia – the waffle brunch sounds good. And dangerous! 222 – you can do it 💪

    @excelsior12309 – thanks for the info re the calcium screening test. Good to know it’s quick & simple. I’m hoping that = cheap too, or that my med aid covers the cost 🤞

    @brightonbelle – safe travels 🚄 🧳️

    @stitchincarol – hoping you get some answers soon. I’m aiming to virtually eliminate caffeine this month, after reading ‘Caffeine Blues – Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America’s #1 Drug’ by Stephen Cherniske. It’s about 25 years old, but it really makes you think. He says caffeine can be especially dangerous for older people, women (there’s a chapter just on caffeine & women’s health) & for people who’re stressed out.

    @merryapple – The pink can stay – I’m not messing with my laptop’s settings 😱 Last month I somehow switched to a ‘dark theme’ & it took me a week to figure out how to switch it back 🙄

    The 8 most mindful foods:-

    Simple trick to boost weightloss from fasting:-

    Tonight I’ll be eating extra-slowly at dinner, & reminding myself that I’m nourishing my body – not loading the washing machine 😅
    Hoping some of our absent friends rejoin us this month 👀

    Fun Food Facts:-

    Hot chocolate tastes better out of an orange cup. Depending on how you serve something, it can scientifically change your perception of taste. Scientists had 57 volunteers try hot chocolate out of white, cream, red, and orange cups. It was the same hot chocolate, but the volunteers preferred the orange cup.

    The original Margherita was colour-coded. The Margherita pizza was made to represent the Italian flag – basil for green, tomatoes for red, & mozzarella for white

    Not eating before bed burns fat. If you eat an early dinner or skip dinner altogether, it increases the amount of fat a person burns while they’re sleeping.

    Pocket List – Day 2 🥑

    Day 2 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 227 lbs. Going to have my light breakfast with high protein and fat this morning to hopefully reduce the effect of the waffle monsters to come 🙂 But bring it on, May! Time to get out of the 230s!

    Day 2, London, UK, NFD

    Phew!!! That first step up onto the wagon seems to be a tad higher than usual, but here I am!!!!

    Thank you @funshipfreddie for grabbing the reins! It’s been a wee while since I posted. I’m a few weeks into the house buying process which means I have to get my affairs in order and try to do the same for my mum😥

    I’m hoping to get her garden and house renovated for rental whilst still living there, it’s tricky when you’re working full time!!! Anyway, WFH tomorrow so the back garden (jungle) can be cleared, including cutting trees down and demolishing the shed. All of the work to be done would have been too distressing for my mum had we attempted it whilst she was with us. It’ll be hard to let go of some things, but easier when I know I have my own house (and new start) on the horizon.

    Anyway, I’ve been fasting on and off, but the vino has crept back into my routine, so, not only is it Mindful May, but Wine Slay May too (that is truly the best I could do!!!😬)

    @stitchincarol, wow, you’ve had an eventful end to April. I hope your results are positive …………… or is that negative? You know what I mean!! Keeping it ALL crossed!!!🙏🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼

    @at, you’ve also had an eventful April. So sorry to hear of your numerous losses. Truly sad times.🙏🏼 Like you, I lost track of everyone over April, I hope everyone is doing well, I’m sure I’ll catch-up by the end of the week.

    @brightonbelle, so sorry to hear your news too, I hope you and your DH will be able to offer your FIL same comfort.🙏🏼

    I’m aiming to be mindful, take my time, chew slooowly and eat at the dinner table with sparlking water in my wine glass!! I may have to kick start things with a week of FD800’s starting on Day 4, we’ll see ……………….. one day at a time!!

    Keep the faith folks!!
    “So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow”

    Day 2 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    I was awake for four hours in the night, and so slept later than works for my day when I finally fell asleep again, and I still have the headache that I’ve thrown Excedrin at twice, so need to take my migraine med…some days get off to a truly inauspicious start, don’t they? I’ll be fine, but I have next to no chatter.

    @merryapple I’ve been thinking of you and missing your chatter; I’m glad you’re back.

    @flourbaby Same for you, and I wish I could come help you clear out your jungle–um, your back yard.

    @at What heartache you suffered in April! Hugs to you as you slowly cope.

    Yesterday–May Day–many of us at church talked about Kimberly who always brought May Baskets to the older women of the congregation–and to the pastor’s wife (me, of course). She died of cancer almost ten years ago now, and it still aches, so I know healing from such loss isn’t fast, and is never complete. ❤️

    “I can do anything for five months, and I’m much too smart to be the only thing standing in my way.”

