Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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  • Hello everyone.. I restarted on the 5:2 program this week.. my husband has been doing this for about 8 months and he lost 11 KGS so far. I tried to do the 5:2 diet a few times earlier but I always slip up after a couple of weeks. Hopefully this time I can stick to it.
    Just curious if you guys are doing any exercise along with the diet? I try to take walks but the weather is too hot here (Melbourne, Australia) to do anything outside. Is the reduced calorie intake enough to start losing weight?

    Morning everyone. Last time I did 5:2 I felt really cold on the evenings but menopause has cured that! I don’t tend to get the low energy though and used to sleep really well after a fast but didn’t on Monday weirdly, bodies gone completely to pot lol.
    Well, I binged last night and all my own fault as I caved in to wine and shared a bottle with hubbie 🙁 I was trying for dry January but a stressful couple of days at work ruined that. Then I headed for the unopened box of maltesers from Xmas and we shared some crisps….not good but thankfully my day had been really low cal until then and scales are showing a slight loss from yesterday so going to try for a fast today and see how I get on…

    Have a good day all 🙂

    Hello all,
    Just came from my yoga class and ate the raw bar with coffee for breakfast – fasting…
    Nikki, (nmeh1) hello, glad you asked about exercise!
    I do every day. I live in US east coast, hate summers here – humidity and high temperatures make it impossible to exercise outside. So, I joined a health club – air conditioner all year round. Next was to ask a question do I like to exercise by myself, classes, a personal trainer? I like classes – they start at certain time, the instructor motivates you, but I could take it easy if I do not feel 100%. I also do not like “a work out buddy”, many people do, a company makes them accountable, ask yourself if you want a friend. Then, a question of time – I go to gym at 5:30 am on work days and at 9:30 am on weekends. 5:30 classes are the best habit I developed in 2016! I always have time at 5:30, I do something good for myself first thing each mornig, I feel light and I feel good and energetic the rest of the day!
    So, I take cycling classes on Monday, Saturday, Sunday
    I do cycling + strength (light weights ) on Wednesday and Friday
    I practice yoga on Tuesday and Thursday, these days are my F-days too.
    This year, actually, is one of my goals to add walks outside – working on this.
    I stoped being obsessed over pushing myself with hard workouts to loose weight- does not work! I exercise to feel good.

    Greetings to new posters on this thread, and to people who were already there?

    I have a FD today like Alisa, Karen, and ? (I have started to type this and don’t want to go back to page 1 of this thread to see who else is on it…and lose my post). Should my resolve to get through today eating 500 calories waiver — I will think of you two and hope to have all three of us post tomorrow or at the end of today saying that we achieved it.

    Will post more thoughts regarding the contents of your posts on the weekend. Off to get ready for work.

    Have a good FD or NFD — just keep posting here.

    Hi, it is the end of my second fast day of my first week doing this 5:2 thing. I have gotten through today ok, but I must say, that if I was at home during the day I would have a dreadful time making it work. I go to work and basically skip lunch, drink herbal tea, and then when I come home I eat my 350 or so calories. If I was at home all day I would be deeply challenged to make it work because of all of the food around me. Hats off to any of you who have to make meals for others, be a home in the kitchen during the day. I would be challenged.

    Funny, I am making plans for business and pleasure next week and I am getting really hyper (inflexible?) if someone wants to do something with me or get together on a day that I have scheduled as a fast day. I think to myself, ok, get together with the person and move the fast day to another day, but that is getting to be a challenge (biz lunches, or dinners with friends). Hmmm.

    I hope that everyone is well. Not sure about this fast thing. Am giving it a whole hearted try, and as long as I stay focused maybe I can continue to not binge. Working for 5! days so far!!

    Well done ratatouille, keep it up. You’re doing better than me, I did a liquid fast on monday then back to work and a very stressful week and I’ve not yet managed another fast and also binged 🙁 No excuses really but work is really getting me down and I don’t think it’s helping at all. It also didn’t help that there are still biscuits and chocolates in the staff room at work… Today I’m trying for my second fast, taking a ham salad to work then having courgetti with mushrooms, ham and soy sauce when I get home. Hoping I’ll be able to nail this one at least.

