Jolly June ☀️ 2024 Challenge

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  • Day 11 – Ireland – CD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Good morning warriors. I’m not sure why but I drifted into a bit of a slump energy wise this weekend. I certainly didn’t feel like a warrior but then lots was going on and my allergies are right up which always floor me.
    Unseasonably cold here too @funshipfreddie and it is so strange but it’s mostly sunny and dry. I’m aiming to get back into my groove today.
    @merryapple I did think I should add the phonetics for the terms as gaelige but I forgot 🙃
    That last one I’ll pop below again as I am still thinking of us all. Sad times.
    Lovely to see a tribute page to Dr. Mosley on the forum.

    I turned out to be a pretty rubbish knitter – or maybe I needed to put in more effort to learn. I found it really mindful to just knit rows but they all ended up misshapen.

    Hi @stitchincarol I hope you have time to rest soon. It sounds like you had DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). You poor thing – it does sound like you had an extreme workout but so glad you enjoyed the event and that you are back with us. We missed you!
    @flourbaby I hope the clearing work went well and as you say slowly slowly. We recently tried to clear out mums house a little to make more room for all the paraphernalia that comes with elder care.. we have a gaggle of wheelchairs, strollers, mattresses etc.. but it is hard while the person is still in their home and the work has to be done subtly as it can add to their distress.

    @northgeorgia I would not have resisted the ice cream either… 😄

    I’m glad to hear that all is well with your DH amd the test results @snowflake56 💕 and that the treatment plan can be set up. I missed your comment recently on buffets… I wish I could be put off by the sight of so much food… I certainly don’t like the thought of not sitting there for too long.
    In the ham and egg…I’ve just succumbed to bacon and egg this morning… I just needed it 😃

    @missybear yesterday sounded like a lovely start to your day… my week days seem to be very rushed at the moment.. I need to tweak my schedule. More… down… time 🧘‍♀️

    @metatauta you are right – let’s continue as best we can in Dr. Mosley’s honour. 💕 that’s all we can do.
    Hi @songbirdme and @ccco – great to know you are there in the wings. 🌸

    Ag smaoineamh oraibh go léir 💭
    Phonetically : Ag smeenav orav go lair 💭
    Thinking of you all

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Well hello everyone. Just here for a moment to re-connect briefly after the shocking news re Dr Michael Mosley. He was a hero to me and many millions of people, simply asking us to listen to the science and not the hype and blather that surrounds us.

    The world is a better place for Michael Mosley and we will benefit from his wisdom for years to come.

    It has been 2 years since I achieved my goal weight on 17 June 2022 using the simple tried and trusted 5:2 WOL, nothing else. It was my second time round this racetrack as had done it once before but, thankfully, this time (and forevermore) have been able to maintain on 6:1 for last 2 years without any conscious effort. Sharing this information is my humble attempt to praise and thank the good doctor for sharing his knowledge with us all. Vale Michael Mosley😢

    I am warmly surprised to find many of you here, all the familiar names plus a few more.

    I wish each of you all the best on your own personal journey and thank you all for holding my hand through my own journey.

    “poco a poco” – little by little, bit by bit, slowly, gradually


    @linda.b so lovely to see you here however briefly.

    I hope everything worked out for you after what was a very difficult time.

    Bravo to you on maintaining.

    Day 11-No. VA USA-FD

    Joining the pocket list today. Weight is stable, but I would like to lose another 8 # over the next few months, so need to re-focus efforts. My garden is wildly overgrown, yet lots of flowers poking through:
    echinaceas of several shades of pink and white; orange tiger lilies; orange butterfly weed; and a few red and orange daylilies.

    Work became very annoying, suddenly, when one of two receptionists gave notice last week (taking a job working from home); and then one of the nurses also gave notice yesterday. So now I need to interview to hire two new employees. Can I express how much I despise personnel issues??? And I really don’t have anyone to do these interviews but me, so I will “get on with it” in the words of Queen Elizabeth….

    Very sad to hear the news of Dr. Moseley. Odd how he seemed to be a personal friend, when of course we never met…he certainly left a legacy, though.

    Onward and downward!

    pocket list:

    Day 11, London, UK, FD,

    Thanks @merryapple for sticking me on the Pocket list, our ESP must be super strong!!!🤣🤣

    Feeling a bit Meh! At the moment, unsettled, out of sorts …………………….. DISCOMBOBULATED!!!! I’m not sure why, perhaps a bit of anxiety about ‘things’ …………… The unbelievable slowness of the house purchase, my Italian holiday in July (sooo unprepared), news about Dr. M’s passing😥, missing my mum (more than usual)💔, the upcoming election from hell, weird weather wherever I am, weird weather wherever you are!!! My hermit tendencies are coming to the fore. I really just want to go to bed & hibernate under the duvet for a while!! Uurgh!! Time to pull on my big girl pants & just get on with it, I was tempted to delete, delete, but writing crap down can certainly help snap you out of the self-pitying nonsense!!!

    Today’s FD will be a modified FD800 as I’ve some Greek yoghurt to use up and it might tip me over towards 900cals, but it’s good protein, so I’ll take it!

    @stitchincarol, I guess there’s no hiding under the duvet for you, you must be exhausted, but I expect you didn’t even let your daughter finish her sentence or check with your DH before you said “Yep, we’ll be there!!” You’ll have a grand time with the grands!!!😁🤗🤗🤗

    @jaifaim, it really was too distressing for my eagle-eyed mum if we tried to move or dispose of anything in her home, and having strangers traipsing through to the garden would have been disastrous!!! Now’s the time though as 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽my move will be soon!!🙏🏼🙏🏼

    @snowflake56, I hope the hard sports session had the desired effect, you’ll have dispatched that sugar & salt if you worked yourself into a sweaty mess ……………… in the best way possible!!!🤭🤭

    Lovely to hear from you @linda_b and especially nice to hear that maintenance IS possible, I’ll get there!!💪🏼💪🏼 Yes, it’s truly sad to have lost Dr. M, but what a legacy to have left behind!🙏🏼

    @excelsior12309, as they say, it never rains but it pours!!! You’ve got an epic task on your hands……………. Is it time for an HR manager?? Although, IIRC you’ll be retiring this summer, so maybe it could become someone else’s problem to re-hire!!!😳🤭😂

    Keep the faith folks, my mood has lifted after catching up on posts and chattering on!!! I hope it lasts, although it’s VERY dependent on the crazy weather here😡😡 (Hailstones & heating yesterday ……………… mid ‘summer’!!)

    “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavour.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD – 162.8

    I got that huge project sent off to be printed–245 copies of it–and headed out to the yard. I pulled some weeds, collected some branches in the grass from the tree that constantly drops branches, planted a hosta, planted a fern, transplanted another hosta to a better location, planted a tomato, tidied up the herb bed, and lots more…all in all, I was outside for almost six hours, accomplished lots, and had a grand time. I made a sandwich and sat outside to eat it. The day was plenty warm (82F/28C), but the back yard where I was working has lots of deep shade, so whenever the sun got too hot, I’d move to the shade, sit in my chair, and take a break to read my book. ‘Twas a glorious day.

