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    A lovely Autumn morning here. I’m going very slow after some busy days. All set to start my support group on Tuesday.

    Thin, woot! 58s! Brilliant

    My migraine is completely gone. It has been interesting to find I find I have finally had the ‘normal’ visual disturbance after years of flickering silver skyscrapers in the corner of my vision as my migraine warning. Haha.
    But oh dear sympathy for cluster migraines CountryGal and for yours being taken as psychsomatic, Thin.
    We grew up hearing my mum vommiting in her darkened room on a regular basis, so no brushing them off in our family. I have got off lightest of all my family.
    Similar to you, Thin, if I take aspirin and lie down, it hardly develops.

    Yesterday morning Miso the cat sat on my heater and turned it off. Then turned it on. The gradually turned it up 5 degrees. Completely oblivious to the beep it gave each time the setting changed. (Lucky it has a child lock on it, she hasn’t managed to get past it yet).)

    Oh yes. Dandelion coffee is the same as dandelion tea. I was introduced to it as a coffee substitute because it is roasted (dandelion root) and dark and a bit bitter to make it a reasonable coffee substitute (often mixed with chicory).
    But I am getting used to it being called dandelion tea and must admit that it is brewed more like tea.

    I suffered by minding grandchildren AGAIN. This time Ellie and I went out and had chicken and chips. Making up for it today with lots of vegetables, and planning on a good fast day tomorrow.

    Cheers all

    Cinque, thank you for the fireworks. (At least I’m hoping they were for me and not a depiction of your migraines). Miso is a clever cat wanting to get the temperature just right. Thanks for clarifying dandelion coffee. Also looking forward to another FD tomorrow. I like those where the meal is already waiting in the fridge.

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m hungry, nice hungry, on a fast day afternoon.
    Tummy rumbling 😉
    Making chicken soup for this evening’s meal.

    Cheers all,
    Thin and everyone!

    Stay the course Cinque, you can do it, get that determination going 🌻CG

    Cinque, joining you now. I found some almond milk for my coffee so it’s just like the old days. It’s not practical on the boat (I can’t freeze the excess) but, fasting twice a week, it won’t be so wasteful. All that excess milk creeping into my tea and coffee contributed to my smaller FD losses so I want to get back to doing it properly and enjoy the 900g I used to rely on.

    Lovely long days now, it doesn’t get dark until after 8pm.

    Good morning,

    Thanks CountryGal!
    Luckily my feelings of hunger remained the nice ones that feel so ‘yay fasting!’ and ‘this is working!’.
    And I woke up up this morning with my lovely ‘morning after fast day’ feeling.
    It makes for the most enjoyable breakfast.

    Yay for your almond milk coffee Thin, I hope the rest of the day has been great.

    Cheers to everyone, hope you have a chance to share how you are going.


    Good morning Cinque, what a wonderful feeling, the day after the fast, straining muscles patting oneself on the back😂I’m fasting today, sun is shining, warm weather makes you feel good. Cold frosty night/morning, but a glorious day ahead. I cooked a chicken for my boys yesterday 🐶🐶😻so I’ll “pinch” 100g of breast for dinner tonight, and have a salad with it. My guestimate is 440 cals for the day, as long as I don’t weaken. I have Pub squash sugar free to help fill me up if the going gets tough, might not be really healthy, but better than other fillers🥐🥪🧈🥨….
    After some major investigation on Friday, it sounds like I might be hearing from a neurosurgeon soon regarding back surgery. The pain has been chronic, and trying to hide it isn’t working any more. My daughter was so worried when she saw me last week, and I try to sound fine on the phone so she was quite unaware how bad I had become. I’m hoping to get off all the heavy drugs, which I think is causing my lethargic feelings, which stands to reason when thinking about it. My quality of life has been awful, and I have always been a goer, in fact told so often I’m hard on myself, but I’m not one to sit and waste time, yet the last month or so, just filling or emptying the dishwasher is a mammoth chore😩so I will keep chasing things up at Monash Hospital until I can get an appointment.
    Have a beautiful day everyone we have two choices, I choose to be happy🌻CG

    Hello friends

    A very special day today, Anzac day (and not just because of my name).

    Mr Anzac came home from hospital on Thursday and is continuing to improve dramatically and I do a daily happy dance and am so very thankful. When he was leaving the main nurse who took care of him game him a gentle hug and said ‘well, we certainly had some traumatic nights the two of us’. It made him cry.

