January 2018 Monthly Challenge–Bring on the New Year!!

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January 2018 Monthly Challenge–Bring on the New Year!!

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  • Count me in @mjrbcd44 for January. Thank you for taking on the challenge.

    I’m in! Ready to start the New Year with a this challenge. I am a newbie looking to lose some weight and be healthier. It is amazing to connect with this group that is spread all over the world. I live in the mountains of Colorado. Happy New Year everyone!

    Hello, please count me in for January. I’ve an appointment with a wedding dress-maker at the end of the month so need to stay committed! I’m sure this will be more fun in the good company of this forum.

    Newbie to 5:2, first day today.

    Starting weight: 15 stone 😪
    BMI : 37.2
    TDEE: 2154

    Please sign me up 🙂

    Deffo want to join this – count me in. 2018 will be our year peeps 🙂

    I’m in for January. Thanks @mjrbcd44 for hosting – should be fun!
    This is my 3rd monthly challenge and 6 months on 5:2. I am going to set myself a target of losing 2.5kg for January – I lost just over 3kgs in each of the last two months, so it has to be achievable!

    Hi guys, I’m new to this way of life (1st fast day today) 😬 Just finding my way about the website and Not sure what the challenge is. I’ve been a typical dieter all my life and only read the book (in 3 hours) yesterday and I’m eager to hit the ground running with as much positivity as possible.

    Thank you to all the hosts for last year and to you @mjrbcd44 for this first month in 2018.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. To all of the lovely posters for the encouraging words, so kind and generous. And for the cheery stories, knowing others have life events that affect their journey is so affirming.

    2017 was my very worst year ever, and without the wonderful support here large weight gains would be my fate. Instead I start this year 8lbs lower than last year. Just think I will hit target 1 in 2018.

    Have a great new year’s eve and see you on the other side.


    I’d like to join too please. Have tried before and failed, hoping ‘being accountable’ will keep me motivated and hopefully gain inspiration from you all. I am planning my first fast tomorrow!! Excited and nervous at the same time, after a week of overindulgence think it may be a shock. Good luck all- I have around 15 kilos to lose x

    Thank you for hosting I will definitely be joining in but starting 2nd January. We are out celebrating with family again.
    Can you tell me how I access spreadsheet please? I’m going to see it come down (hopefully)

    I’m London UK based

    Good luck everyone

    Hello 🙂
    I will join in for the first time, thank you @mjrbcd44. I’ve been reading this topic last couple of months and its really nice to see the support and bond between people here.
    I’m in UK, weighing 57kg and aiming to get to 50kg eventually, which was my ideal weight for many years before I gained over a stone, I suspect due to some health issues and changes.
    I don’t believe in cutting out certain type of food so this seems like the best way to go, not just for weight loss but for health benefits too.
    I’m not sure how active I can be posting here, but I sure will try and definitely will read 😀
    Happy New Year everyone <3

    Hi mjrbod44 I just dropped by to say hello and will be posting as from tomorrow. My first fast day for 2018 will be Tuesday 2nd January.

    Onwards and downwards have a great New Year’s Eve

    Count me in for January — Maintenance is still my game!

    Count me in! I have tried the diet multiple times before and I’m hoping posting with regular updates will make it successful this time!

    Hi@ Mjrbcd44 I would dearly love to add myself to the challenge spreadsheet but not sure how, could you add me please and if you could let me know as to how I update it weekly it would be greatly appreciated.

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    @debster251, you are so talented! Thank you for the poem! Happy New Year, everyone!

    @mjrbcd44 Thank you so much for hosting and Please count me in for January.
    This time last year I was doing quite well on the 5:2 WOL.
    This Christmas having 2 cooks in the house for 2 weeks has been wonderful for the delicious and varied food cooked and shared. We have had amazing feasts every day.
    It has, alas, done nothing for my commitment to 5:2 WOE and fasting…. what’s fasting???
    Well and truly ready for a major re-set tomorrow.
    So A very Happy New Year to all ( it’s 11.55 pm in Western Australia and by the time I get ready for bed the witching hour will have arrived and I will begin the new year the way I plan to continue , hopefully with a FD.)
    Though with a fridge full of homemade dips, pavlova, trifle, chocolates, plus cheese, wine, biscuits …..
    I will need all the support I can get from this group.🍷🍷🍨

    Just jumping in here real quick before I end the year in December challenge but wanting everyone to know that I will update the spreadsheet today (12/31 still here in the states) and then we are full steam ahead starting tomorrow.