    Today is piano lessons followed by a church meeting to discuss getting a new organ, so my WF should be easy enough, and if not exactly easy, too busy to stop for food, LOL.

    @merryapple I laughed and laughed that you thought I typed VATICAN Bible School.

    @jaifaim I’ve been walking a bit each day when there was time available, and DH and I have gone for a few walks, so thanks for the nudge. Now planks? Hmmm. You too with “vatican”? I should just have used the more common (for DH and me, at least) “VBS”! And I love your quote from June 4.

    @missybear It’s so lovely to have you back! I’m sorry you were so sick last year, and very glad you’re recovered now. And to be frustrated to be losing the same pounds again? Right there with you. Two years ago, I was down to 140 and below. Somehow, despite never leaving this forum, I kept losing the fight and the discipline and the determination, and now I’m back in the 160s. Gah. Let’s be successful (again) together, okay?

    @snowflake56 I’m so impressed that you can do 5 minute planks AND whip out side planks so easily!

    Okay, I really need to shower and get ready to leave. I got to Day 6, so still have a long way to go to read everything. But I love hearing all your news, so I’ll get there!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    The Choices You Make Today Will Determine the Quality of Every Tomorrow

    Day 11 pocket list:
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Day 12 NZ NFD 72.8kg 🏃🏼‍♀️

    I have a big day ahead of me so this is a very quick check in!!
    I’ll catch up later or in the morning.

    Steely RESOLVE!!

    Day 11 – USA/TN

    Day 10 was supposed to be a FD, but I went overboard to 1000 cals. Hoping to do another FD this week.

    Day 12, Germany, CD

    Line-dance day today, it’s always so much fun.

    @linda.b How lovely to hear from you and to read your doing so well in maintenance.

    @flourbaby Thanks for not deleting your post, it was the perfect description of how you can feel some days!

    @jaifaim I hope my husband will get the end results today but he’s doing well.

    @stitchincarol No need to be impressed, planks are the only exercises I’m good at, don’t ask me to do wall sits or push ups, I just can’t do them.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – Ireland – FD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is well! I’m a weakling today! Had to give up my plank at 1m5secs…must keep at it. 💪 just feeling tired this week.

    What rotten bad luck @excelsior12309!! I do feel for you! It’s never easy having to deal with HR issues when all that you want to do is your job, and such an important one at that.. Well done on keeping your weight stable with everything going on. 👍

    @stitchincarol huge bravo on submitting the project! And then setting into garden work and having a glorious day! Great to have you back after your busy time. We missed you.
    Speaking of which… where are you @funshipfreddie? Hopefully all is ok and we will see you here for hump day ⚡️ .

    @flourbaby get those those thoughts out…. It’s good for you and they lighten your load. Discombobulation is a real thing this month..
    I am with you in this… a feeling that everything is a little topsy turvy – I woke yesterday just feeling glum/out of sorts.. but big girl pants were put on and the day got better… not fabulous … just better.

    @merryapple – I hope it was a “good” big busy day. 👌
    @metatauta that’s happening to me frequently too so I need to get back to pure 500 and then will see the difference. I am teetering around 156/7 since Day 1.

    @snowflake56 I am glad to hear that and hopefully these will results will help form the next part of the treatment plan. 💕 btw I am still in awe of your 5m plank! Enjoy the dance!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋


    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Logging in for accountability. Woke up late the last couple of days, much to Boo Boo’s disgust. I think my body’s trying to go into hibernation mode.

    @stitchincarol – great to see you back!

    @linda.b – good to hear from you & to know you’re successfully maintaining.

    @flourbaby – 🤞🤞 your house purchase is all settled soon. I’m sick of the UK election news too, & I don’t even live there! I watch Sky News sometimes, but as soon as Starmer or Sunak is mentioned I switch it off.

    Dr Mosley changed/saved many lives…

    He was set to take part in Strictly Come Dancing

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫 🕺

    Day 12, London, UK, FD800

    I’m much better today, but it must be something in the (worldwide) water!! Et tu @jaifaim & @funshipfreddie??? hibernation, duvet days and general discombobulation abounds!!!!😲🤔😁 100% its weather related, worldwide its just NOT supposed to be as it is right now!!! Summer central heating & rain in the UK, @funshipfreddie is either melting in line to vote or checking Ebay for a tweed winter coat, @merryapple is getting hot & humid stormy weather followed by a European winter!!! Todays news reported a months rain fell in Majorca (guaranteed good weather destination for many Brits!), closing the airport! Is nothing sacred??? NO WONDER we’re discombobulated!!! I’m voting for hibernation!

    I’m boring myself talking about the weather!!😁😁 I hope everyone is focussed on fasting or having a mindful NFD. Soup for lunch and an omelette for dinner should keep me on track, unless a tornado whips through London!!!🤣🤣

    Keep the faith folks!!

    “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” – Maya Angelou

    Day 12 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 231 lbs. Whew, that was a stressful meeting. It’s amazing how some people can make you feel about two inches tall, even though your team has done amazing work all year. Tons of paperwork stress back at the office today. It will be a tough FD.

    At least vacation is a few days away.

    Pocket List – Day 12 🍋


    Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 162.0

    I’ve lost my WF muscle, and yesterday ended up a FD–and then it was probably closer to a FD800. Once those gates open, you know… I’ll keep at it, and focus hardest of all on the skill of eating only at a level 3, as that was giving me lovely results when I was absolutely faithful about it.

    I did some more gardening this morning, planting a couple bell peppers (it’s so LATE, so I bought larger plants in hopes that would speed them along to producing), a mammoth jalapeno plant (as in the jalapeno is mammoth, not the size of the plant itself…I’m dreaming of jalapeno poppers…) and some basil. Now I just have to go out and do some tidying in my perennial bed, but that will probably wait until Friday.

    @jaifaim Canola oil is just a standard kitchen oil that’s mostly flavorless. Corn oil, vegetable oil, all those that are the cheap things would substitute. So would, of course, olive oil, although it would certainly have a flavor impact. So whatever strikes you as a reasonable oil for a salad dressing can be used for canola oil. Which, for the record, used to be considered healthy, but now is considered wicked. I’m so tired of all that commotion, LOL, so I simply use what I want and call it good. Like eggs. First they were normal, then they were deadly, and now they’re healthy. Wait long enough, and canola oil will again be considered fine. And if not, oh well.
    Oops. That was a bit of a soapbox, huh? I try not to rant, but every now and then it slips out, LOL.
    Oh, and I’m loving all your Gaelic lessons, so share every bit as much as you want!
    And, actually, no, by Tuesday noon, my thighs were screaming at me. The gardening I’ve been doing has both helped work out the pain, but also exacerbated the pain, by pulling just a bit more on muscles that needed no pulling. I am still a bit uncomfortable, but the pain is finally gone–whew! But I love the DOMS term!