    The second night home was terrible, he had such bad wind pain and then started vomiting at 4.00am – however that is well in the past now and he has even been able to come on a gentle dog walk the past two days. The next big rock is this Thursday where we get the pathology and find out if he needs chemo. Please no, not after what he has been through. I am cautiously hopeful as the surgeon said he didn’t think he would; however it is not his call and we are going to the oncologist

    CG, I am always uplifted by your motivating posts – thank you. I am so sorry for your chronic pain and am in such awe of your ability to stay so positive. I hope the surgery happens and it brings relief

    Yay for longer and warmer days Thin. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your adventures

    Your support group is such a great idea Cinque, but please make sure it doesn’t tire you out too much. Those forms sound endless – typical government red tape. Bah

    Neil, glad you are getting the surgery weight off. I now need to do the same. Also glad that your wife is recovering, such good news

    I hope to be able to catch up more often now that things are slowly getting back to normal. Mr Anzac asked me to take him to his beloved Bunnings yesterday and is right now in his even more beloved garden planting some autumn seedlings. I hope he isn’t overdoing it but he can’t be told. I managed to not kill his garden apart from some cucumbers that I think I over-watered. Oops.

    Take care all

    Hello. I’m Erin and I’m a designer. I’ve been trying to lose weight for 2 years and I hope this forum will help me, I really love fitness and jogging, but sometimes can be lazy.

    Morning losers,

    Anzac, that’s such great news for Mr A. What a relief for you (and us). Fingers crossed for no chemo. Ha ha, Bunnings, great day out. And with all that’s going on, you still took the time to read & reply to others’ posts here. What a caring person you are. Happy Anzac Day!

    Cinque, yippee for the day after FD feeling. All good with my fast thanks, I don’t really notice them these days. The almond milk was a good find. I wish it were sold in smaller containers.

    Erin, welcome to the thread. Where are you living?

    CG, I hope you get the surgical relief you need very soon. All those pain meds can’t be good for your body. Good thing you’re not living in WA or you’d be waiting forever.

    I rarely read the other threads on this forum but one caught my eye on the Maintenance Chat. I was inspired by the poster from Canada (Frankannabelle 2 Apr) who, with his wife, has reached a ten year milestone on the 5:2 lifestyle, never having missed a fast day.

    Hi everyone, great news for Mr Anzac, may each day bring improvements 💖
    Well, straining muscles patting myself on the back, I FASTED successfully yesterday, and my chest is out!😂 hoping to get back to 5;2 regularly as I KNOW it works. My mind has been preoccupied, usually with pain, now with training Monty🥴I put his harness on, it ain’t like walking a dog! He keeps flopping down, and not moving, so I tied the harness with enough rope to restrain a herriford bull! My patio gets the afternoon sun, so he was happy laying in the sun on my cane setting. No way will I let him just wonder, he’s supposed to be a house cat, my first, all my others loved the garden, or hay shed, and always came in at night. Monty would get stolen, in a heartbeat plus if he got out front has no road sense, so the harness and walkies in the garden is it!
    Have a lovely day, I’m watching little honey birds in my grevillia, they are chasing each other 💖what a simple joy nature can bring 🌻CG,

    I wrote a post yesterday morning, and lost it by clicking over to a fb message. So then I rewrote it and lost it because I suddenly wasn’t logged in. Then I ran out of oomph.

    Third time lucky!

    Hooray to Mr Anzac, and what more wonderful way could you celebrate the precious future, than by planting seedlings.
    I am so sorry he had those bad nights.
    Best wishes Anzac, I hope you can do lots of looking after yourself.

    CountryGal, thank goodness for strong painkillers, but don’t they make us so lethargic and dull. Fingers crossed they can do wonderful surgery soon.
    Woot! for that fast day!

    Hi Erin, have you started doing 5:2?

    Thin, fab story about that 5:2 hero! What a record.

    I’m heading up to Bendigo to meet with my sisters. It is going to be a big day for me, but so glad we are getting together and my Bendigo sister (who has recently retired) is facing surgery and cancer treatment.

    See you when I have recovered from the trip.

    PS Forgot to say: Healthy weight support group on Tuesday: No one came.
    I discovered that despite their assurances, the overworked staff hadn’t managed any promotion apart from printing out a flier on Tuesday morning and putting it up in the centre.
    I am still laughing.

    Cinque, oh how frustrating about your support group. I don’t think I’d be laughing after all your effort to get started. Have fun with your blisters and good wishes for Bendigo sister’s surgery and recovery.

