I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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  • 3rd fast day… Here goes… Also decided to calorie count to 1800-2000 calories on non fast days to curb my bingeing/grazing habit. Hope the Mums out there had a good Mother’s Day x

    Good luck slim at last! Let us know how you get on!!

    Hi there! Just spent a short while and loved reading through all these posts.

    I’m just starting fasting, tomorrow is my first day! I have around 5-6 stone to lose in total. I don’t really know exactly as I have never really been that slim so not sure how I will feel πŸ™‚

    I’m planning to fast with only water and the odd cuppa until tea time (I’m a Yorkshire lass so my meals are breakfast, dinner and tea) when I am having beef with vegetables. That’s the plan anyway!

    Happy to be here and see the support you all offer each other.

    A little about me, as I mentioned I am from Yorkshire (Leeds) and am married with two boys. My boys are 9 and 7, however I had another child in June last year. My sister is unable to have children so I was a surrogate for her and her husband. Being able to do that for them was the best feeling ever, however the third pregnancy left me almost at my heaviest weight ever and feeling very unhappy with my body.

    I haven’t got weighed yet. I started the year off at 17st 10lb and have been trying to be good but I will get weighed tomorrow so I have a starting place for my fast. Happy fasting everyone πŸ™‚

    Hello BlueboxGeek! Welcome to the forum! I do the same as you are going to do and save all my calories for dinner in the evening and just have water/black coffee or tea during a fast day until its teatime. Personally, I find it much easier as if I eat in the morning I tend to get more hungrier for some reason but I can last, with not too many problems, if I don’t eat!! Wow! What an amazing and wonderful thing you have done for your sister and her husband, I think that is incredible!! Anyway happy fasting tomorrow – I will be joining you as my fasting days are Tuesday and Thursday!!

    Hi all! – especially the newbies! (I know Leeds BlueboxGeek…I did my teacher training there)

    Hope everyone had a good week – and for the UK posters that you treated your Mums/were treated by the kids yesterday!

    Lemon chicken yesterday was delicious! I worked out the calories and it was about 240 kcals a portion …so with green veggies and omitting the potatoes I could easily make it on a fast day too!

    No scales at the moment (well no batteries!) …and a layer of snow outside BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    I usually have Saturdays as fasting days – and then Tuesday is a good choice for the other fast. (But I am flexible on this)…Depending on how I feel I like a small breakfast, no lunch and save the main bulk of calories for an evening meal. ….only one caffeinated cuppa on a fast day, and after that water or fruit teas….with a stocky broth or miso soup if I need something ‘filling’ and savoury.

    Thanks MmeM, LA and Skyblue!!

    MmeM – I’ve lost the 2 stone since mid Jan

    LA – wow, what a question!! I’ll have to ponder on that. Are you settled in OK and fasting routine back on track?

    Happy Fasting SAL!

    Welcome BlueBoxGeek. Wow, what an amazing and selfless act. A truly wonderful and beautiful thing to do for your sister and she is very lucky to have such a sis. I started off in the 17 stones too (17 st 3lb) and am on the cusp of the 14s fingers crossed and hope you will be soon too. Hope all goes well with it and keep us posted.

    Have a lovely day everyone. My little fella is sick (again πŸ™ ) so not much time to read these posts or write at the moment.

    Yes, NG, happy to say we’re settled in and able to relax and enjoy the rainy pleasures of the Northwest.

    I overate through the stresses but I still managed to keep my IF template. Even through the 3 day drive my cooler of salad and salmon came to my aid in remaining disciplined. Grateful for it too, since the food available along the interstate is really crap.

    And I have to say I used the word “discipline” only in the sense of a defined routine since 11 or 12 weeks in (whatever it is now) this gets easier and easier and the general sense of well-being it gives me is plenty of immediate reward to keep me motivated.

    LA How do you keep your daily control now?

    LA just re-read your post. It makes a lot of sense.

    Good morning and thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

    Well today is my first fast day. I’m allowing myself an allowance of milk to have a couple of cups of tea through the day. I have my dinner all planned out (and in the slow cooker right now), which works out at around 330 calories. So that leaves a little space for milk in my tea and I have also brought a tin of weight watchers chicken noodle soup to the office. I’m planning on going for a swim on my way home so figured having the soup at some point this afternoon would give me a little something before swimming. It’s only 51 calories and I have had them before and they are ok.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day πŸ™‚

    Happy Fasting BlueBoxGeek! I’m fasting today too so you have company!!