    @merryapple Yeah, those meece were a distinct irritant and I’m so glad they’re all gone. I too am suffering ants, and use a product called Terro: you put some drops on a bit of cardboard, the ants find it, love it, circle around it to eat it, go back to their nest–and those drops on the feet of the ant are actually poisonous, so it kills the whole nest. So I get rid of them all, and then two weeks later, they’re back, so I do it again…but at least it works for some period of time!
    Your sweater sounds both lovely and truly challenging! I was making rapid progress on DH’s Fair Isle, but have slowed down in the last few days. I love knitting while watching some pointless movie or series (I’ve been loving Brokenwood and Harry Wild), so with the wicked heat we’re supposed to have today, I may just sit and knit with a show on this afternoon, once I’ve finished my to-do list…which is AMAZINGLY short, LOL!

    @snowflake56 So glad your husband ended up not needing to stay the full four nights, and is doing well!–Oh. But now I just read that the news wasn’t all good.

    @linda.b SO lovely to hear from you! But where were your signature emojis?????

    @excelsior12309 Your garden sounds lovely even if it is overgrown–and I’m so sorry for you that you have to hire new people!

    @flourbaby I’d absolutely love to come help you in your garden…too bad you’re so far away!

    Okay, I think I’ve responded to the relevant things of everyone–I’ve at least read everything. I do treasure all of you, you know.

    Okay, now to plan what supper will be, take a shower, and head to town to buy the groceries I need. By three o’clock, I plan to be knitting!

    Have a grand one, my friends.

    Day 13 NZ FD 72.3kg 🏃‍♀️

    @excelsior12309 Your garden sounds lovely and it suits being wild!! I hope you find some nice people to fill the vacant shoes.
    @flourbaby ESP… Hands across the water!! You are on the verge of momentous change – holiday, house, jungle, move… What’s not to be discombobulated about!!
    @jaifaim Your long distance bike riding body is probably telling you I want PROTEIN + energy.
    I did the main plank for 60secs then the sides, gluts, V-shape and bicycle thingy for 30 secs each. Lifting ones own body weight is an eye opener😃
    @stitchincarol What a gorgeous garden description. I like the sound of those chillis.

    NZ has produced a couple of famous chefs. Peter is one of them. Here’s one of his popular recipes.
    Peter Gordon’s Tomato & Chilli Jam
    500g very ripe tomatoes, washed
    4 red chillies
    4 cloves garlic, peeled
    6cm piece ginger, peeled and coarsely chopped
    30mls Asian fish sauce
    300g demerara sugar
    100mls red wine vinegar

    Mix half the tomatoes with the chillies, garlic, ginger and fish sauce to a fine purée in a blender. Cut the remaining tomatoes into tiny dice and set aside. Place the puree, sugar and vinegar in a deep saucepan and slowly bring to a boil, stirring continually. When it reaches a boil turn it down to a gentle simmer and add the remaining diced tomatoes. Skim off any foam and cook gently for 30-40 minutes, stirring often to release the solids that settle on the bottom of the pan. Be sure to scrape the sides down during cooking so the jam does not burn at the edges. When the jam is on setting point (has become very syrupy and very thick), pour into warmed sterilised jars and allow to cool. Cover and keep in a cool place; it will keep for several months. Makes 4 medium jars.

    @funshipfreddie Hybernating under the duvet is a better solution to the cold than an EFS!! I hope you are feeling recharged by now.
    @snowflake56 Thinking of you today
    @metatauta Some days we just wanna eat…
    @northgeorgia Oh dear! That’s really not fair… Remember it’s only his opinion and you know what the real picture is!!
    @ccco How are you going?
    And @at?
    @leoniraats Hang in here. Could you focus on carbs in the morning and at lunchtime? Your brain needs them for all your hard work. Then have more protein and vegetables in the evening and metaphorically close up the kitchen.

    Steely RESOLVE everyone!!

    Pocket List 🪸

    Day 13, Germany, FD

    Another wet day overhere as well but next week it will be better.

    @jaifaim, @stitchincarol and @merryapple, thank you all so much for your support! No news from the surgeon yesterday, we didn’t sleep very well last night. No news always makes us nervous.

    @jaifaim and @merryapple You’re both doing well on the planks, I once started with 15 sec and had to give up because my arms couldn’t hold it any more. It took me a while to get to 1 min.

    Pocket List 🪸

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 13 – Ireland – CD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hi all! I’m playing catch up this morning… just chasing my tail and a busy morning ahead. I was out last night and while it wasn’t a late night, I’m just generally tired at the moment – just an accumulation of busyness I think… Things should ease in the afternoon.

    @snowflake56 I am so sorry to hear that you are waiting for news.. generally we say no news in good news but I completely understand that when you need a very important update the worst is waiting for that news. Thinking of you both today. 💕
    Thank you for taking time out to reassure me that we have weaker days.. I suppose it’s like everything.. sometimes the body or mind is just not in it.. tomorrow is another day. Or today 😃

    Maybe @flourbaby is right and there is something in the air/water whatever.. world weather is definitely messed up along with so many other things right now… glad you were feeling better yesterday @flourbaby – May it continue now… and I hope things speed up for you with the house 🏡👍

    It’s true @merryapple, I do need more protein and trying to eat as much (within reason) as I can… well done you on the planks 👏 ⭐️

    @stitchincarol I think canola oil is like rapeseed oil and yes has got a bad rap in recent times.. like you I don’t pay that much attention to alarming updates re foods- everything in moderation eh? And they’ll probably reverse the advice anyway in the long run 😂 Great to have you back chatting and we all need a rant sometimes. 👍
    @northgeorgia I think we all have people who can knock you down… I’ve found it’s more about them than you. Don’t pay any heed…💪

    Ok today I’m aiming for an hour walk whoever i can fit it in. I need to shake myself out of this broody mood…

    I hope everyone who is not posting is ok 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Yesterday’s line-dancing was fun. We finally got to use the resident’s lounge again, after being crammed into a small-ish dining room for the last few weeks while a reno was going on. Our teacher introduced us to the ‘Big Hug’ line dance. I was a disaster, like a headless chicken. I’ll have to get some homework done before next week. It looks so easy when you see other people doing it. Here are some experts doing it on YouTube

    @merryapple – 72.3?! 🎯 You’re doing so well this month. I think I’ve been doing a combo of hibernating & EFS-ing this week. I blame the colder weather. My new obsession is toasted rye bread + avo. And toasted rye with liver pâté since my neighbour brought me a new supply yesterday. I need a REALLY good FD today 🥴️

    @snowflake – wishing you receive only good news from the doctors today 🙏

    @jaifaim – I think our posts crossed again yesterday. Perfect walking weather here today, sunny, & hardly a breeze . Planning on at least an hour’s walk too 🚶🌤

    Sending RESOLVE to my fellow fasters 🎯💪

    Pocket List – Day 14 🪸

    Day 13, London, UK, NFD

    I’m super hungry this morning, I expect it’s due to not drinking enough water yesterday, every day is a learning day!!!