    Here’s to a better day and the weekend is looming, yay 🙂

    Amelia. 10 – don’t give up and don’t beat yourself up! You tried the first FD on a day when you had friends over for dinner. Although a brave move, it was maybe not the best day. So you tried again and you managed to get to 6pm until you binge. That’s most of the day you got through! So you are nearly there, a couple more hours and you could’ve gone to bed and FD number 1 would be successful.

    So do you think you should’ve eaten something small a bit earlier? Or what happened after 6 to make you binge?

    Could you plan exactly what you are going to eat, and at what times so you know what’s coming? And try to plan your fast day for a day when nothing is likely to get in the way.

    You’ve got this Amelia, try again. Post on here every hour of the day if you need to – you can do this. Once you’ve got one under your belt then you have the confidence to do more.

    Bingeing is so much more then willpower so don’t beat yourself up xxx

    Nmeh1 welcome 😃 The food you eat is the most important thing for weight loss so the reduced calories on your 2 FD’s plus being careful on the other 5 is what will achieve the weight loss. Exercise alone cannot result in weight loss as we don’t have enough hours in the day to burn off all the food (at least I dont) 😃 !

    I try to think of exercise now as something which improves my mental health and which keeps my muscles working well rather than think of it helping my weight loss. I have just started an upper body workout class and I’m also doing Pilates.

    Have you thought of doing the Every Other Day version of the fast diet? That way you can binge every other day but you also have to fast every other day. I do a lot of walking but exercise is by no means essential, though it’s better for your overall health. I had a piece of Christmas cake yesterday and it still didn’t break my diet, because it wasn’t a fast day.

    SlimMeDown, thank you for replying!

    I had most of my calories earlier in the day and by 6pm I just felt so hungry. I think what I need to do is wait as long as possible until eating anything. I don’t normally eat breakfast so that’s not a problem but by 1pm I usually feel quite hungry but rather than have lunch I think I’ll have a small snack to get me through until dinner time and I can have most of my calories for dinner.

    I’ve always had a problem with eating sweets, crisps etc at night even when I’m not hungry, it’s become a habit.

    I want this year to be the year that I’m finally comfortable in my own skin so I’m gonna keep on trying.


    Totally get the eating at night thing Amelia, a binger doesn’t need to be hungry to eat vast amounts of food 😱

    When I had a FD last Monday I decided to wait as long as possible as I didn’t want to go to bed hungry. I had a cup of tea (with milk so 25cal) in the morning, then just water until 5:30 when I had a stir fry, and then a bit of weetabix before I went to bed so I could get to sleep (I find it very hard to sleep if I go to bed hungry).

    You’ll find what works for you, just keep trying different things until you hit on the best way for you. And don’t beat yourself up when they don’t go to plan. I’m due to fast again on Monday but I’m going to miss it as I’m suffering with anxiety so I just need to look after the basics until it settles and then I’ll try again.

    Yes I think I’ll wait as long as possible until eating so I’m not going to bed hungry.

    Totally understand the anxiety thing, I suffer from it too. Hope you’re ok! X

    I’m fine thanks Amelia, it just gets worse every so often especially when i’m very busy and plans change etc as it makes me feel out of control. Whereas normally I turn to sugar to cope, I don’t have that now so have to deal with it x

    Good morning everyone.

    Karen, take it easy on yourself. Stress, combined with temptations at work would do me in. I too would binge. For whatever reason we are predisposed to do that. Can you give yourself a fasting day pass when stress is higher? If your fasting day goes off track tell yourself that it will be a tdee day? Not sure if this helps. I think that I am still in “the honeymoon phase” of this. I willpower muscle seems to be working. I know that eventually my forgiveness muscle will have to start working when I have a binge so that I do not continue on it for extended periods

    Amelia, having guests for dinner on a fast day – that would be impossible for me to do too. My fast day eating so far has been with no other eating/drinking commitments. I start out my fast day with a boiled egg and water, water, water. I push through any hunger pangs during the day and look forward to a 400 calorie dinner and then (sometimes) stare at the clock hoping I can go to bed soon so that I make it through the fast day. This is not a sustainable way of doing things, but for now, I will accept it.

