Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

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  • Ratatouille I like your idea of visiting the forum each morning, it sounds like it might help to setup the mindset for the day.

    Welcome to anyone joining this thread. I hope you find it a friendly, informative, supportive place 😃

    My eating has been rubbish rubbish rubbish this week. I excuse myself because I was on a stressful course with an exam at the end, and my anxiety was playing up. Taking positives from it though, I realise that once I start a binge on crisps I then don’t eat proper meals which then results in my feeling sluggish, and then I crave the saltiness of crisps as a ‘pick me up’. So today I have ensured that I have eaten 3 good meals and feel so much better already.

    So moving forward I have learnt that to get myself out of a binge a bit quicker I need to ‘pull’ myself out of it by eating a proper balanced meal.

    On a positive note I am now signed up to 2 workout classes each week, and I’m still off the sugar.

    Next FD will be Thurs.

    Have a good day/evening all xx

    Good evening all!
    SlimMeDown, it was painful for me to read that some crisps rule your life;-( could you just stop buying them!? So, you would not have them in your house. It would be struggle for few days and then the uncomfortable feeling will go away. And you will be on your way to freedom.
    We are (this thread) on page #3 now.
    Ratatouille, what place/restaurant you like in your town? You mentioned a good meal there with your friend, celebrating the birthday? I travel a lot but have not visit Canada yet.
    Also, do any of you using any kind of tracking gadgets? Fitbit, apps…? Why not? Or what do like about it?
    Talk to you soon

    Good morning, it is Sunday and 2 months since I’ve started 5:2.
    Total weight loss is 1.5 kg. I did not loose/gain anything last week. This time I am ok with whatever the scale shows – I feel better, lighter and gaining control over food.
    I would like now to plan better for eat-days. Currently the idea of creating 4 categories for foods, sounds good to me. It is not my idea, I read it in the book ‘never binge again’
    Food categories are the following:
    1.Never eat. For me it includes: eating anything while standing, I noticed that my binging happens when I stand; never eat nut butters from a jar with spoon (I cannot stop!)
    …will continue when back from the cycling class.

    hi. Well it is the 15th of the month and my goal was to be at 168 lb and 165 lb by Jan. 31. I am pleased to report that the scales say 163.9 lbs (down from 172 I think). Nice. Hard work (the focussing and the energy to stay focused). My behaviour in the last few days has been slipping. In the evening (after dinner) I am opening the refridgerator, staring in and trying to figure out what else I can eat. Last night it was quite a bit of hard parmesan cheese. Last two days (after my lovely dinner out) I have been over my tdee slightly because of this behaviour. The caloric expenditure is not a real problem, but the behaviour is because I know where it can lead.

    Alisa, I like how your refering to the binging behaviour as a stranger in your post at the bottom of page 2 posts. It is infact a rather “intimate stranger”.

    Alisa, I like really tasty casual italian flavours.

    Slimmedown 3 well balanced meals is a super coping strategy and as we know, for us – not that easy to do. Good luck.

    off I go. My commitment to myself for the next 16 days is to log in here every day, track my calories every day, 2 fds a week (tough), and to be at my current weight or lower by the end of the month

    Good evening!
    Wow, ratatouille- great results! I want to be just like you when I grow up;-) Very happy for you.
    Also, good plan for the next 16 days – it is simple and clear.
    My plan for the rest of January is
    – Always eat sitting down (not from refrigerator;-)) or quickly at the kitchen counter
    – never eat from a jar nut butters or mayo
    – plan a menu in MyFitnessPal each evening and follow it
    – wine only on weekends with dinner.
    – I will read/write to this post every day
    Let my dreams come true!

    Morning everyone and well done to those who have lost this week. I haven’t posted for a little while but felt the need this morning as I’ve lost a wee bit more weight, that’s 3lb since 2nd Jan 🙂 I’m delighted because I’m the lowest weight I’ve been for several weeks. Still got about 7 lb to go, which doesn’t sound much but with me it will take forever.