    I’ll try to catch-up & comment properly tomorrow as I’m on deadline & strapped for time, although not too busy to watch the line dancing @funshipfreddie!!😂😏 I think the 2 guys with checked shirts, jeans, cowboy boots & hats should be applauded for making the effort to dress appropriately!!!😁👏🏽👏🏽😁

    Have a good one folks!!!

    “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 230 lbs. Only a pound down, but down is down. Getting ready for my trip next week…leaving out Saturday, so it’ll be almost a week and a half until my next FD.

    Day 13 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Sorry to be MIA this week, I fell into a well of discombobulation! We are in the midst of home buying and selling and let’s just say things aren’t going to plan following receipt of a worrying survey report on our intended purchase. On a positive note this week has been good for the waist line as I have been totally distracted and have unintentionally skipped meals.

    @snowflake56 hope you and your husband get some reassuring news today.

    Pocket List – Day 14 🪸

    Day 13 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 161.6

    I’m loving that drop in weight even though all I did yesterday was eat only at a hunger level 3, and only at meal times. If only I always succeeded in that! Today, I have a toosed green salad planned for lunch, and supper will be salmon, fresh asparagus from my sweet neighbor, sauteed baby mushrooms, and whatever leftover veggie salads (which need eating) that appeal to me.

    @merryapple I printed off your recipe and will make it once tomatoes are ripe around here. I once attended a wedding on a farm a few miles from here, where the reception food was prepared by a chef friend of the bride, and the food was glorious. The only thing I still remember–and remember rather clearly–was an appetizer of sliced rounds of polenta, fried, and then covered with tomato jam, so your recipe may be just what I need to recreate that, because the couple times I’ve tried left me unimpressed. What do you do with the jam when you make it?

    @snowflake56 Prayers for your husband’s health and for peace and good sleep for both of you! Hopefully you’ll hear from the surgeon today.

    @jaifaim Actually, I think canola and rapeseed are exactly the same; I’d forgotten its alternative name, so, well done for figuring that out.

    @funshipfreddie Actually, I don’t think that dance looks simple at all, and that’s spoken as someone who did tap, jazz, ballet, and toe for years, and many dance recitals with multiple dances in each. So the fact that you were tripping over your feet (is that a fair description?) seems entirely reasonable to me.

    @flourbaby Hang on to that hunger with joy; the Wondr program I’m on (sorta…haven’t paid lots of attention just of late) says that when you’re hungry, that’s when you’re losing weight.

    @northgeorgia A pound is indeed a pound, and worth be glad over. Where are you headed on your vacation?

    @missybear Good luck on resolving everything with the house purchase, and being pleased with the resolution. And, wow, skipping meals without intending to? That’s a concept that simply makes no sense to me, LOL!

    I went to grab another ball of oatmeal Jamieson’s wool and couldn’t find it. So I hunted. And hunted some more. And more. And then in the same places I’d already hunted. After doing that multiple times, fussing over where that extra yarn could be even in my sleep last night, I got out of bed at 6:40 this morning and went and hunted even harder (I have a LOT of stuff in my sewing room…) and I’ve finally concluded that either I’ve somehow used all my oatmeal (and a couple other colors as well!) because my gauge is that much tighter than I intended, or I’ll eventually find the rest of the yarn in the pantry or in the garage with my gardening tools or in the closet with…you get the idea. Gah! There’s a yarn shop in Omaha where I can pick up some more, assuming she has the right colors. The woes of a knitter, LOL!

    Have a grand one, my friends. I’m going to focus on this quote today:

    The Choices You Make Today Will Determine the Quality of Every Tomorrow

    Day 13-No. VA USA-NFD

    Checking in for accountability. Weight very slowly decreasing. Thanks @stichincarol and @merryapple for supporting words regarding work. I have interviewed a few candidates to fill the needed jobs and hope that the selected people will show up. Sometimes they don’t…
    Every morning we check our no-kill traps outside for raccoons. Today, we caught the old Corgi. She just fits in. She waits until someone comes to open it and she can back out. Completely un-embarrassed by her desire to eat any kind of food bait.
    @snowflake56, thinking of you and your husband and hoping for good news. @northgeorgia, honestly, people can be so hateful. it doesn’t take more energy to be civil. Dopes.
    @missybear, love the idea of discombobulation. When I was a little girl, we lived in Manhattan, and when walking through Harlem with my mother one day, she told me the story of Father Divine, who was a Black religious and cultural figure of the 30’s there. He supposedly spoke of a religious experience wherein he stepped off a curb to cross the street and was “discombobulated”. So I always think of that when I hear the word!
    @flourbaby, love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote!

    Day 13 – USA/TN

    Been investigating “set point” in weight loss, due to the frustration of not being able to shake the few pounds I feel I need to lose.

    Also studying the benefits of castor oil; Tried a remedy for constipation and it worked overnight!

    @excelsior12309, I remember stories about Father Divine as well. His group ran a home in Jersey City, NJ, not far from where I grew up.

    Day 14 NZ NFD 72.3kg

    Rain is forecast for 95% of the day… I’m in!
    Thanks @funshipfreddie. I have been making an effort on the food front after a couple of rather lacklustre months…😶 I was getting slightly worried that I had reached the end of the line regarding any more weight loss… 🤐
    That pâté avocado rye-bread combo sounds delicious 😋 What a good neighbour you have!!
    @excelsior12309 I laughed and laughed at your 🦝cage corgi story, especially the backing out… It reminded me of my mother’s Scottie, Oprah disappearing when visiting friends. She was found sitting in their compost bin waiting to be discovered!!!
    @metatauta I’m glad the castor oil worked for you!!
    Kiwifruit is tried and true (not just my opinion!) Here are the results of a patient treatment study for chronic constipation published in Michigan medicine : 79 adults with chronic constipation were recruited and had either 100gm pitted prunes, 12 gm psyllium or 2 peeled kiwifruit daily for 4 weeks.
    Side Effects for Psyllium (33% abdominal pain, 19% gas); prunes (36% bloating, 18% gas, abdominal pain 18%) and kiwifruit (11% bloating). Psyllium and prunes are more effective than kiwifruit but regarding patient satisfaction: 48% for psyllium and prunes, 68% for Kiwifruit. By the way, we eat the kiwifruit skin here in NZ! I hope this is not too much information for everyone but I have noticed 5:2 does slow up the passage of 💩
    @stitchincarol Well done you! Yum! fresh asparagus. I will have to wait for spring to roll around to eat this!!
    The fun thing about the jam is that combination of hot, sweet, salty, sharp and thick! I put it on cheese toasties to melt under the grill, on peanut butter and crackers, use it as a glaze on fish, delicious with poached eggs etc!! My Texan friend slathers it on everything, like where I would use relish. It was originally served with crème fraîche and salmon at the Peter’s restaurant, The Sugar Club in London.
    Oh no! Running out of wool… At least as it’s fair isle, the change in batch nos won’t be too noticeable. However if you are short of several colours I suspect you have put a wee parcel of wool in a safe place!!!
    @snowflake51 That’s good to know about the planks. I think my upper body strength is letting the side down so I have to strengthen my shoulders before my extending my core planks.
    @missybear I guess better to know now than after your $$$ is handed over. Because of the upswing in natural disasters/weather events here as well as the rapidly climbing and exorbitant insurance costs, everyone is getting very risk averse…
    @northgeorgia That much needed holiday is fast coming up!! Where are you off too?
    @flourbaby Are you a #3 or a #4 on @stitchincarol‘s scale this morning?
    I hope you were able to wrap up and dispatch your current project.
    I completely agree with your comments about hats, boots, shirt etc!!🤣 This is the main reason I would do line dancing!! My cowboy hat lives on a hatstand in the bedroom but I can’t quite remember where I have put my boots from my Ye Hah! riding days… They are light grey and I always wished I’d got black to match my black satin shirt with the turquoise tassels and black hat…
    @jaifaim I hope your constitution has settled down…
    Canola oil is a variant of rapeseed oil with a high smoke point, high Omega 3s and not much flavour hence its popularity for Asian cooking.
    I love your greeting at the top of the page 3 “Good morning, Warriors!”