    CG, I’d imagined your location to be more remote than your last post indicates. Someone would steal the cat? Yeah for beautiful birds to give such pleasure.

    It’s a lovely day after FD for me. Feeling light and not hungry.

    Hi Thin, I live in a small country town, but lots of tourist either visit or pass through. All pets, due to the prices they demand since Covid, are in danger of thieft. I have read of quite a few dogs who have gone missing, all being of popular breeds. I also saw two puppies “found” for sale on Ebay I think, seen by their owner! Tough times can bring out the worst or best in people, at a time when compassion and empathy is needed, lets pray for the latter. People are out of work, but no need to sink so low as to take a beloved pet then sell it😡
    Congratulations on your fast 😃
    Cinque enjoy the precious time with your sister, and don’t think I’d be laughing at the turn out at your meeting either! CG🌻

    CG, stealing dogs is big business in England. Someone told us that their elderly friend was literally knocked over to take her dog. Disgusting behaviour. Now I’m reading of all the unwanted dogs purchased during lockdown. Humans are the pits.

    P.S. Wordle in 2! Turn, I had a go at your Antiwordle too. I think I lasted seven un-guesses.

    Haha Thin, Wordle took me 5 today and Antiwordle I got in 2!

    Turn, I had a lucky first guess. But Antiwordle did my head in!

    A gorgeous morning after a rainy night has turned a bit grey, but I’m feeling pretty good.

    Thankyou Thin and CG,

    I had such a lovely time with my three sisters (and a couple of partners). My sister’s surgeon is waiting on more tests so we are keeping our fingers crossed. It is in her bile duct so it is tricky.

    I am laughing at the community centre partly from relief, as I had been so sad no one was interested, so it makes a difference that no-one knew.

    It is also good for my self esteem because I am always pretty hard on myself, and only get my feeling that I can do things when I look at other people and say “Good grief! I could do a better job than that!”

    So instead of feeling like I have done nothing for years and spent those years going over how I could have done my YamDaisy project better, I am feeling okay about my own planning and very pleased I made the decision to postpone.

    Also laughing because community centres are so often like a mad sitcom and this one is shaping up well. 😉

    I have offered to volunteer 2 hours a week on reception so I can a) do something and b) be ready for my group next term, and I think it might be very entertaining.

    Day before fast day for me.

    Another enjoyable wordle is wafflegame https://wafflegame.net/

    And if you fancy yourself a codebreaker, you might like a go at redactle https://www.redactle.com/ (click ‘info’). I haven’t decided if I love it or if I hate it. It can take hundreds of guesses!

    Hmm, I might have a go at today’s one now.


    Morning Cinque, I do fancy myself as a bit of a codebreaker so I went straight to your link to give it a go. I was useless. I couldn’t pick a single word. I’m usually too stubborn to give up things like that but I am defeated. And I had the sense that, even if I could fill in the blanks, I still wouldn’t know to what the article referred. Back to wordle & quordle, cryptic xwords and my Bletchley Park code breaking book.

    Thanks for the info on your role in the community centre. I know what you mean about observing others’ performance and thinking ‘good grief’. I don’t think you should feel that you haven’t been productive. Not forgetting that you have an illness that restricts what you are realistically able to do. Firstly, you’ve played an important role to help many others here. And from reading your posts over many years, I know that you’re always available to lend a hand to your friends, family and neighbours often at the expense of your own health.

    It’s good that you had fun with your sisters (I know there are several more and can’t remember if seeing three still leaves the same number estranged). Bile duct cancer sounds tricky.

    The sun is shining, the forecast is for 17C, my weight is better than it has been for the past four months and I’m considering returning to 6:1 soon. Joining you for a FD tomorrow with food already prepared. There are few people on the canals, we think due to the high price of diesel. We are both healthy so I have plenty to be grateful for.

    Good evening all. Whoops, it’s already late, so this will be (relatively) brief.

    First – finally feeling somewhat better. Still a lot of fatigue, which is annoying. Slept yesterday until 4 p.m.!!! That is really not good. Didn’t get to church today, but at least was up before midday, and plan to be up around 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

    The good news – lost 2.4 kg in April, so at 80.2 kg, am just a whisker off being below 80 kgs. Slow and gentle seems to be working okay for me. If I can lose an average of 2 kgs a month, I’ll be in the 60s well before Christmas.

    Anzac65, so glad Mr A is doing so well post -surgery. Hope he doesn’t need chemo. Please keep us informed.