    I made some red pepper and tomato soup yesterday and it’s delicious, taking some to work for lunch as I’m fasting today. Also made some slimming world breakfast muffins which are made with cottage cheese, egg, ham, tomato and a little asparagus. They are basically like crustless quiche and very tasty, they only come in at 50 calories each so I might have a couple for tea with salad.

    Well hope your Mondays go well if you’re fasting and if not enjoy eating normally.
    Karen xx

    Monday morning all.

    Wow ratatouille – that is amazing! Well done you.

    Karen – those breakfast muffins sound amazing. Hope you have a good fast day.

    Alisa – those are some very good rules. I hope they work out for you. It’s given me some inspiration, thank you! I’m putting a written note on the snack cupboard with my goals on it. Maybe it will stop me from reaching for those superflous snacks that my mouth and brain are telling me I neeed, while my body is quite happy if I don’t eat them. 🙂

    SlimMeDown – hello and thanks for the welcome. I’m very much identifying with your post today. This weekend was a complete food, wine and sweet fest for me. While I had a really good week last week I’m not happy with my lack of restraint over the weekend. I need to work on finding that “enough” level and I know I can – but it takes a lot of stubbourness. Well done on booking those fitness classes – I’ve still not managed to do that for myself. Do you mind me asking what kind of classes you do? I need inspiration to get going 🙂

    Food day today for me but FastDay tomorrow, and possibly Wednesday. I haven’t done a back to back for a while but I know I can do them.
    Good luck today everyone and take care.

    Lotta x

    Good morning everyone,

    I have off for Martin Luther King Day today, so grateful for it! I’m still going to fast today, I like to keep it to M, Th unless there’s something I cannot avoid. It was weird, because I felt like my body wanted a fast day yesterday, I should have listened and gone ahead with it, because yesterday was full of poor food choices.

    Slim & Lotta, yes, I can join in with regretting food choices this weekend. My weight this morning was pretty much the same as last week. My pattern is to give up on 5:2 when I have bad NFDs. I blame 5:2 on the poor choices and seek to find a more middle ground. However, I still believe in all the benefits of 5:2, just need to find more balance on NFDs. Maybe back to counting calories on NFDs?? We had a crazy busy weekend with our kids and enjoyed a football game at a friends house (meaning pizza and other fatty choices). I need to be more prepared with healthy choices for myself!

    Ratatouille & Karen, terrific weight loss numbers! Keep inspiring us!

    Alisa, my husband got me a Fitbit Surge for Christmas. I really like it, it tracks sleep, steps and heart rate. I don’t think it helps with weight loss, but can give me some extra encouragement to get moving some days.

    I may take a walk today, but no other exercise planned. I am scared to exercise on FDs. I’m going to try and save my 500 calories for a 7:00 dinner (hoping it helps with settling to sleep tonight).

    I’ll try and check back in this evening.

    Have a good one,

    HI everyone, a lot happening today, cannot write much. Stay focussed and keep your eye on the prize — new eating behaviour, and increased self-esteem

    I am off foray too (break), still went to my 5:30 cycling class, because if I do exercise early in the mornig it is very hard to find other time. Last Saturday the ‘new year’s resolutions’ people came to the club – my class was full!
    Thanks for information regarding FitBit (break) – I got the feeling that it would not make much difference for me. If it could somehow capture food I eat and my activities, showing me calories in and calories out – I would get it yesterday. If I have to enter food myself… I can lie, unfortunately.
    I use MyFitnessPal, the free version, it is ok, I got used to it.
    Good day

    … binged today;-(
    I was alone at home and wanted something warm, usually it is oatmeal and yogurt, too much oatmeal and yogurt ;-(
    I am back to the thoughts that I will never stop binging …

    Alisa, take it easy on yourself. You slipped a bit. You can climb back on the horse. Be gentle on yourself

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, Alisa. If we were all in control of our eating habits, all of the time, we wouldn’t be on the 5:2. 😉
    I’m like SlimMeDown. I eat (and drink 🍷)when I am stressed or anxious (or bored!!). I suppose it’s about Recognising your trigger points and learning to deal with them in another way.
    It’s early days ladies. We can do this!