    2nd Post – Day 2

    Pocket List – Day 2 🥑
    @stitchincarol – WFD

    Day 2 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.
    Hi all! A late check in from me but keeping the habit.
    Very busy days right now so I have not read all the posts but I’ve spotted your post @at and am so very sorry for your losses… what a very sad month of April you had…I’m so glad you are back with us 💕
    I’ll be on again in the morning.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 2 – UK – NFD

    Beautiful wam day, felt like summer here – morning aerobics class, a lovely walk and an evening pilates class

    I forgot that I had my monthly Book Club meeting which involved supper and a glass of wine with a wonderful view, overlooking Lake Windermere, no FD today but tomorrow will definitely be a FD!

    Day 3 NZ NFD 73.9kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    It’s cold… 12c inside when I got up. I joined the gang on the morning Mangawhau walk to get out of the house and warm up…
    I made a big pot of dahl last night after dinner and might have snuck some rather late in the evening 🙂‍↕️
    @stitchincarol I don’t seem to have much chatter this morning other than how much I want to eat a big cheese scone or three when it’s cold…
    @flourbaby I too am pledging to sit up at the table… However I was halfway through lunch before I realised I was grazing on leftovers standing up… I did sit down but am reflecting on “I am not a bin”! I need to prepare a plate of food😬, sit down and eat with a knife and fork…


    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.5 kg 🎯

    A kilo & a half down after a classic FD. I don’t usually weigh myself until after a FD, but I was curious to see how much damage I’d done after a mindless Wednesday. So much for practising what you preach 🤦‍♂️

    @merryapple – 12 C indoors?! The weather’s a bit topsy-turvy here, considering it’s late autumn. We’re having a mini heatwave today. Expected to reach 32 C, 10 degrees higher than yesterday 🥵️

    @flourbaby – great to hear from you! I hope all goes well with the house/garden reno. ‘Wine Slay May’ 😅 Go for it!

    @stitchincarol – hoping you got a decent night’s sleep & that you’re feeling brighter today 🤗

    Some good mindful eating tips here from the Harvard Health blog:- https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/10-tips-for-mindful-eating-just-in-time-for-the-holidays-201511248698

    Fun Food Facts:-

    The Columbian Exchange changed the course of food. Until Christopher Columbus started the worldwide spread of plants and seeds, there were no oranges in Florida and no bananas in Ecuador. Not only this, but there were no potatoes in Ireland, no coffee in Colombia, no pineapples in Hawaii – the list goes on!

    There are more Indian restaurants in London than in Mumbai or Delhi.There are around 15,000 restaurants in the U.K., with most of them being in major cities, specifically London. And while they serve Indian food, most of the owners are of Bangladesh descent.

    Americans eat millions of pounds of peanut butter.
    Each year, Americans consume enough peanut butter to coat the floor of the Grand Canyon – 500 million pounds to be exact!

    Happy Fri-yay! 🍹

    Day 3 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 230 lbs. Night of little sleep after the waffle brunch, though. So, happy in general. Gotta run.

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 161.6

    I’m quite taken aback by my weight this morning. My WF yesterday ended up including 6 or 7 shrimp and one slice cheese; I was horribly hungry, and had an intense choir practice ahead of me to lead, and decided the few calories and protein of shrimp would be a good choice. But not dipping into the 150s is weird. Oh well, I can’t control the scale, but I can (in theory, at least!) control what I eat, and I ate well yesterday.

    Today will be tough, however. We have a baptism at 6:15 tonight, and then are invited to join the family in the fellowship hall for pizza–not a food conducive to a lower scale reading the next morning! 😉

    My mind is racing with hymn fest details (lost another singer yesterday–long story, but quite reasonable–and, astonishingly, gained two tenors to replace the one I lost, so in theory it’s fine. In theory.) and just need to get at it.

    It’s foggy outside with clear evidence of sunshine lighting up everything–very pretty. So I think I’ll just stare out the window for awhile and enjoy the view and the peace and then leap up and start knocking things off my list.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    USA. Day 3. FD

    Whew! I am exhausted! I always have too much spring gardening every year! It’s finally done, so I am back! 🙂

    One good thing about this time of year is that I am so physically busy that losing weight. becomes much easier. I am done 2 lbs. Now, I hope those 2 lbs. will stay down. They probably will, since all this work is so exhausting that I am not hungry! :0

    Hope you all had a great day! I will have to read your emails later, as I am just too tired to even keep my eyes open!