    Cinque, sorry to read of the non-attendance at your group the first week with virtually no advertising. Hopefully there will be a slow increase of attendees. Good that you had a lovely time with your sisters and spouses.

    Thin, sounds like you can enjoy some peace on the canals for a while, at least until petrol prices come down again.

    Countrygal1, so sorry to read of your back problems. I have a friend who has had several lots of unsuccessful back surgery and now wears a back brace all the time. Her meds are fairly heavy-duty, too. She seems to do fairly well (most of the time!) adjusting her life to fit her limitations and rests when she needs to. It’s taken her a while to accept that she needs to do that. An active person like you probably gets “the guilts” and feels lazy if they take it easy. Try to listen to your body. Hope you hear from the hospital soon.

    Hi Erin, welcome to the forum. Have you looked at the monthly forums as well? There is a new one each month, and even a chart where you can post your progress if you want to.

    Hi to anyone not on this page. Hope you’re doing well.

    Goodnight and stay well!

    Betsy, good to hear that you’re feeling a bit better. I was thinking about you and Neil and other bird lovers yesterday as we saw a barn owl. It was so cool, just perched on a post and then we watched it swoop down into the grassy riverbank and come up with a vole. And then this morning, a roe deer swam past the length of the boat before scrambling out and disappearing into the undergrowth. These two things have made my weekend.

    It was a good FD and I still have a teeny ramekin of blueberries and cottage cheese to look forward to.

    Hello everyone,
    A new month and a new week.
    Yesterday was not a good fasting day, nearly put me off writing here at all. But it was a light eating day and I am feeling good about my eating habits in general.
    I just hope I manage an excellent fasty fast day on Wednesday.

    Betsy, that virus really knocked you for a six. I hope you can keep taking it easy and the fatigue goes away completely and soon.

    I am starting volunteering 2 hours of light desk duties Tuesday next week at the community centre, and then I will see if the weight loss support group seems doable next term.

    So exciting to be so close to the 70’s, May is the month for it!
    All power to you.

    Thin, I have decided I love redactle! But it has taken me about a week of playing it to feel I am starting to know what I am doing.

    Oh how wonderful to see the owl and the deer. What a wonderful world.

    Today I am making pumpkin soup. Tidying the kitchen first. And hopefully using some hemming tape to make an op shop pair of trousers wearable. Wish me luck.
    It is a big day, but I have started it feeling quite capable.

    And good luck to all of you with your day.

    Neil I hope everything is okay at your place. Lindsay, Cali, Anzac, so keen to hear how you are going.

    And everyone else too!


    Hello friends

    A quick post as I am crazy busy…..the BEST news ever! Mr Anzac does not need chemo. What a relief as I don’t know how he would have been able to cope given what he has gone through. He gets stronger every day and is driving again and working in his beloved garden. He even cooked dinner on Friday which was great as my work is going nuts again.

    I have also been very focused on eating well and I have lots almost all of the surgery gain. I am so close to the 80’s now and what a milestone that will be

    I have read your lovely posts but no time to respond individually. Take care all

    Anzac! BEST NEWS!

    And hooray for the 80’s so close too!

    I came back because I was thinking of LJoyce and wondering where she was. Last post was the 16th? Sending good wishes LJoyce! <3

    Anzac, fantastic news, thanks for letting us know. Can he now put the whole thing behind him or will there be lots of future testing? Great job on losing your ‘surgery weight’, ha ha!

    Betsy, I forgot to say congratulations on the weight loss, well done.

    Cinque, thanks for reminding me to turn the page on the calendar. I have a series of little boat duties for the first of each month – checking smoke and CO2 alarms and a few other things. I had a good FD and dropped 700g. Using almond milk in coffee helps I’m sure.

    This morning I can hear a cuckoo!

    Thanks Thin and Cinque, it indeed is the very best news

    Thin, he has to now wait for his new internal plumbing to heal and will then need more surgery to reverse the stoma and ditch the bag. He is horrified at the thought of more surgery and hospital given what he went through. However it will be minor compared to the other one.

    He was in his man-cave today (the garage) working on his train set and had Coldplay booming and singing along at the top of his voice like a happy lark. It made my heart sing too

    A cuckoo! I’ve never seen nor heard one. How wonderful

    Betsy, how awesome to almost be in the 70’s. Well done you.

    Enjoy your volunteer work Cinque, I would love to retire and do some volunteering. One day

    Anzac, grrr, lost my post but it was really just to say that all sounds very promising – a long, long way from your first post on this. I’m very happy for you.

