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  • Hi everyone.

    Seemed a good time to stop lurking and register. Happy New Year!

    I have actually been 5:2ing on the quiet for a while. Around a month or two. I started a while ago just to help maintain weight and possibly lose a little as well. I am a keen exerciser but had found I had become reliant on it as a way to keep weight down. I was frustrated that it wasn’t working brilliantly and I was spending a lot of time exercising each day and really I’d prefer to cut back and spend that time with family.

    As it happens, a little over a month ago my foot became injured and exercise wasn’t an option any longer. I suspect a stress fracture and it still isn’t right. I decided to embrace 5:2 and low and behold I have dropped more weight than I had wanted if I’m honest! I’m not ungrateful but I am surprised. I must confess I have been very cautious on the food front as this was new ground for me. I am pleased to find a less stressful, more natural way to control weight and it means more time with my family. I still exercise but not half as aggressively and that’s a kind of freedom I can’t describe. I feel so much better as well.

    Anyway, hello to all and thank you for all your support while I was lurking! It was very helpful.

    Wishing you good luck, JGP. You are correct — rigorous exercise has less to do with weight loss than knowing how to eat better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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