    Steely RESOLVE!!

    Solo Pocket List 💪👋

    Day 14, Germany, CD

    I just lost my post after looking at the line-dance video.

    Thank you all so much for your support, I was in real panic mode yesterday, I’m much calmer this morning. My DH called the hospital but the results hadn’t come in yet. I have to develop better strategies for getting out of the panic. One of the onco-psychologists who helped us to cope with everything going on thaught me how to concentrate on my breathing but it doesn’t always help.

    @missybear Home buying and selling can be so stressful. Are the problems with the house solvable or could they be the reason not to buy the house?

    @excelsior12309 I never liked doing job interview as my DH had his practice. It’s hard to find someone who fits the team and is willing to work. What a greedy Corgi you have!

    @merryapple You’ll get there with the planks, every day just a bit more will get you there.

    @jaifaim I hope you feel better today.

    @funshipfreddie We hardly do slow line-dances, the favorites of the group are Billy Jean and Jerusalema. Our dance teacher likes a bit of chaos and always manages to cause some.

    @stitchincarol It’s so satisfying if you see the result of your efforts on the scales, isn’t it?

    @flourbaby I try do most of my drinking in the morning otherwise I’ll forget.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 14 – Ireland – CD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hi all and happy Friday!
    A very quick check in post for me and will chat later.
    Off to an appointment and then work.

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.5 kg

    I had a fairly effortless FD & racked up 12,500 steps. Followed by another amazing sleep. It’s odd how my sleep score always goes way up after a FD. I’m over a kilo heavier than I was this time last week though, so I really need to ditch the bread. And I will, as soon as the pâté is gone 😜

    @stitchincarol – it’s comforting to know that, as an experienced dancer, you don’t think the Big Hug line-dance is simple. I wasn’t tripping over my feet exactly, they just weren’t doing what my brain was telling them to do. And as soon as I have to change direction, it’s all over. But I found another video that breaks it all down into baby steps, so next week I’ll be a star 🌟 🕺

    @snowflake56 – I’d love to try the Jerusalema. I heard they did that just after the lock-downs ended, but they haven’t done it since I joined. Our teacher doesn’t like chaos; she’s in her ’70’s & currently has a sore back! 😅

    It’s another gloriously sunny day, so I’m off out for some sunshine 🌤

    Happy Fri-yay! 🍹

    Day 14 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 231 lbs. Headed to the beach in Florida tomorrow, down on the Atlantic side 🙂

    Day 14 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 162.0

    Plans got completely changed yesterday, so I’ll have that tossed green salad for lunch today, and then we’ll go out tonight. I’m so very happy to finally have all my obligations met and done with, and finally have a relaxing summer here. Not entirely sure I’ll be ready in August to pick up the pace again, however. LOL!

    @excelsior12309 What a scream that your corgi goes into the trap to eat and then just waits patiently until you let her out!

    @metatauta Yup, those old remedies–case in point, castor oil–shouldn’t be so casually ignored and forgotten.

    @merryapple Nope, no safe place for my wool: I found the receipt and only ordered two balls in the first place, as was called for. And in this particular sweater, with the very small gauge (8.5 st/in), there’s no worry at all that a different dye lot will be noticable; as long as it’s the correct color, it’ll be fine, thankfully. I’m only a few rows from the neck steek, however, and don’t like the wide shape of the neck at all for my husband’s body, so I’ll have to go back and learn Elizabeth Zimmerman’s EPS again so I can get the neck the size and shape I want. It’s certainly easier to simply follow a pattern, so why do I keep making sweaters that require me to think so much???? 😂😂

    @jaifaim Look at you: you’ve moved down from 157 at last! I never doubted you would…

    @funshipfreddie I’m glad that made you feel better, and I’ll just bet you ARE the star of the group next week!

    @northgeorgia Have fun in Florida! Are you more of “lie on the beach and read a book” sort of vactioner, or a “keep busy and do all sorts of fun things” guy?

    Well, things to do, so it’s time to get at them. Have a grand one, my friends.

    Day 14 – Ireland – CD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Second post
    Hi @stitchincarol enjoy your night out tonight!! Now you can relax 😎.Yes I have got back down but it’s a hard slog for some reason at the moment. But thank you for having the faith in me😄. What I have noticed today is that I’m retaining fluid for sure… hard to get my rings on this morning.. so that’s an indicator.. I had some bacon again yesterday (just a little with poached egg) and some healthyish crisps last night (along with usual evening meal) but I think the proof is in the puffiness…
    I have fallen back into allowing myself a few sweet treats this week also.. why? Who knows but I have half a month to apply myself and contribute to the communal loss. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Some of those treats included a bounty bar and a small but fancy French pastry cake (GF bien sur), when I looked at the cals for the bounty I realised how silly I’d been… 278 cals… 🥲.

    I’d love an effortless FD @funshipfreddie – it’s been a while for me…great that it comes for you with the added bonus of wonderful sleep. Bread, like sugar (well it is sugar) is the devil 👿😂

    You and @snowflake56 are bringing back memories of Covid good times with talk of Jerusalema 💃🏻 . @snowflake56 I imagine it’s hard to keep calm with all this going on.. I have that problem sometimes with really inconsequential stuff so totally appreciate that you find it hard to focus on breathing exercises now… there is a lot of talk at the moment about the benefit of nasal breathing rather than breathing through your mouth… lots of different techniques .. I’m trying it now as I type…
    Your dancing must be great for switching off 💕
    ps I’m feeling better thanks!!