    Here is a concern that I have. In my first 5 days of doing this plan I lost 7 lbs. There is no way that that can be fat loss. To lose 7 lbs of water(?) in 5 days is kind of scary. Either I was a mess when I started (Christmas and New Years excesses did included large amounts of chips/crisps) with water retention (could be), or I am now totally dehydrated. I am trying to be aware of salt consumption and I am drinking copious amounts of water. I will monitor this.

    Have a good day everyone. If you have not been posting because you have strayed from your intentions I say hello to you. If you have not been posting because life has gotten in the way I say hello to you!

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. I was meant to fast today but took my daughter and new fiance out for lunch to celebrate their engagement. I’m under so much pressure and stress at work I’m struggling with fasting anyway so hopefully going to try again next week.

    Here’s to next week and a more motivated Karen xx

    Last week F-days were successful.
    Looks like I need to work on menues for eat days. I want more discipline. I will try to plan better.
    My health club is closed today (Saturday) – a lot of snow outside. Snow creates panic in my town, it is rear, nobody can drive on snow, many places do not open. I did exercise at home and shuffled snow, thinking that it is so hot now in Australia (nmeh1 wrote).
    Ok, I entered into MyFitnessPal app food I want to eat tomorrow, if I eat anything extra, that would be binge, will report tomorrow
    Happy fasting

    Could I join the party please?
    I did the 5:2 a year ago and lost 13lbs. It worked brilliantly for me but then I was seriously ill and put the whole lot back on again. Nothing to do with the chemotherapy and everything to do with scoffing!
    I have a wedding to go to in June and am lucky enough to have a trip abroad in the summer. I really need to get some weight off for those.
    Planning my first fast day tomorrow.

    Hello, I’m another ex 5:2er. Lost 1 1/2 stone about 2 years ago. I got to a good weight and size (12), then went back to my old ways. The weight slowly went back on, but since September I have put on a stone!! I think it’s my age (49). I’ve just started HRT and apparently, one of the side effects is weight gain – oh joy!
    Need to nip this in the bud before I get any bigger.
    Anyway, I hope I can join you on this journey 😀

    Welcome Dieting Doris and Katiebenz.

    Hi to everyone else.

    Let us hope that our intentions stick with us and we stick with them, and if we stray, that we are gentle on ourselves and pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and continue on.

    Dietingdoris and Katiebenz – Welcome 😃 It’s great that you already know this works for you.

    Hope you’ve all had a good day everyone else. As I said before, I’ve abandoned tomorrow’s FD and I have a course for the next 3 days so I’m hoping to catch up with a FD later in the week.


    @slimmedown, good for you that you are flexible and proactively planning in order to increase the likelihood of success.

    Hi all,

    Fast Day 1 and all going well…. well it is only 9.35 in the morning LOL. more prepared this time. Have not only bars for my fast days so i still feel like I am eating something but also have my meals planned out for the week so no excuses.

    I am having the atkins bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner so at least I feel like I am eating something. They are only 150cal each so will still be under.

    Love the chats going on. Keep on keeping on guys. We can do this!!!

    Much love xxx

    Good evening.
    I am reporting a failure on my ‘following detailed menu’ for today.
    This morning I woke up at 5:30 am and at the same time electrical power in my house went down – could not cook the breakfast…. the day went ok, but not as it was planned, surprise, surprise…. then one pipe was frozen in the house, we were afraid that it could burst.
    Doris, you mentioned a word ‘chemotherapy’, was it about you? Could you share a bit?
    There are a lot going on in my life now… a bad thing does not come alone
    Ok, Monday is my ‘eat day’. keep writing, happy to hear from all of you

    Morning everyone hope everyone is well.

    Well I’m just less than a lb down from last monday so I’ll take that. After last weeks fails it’s better than nothing. I had an awful week at work and just comfort ate at times. I’m taking carrot and coriander soup for lunch and when I get home will make some courgetti with mushrooms, spring onions and a little ham and soy sauce. It’s actually quite tasty and filling so hope that does the trick.