    Alisa – don’t beat yourself up about it. Well done for recognising what you are doing and posting about it.

    Like Katiebenz I agree it’s about spotting the times when you are about to do it and breaking away from that path. It’s hard to do (sometimes impossible) but the feeling of triumph when you succeeed is well worth it.

    Keep up the good stuff everyone and enjoy the moments when you are in control – that’s what this is about, I believe…

    I am fasting today having had a fairly good food day yesterday with no drink but some comfort food. I’m taking small steps but I think I need to recognise all the positive decisions I make food and drinkwise.

    Take care
    Lotta x

    Hello, I am new here…and new to the 5:2… I am a horrible binge eater that has been carrying around an extra 40-50 lbs for a while now…that is affecting my health and quality of life.

    I have decided that I am tired of it! Tired of being tired! Tired of feeling self-conscious, tired of seeing that fat lady in those pictures!

    I have always enjoyed the light feeling that I get from fasting…so this 5:2 plan sounds like the perfect thing for me.

    I started Jan 1… 2 fasting days the first and second week…doing good so far with the fasting days…I also started exercising…walking, that’s also going well so far.

    I’d like to join your group…I think that it will really help to keep me going to have a support group. I hope that you will have me, Floridagirl 🙂

    Hello all.
    Thank you for your kind words of support.
    I feel down. I still went to yoga class this morning – my body felt big and not mine. I did not sleep well… why did I do this to myself?
    Today is the fast day, I am sure it will be ok, I am not hungry at all.

    Welcome floridagirl. I hope that you enjoy this thread.

    There is too much going on in my life right now to permit the energy and focus required for a FD. I am not sure when or if I will fit them in this week. My goal for today is a tdee. Sorry, cannot write anymore right now.

    Bye for now.

    Thank you 🙂

    Good evening.
    The F-day is over, I just had my raw bar for dinner. Today was gray and rainy, I wanted to give up, but now it is over.
    Today I am disappointed in my results – 1.5 kg less than two months ago!? – it is nothing and still cannot eat ‘normal’ on eat days…
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for my believes and spirit
    Ratatouille, I like your notes, do not leave. Are the good things happen in your life?
    Welcome Floridagirl!

    Hi all

    Welcome Floridagirl! Well done on starting your 5:2 journey and hope it changes your life like it did mine. I’m so greatful to Michael Mosley for writing that book and to my Mother in law for giving it to me. No really! 🙂

    ratatouille – lot’s of strenght thoughts coming your way and hope your life is manageble busy and not stressing you out.

    Hi Alisa – 1.5kg might not be where you want to be after 2 months but it is still better than where you were, right? Sometimes it is not the weight that shifts but the body changes? Has that happened for you? There are some good threads on this forum regarding lack of weight loss but change in shape if that helps? I had a 4 week plateau after 3 months of starting the 5:2 in 2014 when I lost nothing. It was souldestroying at the time, but I kept going and once I started losing again it was much easier.
    Stick with it if you can and hopefully you’ll see a change soon.

    I did a FD yesterday and it went well but I was cold (not helped by the cold weather here in London). I am doing another FD today as my husband is out and I am busy this evening. I find if I have things to do the FD’s are much easier.

    Take care everyone and good luck if you are fasting and if you are having a tough time with your non FD’s too.

    Lotta xx

    Myggan, what a helpful post for Alisa. Alisa, I hope that that helps you.

    I need to regain my footing/calmness and then, hopefully I can get a grip on the food. Yesterday was a binge night. I am posting in this thread today. That was a commitment I made to myself and that is one that I can do.

    I am going to try for a good tdee today.

    Slimmedown — where are you?

    Hello everyone

    Yesterday was a FD, after breaking a 24 hr fast things kind-of fell apart, a little…I had a nice turkey salad…then messed up by getting carried away with some almonds and then some chocolate.

    Today is a NFD…I am going to do better today…eating very healthy and NO binging after I get home from work! 😀

    Have a great day!