    @merryapple – stand out point for me: you eat the skin of the kiwi fruit?????? 🥝 🧐Well I never!! So in the study the patients were eating the whole fruit? I don’t have a problem with constipation but that is really interesting and I must try it – hopefully our kiwi skins are as nice as yours…
    Fresh asparagus is one of my favourite vegetables 😋
    Yes we are weekend warriors! Here we go again – that came around super fast!

    @metatauta so many of us struggling right now… not being able to shake those dastardly lbs.. 🤨. It will drop, it will. Glad that your remedy worked for you.

    So interesting that you and @excelsior12309 remember the stories about the priest in NYC.. seems you both grew up not far from each other.. or was he well known throughout the US? @excelsior12309 your corgi sounds so funny😍😍 – keeping you on your toes! Hopefully the people turn up for you. It’s a crazy world out there right now – we are seeing here too with interviewees 🙄.
    @missybear all fingers crossed for your house purchase and that it all works out for the best, whatever that is… 🙏 of course the upside is that, like @funshipfreddie, you’ve FD’d without even thinking about it.
    @flourbaby I expect you had another super busy day but hopefully there is some movement on the purchase for you 🏡 🙏
    Happy holidays @northgeorgia it sounds great! 🏖️ just what we all need.
    Speaking of which… @brightonbelle are not back yet???

    Leaving you with this old Irish proverb as we think about homes:
    ☘️ Nil aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin.
    Phonetically: Neel ain tintawn mar du hintawn fain 😂
    Literally means: there is no fireside like your own
    Our equivalent of : There is no place like home 🏡

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 14…..Florida….NFD

    Gosh, not sure where to start……. In 2016, I started on 5:2 was extremely active on this site and in my journey. I was actually a member of this group with @coda when it started. Glad to see you all going strong!
    Then one day… life decided to take a nose dive off a big huge mountain into a hole of hell….. Long story short….. I got a call from the police department in the hometown that I grew in to tell me that they found my mother living in unpleasant living conditions, driving her car almost blind and so much more. Out of all my siblings, she told the police to contact me….. So, I ended up having to be her caregiver for the reminder of her life. She died last year.
    My mother just like when I was a kid, did a number on my mental health. So, to cope with her and her words, I reverted back to food.
    So the last year, I’ve been healing my mental health and now ready to work on my physical health.

    I hope that I can rejoin the group, if you’ll have me?

    And this is why I love this forum! Welcoming old friends back when the time is right for them 💕
    So great to see your post @bert1802 – I remember you well. I’m so sorry to hear that you have had a rough few years but things can begin to get better now.
    It’s an open door here!
    Welcome welcome back..

    Thank you @jaifaim……. I’m in great spirits and ready to look how I feel!

    Day 15 NZ NFD 72.5kg 🏃‍♀️

    I made Kedgeree last night. I don’t usually eat rice and pasta in the evening but it’s quite nice to have that full feeling on a dark and stormy night!
    Welcome back @bert1802. I was around in 2018 (didn’t reach the magic number!), regained and returned to fulfil my New Year’s resolution in Jan 2023. I’m glad you can look to the future again. Remember to be proud that you have done your duty as a son despite the difficulties you might have had. I’ve added your name to this month’s sheet.
    @jaifaim Possibly a revolving door for some of us!!!
    Your Gaelic proverb is lovely. It’s certainly not a Romance language!!
    I do think that a small delicate delicious French pastry is worth the calories. Chips, not so sure!!!
    The ‘best’ way to lose fluid without seeing a quack is to have a 🍷or three!!! 🤣
    Those hairy wee kiwifruit are a thing of the past!! They have been bred now with smooth skin. However not absolutely everyone eats the skin… The study was done with peeled kiwifruit.
    From Zespri, the NZ marketing body: Eating kiwifruit skin provides 34% folate and 32% more vitamin E to your diet than eating the flesh alone.
    @excelsior12309 and @metatauta I looked up Father Divine on Wikipedia. His is a fascinating story… Worth a movie!!
    @metatauta Did you find anything interesting on the subject of a “set point” (which sounds like tennis to me!!)
    @stitchincarol Well that definitely confirms you need more wool! Up to the neck sounds like you’re close to finishing if the sleeves are already completed. How exciting!!! What kind of neckline are you planning on?
    @snowflake56 Thanks for the good advice and encouragement. I have had a rotator cuff injury on the left and have been so risk averse that it is now weaker than the right. Time to change that!
    Focus on the present, enjoy the weekend and your ham and eggs!!!
    @missybear Hope your weekend is going well…
    @funshipfreddie I wonder what’s in your pâté???!!! I saw geese being force fed food in the south of France so their livers developed fatty liver syndrome… Foie gras… This practice is illegal in NZ and foie gras cannot be imported here… Just saying!!🤣
    @northgeorgia RELAX RELAX RELAX!!!!

    Onwards and Downwards Weekend Warriors!!

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @bert1802 – welcome back!

    @jaifaim – bread IS the devil. I finally used up the pâté, but with a few Provita. Probably just as bad as bread, but fewer calories.

    @metatauta – I don’t think there’s anything to the whole set point theory re weight. Nothing’s ever been proven. People go on weight loss diets, then revert back to eating as they did before, hence the regain. If you lose a substantial amount of weight, then of course your smaller body will require less calories to sustain it.

    @merryapple – I don’t know what’s in the pâté, but my neighbour makes it himself. It’s amazing. Force-feeding animals is illegal here too. I remember seeing something on TV about that practise to produce foie gras; really nasty?! BTW, I’m pretty sure @bert1802 is female.

    Have a great weekend y’all! 🌤🌈

    Day 15 UK NFD

    Hi all , got back from my absolutely divine holiday last night Going to spend the weekend getting back to normal , catching up on posts – and will get on the scales at some point and aiming to get back to f800 on Monday

    Day 15 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Still distracted by house moving issues, head is saying walk away from the purchase but heart is screaming out no…….so we are going to price the necessary work and try to re negotiate 🤞whilst still searching for an alternative in case the sellers stick out for full price.

    Missed a few meals because of being so busily distracted but have probably over compensated for calorie deficit by stress drinking red wine 🤷‍♀️

    @bert1802 Welcome back! You will see a few of us who remember you still here. I got to goal but struggled with maintenance, regained some and here I am again.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone 🤗

    Day 15 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 162.8

    Not sure why I’m up a full pound as my eating choices yesterday were excellent: ate only the salad at lunch, and then nothing until we went out to dinner, and then brought home a fourth of my meal. So I’m going to shrug it off as a mere fluke or perhaps sodium. Today is all the leftovers in the fridge since we leave tomorrow for six days.