    Day 4 NZ extra FD 74.9kg

    I did two dog walks Y’day, the second steering us to my favourite Burger joint… After a burger, shared chips and two glasses of beer, here I am today on an extra FD! Oh well it was fun!! This morning I walked up our manga (volcanic cone) with the gang in charge of Paisley the Scottie. She disappeared into the long green grass mouse hunting then bounced over the grass along to the next spot. She is such a character and still goes and sits on top of Macintosh when she visits 🖤
    @ccco I’m going to do some gardening now to avoid the kitchen!!
    @stitchincarol I do think day to day weighing is a bit fickle in terms of a genuine result but hang in there – your WF will bear fruit! I do it in an attempt to keep myself under control…!
    I’m channelling you@northgeorgia with a 1 on 1 off FD x 3 or is it 3 x FDs in a row that you can do… That is a bridge too far for me!!
    @funshipfreddie 1.5kg PFDS is pretty darn good!!

    FD Pocket List

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Yesterday was a scorcher, & it went as high as 36 C! I still managed to exceed 8000 steps though, mostly by walking around a nice, air-conditioned mall. Back to normal today, & predicted to reach a balmy 23. I finally got out my yoga mat, after promising myself I’d practise every day of the month. Better late than never, eh? But I think I’ll have to do it in the bedroom in future. Boo Boo thinks I want to play whenever I’m stretched out on the floor, & she climbs on top of me 😼

    @ccco – good for you after all the gardening & the 2 lb down! No point in ‘hoping’ they’ll stay down though – you have to make them. You’re the boss 💪 Stay away from those kiddie treats 😅

    @merryapple – a Saturday FD! Go for it 🎯

    I can’t read the Michael Mosley column without subscribing to Mail+, but maybe some other forum members will be able to read it:-

    Boost your health by munching 30 different plants per week:-

    Fun Food Facts:-

    Sound can influence the taste of your food. High-frequency sounds enhance the sweetness in food, while low frequencies bring out the bitterness.

    Death row inmates in Texas don’t get to pick their last meal
    An inmate on death row requested a ridiculous meal costing hundreds of dollars. He then ate none of it because “he wasn’t hungry”. After this, the state legislators asked to end the tradition of allowing inmates to request their final meal.

    Australians eat the most meat. Coming in at a whopping 200 pounds per person every year, Australians take first place, but are still closely followed by Americans.

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌤 🌈

    Day 4 UK NFD

    The suns out ! Not quite the SA temperatures but we’ve very rarely seen the sun this year so I’m planning a lovely long walk across the South Downs today

    I’m aiming for a reasonable weekend and then a super good week next week , will catch up on last few days posts over a lovely coffee ☕️

    May the 4th be with you 🚀

    Day 4-No. VA USA-FD 800

    After very warm, sunny week, the weekend here is predicted to be 20 degrees cooler and somewhat rainy. Perhaps a bit of garden work will happen, or hanging some of my orchids outside in the trees for the summer. Weight is stable, not going down, but not going up, either, so that’s a plus. More exercise would help, I am sure! Am generally avoiding alcohol and my beloved breads…that helps too.

    Good weekend to all.

    2nd Post – Day 4

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍌
    @excelsior12309 FD800

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 229 lbs. @stitchincarol More than just food affects my weight, I find. If I don’t get enough sleep or am super stressed (not always in the negative sense — it can just be having lots of things on my plate), I gain a little or in any case don’t lose any. When things get less hectic, you’ll bounce back.

    @funshipfreddie It makes me wonder if it weren’t for ultra-processed foods if Australians wouldn’t be the healthiest people around 🙂 I hear the Argentine diet is full of beef and not as much UPFs. I wonder how their health statistics compare to Australia (and the US, UK, SA, etc.) It makes me think about it, because the junk food epidemic has really established itself in Mexico.

    Just doing a quick search online, I found studies such as this: BMC Public Health. 2020; 20: 162. Published online 2020 Feb 3. “Coronary heart disease mortality is decreasing in Argentina, and Colombia, but keeps increasing in Mexico: a time trend study” C. Arroyo-Quiroz,1,2 T. Barrientos-Gutierrez,corresponding author1 M. O’Flaherty,3 M. Guzman-Castillo,3 L. Palacio-Mejia,4 E. Osorio-Saldarriaga,5 and A. Y. Rodriguez-Rodriguez5

    A few FDs coming up, starting tomorrow!