    Hi all!

    I’m so glad I started this thread and have had such lovely supportive people like you all are joining it 😃

    One thing I think we can all take a positive from here is that as bingers we are definitely not alone. It can often feel that we are different to other people who eat normally and that it’s because we are weak or damaged, or have no willpower, or we are just greedy etc etc. It’s just not true. We are a bunch of intelligent people who share an actually very common problem which we can admit to. We’ll done to everyone for owning up to the times we mess up and how that makes us feel. We all need to hear the bad bits because it makes the good bits even more special to celebrate!

    Myggan – I am doing a Pilates course on a Monday evening, and an Upper Body Workout at 6:30am on Fridays. I tend to get injured very easily in my back so I’m being very careful with what I do but I’m actually really enjoying them both and pretty much for the first time EVER I think I have found something I can do consistently for the long term.

    Alisa – sympathies to you with your binge but hey, you dusted yourself off and followed it with a FD. Hopefully that broke the cycle for you and you got some control back xx

    Floridag1rl – Welcome and well done on your FD’S so far. Hope your NFD eating has gone well xx

    Ratatouille – here I am, thanks for thinking of me 😃 How has your eating been today?

    My eating this week has been so much better. I have made sure I’ve planned my meals and i’ve taken lunches to work as well. I’m still suffering with constant headaches at the moment so I’m cancelling tomorrow’s planned FD and I will eat as I have been this week. I also need to make sure I am keeping myself accountable on here when I do have a bad eating day like I did on Monday as that’s really helped.

    Good day all xxx

    Good evening.
    Myggan, thank you for sharing your experience, that was helpful, I will keep going with 5:2. Tomorrow is my second F-day this week. I am going to yoga class in the morning, breakfast at home and then office – should be fine.
    Good day to all

    Morning everyone

    I’ve not had the best of weeks and binged on Mon so didn’t complete my fast. I was starving at work on tuesday so ate far too much then Hubbie and I went out for tea. I finished the evening with a bag of crisp 🙁 I didn’t need them, I wanted them and then weight was up yesterday (not surprisingly), I weigh daily just to keep myself on track.Yesterday I’d already got something planned for tea and thankfully I managed to stay well under tdde and this morning I’ve lost a lb of the 2 I’d gained. Today is a fast day (and I’m praying I can stick to it today so don’t need any work stress etc) so hoping to lose a wee bit more by tomorrow.

    Ailsa, you are not alone, we are all the same as you and support you, just keep going and you will get there 🙂

    Welcome Floridagirl, I’m guessing that’s where you live and if so lucky you. I’m in North East England and it’s hard to fast when the weather’s as cold as it is right now, the body wants comfort fattening food!

    SliMedonwn, I agree with you, we are all normal people who just mess things up every now and again for whatever reason but as long as we realise we can do this we should be fine. Weird how you and I both had a bad eating day on Monday too, something in the air maybe….

    ratatouille, it sounds like you have alot going on in your life right now so be kind to yourself and join us when you feel ready.

    Well if anyone’s fasting with me today, good luck and we’ll report tomorrow how we did.

    Have a great day everyone xx

    Hello everyone…today is my FD.

    As a binge eater…I find that I am an all-or-nothing kind of person. I’ll do better to have nothing on a fasting day, than to risk messing it up. The first week I planned my 500 calories for the fasting day…that did help.

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. 🙂

    Hi everyone
    Two FD’s in a row this week and I’m still where I was last week weight wise 🙁
    Probably because of the overeating over the weekend.
    I have now decided I am doing a 3rd FD today to see if I can kick start myself and get over this up and down state.

    I know that doing 3 FD’s on the trot sounds a bit OverTheTop but I need to do it for me. I’ve done it before and I am fine physically to do it. I know it doesn’t exponentially impact my weight-loss as I’m not doing any exercise yet on FD’s but that’s fine. I think it’s more about control.

    I have not been weighing myself every day. I used to and I think I need to start again to kep track. Karen – interesting to hear that you do this as well.
    I seem to lose track when I don’t keep on top of it regularly.