    Oh and that cuckoo – my first too – has been at it all day!

    Morning everyone

    I was away on holiday last week and I was pretty busy over it. I’m struggling a bit with my weight at the moment. I’m trying to get on top of it but it’s hard at this time of year where it’s dark when I get up and dark in the evenings when I finish work. Exercise is pretty much limited to riding to and from work and the darker months just seems to prompt comfort eating. I tried to hit the reset button at the beginning of May so I’ll see what I can do this month. so far so good, but we are only 2 days into it.

    Well onwards and downwards, have a great day everyone

    Oh, additionally Dr Mosley’s new series of his podcast “Just one thing” has started again. The first two episodes are out now.

    Morning all, long time since posting, sorry, not much to report. Wonderful news regarding Mr Anzac, plus singing in his man cVe is fabulous, he is appreciating life again, as are you 💝
    Thin how wonderful seeing and living amongst all that glorious nature, you can’t beat it. A vole? Something I have to google😂
    Monty is settling in beautifully he loves being outside with his harness and very long lead, and hoping this weekend his enclosure will be built😃
    I’m eating healthy meals, I haven’t weighed as I should, but find I often grab whatever is quickest if I have trouble standing too long. Even sardines on toast 🥴
    Neil hang in there, 5;2 isn’t a sprint, and being human often makes rules hard to follow💖
    Have a lovely day, smell a flower, and really look into the beauty of it, it warms your heart💖 CG🌻

    Hello all. A quiet day. OH back from immunotherapy, and is snoozing. It always makes him tired, but he’s doing well.

    Anzac, wonderful news. You both must feel like a load has lifted. A way to go, but such positive steps.

    Country Gal nature is truly wonderful. We have worked very hard to keep birds in our inner suburban garden through careful planting over the years. Our bees too benefit. We have a lot of butcher birds now …beautiful song, but they are getting bolder flying into the house to sneak our dog’s dry food. But the bloody cuckoo Thin! All night long squark, squark, squark, and during the day too sometimes. It’s relentless! Fortunately they appear to be migratory – we almost get used to it, and then they are gone.

    BTW, our girl got her Australian Championship up at the weekend…very happy. But…she’s our girl first, show dog second, and the moment she doesn’t love the ring, we’ll stop.

    Thin, CG I was horrified by the dog stealing stories….I can’t imagine it. It’s compulsory (you probably already know this) to microchip pups, so you’d hope that that would help.

    I can’t agree with your comment though that people are the pits. Well, some are, but I heard a lovely story yesterday. We had morning tea with our new neighbours – a lovely Vietnamese family. Their garden is lower than the road, and there’s a traffic calming thing (I don’t know what’s it is called) on the roadway outside that causes heavy rain to gush in. He started seeing sand bags coming and going during the bad weather and assumed it was the council, until he saw an older man removing them and popping them under the tall hedge ready for next time. It was a neighbour they’ve not even met, but who lives down the easement on the other side, doing it to stop the rain flooding their garden. Isn’t that a lovely story?

    Betsy, you have had a cracking month. Good for you. So close now, to that wonderful seven something.

    Cinque, thank you for the callout. You remind me I haven’t been around for a while. I am sorry that your sister is going through this tricky illness …what a shocking thing cancer is. Also sorry your group hasn’t flown yet – I am sure when people know about it, they’ll be flocking in.

    Neil, slow and steady, as CG says. Hard, isn’t it, to become remotivated after a bit of a break. You’ll get there.

    Must fly – hello all. Hope you are doing well, and are happy.

    Hello everyone. Apologies for my silence. I’ve been very busy with school holiday babysitting and and still overwhelmed with fatigue. Normally I share this task with my niece but she’s been unwell so it’s been much more demanding than usual. I had planned a few recovery days for Sat-Tues, but spent the weekend building and moving new bedroom furniture, thinking I still had two free day. There was a late realisation on Sunday night that that yesterday was a pupil free day, so I had another unexpected full day of babysitting. I got to 6:30 last night and found myself thinking – is it too early to go to bed? I talked myself out of it as I knew it would throw my sleep pattern out completely. I waited 2 more hours and I stayed in bed a full 12 hours and although it was very broken sleep I do feel a little better today. I’ve promised myself an quiet day today as I have my infusion tomorrow which also increases fatigue levels. The only upside is that it’s a few weeks until the next school holidays! Honestly, I don’t know how parents cope with this every day.