    I just wondered where everyone is from in the world? I’m from the North East of England and at the moment it’s freezing up here and really not looking forward to going out in it this morning.
    Onwards and downwards.
    Karen x

    Good morning everyone! Just checking in, managed to fast on saturday and will fast again tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing ok.

    Karen, I’m from Scotland and it’s really cold here too

    Hi everyone. Just checking. Amelia, wonderful read that you had a successful fast day. Karen good to read that you have moved in the right direction after a week that did not go as planned. Renae, great that you achieved a successful fast day. Alisa I hope that today goes a lot better for you than yesterday (both at home and food wise)

    Today is a fast day for me. I hope that at some point a fasting day does not become such a major effort for me.

    No binges so far. Even survived a restaurant meal this past Saturday night (but I did overmanage/control the situation…I made sure we picked a chain restaurant with nutritional details posted online so that I could plan what I would order and still have control. The typical chain restaurant food was ok, but not great, but with hindsight it sure feels great to have gotten through that situation.

    Have a good day. In answer to your question of where we are from — I am from British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

    Just got to my 500 cal limit for today. I had several cups of tea during the day and a Sainsbury’s low cal chicken biriyani for dinner – yuk, I wouldn’t recommend it! Had to get rid of the taste by scoffing a handful of chocolate orange popcorn! 😀.
    Bored and cold now, so might go to bed early. Would really like a nice glass of Rioja……..🍷
    Hope it’s going well for everyone who is fasting today.

    Katieb I have 10.5 hours till bedtime on today my fast day. Hang in there! You will be able to tick today off as one of your two FDs and not have to restart another day. You can do it

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m sure I will get into the routine in a couple of weeks, it’s just a bit of a shock to the system after the glutfest that was Christmas 😀. Good luck for the next 10 hours. BTW, I’m on the south coast of England. No sign of the blizzards that the rest of the northern hemisphere are experiencing, just the normal – mild and wet.

    Hi gang

    Fast day has gone well until this evening 🙁 really bad day at work, again. Had soup for lunch then weightwatchers meal for tea but sitting sharing a bottle of wine with my daughter to try and unwind frim an awful day. Checked calories and its just over 700 for the day so thats ok I suppose. Tomorrow will be a none fast but fairly low cal day so hope I can kind of break even with my calories. Basically if I wasnt at work being stressed I woyld be fine but unless things change a wee bit Im going to struggle.

    Where are you living ratatouille? Im guessing not in the UK?
    Katie, Im really hoping we dont get those blizzards here up North, last Winter was fine, I can cope with that but snow isnt good and I hate driving in it 🙁


    Sorry, just popping in quick today so I’ll catch up on the posts properly in a couple of days. This course is rather busy.

    Just a bit of help regarding the feeling we all have sometimes that we are failures because we don’t have enough willpower:

    Dr Xand van Tulleken

    Many junk foods work by giving you a powerful hit of the reward chemical dopamine, which allows you a minute or more of intense pleasure followed by longing as levels drop.
    This is why it’s so easy to eat a whole family pack of tortilla chips by yourself. Over-eating isn’t lack of willpower, it is dopamine gone crazy — and the food scientists have made it happen.
    If you want to lose weight, you can’t eat junk food. It’s simple. And if it’s there, you will eat it — because that’s exactly how it’s been designed.
    So remove it all from your house: put crisps, biscuits, sweets and chocolate bars in the bin.

    Have a good day xx

    Hi, just here for a quick post before a busy day. Got through my fast day yesterday. I have no desire to do 2 fast days in a row, but I may do that today (see how I feel mid day). Trying to do this because I cannot control my eating situations for quite a few days this week and I can for today.