    Thanks for a lovely thread and setting it up SlimMeDown.


    Hi there,
    Myggan – “you gotta do, what you gotta do” — give it try and let us know.

    Floridagirl — “all or nothing” — these are my eating patterns (and perhaps in other things) all my life. Trying to change that with my eating is key for me. What I do like about this 5:2 plan is that the tdee days are not at a calorie restrictive 1200 calories or 1500 calories. For me I am allowed 1680 and I am allowing myself that amount and do not view it as a “failure/nothing” if I eat 1680 calories as a day. I am now viewing it as a success (normal eating!!) and trying to relearn what “eating normally” is.

    Karen, good luck on your FD.

    Alisa, “slow and steady wins the race(?)” I think that this a tough concept for a person who is prone to binging behaviour. At least it is for me —> big time.

    Me? Well, I am pleased to tell you that a completed a solid TDEE yesterday. Will try for another one today. May try for one FD before Monday for this week. Whew!

    Have a good day everyone, and pat yourselves on the your back for posting here — that is one consistent thing that is fairly “easy” to do and be successful at.

    Good morning.
    I am fasting today with few of you, go team!
    Agenda for today:
    Yoga class – check
    Meditation – check
    Breakfast (180 cal) – check
    Go to work… I came to the office and found on my desk chocolates (that was mean, don’t you agree?! ;-))
    Put it away and do not want to think about it.
    I am still trying to plan my eat days better. I usually like to eat the same things. I know what to eat for breakfast, dinner – we cook together and I do not overeat, because my hasband is very strict with portions. Now lunch…? I decided to make vegetarian chili for tomorrow.
    Good day to all

    Myggan – how was the 3rd FD? That’s immense 😃

    And Karen, hope your FD went well too. Just got to get yourself out of the binge cycle again. Be kind to yourself. Berating yourself about it or asking why won’t really and you may turn to food after the frustration of not finding the answers 🙄

    Ratatouille – Well done on the TDEE day. You’ve got one under your belt so hope you can make it 2. I get the ‘normal eating’ thing, it’s a revelation when I have a day my food intake feels normal.



    Newbie here. 40, I’ve almost always been heavy.

    Usually I was pretty happy when my weight stayed around 79-80kg (still very overweight) but recently it shot up 8kg in less than 2 months.

    I’ve recently started working from home so I’m far more sedentary than ever. I have bad hips from pregnancy, so I can’t run or anything like that, and until yesterday, I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t get to a gym. Lots of excuses 🙂

    I was also indulging myself a lot. Because I’m home alone all day most days, I was ordering loads of sweets and treats in the grocery deliveries. Bags of M&Ms, oreos, etc.

    Anyway, decided enough was enough. My heaviest ever was 97kg and I was miserable. I lost 40lbs on a low GI diet to get down to 76, and did manage to stay within 10lbs of that for years.

    This time, I want to get lower, get healthier.

    Today is my 2nd fast day. I’m feeling ok. A little light headed now that it’s evening, but I’m at peace with not eating until morning. The first day was so much harder. I’m not actually planning to eat at all on my fast days. I think, for me cognitively, it’s easier to just say “not eating today” than to eat a little something and then stop.

    I’m also sticking to a low-GI calorie restricted diet on eat days.

    Joining the local gym in February, so looking forward to that.

    I do travel every couple months with work (usually transatlantic) so I’m not convinced I’ll be able to fast those weeks. But I guess if I can make peace with being good 80% of the time, I’m probably ok? Does anyone fast while they’re flying/travelling/meetings/events with work?

    That’s a good way to look at it, ratatouille.

    I am hoping that I can do the same…relearn how to eat like a normal person.

    We’ll see how I do over the weekend. 😉

    Morning all from a freezing cold London.

    Well, yesterdays 3rd day of fasting went well and the scales have finally started to move in the right direction. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to give me some hope. 🙂

    Now I am dreading the weekend and it’s temptations. I am NOT good at saying no to that extra glass of wine or that last slize of pizza. I have to work on that but I am also an all or nothing kind of person.
    However, I have to remember to see the overall benefits of the 5:2, not just the tiny weightloss. I feel better overall. My tastebuds are definitely much sharper, and I can see a difference in my body.