    Good Morning all! How is everyone doing? It’s a grey, miserable and wet day here today so hoping everyone else is having some better weather!

    Skyblue – How did your fast day go?

    Well my first fast day went ok. Not perfect as I think I ended up at around 700 calories…..but it was my first attempt and I don’t think too bad at all so I am still calling it a success! πŸ™‚

    I was a bit headachey and tired in the afternoon and had a few sharp hunger pangs during the day but was totally able to cope with that. My next fasting day is tomorrow so hoping I will be able to stick to my 500 cals.

    I also got on the scale this morning, first time since new year. I was pleasantly surprised! I started the year off at 17st 10lb and weighed in at 16st 8lb this morning. So a total of 1st 2lb so far. I’m really pleased with that one πŸ™‚ It would be great to see a 15 at the start by the time we get in to April. Maybe do-able….maybe not….but I can give it my best shot πŸ™‚

    Good Morning BlueBoxGeek – yep its certainly miserable outside today!! I wouldn’t worry too much about having 700 cals you have still eaten a lot less than you normally would do in a day!! Headaches are normal at first but I can also say it does get easier with time too and your body will get used to it, try and stay well hydrated. Well done on the fab weight loss that’s a fantastic loss bet you are so happy with that! My fast day went well yesterday had about 520 cals in total and tomorrow is another fast day and I know I will be having 574 so I go over the 500 too. When I first tried this diet in 2013 I lost just under two stone in a year, it was pretty slow, BUT I was absolutely stuffing my face on non fast days and drinking a lot of alcohol too. 5:2 went out of the window for almost a year, then late last year, just before Christmas hubby and I decided that in the New Year we would try again and we had our first fast on Tuesday 5th January and have stuck to it religiously ever since. This time though, its like a switch has gone off in my head, we have both given up alcohol (apart from one day on my birthday in Feb!!) and on non fast days I tend not to go overboard either these days and try and eat much healthier. I tend to be very good on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and eat under my TDEE and let myself loose a little on Saturdays and Sundays and it seems to be working quite well so far (fingers crossed!) The other change I have made is walking a lot, I’m trying to do 10,000-14,000 steps a day if I can, although today the weather is a bit rotten, so I won’t go for my lunchtime walk today but I will try and get up from my desk when I can and move around. I don’t know what has happened this time, but I do seem to have got my head around it all, and really don’t feel so hungry on non-fast days nor feel the need to pig out like I did last time. All I can say is long may it last!! I was a bit too scared to weigh myself when we started on 5th Jan and didn’t weigh myself until a month in on the 5th Feb when the scales showed 15st 3lb!! Which to be honest was a lot less than I thought it would be – I thought I would be in the 16s!! Anyway since then I have weighed myself every Friday morning after my second fast of the week and in the last 4 weeks have lost 9lb and am now down to 14st 8lb so something is working! Next weigh in on Friday!!

    Hello everyone, am also a new entrant to the 5:2 diet. I started 3days ago and today is my first fast day. I am hoping to loose about 40lbs by August. My ideal weight will be 60kg which I know I will be able to achieve that through the tips and strength I draw from all you lot on this thread. I looking forward to hear from you all.

    Welcome to the forum Cetta! That’s a good realistic goal you have there I’m sure you will be able to do it! Happy fasting today and let us know how you get on!!

    Good morning. It is nice to find this group. I live in the US but hope you won’t mind me joining in! I have been in a LCHF diet for several months and have lost about 25 pounds so far. I would like to lose about 75 more and am really interested in the intermittent fasting. I think that would help me and give me a good “clean” feeling each week. I have enjoyed reading each of your stories as well. I have been overweight much of my life and have tried all of the diets, I think. I have had more success on the low carb I think than any of them and also like it because it is easy for me. I don’t seem to get hungry on this way of eating. I have had some serious health issues recently and was very upset when I was reading up on my condition to hear they did not recommend the low carb. However, after consulting my doctor, they told me that was an outdated way of thinking and they often recommended the “no white food” plan to their patients. I was very happy to hear it! I look forward to following this group and getting ideas and talking to you all! Have a great day!

    HI, drenfroe and welcome. Congrats on your success so far and I hope intermittent fasting will help you continue on your effort.