    Slimmedown, good luck with the course. Thank you so, so, so, much for the quote. Yes, I am the one who can sit there with a large bag of potato chips and follow it up with a large bag of cheezies and then be so so so thirsty and have a food hangover (as I call it) the next day. This is a very good quote to remember. Slimmedown, I know that you have overcome/are managing an addiction to sugar and now trying to slowly deal up eating of “crisps”. (I think that that is you)? I congratulate you

    Me – celebrating 10? days of no overeating. Yeah! someone asked where I was from — I am from the west coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia. It is a beautiful and wonderful place to live.

    Hello all.
    Echoing SlimMeDown and ratatouille:
    I read that some combination of fat, sweet, salty create chemical reaction of pleasure (kind of addiction) that a person can not stop. I think, I experienced this thing last Sunday when I did not have electricity in the house. I could not cook my breakfast and ate cereal with coconut milk (no sugar added, but coconut milk is sweet to me anyway) I loved it! I could eat another 10 portions… I caught myself on the thought that even 10 more portions would not be enough and this is just addictive food combination for me. True or not, this idea helped me not to eat 10 more portions.
    … I am going to eat my F-day dinner soon.
    Talk to you later
    Ratatouille, congratulations on your awesome days! I would not do two consecutive FD, I think the fast diet book does not recommend two consecutive days, regards

    Hello everyone on this thread.
    Can I join you please?
    I’m a returner to 5:2 having had a rubbish year (in general) in 2016 with half hearted fasting and exercise and a lot of denial of calories.

    My 5:2 journey started in January 2014 when my daughter turned 5 and Fasting really worked for me. I went from a 85kg obese misery (I’m 44 year old female and only 160cm or 5ft2 tall) to a 60.5kg feeling fabulous bundle of energy in 18 months. That was in August 2015.

    I kept fasting after that but wasn’t very strict and found it hard to maintain. I dropped a lot of the exercise as I went back to work and drank more alcohol than I should.
    2016 was a rubbish year for a number of reasons and I’ve now put 10kg back of the total of 24.5kg I lost since starting. All my own doing – can’t blame anyone else.

    So this is me – regaining control and restarting myself with new resolve. I know 5:2 works for me and I will make it happen this year. I have no deadline for my 10kg weightloss to 61kg but am hoping (with better planning and exercise included) that I will be at least half way by May.

    It’s been lovely reading all your posts about your trials and tribulations and you seem like a very friendly lot.

    Take care and all the best to those who have a FD today.

    Lotta xx

    Alisa, great that you were able to stop a binge and think it through. That is not easy. That is what I am after. Logic triumphed over immediate gratification (immediate numbing?…. I think that that is what it is for me) and that is awesome.

    Myggan – hi! You have reasonable goals, a committed attitude and this thread to come too. I wish you the energy to stay focussed and look forward to your posts.

    I just finished 2 consecutive FDs. I do not wish to two days back to back for any other reason that the other days of my week will likely not permit 500 calorie fasting. I did it. Whew. Now, a big challenge of two days with social eating with friends. The meals should be ok — I have a healthy tdee to eat to, but I am nervous about the potential for binges afterwards. I have this all or nothing eating thing that happens. Hopefully I can keep this in check. Stay tuned. I will keep the thought that I have to post here tomorrow at the forefront of my mind during, and more importantly after the meal (this is when I would normally start to binge). My head is in a really good place with regards to this plan, I am just trying to anticipate the potential pitfalls ahead).

    Good morning! FOOD today!
    Finally the 5:30 am classes are back at my health club, they were canceled for three days due to snow. I know it sounds strange for many people, including me, but in Virginia a little snow is catastrophe. Yesterday fast day went well, tomorrow is the second one, but today I had my favorite breakfast: oatmeal with yogurt and fresh raspberries, I appreciated it so much after F-day and cycling class in the morning!
    Ratatouille, I know exactly your feelings and fears. Coming back home for me is kind of trigger + habit to eat something, especially if I am alone – oh, i do not like it about myself!
    Let us know your experiences
    Myggan40, hello!

    Hello all,

    I would love to join your group, I am a Re-starter.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 off and on for a few years. The times I’ve been consistent, I’ve been able to drop 1-2 pounds a week. I don’t have much to lose (about 10 lbs.), but I’m doing it more for the structure and the wonderful relief 5:2 gives to my digestive system.

