I started binging after 6 months on 5:2

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  • Hello good folks. I stuck on 5:2 since March 2018. 2 fasts / 500 calories each week. But – I started binging on non-fasting days. More and more. At first, it was about 2500 calories. Now about 3500. I drink more beer than ever. I am desperate. I have to stop 5:2 to start feeling alive again, in control of my food. I wanted to gain control on 5:2 but I completely lost it. It is a bad idea for someone with an ED history… don’t do it, please. Don’t end up like me.
    I am about to get married next week. I have a BMI less than 20 but I feel so fat and useless and my self-esteem is at its lowest point. I should have never started 5:2. Despite they say, it is not for everyone!!

    Sorry to read of your difficulty with 5:2. I’m also a binger and emotional eater and have been practicing 5:2 for over 2 years and at times it has been tough, though for me it is the only thing that has at times interrupted an otherwise relentless emotional binge spree!

    I am experiencing a similar thing. I am usually really balanced with my eating but am feeling tired after fast days… i think that i need to eat more so my body/mind is making sure i do. Its very hard to figure this part out on our own.. it would be nice if it could be talked about in the research.

    I am going to try and increase my veggies to see if it makes a difference also going to eat at lunch time instead of dinner time..

    Justreset yourself again and your mood should also pick up. Good luck.

    I too struggle with emotional eating, and some days when my mood is too low fasting is harder, and I don’t succeed. Recently I’ve been unable to fast nor to control my food consumption, binge eating whenever food is in front of me and turning to food whenever bored or sad. I’ve never been officially diagnosed with ED but during my college years I struggled loads with body image, was scared of food, obsessed with dieting and weight loss, and since then I’ve been much better but recently relapsed into an obsessive behaviour.

    5:2 has helped me regain control before, helped me loose 3kg in a month, so I want to try again now… hopefully I’ll do it right and get back into a routine. I think 5:2 helps with the whole obsessive thing, don’t have to think too much about what you’re eating, just use common sense, and it does help. regulate the appetite. Don’t loose hope AdelaCZ, you can get back on track and regain control, I’m sure of it.

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