    I can relate to what you’re saying. I’ve also been overweight-to-obese-to-morbidly-obese since I started kindergarten. And I’ve been on a million different diets including Atkins which sounds more or less like what you’ve been doing. I find that each one, even though they ultimately “failed” taught me something I brought to intermittent fasting and that intermittent fasting consolidates at lot of the best of the best ones.

    I think you’ll find that it will, indeed, give you that “clean” feeling you’re anticipating on a regular basis. It does for me and I rely on it. To make the most of it I do back-to-back fast days and on my fast days I don’t eat at all.

    As for being American, so am I and I started the thread so feel comfortable here (and anywhere else for that matter). I just used the term “stone” because 12 or so weeks ago, there didn’t seem to be many Americans and I thought it would familiar to the British and Commonwealth residents.

    Thanks so much for the welcome! Yes, I will use the term “stone” as well. I went on the low carb cruise this past year and a group of ladies at my dinner table each night were from the UK and they used that term. I had to look it up to see what the value was in pounds! So now I know. Guess I need to lose about 5 more stone! I look forward to reading and contributing to this thread! Best of luck to all of you. I know what a difficult journey it is!

    Hello Skyblue69, thank you for the warm welcome. I know you are all doing fantastic today and progressing well with your diet. Am back to let you all know that I managed the day ok, staying within the 500 calories.I survived because I planned ahead what I will have for the day, 1cup of lemon green tea in the morning for breakfast, had a late lunch of a large apple and a cup of tea with milk, and for dinner tuna and avocado salad. I will be fasting again tomorrow. Please people I will like ideas and help on food plan that makes up 500 calories. Am counting on all the support I can get. Good luck all fasting tomorrow.

    Morning everyone, and welcome to new members!

    BlueBoxGeek: what a wonderful and generous thing to do for your sister.

    Second fast day of the week for me today, then weigh in tomorrow. Will have some soup for lunch and then it’s chickpea curry for dinner.

    Yesterday at work someone commented on how much weight I’d lost, which was nice, although I still don’t see it myself. My trousers are getting very loose around the waist but I think it will be another 5kg or so before I can start buying a smaller size.

    Had a bit of a bad day eating wise yesterday. I just fancied a big lunch for some reason so got a fish finger wrap and baked fries. Shocked to see it was a total of 931 cals when I put it in MFP. I felt uncomfortably full afterwards as well. It’s amazing how my appetite has changed. It’s was also someone’s birthday in the office, and there were goodies, so I mindlessly had a mini flapjack, a rice crispie chocolate bite and a piece of cookie. Ah well, could have been worse, and I enjoyed them! Dinner was a modest 2 egg omelette, smoked salmon and a few cherry tomatoes.

    Happy fasting to any Thursday fasters.

    Welcome to the forum drenfroe3418! Good to have you here. It sounds as if you have done so well already losing 25lbs – well done!!! Like you though, I would also like to lose at least another 75lb this would bring me into a normal healthy weight range!

    Good morning Cetta, glad to hear your fasting day went well! Your food choices sound really good for a fasting day. I save all my calories for my evening meal. I know its naughty but on Tuesdays I just rely on a ready meal worth 500 cals or under, (I promise I cook from scratch most of the time when not fasting!!). Its easier for me as after work I don’t have to think or plan about what to have or count calories its all just there for me. I am fasting today however and what I tend to have on Thursdays is 2 weightwatchers wraps (107 cals each) with chicken tikka pieces (262), a drizzle of low fat yoghurt with a bit of mint sauce added and lettuce, bit of onion and cucumber. I will have garlic alioli on it and this takes the whole meal to 574 so I know I will go over tonight, but this seems to be working for me. So I do tend to have the same things each week but for me its working right now so I will stick to it for now!! Anyway happy fasting today hope it goes well for you!!

    Hi everyone,
    Welcome new members! I fasted yesterday. 540 calories. So really close to the 500 allotment. I, also, like the clean feeling.

    Morning localc – I get that clean feeling now. I think when I first tried the 5:2 way of eating I was overdoing it so much on the non fast days that I didn’t get that feeling at all and I used to get extremely hungry on my fasting days. Now I am more careful on non-fast days, I actively look forward to fasting. This is something that I had heard others say before and I thought they were off their rockers but now I know what they mean!! I also don’t get so hungry on fasting days either! (so far anyway!!!).

    Sky Blue, great to hear from you!

