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  • Hi! I am starting tomorrow and glad to be here.

    I have been on the fast diet for about one month after seeing Michael on the Rachel Ray show. I was impressed and bought the book. I had Fundoplication surgery a year ago and as a result lost weight because of the surgery. When I began to to gain weight again is when I saw Michael. I like the diet and have lost weight. I started at 211 Lbs before the surgery and now I am at 172 Lbs. I lost 8 pounds in a month. My question is I received an email from webmd and other sources suggesting that any of these fast diets are harmful to your overall health. What is your response?


    I decided to start with the Fast Diet tomorrow. I bought the book in January but the sight of myself with a bathingsuit in the window of a terrace door made me in a state of shock and caused the decision. I though I saw my mother whose example i never wanted to follow.
    I am nearly 60 years old, followed various diets after the last 45 years, some worked but I never kept the weight. Now I have 180 Pounds ( 82 kg) with a heighth of 66 inch. Though I have Hashimoto-Thyreoiditis and had some injuries in the past (knee, ankle,spine) it is no excuse to stay this way or even become worse.This weight has already affected my mobility
    I hope, that in the next month i can join the Fast-Dieters who reported their success.
    I am very curious, what will happen
    bye mob007

    I’m starting the 5:2 diet tomorrow with my husband – and that’s a first! We have both put weight on around our waists over the last decade (we have just turned 50) and I have developed high blood pressure, so have everything to gain ( excuse the pun!) with loosing some weight. Hoping the motivation, and even a little healthy competition, will produce results!

    Good luck! I’ve been doing it for five weeks and I am 12lbs down 🙂
    It is much easier than I thought, I now don’t eat until 6pm making sure i drink plenty water and black tea during the day and have all my calories for my evening meal. I’ve had a couple of blips where I’ve had occasions and drank too much and ate too much but make sure I get myself back on track ASAP, u get in the mindset of not wanting to undo the good work that u have done. X

    So many people starting tomorrow! 🙂 I officially started last Monday after several failed attempts. The fast was OK and it wasn’t that hard, but I ruined it by bingeing a lot on sugar and carbs from Thursday to Sunday 🙁 So tomorrow it will be like starting over. Seriously, it’s not as if I’m back to square one – I must be on square minus three by now XD

    My problem is that I’m very addicted to sugar and I’m trying to gather the willpower to swear off sugar again – I already became a sugar abstainer 2 years ago but I strayed from the right path right before Christmas. I got overconfident and let my guard down… The fact is – it had been so long since I had had sugar, that I had ‘forgotten’ the full force of the damage that sugar can inflict on me. But I’m so, so hooked on the white poison!! This year I want to swear off the thing once and for all.

    Good luck to all of you starting tomorrow! I’m fasting tomorrow as well. I’ll be thinking of all of you fasting at the same time as me, my ‘brothers and sisters in fasting,’ so to speak 🙂 It definitely makes it easier to think that there are other people out there going through the same thing as I am. So let’s do it!! 😀

    Hi everyone!
    I too am starting this finally tomorrow! I have been saying I will do this since January and it’s now June….I have just got home form a Hen weekend full of excesses – so it’s time…7 weeks to the hen’s wedding and 8 weeks to my fortnight in Mallorca.
    Realistically I reckon I have 3 stones to shed in all but obviously I don’t expect to lose all that in 2 months! But I do have to make a start – I’m just getting more uncomfortable and fed up with myself as the fat weeks go on and on and on. This weekend, out of a party of 16 women, I was probably the third fattest which was really upsetting. On the plus side it has inspired me to get my arse in gear. I have turned forty earlier this year which has made me take stock a bit. Time to do this!!! Good luck everyone!

    So excited to be starting tomorrow!! Feeling very motivated and ready to go!

    Good luck everyone!!

    Hi everyone! Thank you for your responses. I’m glad to see such a warm, friendly forum.

    In response to smartguy, I don’t feel that intermittent fasting is dangerous at all. Heck, fasting is older than dirt, and besides that, all the studies I’ve read on the various forms of fasting only point to improved health.

    I was going to start today, but now my official start date is tomorrow, Monday, and I will be fasting.

    I really feel I can do this. I saw this on a news special about three months ago, bought the book, didn’t really do anything, but now I’m ready.

    Counting calories for only two days a week sounds too good to be true! We can all do this!

    Today is my first day as well, a fast day and so far so good, although my stomach is rumbling a bit…

    How’s everyone else doing?

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