    I’m working a bit from home this weekend so will try to make the right desicions and go to zumba on Saturday and for a walk/jog on Sunday.

    Welcome SavBlanc and well done for finding this forum. Personally I think it helps with the focus and it sounds like you have a great plan set up. Regarding travelling I would see how it goes and if you can use one of the flight days as a FD. i’ve done that before but mainly because I don’t eat much when flying anyway. But if not then just have a break from fasting when you go on your trips knowing you can start again whenever.

    Take care all! Good luck if you are fasting today and keep it “lagom” (swedish word for not too much, not too little) on your non FD’s. 😉

    Lots of strength from me, Lotta

    Hello, everyone!

    Myggan40, I’m just like you, in that, the weekends are the toughest for me. I know that I must be more disciplined if I’m expecting to lose the weight.

    My weight goes up and down by 5lbs…This morning’s weight was my lowest since before Christmas (after a fasting day)…but I know that come Monday it will have gone back up. Does anyone else experience this? I have decided to use my highest weight (Monday mornings) as my guide.

    Happy Friday! 🙂

    Good morning, happy Friday!
    Weeks are flying, it feels that I just wrote ‘happy Friday’ yesterday and it has been a week?!
    I am a party pooper today, reporting weight gain. I weight myself once a week on Friday morning after cycling/strength class. Today the scale showed 1.7 kg higher than last Friday.
    I will keep doing 2 F-days and will focus on eating 3 meals, no snacks on eat days.
    So, I do not feel in the position to give advice, since no results. Although, I do not eat when flying, just water/hot tea, maybe some nut bar, like Kind. The airplane food usually does not agree with me and the day can be counted as FD!

    Normally I’d totally agree with you all about airplane food, but this is my first time in years flying premium economy, and if the food is decent, I’m going to want to try it 🙂

    I’m so impressed by this plan. I can already feel my body is smaller on my bones!

    HI SavBlanc. Welcome. I no longer travel for work. I know that when I travelled I was unable to follow any eating plan. I need structure I guess. Good luck to you, perhaps keeping the mantra “enjoy the food, but not to extremes, so that you don’t “ruin”/remorse the “enjoy” part?

    Myggan – congrats on the 3rd FD

    Alisa – wow, stay at it, it has got to happen for you. I cannot remember your current weight, and your goal. I seem to remember that you only have a bit to lose(?). Perhaps that is why it is so difficult/slow to drop the weight?

    I finished a solid TDee yesterday. I think that I will go through the week with no FDs. Tough week.

    Morning everyone

    I’m having a low cal day today since I’ve only managed 1 fast this week. Weight isn’t going up but want to try and drop a little more to spur me on. Usually weekends are not good for me either (I sense a theme with a few of us here lol) I usually have wine, nibbly stuff and naughty takeaways or a meal out so today I’m going to resist and see how it goes. I really need to complete 2 fasts next week as I now have a short term goal of my daughters engagement party in a couple of months. We are going up to Scotland for that and I’d like to feel happy in a nice dress so need to keep going.
    Have a good weekend xx

    Greetings. Great with the short term goal (and congratulations on the upcoming celebrations).

    I think that I went over my tdee slightly yesterday (wine)

    Have a good day.

    Well 2.5lbs off this week after successfully eating like a ‘normal’ person 😃

    V. Happy.


    Good evening.
    I am drinking martini right now! Yes, I need it. Love dry Jin martini with two olives, tonight just one olive – I am on a diet;-)
    Congratulations to all the loosers – SlimMeDown – very impressive! Ratatouille- tdee is good, do not count wine.
    I did well today with food, feel good about myself.
    My health club has an InBody machine which tells some matrix- body fat, total calories for a day to maintain current weight. I need just 1400 cal to keep the same weight. So, I need to eat less to lose it.
    Have a good Sunday

    Slimmedown – I am pleased for you. Your plan is working.