    USA. Day 4. FD

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍌
    @excelsior12309 FD800

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE, my inability to read your articles seems to have something to do with accepting ads, so I did. Yet, it still won’t let me read them.

    Merryapple, good for you with the gardening. I am happy with anything that makes me forget food! I am over expecting now. I was disappointed I didn’t gown another two pounds today!!

    Excelsior12309, I live in the next state north of you and our weather has made the same change. While I enjoyed the 80s temperatures last week, it was a little too much too soon. I would like it to stop raining every weekend, though! 🙁

    Have a great day, everyone! 👍

    USA. Day 4 FD

    I just had to weigh-in on the meat conversation. You are all right about how much meat Americans eat. We even have equated eating beef as being more masculine, i.e., Texas barbecues and steak! However, we have quietly cut down and our restaurants show that. Now when we order a steak in a restaurant, we no longer have a choice between a 12 oz. or 8 oz. piece. I actually look at that size now and ask myself how on earth did we eat that size!!! LOL. I can’t do that now. I am overwhelmed! 🙂

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hi all! Another late check in – lots to do and not enough time to properly catch up on posts.
    Friday weight was 153.6 which I was super happy with.
    I’ll be back… just one of those times where life gets in the way of posting…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Urgh, I’m not in the mood for a FD; seems like 5 minutes since the last one. Maybe a FD800. Anyway, I’m clinging to the thought of Monday morning PFDS. Maybe a walk in the sunshine will lift my mood.

    @northgeorgia – I saw on another thread recently that someone commented on the obesity rate in Mexico. They’d returned there for a holiday after many years & couldn’t believe the difference. Although the same could probably be said about most countries compared to a few decades ago. Half of all adults in South Africa are either overweight or obese, & obesity is expected to increase by another 10% by 2030. So the problem is going nowhere soon; people will get bigger & the drug-pushers & junk-food manufacturers will get richer. Unless everyone just starts fasting?! 🤔

    @ccco – it looks like our free news reading days are numbered. It’s the same here with online news sites. They want everyone to subscribe. So for local news I usually read a newspaper the old-fashioned way, for ‘free’ at my local cafe 😀

    Fun Food Facts:-

    Some produce in the US is too ugly to sell. Specifically, a whopping 40% of produce grown is never sold just because it’s too ugly. Because consumers won’t buy imperfect fruits or veggies, grocery stores, in turn, refuse to stock them.

    Astronauts ate food grown in space for the first time in 2015. Specifically, on August 10th, 2015, NASA astronauts sampled red romaine lettuce that was growing in a specially designed chamber. The fact that food can now be grown in space means we can explore space for longer without running out of food supplies.

    California is the world’s 5th largest supplier of food. In spite of its struggles with droughts, California is also one of the leading irrigation water users in the U.S. – probably to supply all of the food it grows.

    I hope everyone has/had a pleasant S🌞nday. Feel free to jump on the list!

    Pocket List – Cinco de Mayo 🇲🇽

    Day 5 – UK – NFD
    Day 4 – NFD
    Day 3 – FD

    Friday went out with my regular walking group – weather forecast was warm, mostly cloudy and no rain until later in the day and that proved to be the case – DD came for a visit in the afternoon as she needed to see the optician to pick up her new glasses – it was nice to catch up after her MIL’s funeral on Wednesday

    I had a sore throat on Friday evening but didn’t think much of it – woke up after a restless night feeling like I had a bad cold coming on with a thumping headache – no COVID tests at home so went out to get some and 🥲 but not unexpected tested positive – a friend who had been away on a European cycling trip gave a lift to yoga on Monday night and rang me on Tuesday morning to say that he had tested positive so that’s where I got it from

    Now feeling a bit rough and sorry for myself with sore throat, headache, general body ache and sinus symptoms continue

    Trying to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated….

    Day 5 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 230 lbs. Get ready, because by the end of this month, I am hoping to no longer see a 230 number pop up 😉 This week is a little difficult, but I can load up my FDs on the front end, so I’ll do a WFD today, then two FD500 OMAD days. That’s the plan!

