January 2022 Small Group Challenge?!

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January 2022 Small Group Challenge?!

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  • Hiya all,

    I used to be part of (and sometimes run) a small group accountability challenge in this forum – I’ve actually just checked my previous posts and it was about four years ago now!

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting this back up again in the New Year? Sorry to mention January already haha! If we get people interested though I’ll set it all up, I’m ready to hit the ground running in 2022 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from some of you! I’ll put a maximum of ten on it and I guess a minimum of two including me!


    Hi Jenn, this is my first time on the forum. I have successfully followed the 5:2 way roughly 4 years ago, and I have kept the weight off, only problem being I had stopped before reaching my goal. I keep trying to come back to 5:2 as it worked so well, I lost about 18lbs and like I said, I’ve kept most of that off. Are you still interested in starting up a little team to keep us motivated?

    Hello! Thanks for your reply 🙂 I actually attempted fasting the first week of Jan and I just couldn’t do it (currently in a job working 12 hour shifts and it’s just not practical unfortunately) but I’ve been successfully tracking my calories since. Even though I’m not fasting I’d still be up for buddying up to keep ourselves accountable if that’s something you’d be interested in?

    Yes! Definitely. I’m still going to fast, so I’ll need your help on my days to keep me focussed, I used to do a Monday and a Wednesday, but find it really difficult to do on a work day, so have chosen Monday and Fridays. Only, I’ve not fasted today- so will try again Friday 😊 happy to check in on the daily though to support you.

    Hi guys, can I join in? I’m calorie controlling ATM as COVID lockdowns and everything have engrained some unfortunate habits. Long-term though I plan to go back to 5:2 as I find it easier.
    I’m female, late 40s.

    Sounds good to me! It’s so difficult to fast when working isn’t it? A lot of people say they find it easier because they’re busy but I’ve found myself in a job with very long days and not much to do so fasting just becomes torture! I’m not totally against it becoming part of my routine in the future though.

    @zzzzz45 of course you can! The more the merrier ☺️ I used to have a spreadsheet that was updated each day with how everyone got on but I might leave that for now and we can just check in with each other through posts. As often as we can all manage ☺️

    Hi zzzzz45 – yeah I agree, we can help each other. I’m female late 30’s 😊

    I’m late 20’s! Also looking to start running in the next week or so if either of you ladies have any tips for that 😂

    Ha no tips for running I’m afraid. I have a cross trainer in the garage which I have started to use again alongside my kickboxing classes. This should help to get my fitness levels back up since Xmas and covid and all the other stuff that’s got in the way lately!

    D26 CD Sounds good. I’ll start my posts with the date, so there is no confusion and good luck guys! After a few days of reasonable satiety I’m rather hungry today. Am concentrating on realising that I certainly eat enough for physical hunger and the rest is just habits.

    D26, post 2
    Running – never been able to when younger, but in my 30s completed C25K twice. It’s such a time saving form of exercise, isn’t it? I think it’s really important to have a break between sessions though – a friend used a running coach and his advice was – 2 days in between. There is something in it I reckon.
    I walk, do yoga and Pilates and am planning to start spin classes and gentle strength training.

    D27, hope you guys are doing well. I feel some challenges coming on and am planning to address them one step at a time.
    Keep keeping on!

    D27 – I am going to attempt switching my planned fasting day from tomorrow to today.. going to be tough as it’s a working day for me, but will give it a go 😊

    D27(2) Good luck. It might work or it might not – either way it’s all data and you’ll learn something!

    Morning ladies! Sounds like we’re all getting on okay.. I’m currently using a small pocket book to count my calories and it’s taking away any anxiety I felt around counting with the apps so I’m very happy with it.

    Good luck with your fast day today @secondtimearoundfasting let us know how you get on!

    So far so good ladies! Nearly 1pm and I have only had herbal teas and water with a bit of apple cider. Was planning to eat at 1pm but will push it to 2pm 😃

    I made it through the day! Success! I made a note on my fridge to state my weight and that today is a fast day. I think having it there in writing definitely helped to keep me motivated to complete the day. As well as being accountable on here. Thanks girls- I will try to make a weekend day a fast day and that will be my two days for the week completed 😁

    D28 Brilliant! Well done. Something on the fridge is a good idea. I’m wondering if I should put something to remind me of my goals on it too – about the eye level.