    Though I know many are still on holiday (myself included) until I the 2nd.

    I will reshare the link to the spreadsheet again and you should be able to download it and keep track of your days there as well as posting in the challenge.

    I encourage you to write as much or as little as you want to. Read as much or as little as you want to and use this little forum as a safe space to share your triumphs and your missteps.
    I am only in my third month of this WOL and my third challenge. I can’t express adequately how much this forum means to me. I didn’t hit my December goal but I did still end up below November 30.And that number is below October 31. I had almost given up believing that I COULD lose weight any more. And as you will find, many are working on big health goals and weight loss is secondary.

    I will endeavor to get the spreadsheet up by noon here so it is ready for the Aussies first thing January 1 morning.

    Let’s do this thing!

    I have just been reading some of the fast diet book and I’m a bit confused. When I tried this before I fasted from dinner say on Saturday night until Monday morning which is approx 36 hours but I’ve just read that you could do say Saturday night until Sunday night – 24 hours?? If you do the 24 hours – when is ‘the fast’ part? Really what I want to know is do you do it for 24 or 36 hours please ?

    Hi @janeandmoses! Welcome!

    Most of us do that full 36 hours (some stretch that even longer as they also use 16:8) but typically if you are fasting on Monday you finish eating at TDEE on Sunday regardless of time and then on Monday you have only 500/600 calories depending on female/male and then you are back to TDEE on Tuesday.

    You will find many people doing different variations here but that is the basic strategy.


    Janeandmoses, as I understand it the original intent is a ~35 hr “fast” with <500 calories for women <600 for men. That’s how I do it although I do water fast and eat nothing but black coffee and water.

    Thank you. I try also to have nothing but fizzy water and a couple of coffees cos I find if I start to eat it’s really difficult to stop!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow and although a bit nervous I feel I can do it now I’m part of this group x

    January 1 is almost upon us!

    Here is the link to the spreadsheet. Feel free to download and keep track of your progress. If you are tech-challenged, just give a shout and I’ll be happy to help.
    If you see members highlighted in bright green–they are in maintenance mode.
    You can feel free to add as much or as little information to the sheet as you care to.
    It is organized alphabetically by name. 😊

    Looking forward to a great month everyone!


    First day tomor, count me in please 🤗 feeling rather nervous

    Day 1/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    Happy New Year!

    My goal for the New Year is to live a fitter and healthier life, 5:2 is the tool that’s helping me achieve it. I’m in my 65th year, no longer pre diabetic, blood pressure has normalised and bad cholesterol is way down, hips and knees no longer ache and, best of all I can keep up with my 5 preschool aged grandchildren. I’ve been under my goal weight for nearly 3 years having lost and kept off 43 lbs. I love that this is a flexible lifestyle and not a diet! Forty years of dieting made me fat and feel like a failure. Fasting and focusing on eating a Mediterranean style diet with loads of fresh vegetables, fruit and healthy fats is keeping me on track. Nothing is off limits but I rarely eat any refined, processed carbs or processed food. Alcohol is my bête noir. I’ll be joining the Dry Januarians from tomorrow.

    My staring weight is up 2 kg, still 1kg under my goal or target weight but I’m above my happy weight. I’m not overly concerned. Yesterday I returned from a 2 week holiday and my legs are still swollen and puffy from the flight. A fast day tomorrow should dispatch most of the gain.

    Looking forward to a positive month with good company and support on this forum. May all our goals be fulfilled.

    What an inspirational post – we’ll done you. I’m 63 and starting tomorrow looking to lose 34lbs – your post had given me hope that I may actually do this- how king did it take you to get to goal and did you exercise?
    Will follow your posts with anticipation. Happy new year x

    Hello everyone
    I haven’t gone away despite not posting but know I think of you all everyday.
    Just popping in to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2018. Love Liz x

    Thank you Mjrbcd44 for this challenge – please count me in & add me to your spreadsheet.
    I’m 65, been following Southern Hemisphere forum since October 2017,so still finding what works for me. Need to loose ~ 15kg overall. Live on east coast of NSW in a country town.
    Looking forward to having a stronger commitment & being more accountable. Will do measurements today.
    Hello to everyone & Happy New Year!