    @jaifaim I don’t think the secret lies in maintenance being somewhat easy, but in you sticking to it–and THAT is something you’re doing, so a certain amount of pride and satisfaction is in order. As to rings…When I weighed 124, shortly after we married, my wedding ring was sometimes so loose as to fling around my fingers in a truly irritating way. Then, some days, it was so snug, the flesh of my finger would puff around it. When I was weighing at the top of my weight at 165, both just recently and also in 2013 and in 2020, I had the exact same experience. And the ring is identical, and has never been sized. So I think the fingers must indeed be indicators of retained sodium. Perhaps the puffiness will be gone tomorrow and you’ll be down another few ounces?

    @bert1802 I do indeed remember you, and I’m so sorry that your mom wasn’t as good and loving to you as she could have been. Are you the only daughter, or merely the one she chose? Kudos to you for sorting out your mental health, and now tackling your physical health; you’ve got this, and the friendship this group brings is an added bonus.

    @merryapple I’ll just do a regular crew neck, rather than the very wide and open crew neck the pattern gives. But, no, the sleeves are not done; they get picked up at the armhole and knitted down, so when I finish the body, I’ll be just a bit over half done. How’s your sweater coming?

    @missybear I do hope the house issues can be resolved well and that the sellers are decent about it all. 👍

    We got about an inch of rain last night, so watering is now off my to-do list, for which I’m deeply thankful, LOL. There’s still lots to do before bed, however, so that tomorrow we can simply scoot out the door as soon as DH gets home from his second church service. It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, and we’re going to stop in Des Moines, Iowa, at a lovely pub with glorious food. We’ll get there around three o’clock, and I’m hoping it’s filling enough that I’ll be easily content with OMAD tomorrow.

    One of the more fun “chores” for today is baking for coffee fellowship tomorrow…I don’t bake very often any more, so it’ll be a treat to make a couple of favorites, and perhaps even a third.

    Have a grand one, friends!

    Day 15 – Ireland – NFD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.
    154.4 lbs ⭐️

    Hello do we have some weekend warriors! I think so! I am one 🏹
    I am going to look at every bit of food I am tempted by and stop to ask myself if I really want it and will it get me to where I want to be?
    The day has started well in that respect.
    Welcome back @brightonbelle – thrilled to hear you had a great time!
    I really hope it does all work out for you @missybear! 🙏 so hard to walk away now but hopefully you won’t have to.
    @funshipfreddie and @merryapple foie gras is the nasty delicacy which people tend to love.. I don’t. Yuck! And the thought of the birds being treated so awfully would put me off anyway. Regular pâté is different and grand as
    Long as you don’t est shedloads of delicious devil bread with it 😂😂
    @merryapple I must look up Fr Devine now… sounds so interesting. I went out loookg for kiwi fruit this morning but couldn’t see any… must keep an eye later at the greengrocers… for non hairy fruit 🥝 🙏…
    @at and @leoniraats hope you are doing ok.
    @penz are you off enjoying your time off work? I hope so!
    @daffodil2010 my Irish pal I hope you are keeping the good side out.
    Have a lovely Saturday everyone!

    Oh @stitchincarol I just spotted your post. Yes rings fitting better today and a little drop down in weight too – thrilled!! You are so so right.. huge kudos to you @bert1802 on turning things around after such a difficult time. Really I have so much respect for those of you who care for parents who don’t make it easy for you. 😇💕😇
    Enjoy the bake @stitchincarol 👩‍🍳

    Off to walk. Cycling tomorrow. Big one next weekend. ⭐️
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Second post

    @jaifaim I loved your words: “I am going to look at every bit of food I am tempted by and stop to ask myself if I really want it and will it get me to where I want to be?” Especially the “will it get me to where I want to be” is so motivating. And before I even read your post, I got a batch of Mississippi Mud Bars in the oven (basically fudgy brownies, mine with pecans, to be topped by mini marshmallows when it’s straight out of the oven and then “frosted” with fudge, poured on when it’s still hot.

    You all salivating yet?

    The halo-worthy news is that I didn’t lick a thing. Not a spoon, not the blob that fell on my finger, nothing. That’s what sent me back to the forum, to brag and celebrate and remind myself to continue the behavior. I’m strongest with resolve in the morning, so I’m doing two of my three recipes now, and the third needs some apples from the grocery store, so I won’t be able to make that until this evening.

    In the meantime, I’m going to remember your words, @jaifaim: “I am going to look at every bit of food I am tempted by and stop to ask myself if I really want it and will it get me to where I want to be?”

    Third post

    I was just deleting emails and noticed at the top of your post, @jaifaim, that you’re at 154.4 today. WELL done!!! Finally, the visible reward for what you’ve been trying so hard to achieve!

    Day 15…… Florida….CD

    Thank you for the warm welcome back. I surely needed it. I’m glad so many remember me……💕

    I figure this as good as anytime for those who don’t know who I am, to official introduce my self….

    I’m Michelle and live in Florida. I’ve been married to my husband for 30 years now. I just recently became a momma to three. My oldest son just married a beautiful young lady last year making it three.
    I work full time and travel for the job, 90% of the time. I love what I do, although it is semi stressful.

    In 2016, I started 5:2 on a 16:8, lost a considerable amount of weight but as luck would have it….. The mother slid right in. As for my mom, she was an extra ordinary person. The reason, I chose to step in and take care of her, is not because I was the only one but at the time, I was the only one who was still in somewhat of a regular contact with her. I moved to Florida to get away and keep my kids as far away as possible but she still had my number. She called every couple months to do what she always did….
    Since I had to other person in the family that would help and to keep her out of the state run mental institution for the elderly. I became care giver to her, she made it in my home, less than a month. With the help of family and service, she was placed in a residential facility. This didn’t help, long story short right in the middle of Covid, I and her facility were fighting to get her a court order antipsychotics. We had to have a court order because she refused to take them orally and to have them injected, I had to have them forced on her. Covid locked everything down, this is when all hell broke loose. I can’t tell you if it was Covid, the lock down, her mental heath or what but she spiraled out of control. One night she ended up in the hospital with internal bleeding, she was in ICU because the hospital could find the bleed. While in ICU, she got Covid and because she was taking any of her meds even the ones that were to help with the internal bleeding and Covid. She passed away.

    During this time, I was just surviving and stress eating. It took me what seems like a life time to get back what I lost in those years. So, the last step of getting my life back together, I am on this journey. Reaching out to all this who helped me when my life was normal and boring.

    So, that’s it…..

    Toady, I chose a control day to ease my self back into it. I started my fast at 6:30pm and ended it with an egg at 10a.
    I will end my day at about 1200 calories and at 6 pm tonight.

    Excited for the new challenge a head

    Day 15 – USA/TN

    Day 15 – USA/TN

    @bert1802!!! So good to see you here on the forum again! It seems that most of us who benefitted from this WOL eventually come back. It’s a great motivator. I’m sorry for what you had to go through, but I’m sure you are stronger for it. Again, welcome! I was in maintenance for awhile after losing 60 lbs., but gained back about 5-7 lbs. and am determined to get back to where I was comfortable. Friends say I was “too skinny”, but I must do what I feel is right for my own body.