    I really don’t know what gets me off of the 5:2 way of life. I think I self sabotage when it comes to food. It’s the whole diet mentality, “I’ll start something new tomorrow.”

    I want to change my start-stop habits and stick with 5:2 this time. I will definitely go back and read everyone’s story :). I fasted Monday and will have a fast day tomorrow. I work-out on my non-fast days.

    I remember you, Lotta, I think we started around the same time (had to change my login). Good to see you’re back at it too!

    I’ll check in tomorrow, good luck everyone!!


    Hi all
    Thanks for the kind welcome.

    I am having my 2nd FD of this week today and as my husband is out tonight I will eat early and go to bed to help get through the difficult part of the FD. Tuesdays FD went well but yesterdays food day was rubbish. I gave in to my sweet tooth so I need to get rid of the kids sweets and treats to remove temptation. Maybe I’ll stick a note on their snack box and see if that helps.
    I used to be able to ignore the sweet call but I’ve fall back on “rewarding” myslef with rubbish food. That needs to stop.

    Hi Breakfromcookies (great tag btw)
    Good to hear from someone else in the same situation and well done for coming back to 5:2. Hope this time around it will work well for us both and we can stick to it. I agree the “sleek” feeling when fasting is amazing and it does wonders for my digestion too to have a break from the overeating.

    Take care all and good luck if you are fasting today.

    Lotta x

    Hi Katiebenz

    Glad to see someone eles who are getting back to it as well – although obviously I would have wished we’d all not strayed from the 5:2 path to start with 🙂

    My first proper FD week has been ok so far (after the ridiculousness that was Christmas and New Year) but it’s the non FD’s that I stuggle with.
    I know I’ve got to manage myself on those days too as all I do is ruin the good work on the FD’s otherwise.

    I AM feeling proud of myself for massively cutting down on the alcohol after the festive season though, and I do feel so much better for it. I am not doing dry January as I know that total denial does not work for me. Hence the success with 5:2.

    Take care and good luck going forward.

    Lotta x

    P.S I live in London so am looking out for the dreaded snow but hope it’s not coming our way.

    Good morning from the U.S.,

    I live in the Midwest, so snow is part of the lifestyle out here. I’m not a fan though, so I feel your pain London! Did you end up getting any?

    Fast day for me today. I ate pretty regularly T,W this week but did not drink alcohol. I was happy to see a 2.5 lb. reduction on the scale this morning. It was encouraging. Yes, Lotta I love the lighter feel of 5:2. I also am looking to cut down on drinking, but going dry won’t work for me either. I love to rebel against abstaining! Last night, I had decaf coffee with almond milk while my husband had wine. It does help me to have a substitute drink/food.

    I have a workout tip that’s been fun for me lately. For anyone who likes to walk/run (I have to run on treadmill in winter), I’ve been making myself run to 7 songs every day I’m not fasting. It’s a fun and mindless way to get in some moving. I’d like to add a song every 2 weeks (next week 8 songs) to build endurance.

    I’ll check back in tonight.


    Hello all.
    Today is my second F-day this week, doing well.
    Myggan40, isn’t it amazing that we can do just fine on the fast days with limited calories and loose it on eat days?!
    I got very interested in this observation about myself….
    Came to conclusion that on F-day there is a strict rule 500 cal, that is it, for me it’s actually 540. I eat 3 raw bars, 180 cal each. So, looks like I set my mind to the strict 540 cal and I do not need to fight with myself could I eat something else or not.
    I am triying to create a similar trick for my brain on eat days.
    Do any of you managing eat days fine? How much of will power goes to the management?

    Greetings to everyone. Good reads on this thread. I start my day (after reading the paper) reading this thread and one other one. For me, it is a good way to anchor my intentions for the day around food (which I have set the night before). Alisa, perhaps trying to do this right after you come in from your workout (when no one is home) will help with the food temptations at that time??