    2nd Post

    Thanks @mjrbcd44 for hosting. Also a big thank you and shout ot to all the wonderful hostesses who’ve kept these challenges going since @coda began way back in 2016.
    @joblot44 welcome. The challenge is to post daily to help staying on track and accountability. There are lots of inspiring, supportive and knowledgeable people on this forum.
    @rainbowsmile welcome back. Hope 2018 brings all the peace and success you so richly deserve
    Welcome @janeandmoses @slogan15 @shinything @tdadam @kimberly31 @arelkade
    @janeandmoses I started in September 2014 and reached goal in April 2015. I’ve been maintaining ever since. I’ve never been above my goal but I bounce around between my happy weight and goal weight. My BMI is currently 22. I’m rather sedentary but I do enjoy walking and gardening. Exercising has never played a part. I’m planning to improve my flexibility to maintain my balance.
    @coda thank you and please keep popping in.

    I’ve long wondered why this way of life has worked for me when all else has failed. The secret I believe is not thinking of this as another diet. After all dieting made me fat. Every time I lost weight by dieting I regained losses and more! Focus on your health. Weight loss is the bonus.

    Yes I do agree, ‘dieting’ does not work and makes you feel a failure- I like the idea that on a fast day and you crave something you can say “I’ll have it tomorrow “ if you still want it! Also a lot of people like you, are maintaining really well by perhaps fasting once a week. I’m feeling motivated thank you

    Have just googled the weight of a house brick – I have 10 bricks to lose!!

    Day 1/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    Looking forward to the new year. I’m 39 and had my first baby last year. Wasn’t looking after my weight as well as I should have been, so still have 7kg to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight and 28kg in total to be back at my happy weight.

    I’m travelling overseas this month to visit family, so I hope that 5:2 will give me the freedom to be able to still lose weight while I have no control over the daily menu.

    Hoping to lose around 3kg this month.

    @onahealthyhigh Thankyou, I’m as keen as mustard to stay motivated and if posting on here keeps me going then you will be hearing from me everyday. 😀 First day of fasting pretty much done and I must say it was easier than I thought it would be but early doors so I won’t get too carried away. With about 36 pounds to lose, the exercise begins in earnest tomorrow. 😬🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪
    Good luck to everyone and here’s to a healthy 2018. Cheers 🥂

    Hi all of you newbies and welcome:

    Here are some tips that will help you be successful with 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    One thing to keep in mind if you also are starting an exercise program is that you do not need to exercise to lose weight, and exercising won’t cause you to lose weight faster. A link in the above thread explains.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks @simcoeluv for posting that link for newbies! I completely forgot. 😊

    And to that point… Lots of great information all over the 5:2 website so make sure to explore it thoroughly!

    Thanks for hosting Mjrbcd44. Count me in please.

    Day 1 – FD – Mornington Peninsula AU

    Happy New Year!

    I’ve been missing from the challenges the second half of last year but excited and motivated to give it another try. I found the encouragement and support from all the lovely people on this forum amazing and I am looking forward to making this the best year yet!

    Day 1 – FD – Perth AUS – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Weight: 67kg
    Target: 63kg

    In 2017 I went from 75kg with Michelin-woman belly rolls to 63kg and only one little belly roll. But in late November some of my old food habits snuck back in and I took a break from the HIIT side of things too. Thanks largely to coke, chocolate, take away and carb-a-licious food, I’m up 4kg from the last time I stepped on the scales… OOPS!

    My old fast days were Mon and Thurs, and I was going to “ease myself into it” today (skip the fast day) but that’s the mindset that allowed those 4kg to climb back on… so fast day it is – regardless of whatever left overs are available!!! This month’s target might look a little ambitious, but some of my weigh in will be sheer food mass working through my system. I pigged out quite badly yesterday.