    Pocket List – Cinco de Mayo 🇲🇽

    USA. Day 5. FD

    Pocket List – Cinco de Mayo 🇲🇽

    Ugh! I have been sick for over a week! :). It does help to keep the quantity of food I eat down but I am tired of staying indoors. I got sicker while gardening, even though those days were warm and sunny, but it has been rainy and cold ever since! I really like to take a nice walk outside on a warm sunny dat!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend and, FUNSHIPFREDDIE, I am missing your links to the Mail! 🙁

    Day 6 – FD – South Africa 🇿🇦
    Hi everyone.
    Sorry for not chatting so much.
    The new job is great but so hectic. I want to fall asleep by 18h30 every day. I try to wake up at 4 to exercise but I’m too tired. I’m barely able to wake in time to get ready for work. I don’t get a lot of steps since there’s not that much walking and I’m in a lot of meetings taking minutes etc. I struggle with my water intake and I’m stress eating again because of the back-to-back deadlines. It’s OK, I’m sure I’ll get there. Over weekends I just do nothing. No energy at all. Guess I’m saving for the week ahead. Anyway chat soon. I didn’t read the posts a just had a quick to see how you’re doing @merryapple.youre doing great. You are going to be in your 72s before you know it.

    Good luck all.

    Pocket list 🍎

    Day 6 NZ FD 74.0kg

    We’re on a cold snap with grey rain clouds blowing over. The sun when it’s out is quite warm still. I spent y’day walking around the boat marina in the downtown (where the Amercas Cup was held) along with lots of others enjoying the warm sun and cool air.
    My FD finishes soonish. I am going to have an early dinner then plan to avoid the kitchen… I need to put in a concerted effort 🤐 to lose 1+ kg this month… I am pleased with my exercise. The trick will be to be successful with both fasting and exercise not one or other…
    @at I was going to say what bad luck getting Covid but sadly it’s not about luck… I hope your dose isn’t too bad and it doesn’t come with the sting in the tail that it sometimes has. Take care and rest up…
    @funshipfreddie Your fun food facts are so scary. In the future someone will look back to this era and wonder about our behaviour and the food supply. California’s irrigation is lowering the water table and the flow of the Colorado River…
    Wow @ccco 8 oz is the equivalent to two people’s steaks here in normal restaurants – not the all you can eat kind…

    Steely Resolve (my stomach is rumbling 😶)

    FD Pocket List

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69 kg

    Excellent FD done & dusted 💪 550 cals, 10,300 steps followed by a good night’s sleep. My mission to get off caffeine is on track too. Down to one regular coffee + one tea, & I feel much more relaxed already. I’ve stocked up on rooibos, & for week two it’ll just be one caffeinated drink per day.

    @at – wishing you a speedy recovery! Is this the first time you’ve had it? That was my first time earlier this year. Just when I’d started to think maybe I was somehow immune to it. Hopefully you’re over the worst of it by now 🤗

    @leoniraats – Good to hear you’re enjoying your new job, but it does sound full-on. Hopefully it’ll get easier with time. But moving more will give you more energy, not less. Even if you can walk on the spot for 10 or 15 minutes in the evening, or do some gentle yoga, you’ll feel better & maybe less stressed out.

    @merryapple – I hope you got through the rest of your FD unscathed, & that the rumbly tummy settled down. The Food Facts are a bit more positive today 😅

    @ccco – oh no? Sick for a week, but that’s the first time you mentioned it? You said you were exhausted the other day, but I assumed you’d just done too much gardening. I hope you’re feeling better & that the weather improves. Here’s a Mail article you can hopefully read – it’s not M+ anyway..


    Fun Food Facts:-

    One of the most influential men in history was an agricultural scientist. Norman Borlaug developed new strains of crops which yielded 4 times as much food.

    Throwing food away is illegal in Seattle. Since 2015, if you don’t compost your food waste and compostable paper, businesses will be fined $50 per dumpster and just $1 for single-family homes.

    Goat meat is the most popular meat. Although we may be accustomed to burgers, goat meat accounts for 70% of the red meat eaten globally! This is great news because goats are better for you and the environment.

    Sending RESOLVE to the Monday fasters 💪 🎯

    Day 6, London, UK, NFD

    Bank Holiday here, planning to do ABSOLUTELY nothing as I’ve come down with a stinking cold following the chilly garden clearance on Friday, wet cold Novemberesque weather!! I’ve just about had enough of this!!! South Africa here I come ……………… “unseasonable 36 degrees” sounds so much better than “unseasonable 9 degrees”!!! I kid you not, Friday was bitter!!🥶🥶🥶

    Anyway, fasting has taken a back seat to comfort food on the sofa. Any excuse!!!