    Hi Drenfroe. Are you continuing on your low cal high fat diet as well? I’m interested cos that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m finding it goes well with 5:2. One of the features of LCHF is that after a couple of days you stop craving starchy foods and the fast days are easier with low carb foods like eggs and chicken. But the last few days I’ve been away rehearsing for and doing a concert and had to eat out so the carbs were higher. The result was that today’s fast was harder as I had mild carb cravings. Hope I can keep them down at the weekend, when I’m away again, or Monday will be harder too.

    Good morning all Happy Friday! Had a weigh in this morning and have lost another 2lbs that’s 11lb in 5 weeks so very pleased with that!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

    Well done Skyblue! You’re doing amazingly well.

    Just 1lb off for me this week, but it’s still a loss, and I have now dipped below 100kg, so that’s a milestone and it’s good to see fewer digits flash up. My first fastday was Jan. 12 (I’ve done 18 in total), and I’m 1.5 stone down.

    Slightly tricky week next, with quite a lot going on. Might only be able to manage one fast day, unless I do two consecutive ones, which is a bit scary.

    Thank you MMe! You are doing fantastically well too! 1lb is two packs of butter, that’s a lot of fat gone and 1.5 stone in 18 fasts is amazing!! Love this way of life!

    Well done Skyblue and Mmmm!!!! Brilliant news.

    Welcome to everyone new. My little fella still really poorly so not able to post but enjoying reading about you all.

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Hehe, MmeM my predictive text turned you into Mmmmmm! It’s obvious seen how good you’re looking these days!

    Hee hee. Well, my jeans are fitting a lot better…

    Apricot, So good of you to reply to my post! I cannot give too much info yet since I am just starting and am just getting ready to do my first fasting days! I put it off a bit because of some health issues going on. I am going to do it on Sunday and Monday so I will let you know how it goes with my LCHF. I am also leaving next Friday for a trip up to the Northeast to visit my daughter for about 9 days so that should be interesting because I plan to keep to my fasting and my low carb way of eating as well. Sounds like you live a very interesting life and have your own challenges as far as being on the road! Best of luck and we will keep each other up to date on our progress as well as challenges! Thanks again for reaching out! Have a great weekend!

    Hiya everyone i”m back!

    It’s nice to see newbies ….the way I look at it is that my support group has grown !

    Well I managed to lose 2lbs since my last weigh in so my total loss is now 6.5 lbs….just 1/2 lb to that 1st half stone target.

    I’m so glad for this group….the girls that I was doing the 5:2 with in work have decided not carry on and if it wasn’t for you lot I’m sure I’d be following them.

    Hi all!

    Hope everything is going well! It is pretty cold here, and a fairly thick fog for most of the day (I live on the coast, so we get sea fogs).

    Fasting day for me today….I’ve just had my evening meal (I always try and have an earlyish evening meal and then not eat between 6pm and 8am – even on a non-fast day where possible)…..spent most of the afternoon with needlework in order to keep my mind of food!

    Mme Monkey -a pound is a terrific weight loss! (I am a great fan of calculating my loss in packs of butter!)A pound a week would be 3 stone 10 pounds in a year!

    …and good morning all!

    Just time for a quick wave, and to give the scales record 14 stone 4 1/2 …so a pound and a half loss!

    Hey BWM = lovely to have you back. Well done on the 2lbs weight loss!! Yes, I too find the support on here great. Did your work colleagues just stop doing the diet then?

    I had my weigh in yesterday. 4lbs lost!! I am now 14 stone 10, which is fantastic.

    Got to dash but hope you all have a wonderful day

    Morning BB – we must have posted at the same time! Congratulations!

    Wow, some fantastic weight loss there. Well done everyone.

    And Buttonboots> big fan!! Your story is such an inspiration!!

    This week will be interesting. My mother and sister in law are both visiting, and there will be eating out, plus I have a work-related lunch function on Thursday. Going to fast on Monday and Wednesday.

    Need to start being a bit more mindful on my eating days as I’ve been making some sloppy choices of late. Couple of big carby lunches at work last week and last night we were at a 40th so there was booze but not much food, so we ended up going for late night McDonalds. So unnecessary! We don’t even like McDonalds.

    Well done everyone, regardless of how much was lost.

    Yeah NG they just stopped doing it – I think what happened was that one of them weighed and was weighing 2lbs heavier than when she started and said she wasn’t doing it anymore and I think it was a case of well if you’re not doing it I’m not doing it for the other girl. I tried to explain about this site and the theory of how many calories to eat on a non FD but I think it was falling on deaf ears lol.