    For 2018, I plan on exorcising the Coca-Cola demon once and for all, getting back into 5:2, staying with it and hitting 60kg so I’m well and truly in the healthy weight range.

    Thanks @coda for starting these challenges and @mjrbcd44 for hosting Jan 2018!

    Can you count me in too please?
    New Year Resolution (again!) is to make this the year I get back to my happy weight. Only about 20 lbs to lose but can never seem to crack it on the head. Am 68 now and don’t want to still be yo-yo dieting into my seventies. Seems the biggest part of my life (well since having children anyway) has been spent worrying about what I can or can’t, should or shouldn’t eat. With 5:2 I’ll only have to worry about one fast day at a time and I’m hoping this will help.

    Day 1 NZ NFD Happy New Year everyone. Have just finished reading posts and am feeling really motivated and ready to go.

    Thanks for hosting @Mrjbcd44, can you please add me to the Spreadsheet. I can update it once Im added but Im not terribly good with computers.
    I did the Challenge in Oct and Nov but I have the motivation this month as my younger daughter is getting married 20th January 🙂
    Im 59.6 kg today but want to get to 58 for the wedding. I have bought a dress but would like it a bit looser 🙂

    Day 1, NFD, Melbourne Aus

    Day 1 country West Australia FD
    Back after a short time MIA ( missing in action).
    I started 5:2 November 2016 – thanks to Coda for starting the challenges.
    I was mindful of keeping to TDEE, fasted 2 days a week and found it fairly easy to lose weight and maintain the lifestyle for a while.
    Posting daily and reading others’ posts really helped. Accountability for me was very beneficial.
    I lost weight and was healthier.
    Then I hit a plateau for MONTHS but stuck with this WOL as it has many health benefits.
    Was doing OK the latter part of the year and would have good weeks, fast etc But gradually I lost heart and commitment, didn’t always fast properly ( eating over 500 -800 calories on FDs does not actually constitute a fast!)
    Slowly the weight I had lost crept back on. I didn’t bother to eat to my TDEE and so over the past few months I have gained all the weight I lost PLUS an extra kg.
    So now starting 2018 1 kg heavier than when I started doing 5:2 in November 2016.
    I can’t blame the 5:2 WOL. It is simply lack of being mindful on my part.
    If I over consume above my TDEE on a regular basis and if I do not fast then I will not get the results!!!
    It really is that simple in my case.
    Hoping for a better year in 2018!!
    Welcome to all the newbies and ‘ hi’ to all the regulars!! 😀

    I would like to join in to the January challenge.
    Today is my first day of the 5:2 diet and I will fast on Wednesday and Friday this week.
    I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been enjoying a long, hot summer and Christmas break.
    I have many kgs to lose and I believe there is no time like the present to get started.
    Happy New Year to you all!

    New on this site, this diet, this group. Hello everyone! From Oklahoma, USA

    Day 1, India, FD
    Happy New Year everyone:) Hope we all succeed in our efforts towards losing weight and improving our fitness . I will be doing a B2B2B2B. Please count me in for the January challenge.

    Happy New Year everybody!
    I’m in. sunny Mexico on vacation, but will be going back to frigid New York in a couple of weeks.
    Today, January 1 is not a complete fast day for me, but I will limit my food intake to one meal during the day.
    I really want se see results soon, so I think I will do 3:4 wit my first fast day being Tuesday.
    Best of luck to everyone!

    Day 1, Scotland, NFD
    Happy New Year everyone! I reached my target weight at the end of November but have gained 3lb over the holidays with all the extra nfd goodies which were thoroughly enjoyed with friends and family. This month I aim to get back to that target and start to find a maintenance routine that suits me.
    Sorry, my device doesn’t seem to like the spreadsheet so I’ll update in my posts just for my own accountability. I’m in my mid-40s, 5’2″ and currently 123lb.

    Hello everyone,

    new to the forum, however this is my 2nd time on the fast diet. My 1st time was reasonably successful losing around a stone, this was at least two years ago. Unfortunately, bad habits crept into my diet again and I find myself at the heaviest I have been for 8 years.

    That said I’m completely positive that this change in lifestyle bought about by 5:2 is the answer

    I have added myself into the tracker. Thanks for setting up

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