    @funshipfreddie, lots of supermarkets here sell ‘wonky veg’ bags full of the less aesthetically pleasing veg usually thrown away, a 2 legged carrot is a wonderfully natural thing …………….. and once sliced & diced it’s no different to the slender straight variety!!!

    Stay strong folks, I’m off to steam my head!!!

    Day 6 UK f800

    Braved the scales this morning and relieved to see only a couple of lbs gained So pressing that trusty reset button and hoping to get back on track

    It’s a holiday here today but as @flourbaby has posted the weather is atrocious 🌧️ so no temptation for me today and going for a steady week of f800s

    Goat ? Who knew? @funshipfreddie I very rarely see it , maybe I’m going to the wrong places

    Give yourself a bit of time to settle into your new routine @leoniraats I’m sure you’ll get there

    Right time to get some exercise in 💪

    FD Pocket List

    Day 6 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 227 lbs. What is it with the last five Mondays? No matter my Sunday weight, Monday’s weigh-in is always 227!

    Anyway, I’ve got a bit of a stressful day (week?) ahead with budget and end of year coming up, but I’m going in with a positive and unstressed attitude. I’m so ready to be back in the 210s. It will happen. So will the 190s!!!

    FD Pocket List

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 163.6

    That’s the third day in a row I’ve weighed precisely that, so at least I’m not overeating.

    My organ (well, the church’s organ, but I feel somewhat territorial about it, you know) is misbehaving, jumping all by itself from a quiet registration to the volume I use for hymns–makes me jerk my hands off the keyboard every time it does it. Yesterday’s service was a challenge but I figured out a solution so it wouldn’t do it, but there’s no way it’ll work for Thursday night, so we’re renting an organ for the hymn fest. And I believe we’ll be buying a new organ soon…

    Sometime over the last few days I developed a very painful sore throat and TONGUE–that’a a new one on me. I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s viral or bacterial, and have decided I have enough other questions for my doctor that, regardless, I’m going in this morning to see what he can do to heal me. We do expect instant miracles of our health professionals, don’t we?

    @funshipfreddie GOAT? Truly? I’m astounded. I’ve never seen it available here in the States.

    @jaifaim You’re getting skilled at maintenance, aren’t you? So exciting for you and for us to see!

    @northgeorgia I have to get through Thursday night, and then life will return to normal busy…so looking forward to that and the removal of most of my stress. AND to having the time to finally get out in the yard to accomplish some much needed gardening, which is also always a stress-reliever for me!

    @ccco @flourbaby @at Wow, so much sickness going around! I hope you all feel far better soon.

    Have a grand one, everyone; I look forward to being more present soon!

    USA. Day 6. FD

    FD Pocket List

    Thanks, stitchincarol! You are right. So much sickness going around and it just won’t leave me!I guess it is helping with the FDs, though! I am simply not hungry.

    I hope you all have a great day! I think I will go back to sleep! 🙁

    Day 6 – UK – FD

    Feeling much brighter today – headache and body aches gone, sore throat nearly gone too 😊

    Aiming for a FD whilst in a good mind space so adding myself to the pocket list for motivation.

    @funshipfreddie – I got it in the early stages of the pandemic – felt much the same this time but the symptoms didn’t last as long – BTW I love goat curry but sadly can’t get it where I now live….

    FD Pocket List

    Day 6 – post 2

    Thank you @funshipfredfie that is good advise. I walk around the house finding something to clean so I don’t sit on the couch and fall asleep. But 4000 steps. As long as zi stay in the 78d for now and don’t peek at the 80s again I will be OK and move slowly till I have a new better balanced routine. Sorry for the mouthful 🙈

    Day 7 NZ NFD 74.2kg

    I went up after a FD???? I made Dahl for dinner which is salty and heavy on fibre so Iike all things, it will pass!! I just hope not at my meeting this afternoon!!
    I’m off to meet up with a collector shortly so this will be brief.
    Have none of you had Curry Goat, the famous Jamaican dish??!! Goats are a pest species here, often in mountainous regions. Wild goat is always good! It’s a very lean meat like venison so with steaks you cook it hot and fast to not dry the water content out. It is fabulous in slow cooked casseroles too. Hugh Fernelly Whitingstall has a recipe for Curry Goat that I’ve made.😋
    I hope everyone who is ill on the road to recovery…
    @stitchincarol I hope your organ behaves for you…
    @leoniraats Looking for something to clean?! If only you were closer!! You take care too. If you’re tired, REST and recover!!

    Steely Resolve!!

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