    Alisa, great idea to cut back to 1 olive. Every 10 calories count! Wow, a tdee of 1400 calories — that is really tough. I understand why your weight loss is so slow.

    I had a dreadful binge day yesterday. I know what triggered it. Won’t beat myself up. Felt like a garbage can afterwards. Have solid intentions and a plan for today. nfd

    Ratatouille, thanks for update. Do not know what to say about binging, I just do not know how to stop it?! I wish I could help you and myself.
    I need to stop drinking for sometime, I am loosing control after I drink a glass and getting emotional ( there are some sad things happening in my life at the moment) so, new rule – no drinks till the end of January, i can start with this.
    Wishing everyone a good week

    Happy Monday, everyone,

    Nice job on the weight-loss last week, SlimMeDown!

    Today is my first FD for this week…I am planning to do 3.
    As predicted…I got on the scale this morning and sure enough my weight was right back up there. Even though, I had no horrible binges over the weekend…exercised a lot, and actually ate less than I normally would and made better food choices.

    I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning after this fasting day…I’m sure that will make me feel better. I feel thinner, lighter and healthier…even though I’m not happy with what is going on with the scale.

    I made a commitment to stick with this for 2 months and see what happens…and I am going to stick with it!

    Have a great week, all! 🙂

    Floridagirl — good on you for focussing on your commitment to yourself. Continue on.

    I am going to do my first FD in two weeks today. I will think of Floridagirl having a FD at the same time. I did not have a food plan last week. Will do one for this week.

    Hi girls! This sounds like a good place for me to land! I hope you don’t mind me joining in! The other thread I’ve been on has been dwindling sadly! 🙁
    Where is everyone here from? Floridagirl, you are obviously in Florida? And did I see Canada mentioned? I’m in San Diego, CA.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for over a year, lost the weight, got to goal this Fall and now since the holidays, have been gradually putting it back on (bingeing to boot). Ahhh! I need help getting back on track. I typically do a 4 day bone broth, protein, veggie cleanse once a month (starting that today) and then fast twice a week otherwise.

    Hoping I can offer some advice here too …especially once I start getting my head on straight! 😉

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!


    Sherryann from San Diego, welcome!
    I love CA for great weather – plenty of days to spend outside!
    There are people from U.K. Here, I am from east cost, Virginia.
    Floridagirl, probably, take in consideration the bathroom habits and hydration when stepping on the scale on Monday.
    I also do not know how to ‘manage’ the scale. Mygann40 mentioned that she did not see any results on the scale for three months! I am looking up to her patience.
    Tomorrow will my F-day and 70 days since I came back to 5:2
    Hope everyone is doing great, talk to you tomorrow

    Welcome Florida, SavBlanc & Sherryann. The more people on this thread, the more likely it is to stay active.
    I’ve just been catching up with everyone’s progress and can relate to a lot of things you are all saying. This is why this forum is so helpful, as it shows that weight loss on 5:2 is not always consistent. It certainly isn’t a quick fix diet.
    Well I’m 3.weeks in and approx 3lbs down. Not earth shattering, but at this rate I hope to be 1 stone down ( and a dress size) by the late spring. I’ve failed at Dry January and have yet to visit the expensive gym that I’ve signed up for, but hey-ho, the small steps add up 😉.

    Ratatouille , glad to hear that you joined me today…I hope that it went well for you.

    Welcome sherryann!

    My fasting day went very well! Good luck with you FD tomorrow, Alisa. I’ll check in tomorrow!

    Morning everyone and welcome to all the new people who’ve joined us.
    Tried to fast yesterday then had a stressful day at work so it went by the by last night, I ended up having crisps and wine and this morning weight has not moved down. It’s not moved up either but very disappointed in myself. I need to nail a proper fast or I’m going to go up and down the same lb and get nowhere 🙁
    I’m going to try again for a fast today and have meals planned – turkey with salad for lunch and a healthy vegetable and quinoa soup for evening meal, hope I can stick with that.

    Karen x

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