    Am pleased with the weight loss – mind you we went to NY for a couple of days and the amount of walking we did was nobody’s business.

    Am so looking forward to hitting that first half stone target this week I’m going to be very very good lol

    I have had an awful week. Lots of stress from several different sources and nothing to do about it but revert to type and eat. I would have made a farm hand blanche.

    Glad to say the only sweet thing I had is some outrageously rich and good yogurt (LibertΓ© lemon yogurt if you ever have the opportunity to try it). The rest was soup, soup, soup, soup to go with the third week of wet weather we’re experiencing, then cheese, cheese, cheese and nuts, nuts, nuts and deep fried oysters. Needless to say, I’m grateful I’ve never weighed this time around and that my jaw muscles have finally gotten some rest.

    Happily, the weekend came and that means 2 days of total fast. I’m over the worst time for me — lunchtime and a couple hours before. I think I’m going to be well set up to get back on the IF horse tomorrow and have planned a comforting salmon chowder with oysters and shrimp to reward myself for straightening myself out.

    I see that Skyblue and MmeMonkey and Big Welsh Mam and NorthernGal have all done well! Good for all of you. I will try to do as well in the coming weeks.

    Oops! Forgot you ButtonBoots and that’s *unthinkable* since you are THE model of steady progress and a positive attitude at all times!

    Morning all, Wow! Congratulations BWM, BB and NG – amazing losses well done all of you!!

    Afternoon everyone! This is first time in over a week I’ve been able to sit at my desk so thought I’d do a quick post. Gorgeous day in Blackpool today. Hope it’s sunny with you all and especially you SB for your lunchtime walk.

    BWM – best of luck with that half stone target. I’m sure you’ll do it. It’s the great thing about lbs and stones. It naturally breaks up into great targets. You can get excited when you drop down into lower digits and then again when you hit the 7 lb mark. I find it really motivating.

    LA – I know it’s not easy (if you’re anything like me), but try not to be too hard on yourself. Soup, soup, soup is brilliant for you! Cheese, cheese, cheese (yum, yum, yum!) has loads of fat which I think is good on this diet, nuts, nuts, nuts are absolutely brilliant for you and I eat lots too and oysters, oysters, oysters are fantastic too. Deep fried? So what? They sound delicious and you’ve been doing really well anyway.

    Denfroe and Apricot. How’s the LCHF going with fasting? I’m eating low carb too – only those in fruit and veg. What extra fat are you having? I’m intrigued.

    Cetta, BBG and Localc – well done to you all on your fasting days. Did you do the 2:4:6:8 Localc? I Googled it and it sounded drastic but can imagine it would be good if you hit a plateau for a while.

    I had a gluten free brownie in Costa yesterday. It was delicious but after I felt as though I had a boulder sitting in my tummy, as I’ve not eaten anything sugary or stodgy for a bit. I find that your body really does let you know if you’re not eating food that’s good for you on this fast. I really do love it.

    I’m trying to up my calories on NFDs at the moment as I’ve had a bit of a fright reading about all the toxins that will be floating around my body from the fat that I’m losing – especially as I’m losing it quickly. Usually I’d be very sceptical reading that, but after reading LOTS about it, it seems it is scientifically proven and as I’m still breastfeeding, I don’t want to pass them on in my milk. I’m also eating lots of liver friendly food to try and help my body get rid of them efficiently. My whole mind set has changed about what I eat since starting this. Trouble is I’m not “calorie counting” as such. Just keeping track out of interest more than anything so I’m going to have to start eating more than feels right. Mmmmmm. Now that I’ve written that down, it sounds like a daft thing to do? Any opinions would be welcomed.

    Anyway, have a fab week everyone and happy fasting.

    Ooooh, has anybody seen this? Some really inspirational stories

    Hi NG – I’ve just returned form my lunchtime walk and it’s absolutely gorgeous out there today. Lots of daffs and colourful crocus all along my walk which makes it really nice. We have swapped our fast days this week as hubby has an appointment after work tomorrow so we won’t be able to go straight home so we are doing today and Thursday. I hadn’t heard about toxins and weight loss NG – but I’ve just quickly googled it and there does seem to be quite a lot of info about it I think I’ll give it a read. I really wish I could do low carb too I can’t seem to get onto that as I really love my bread, pasta and potatoes too much! I do seem to have reduced my intake slightly though and swapped white bread for wholemeal so I will just trundle along for now. Fab link NG – will have a good look at these success stories – great for motivation and morale!! Have a great week everyone!