    I go through lunch out yesterday with success. I had a glass of wine and added chicken to a substantial salad and it felt like a feast. I was not sure of the calorie count and often this is a slippery slope for me and a ticket to binge later on the day. I did not do that and had a healthily substantial dinner last night. All good. Today I have a birthday celebration for a friend in a restaurant. This could pose a slippery problem for me tomorrow (“well I blew it last night…)

    Hi Breakfromcookies.

    Myggan, good luck on your 2nd FD.

    Bye for now.

    Alisa, I just saw your question about how we handle nfd eating. So far, my way of managing it is to 1) have an eating plan 2)commit to yourself that for x number of days you will track and enter the calories for every single thing that I eat (even if it is too many calories). This, for now, seems to be working.

    Alisa, a third key point for NFD eating for me —- is to give myself my full TDEE calories (not 1200 calories). I find that I am relearning(?) what it feels like to eat “normally?”

    FD #2

    Getting through my FD over here. Thursdays are always a little harder than Mondays.

    Ratatoille, Alisa & Lotta — NFDs are hit and miss with me. I’m not trying to put too much pressure on myself on those days. I’ve tried counting calories, but it takes the fun out of eating for me. I’m trying to focus on tasty / healthy foods instead (more mindful eating). Everyone’s different though, whatever mind game works for you! I do agree Alisa, the strict rule definitely works for me on FDs.

    I eat a protein bar for lunch and a frozen meal for dinner on FDs. Does anyone else have that “so not full” feeling after dinner on a FD? I know it’s enough food, but at the end of the meal my stomach feels a little empty. However, I love the burst of energy it gives me about 20 minutes after.

    Hoping for an easy time to go to sleep tonight – something I do worry about on FDs. Does anyone have any advice on this?


    Good evening! One more F-day is over – check!
    I will step on the scale tomorrow morning. It will be two months of 5:2 (take 2) on the 15th. I will share results.
    Ratatouille, it is a good idea to distract myself from bad habits by doing something simple and pleasant- reading and writing to this thread. I like it this time! We communicate, two years ago I did not have this.
    Talk to you all tomorrow

    Hi all
    Alisa – well done on coming up to 2 months of 5:2 (again)! That’s a great milestone and you should feel proud of yourself!! Yay!

    I have just completed my first proper FD “week” fasting on Tuesday and Thursday. I feel good and not actually starving this morning. I have had a coffee and a mini pastry but will keep an eye on the lunch intake.

    Hi Break – I’m like you on non FD’s. I don’t count calories either as I found that too regimental and I rebelled. But I try to make sure I make the right choices and stay off the sweets, treats and pastries (that’s my downfall).

    I’ve not lost a lot of weight (0.5kg and most of that is probably fluids) this week but a friend told me yesterday that my face definitely looked slimmer (that’s where it goes first on me) so I take that as encouraging progress. 🙂

    I have Zumba tomorrow with my daughter and yesterday I bought some new training gear on a whim without trying it on and it all fit… just :-)Yay!
    I feel much more motiviated than I have for a long time – thanks to posting here I think as well. It won’t always feel like this, I know, but I’m enjoying it for now 🙂

    Take care all and good luck over the weekend. I will do my best to rein myself in a little but hopefully I won’t be too tempted.
    Ratatouille – I will keep your wise words about re-learning normal eating in mind.

    Lotta x

    Whoa, high calorie, delicious, meal out last night. Celebrating a friend’s birthday in a place we both like to eat at. An occasion that I deem worthy with great food and lots of wine and prosecco. Now, to focus on a solid tdee day today.

    Have a good one everyone.

    Greetings. I hope that everyone is doing ok.
    I am trying to keep focussed, but have some minor challenges that could lead to something bigger (binge), using all my energy to not go there. I am proud of myself.
    Have a good day everyone.

    Good morning!
    Ratatouille, I am thinking about you and hoping your observer’s wise mind will take over over the binging habits! Binging thoughts and desires are not you! They are like some stranger tells you things you totally disagree but you know it is impossible to change a differen person and you will just work away from this person soon. The cravings will go away soon too. Keep in touch
    I thought I posted my note yesterday, but I do not see it…
    Will write more a little later

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