    I’ve also started a list where I put treat foods that I truly enjoy and crave, so I have a list for when I want to have them in a considered way.

    That’s what I did last time I was successful, popped my progress on the fridge, it really helped to see it. I like your idea of putting the treats you crave on there too, so you have a clear plan when you want something, you can just have that rather than picking at different things.

    D28- I forgot to pop the date on my previous post..

    Day 29- I have successfully completed another fast. This puts me back on track for two fast this week. I found that yesterday my eating was much much more sensible, I had zero cravings and felt really good. I got in loads of exercise and managed to get a session in today on my cross trainer. Tomorrow will be really enjoyable to spend out with the family knowing I can have a nice lunch out and hopefully not gorge on processed foods! Being on here is really encouraging me, I know you guys are more focussed on your calorie restriction and that’s absolutely fine with me, it’s nice to have the support whichever method you chose isn’t it. Hope you have had a good week yourselves too 😃

    Hey ladies!

    @secondtimearoundfasting congrats on another fast day! You’ll be back in the swing of it in no time 🙂

    FYI I currently work on four on four off rotation working 12 hour shifts and my job is very very boring 😂 so while I’m “on duty” you’re likely to hear from me a lot more as I try to fill my 12 hour day! I’m doing well, I’ve been known in the past to try to eat too little on a daily basis and end up gorging myself within a couple of weeks, so this time I’m eating more and it’s actually so lovely to feel satisfied and feel that it’s working now! I plan to calorie count this whole year so I’m in it for the long haul.

    Hope you’re both having a great weekend 🙂

    Fine by me @xamos – whatever makes the day go faster. I need to focus on the long term too, I get too impatient

    D31 Sorry guys, was travelling and ended up busy – managed to hold on to reasonable meals and we’ll within calorie goal. Pleased with the progress weight too. However, as weighloss inevitably slows down, what do you use as a motivational tool @xamos?

    @zzzzz45 I’d like to know that too, I think that’s why I stopped last time, not seeing the scales move. I’ve heard progress pics are good for motivation but I have never wanted to do them, I should though!

    D31 – another fast day completed. First of this week. Last week I fasted twice and I lost 1.5lbs. That’s usual for me when I first start, I find my weight loss is slow, defo not the predicted 2lb a week so keeping track of my loss is always helpful, because over time, those half pounds and quarter pounds all add up and is motivating to see. Hopefully updating my progress on here will help to keep me accountable and push on to the loss that I need to achieve.
    What are your calories per day cut down to? Do you eat within a fasting window or eat anytime of the day?

    D1 – Feb ( already!!!)
    @xamos – I’m trying to keep to 1300, might get up to 1400 with coffee and an occasional apple.
    When I did IF 4:3 I lost quite consistently 1.5lbs a week, so if you lose that with 5:2 I reckon that’s good.
    And you are absolutely correct – it all adds up.
    I think measurements are useful. I’ve taken photos at onset this time, so I’ll see if that helps.
    I plan long term to do 500cal once or twice a week as a maintenance tool.

    Morning ladies!

    So this year I’ve actually committed to only weighing myself a maximum of once a month, and ideally less often. I’m the same as both of you whereby if the scale doesn’t say what I want it to it usually throws me off and I’m back to eating whatever and however much I want again. This time I’m really sticking to it and giving it a chance to work, I think we can all feel when we’re doing the right things, feeling healthier and feeling small changes in our clothes etc.

    I hope that by doing this I’ll see a loss each time I weigh and that will keep me motivated – as I mentioned before I’m writing my calories down in a little book and it’s also strangely motivating to want to fill up the whole book! I’ve already ordered enough “little books” to fill the whole year so I don’t have an excuse 😂

    Ladies do you think we should make a new thread for February or just keep using this one?

    @xamos we can, as long as we keep this going, I’m finding it very useful!

    Agreed! I’m really enjoying checking in.

    I’ve made a new thread, I’ve just called it 2022 rather than the month so we can use it for the whole year 🙂

    @secondtimearoundfasting and @zzzzz45 here’s the link let’s reconvene over there:



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