    Spring flowers are gorgeous, aren’t they. If the carbs work for you SB, then that’s the main thing. It took me a couple of weeks for the carb cravings to stop, but do feel much better without them now. They are definitely addictive, the cheeky things!

    NorthernGal, I don’t know how daft it is to skip the anxiety over the calories and eat according to the prompts of your body IF your body is giving you healthy prompts. I think that begins to happen when you IF avoiding trigger foods. BUT, BIG “but” if you’re breastfeeding your nutritional needs and your baby’s are different than the rest of us.

    Are you consulting with your pediatrician?

    Got to go searching for the info on dieting and toxins. Do you have a link? I have one cautionary thought tho. The information probably refers to conventional dieting and may or may not apply to this more radical approach to eating.

    Skyblue, I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy some blue sky. 😏 We’re a world apart — almost literally — but Spring is in progress in the Pacific Northwest too so I can enjoy along with you.

    Today is starting out with some sun. We will revel in it after all this rain and grey!

    Happy fasting and fooding, everyone!

    Glad that you’re also experiencing Spring and some sunshine LA, after all your rain. Another beautiful Spring day here – one of my favourite times of the year.

    LA – If you Google “weight loss toxin release” or similar there are endless websites about it. As usual, some are good and others not so, but nobody is disputing it (I try to find some contrary findings but couldn’t) as it has been proven many times. I hear what you’re saying about conventional dieting and fasting is very different. However, we are losing fat and it’s to do with fat loss, regardless of how it’s lost. I didn’t realise we carried so many toxins in our body and after reading about it, I’m definitely stepping up how well I’m washing fruit, what meat I buy etc. There’s only so much we can do as they are all around us, but my attitude has definitely changed now that I’m looking after myself better. If you’re exposed to a toxin eg, opening a tin of paint even, it’s in your bloodstream within 26 seconds!! Don’t mean to scaremonger and obviously we’re not going to all keel over, but I just found it really interesting. Plus I can do something about it now that I know.

    Re seeing a pediatrician – I wish!!! It is terrible where I live. You see a standard GP and only if there is something really seriously wrong and after jumping through 100 hoops do you get referred to a pediatrician. Plus unfortunately few people in the medical profession here are properly clued up on breastfeeding for a newborn, never mind extended breastfeeding a toddler, as in my case. I did do my own research before I started fasting and although there’s a slight difference in the composition of the milk, it’s absolutely fine. And then I read about the toxins……

    Anyhoo, have a lovely (and hopefully sunny) day everybody

    May I join in?
    I have been skimming through the posts and feel like I will fit in nicely here. I am 54y/o menopausal and ideally I would like to lose around 30 kg = 5 stone. That would still put me higher that the recommended weight but it is a weight I know I am comfortable at. I am starting my goals at 15kg / 33lbs as I need to break it up to be sustainable.
    My weight problems have been a life’s time adventure. Like climbing a mountain range, sometimes up sometimes down. The best I ever did was turning 30 and I was determined to be a good weight. I did a meal replacement for an entire year so had nothing to eat at all in this time. I lost 30kg and got down to my lowest ever being 70kg /11 stone but was not comfortable there. It was emotionally very unsettling to not have the fat barrier and I felt like I was walking around naked. So this time, being aware of this I am “releasing” the weight rather that losing it and working through the emotional issues that go with the need for the protection.
    LA I am like you, an all or nothing kind gal. I started on the 5:2 4 weeks ago and have 2 or 3 fast days a week, depending on my schedule and eat only 1 meal at night with only water and black tea or coffee during the day. Other days I am keeping it below 1,000 as I am unable to exercise due to health issues but hopefully that will change as time progresses. I started at 116kg and my first goal is 100kg. So far I have released nearly 5kg which is a good start.
    I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Welcome Speckles! I just finished a 26 hour fast. I lost 2 more pounds. I loved how calm I felt fasting!

    So glad you found the right place, speckles!

    I like your analogy of the mountain range. I think that’s very expressive and appropriate. And I like the idea of “releasing” weight. I know I’ve been so much happier finding my way by concentrating on feeling better and happier and letting the weight take care of itself. I don’t weigh myself at all. I just buy smaller jeans from time to time.

    I look forward to what else you’ll share with us over time.

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