    Day 16 NZ NFD 72.9kg 🚴‍♀️

    Eating well, weight’s up but nothing that kiwifruit won’t fix ☺️I went for an hour’s bike ride today on a lovely sunny crispy Sunday morning and met friends at a café. However the weather is not going to hold and we are scheduled for thunderstorms in the wee small hours. The big sky out my window is filled with large fluffy grey blue clouds that look like a Constable painting…
    I am giving a lecture on Wednesday at Artspace on Early AIDS based on my experiences working in the Oakland trauma hospital, Highland General from the beginning of 1983 to the end of 1986. I’m drawing on my own recollections which I have backed up (memories can be fickle) by looking at the very few documentaries from the time. Understandably they focus on San Francisco General and their AIDS clinic. However I was in Oakland, a black city, so my experience is slightly different.

    @bert1802 My humble apologies, I assumed you were a bloke!! My twin brother is a Robert or at least Robbie so it was an easy mistake for me to make! Welcome again and may you enjoy the monthly challenges with a mix of new and old friends!!
    @metatauta Wonderful to hear you have dispatched 60 odd lbs. Those 5-7 will be on their way shortly!!
    @stitchincarol Also your fingers also swell in heat, which you no doubt know. An increased blood supply goes to peripheries to help you cool down and the opposite happens when you’re cold. My rings are lose because of today’s temperature… Sometimes I wrap wool around them to make sure they won’t slide off…
    My sweater is off the needles for a size assessment. It seems to be growing very wide despite all the numbers panning out. I’m wondering if I should frog back and go onto smaller needles after the yoke pattern or partly frog back and add in some shaping decreases… I would love to have a dressmaker’s dummy in my image since I make up patterns…🙄
    @jaifaim Great to see you back in maintenance!! And to hear your fingers are back to being chipolatas not sausages!!🤣 The peak of the Kiwifruit season is May to July here so you should be able to find some. 2024 is a record crop with 193 million trays exported!!
    @funshipfreddie Delicious!! And so nice of your neighbour to share the proceeds of his cooking with you. Paisley the Scotties’s mum has started making cakes for the first time in her life – one each weekend and seems to have great joy in giving me a huge slice… Tomorrow I am to receive a slice of her apple upside down cake made with mint, honey and almonds… Yum!! But you’re in maintenance and I am not…🤐
    It’s a FD for me tomorrow. I’ve got to get back to my lecture…👋

    Onward and Downward!!

    Day 16 – Ireland – NFD – 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.
    154.9 lbs

    @bert1802 we are so glad to have you back in the fold. Thanks for the re-introduction – what a few years you have had.. 💕 congratulations on the new addition to the damily!
    @metatauta – you know you and what works for you. Most friends mean the best but it’s your body and what a huge achievement to have dropped the 60lbs!! You know how great you felt all the way though that and where you were most comfortable- you’ll be back there in a jiffy. ⭐️
    @stitchincarol ah thank you!! I was delighted to see the drop – not quite a whoosh but great to be back in the zone… I know what I am doing wrong and right… I just need a little more of the “right” right now. For body & mind. I hope my words helped you yesterday … writing them down helped me and I had the best Saturday- choices wise – in a very very long time. 🏹

    It was an NFD so a delicious brunch out with two pals – Eggs Benedict with good quality bacon (yes! again), two lattes, a slice of cottage cheese bread (protein rich) and butter snack and then steak, roast potatoes, onions and radish and an ice lolly (Valencian orange – just yummy and no added sugars apparently) with lots of water throughout the day. All very simple and yes there are one or two choices there that if I was “dieting” I would have skipped but I’m not 😎. Milky coffees are on the hit list but I’m not ready to give them up just yet… during the week if I have a latte or flat white I choose coconut milk but I do love good lattes ☕️ so a weekend treat.
    @merryapple tomorrow it’s a FD for you and Paisley’s mum is giving you cake? Will it be a OCAD day? 😂 the cake sounds really interesting – report back will you?
    Bravo on the cycle – sounds nice and sunny – just the best – sunny spins with, or to catch up, with friends. I’m off out shortly 🚴‍♀️
    I’d love to hear your lecture- what a challenging and sad time that must have been but I’m sure you cared for the most wonderful people.💕 They were lucky to have you. It’s so sad to think of those who were affected and all those who died, knowing what we know now… 🥲
    I watched a fabulous drama last year on UK Channel 4 : It’s a Sin – about a group of young friends living their best life in London until they are impacted by the pandemic. It is a must watch if anyone can access it. Fabulous performance by a wonderful cast. Wonderful soundtrack (80s bien sur – see the title – a most fabulous song) and of course it reminds me of just how cruel us humans can be when we perceive danger .

    Off out… 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️ hope it stays dry 🙏

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Kicking off Jolly June Part 2 with a fast day 🎯 Father’s Day here too today; not even a card from my ungrateful moggie 😿 And also ‘Youth Day’, commemorating the Soweto uprising of 1976. As it’s a Sunday, tomorrow will be the public holiday. Not much for the youth to celebrate though; unemployment for under 35’s in SA is around 45%!

    @merryapple – I’m now trying NOT to think about apple upside-down cake on my FD. I love anything with apple, whether it’s pie, crumble, turnover, stewed…😋 and now @jaifaim has me thinking about Eggs Benedict.. & lots of other things 🤯

    Michael Mosley’s last interview:

    @jaifaim – I thought this might amuse you…

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 16 🥚

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Wow managed to read back to day 11 and had to stop there – so much going on Lovely to have you back with us @bert1802 but what a tough time you’ve had 💕

    Sorry to see both @flourbaby and @missybear still in house move discombobulation Hope things get resolved

    I’ll continue catching up and hope to be fully present tomorrow 💪

    Day 16……Florida…..CD

    Quiet Sunday around these parts….. Thankful for it as I have a long week ahead of me.
    Started my fast at 6:30pm and ended at 10:30a. I was starving, was so good to eat but found myself hungry about an hour later. No headache today so that’s a win!
    Just finished up dinner and started my fast like 4 min ago at 6:30p. So, figured this was a good time, to touch base I with you all. I’m staying on CD’s until Tuesday, figured I’d give my body a little time to adjust before I head into only 500 calories. I ended today, at about 1100 calories.

    @flourbaby and @missybear, my prayers are with you. It’s crazy how everything can be going smoothly then something so small can create some pretty big waves.

    @metatuta, people said the same thing to me when I lost so much weight but those were the same people that commented when I was gaining weight, my face looked bloated and stretched out. Hubby always said, I need to be at a place where I feel most comfortable regardless of how it made others feel. I’m passing that tidbit onto you!

    @merryapple… no apologies necessary…It something that happens when you have a username like Bert. When my hubby and I were dating he called me sherbert, then shortly after we were married he called be Bert. So, that’s how Bert came to be…..

    Okay, well I am off got to start my nightly routine for work tomorrow.

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