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  • LESSON LEARNED! Although I ate quite reasonably over my four day Christmas holiday I added things I don’t normally eat much of: grains, pulses, sugars and cows milk to my diet. Yesterday was a WFD and in the evening I had HUGE CRAVINGS for guess what? Grains and sugars, even though I wasn’t really hungry. Since I don’t have those things in the house I didn’t eat anything. But my brain was begging me to go get some of those awesome drugs I had been taking (grains and sugars)! LOL I’m continuing my B2B WFD today and the cravings have passed. I also noticed some discomfort in my knees. Inflammation??

    I will be very strict coming off the B2B WFD, eliminating the toxic lectins in grains, pulses, nightshades and certain animal products

    Weight today is 163.0 lbs @ 5′ 10″ equal to my all time low.

    Second lesson learned. First night after a 5 day water fast do not have a very large gin and tonic. It goes into the system unbelievably quickly.

    Hi penguin:

    I think an increase in alcohol sensitivity sounds like a good thing!

    Isn’t fasting great?!

    Sim, it has to be said that my alcohol consumption is not what it was. Last week’s NHS checkover said my liver function is OK. How did that happen?

    Hi penguin:

    Luckily, I’ve never had my liver function tested.

    I hate flunking tests!

    (But its nice to hear Dr. Longo say I can rebuild my liver. Guess there is hope for me yet!)

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