    I have a LOT of catching up to do with posts, so apologies if it takes me a while to get up to date with everyone’s news. I’ll start with page 537 and tackle earlier pages later.

    Anzac, such wonderful news. You both deserved a break. It’s clear to see that the news has perked Mr A up if he’s back in the garden. I’m sure that will be good for him as I remember you saying how much he enjoyed it. I suspect the train set and favourite music might help his spirits too.
    My brother-in-law had similar a stoma and had to deal with the dreaded bag. He had his reversed after 6 months once the intestines had healed from the initial surgery. He was also dreading the second surgery, but has been grateful that he no longer has to use the bags.

    Neil, sorry to hear you have been struggling with eating and weight. I have not behaved well in the lat fortnight either and am trying to get back to better eating. I totally agree that as the colder weather closes in it makes it all that much harder. The only suggestion I can offer is hearty veggie soups. While they aren’t always the comfort food we are hankering for, that are warming, filling and very healthy.
    If you are back in the office is going to the gym at lunch time an option – I vaguely remember you trying that in winter a year or two ago and found it helpful. Even a walk at lunchtime might help, as it lets you benefit from the daylight – very beneficial for elevating mood in winter.

    CG, it’s lovely to hear how quickly your expanded family have gotten attached to each other. An outdoor enclosure sound like an excellent idea – glad you are getting one of those built. I’ll be interested to see whether the spaniels will want to join him in there.
    I hope you no get positive news regarding potential back surgery soon.

    Betsy, so sorry to hear you have had such a struggle getting past the virus. Good news on the weight loss though. I hope your health returns to normal soon.

    Hello to everyone else.
    I will try to catch up on more posts tomorrow.

    Thin, just reading about all the wildlife that has passed the boat lately reminds me that I also need to do some catchup reading on your blog. I suspect I’m a bit behind.

    Cinque, thankyou for your kind thoughts. I have survived the school holidays and am grateful that they don’t roll around again for a while.
    Very glad to see you had a catchup with family.
    Good luck with your volunteering tomorrow. It might also give you some time to gently promote the support group to anyone who you encounter that you think might benefit.

    Morning all.

    May has been good to me so far. I’m down 1.2 kilos from last week’s weigh in. Onwards and downwards. Thanks for the supportive words, I guess we all need support going into this time of the year, except for Thin and Cali, who are moving into summer (I haven’t heard from Cali for a while, I hope things are going ok for you at the moment.)

    Ljoyce, I would go back to the gym, but with growing expenses and inflation I just don’t have the spare money to pay for a membership this year. I have been taking my bike in to work and home, which gives me about 40 minutes a day of exercise.

    Lindsay, Great that you OH is doing well with treatment. Good luck with the dog show, I’m sure she’ll nail it.

    CG, Thanks for that, that’s what we did the day before my wife’s surgery. We took a walk through the Christchurch Botanical gardens and just sat for a while looking at and smelling the flowers. It’s very calming.

    Well back to work now, Have a great one everyone

    Good morning,
    Wednesday fast day for me. So far so good 😉

    Home help today so I am writing quickly.

    I didn’t make the pumpkin soup until yesterday, but then I made a most delicious one! With some channa dal in it, chili and plenty of lemon.

    Anzac, good luck getting on top of that pressure cooker job you have. I hope you can find an easier one soon, and won’t you be a wonderful volunteer when your time comes.
    Cheers to Mr Anzac, I hate to hear how he is dreading the next op, let’s hope it is a lot easier than this experience was.

    Neil, hooray for a holiday, sympathy for the way the seasonal change makes us head for comfort food at the same time as making exercise harder.
    It does take so long to retrain our brains around comfort eating, but I bet yours is changing with your awareness.
    I listened to a couple of the Dr Mosley podcasts. Won’t everyone here love the one about BEETROOT. Haha!

    Cheers Country Gal and Thin and everyone else, I hope today is full of wildlife, except for Lindsay’s cuckoo of course 😀 😀 😀

    Well done Mr Lindsay,
    And well done Rosy,
    What a lovely tale of a good neighbour, the best of humanity.

    LJoyce, well done getting through such a… well another pressure cooker of a time. Yes, we did miss you.
    Just skip the previous posts! It can be a burden to go back and respond (but then, I did love you responding to me).
    Good luck with your infusion. And I hope your sleeping gets back to unbroken and refreshing.

    Must go and make the house cleanable. I had to cancel last fortnight because of my migraine and I haven’t been able to do much cleaning over the month so I am very excited to get vacuuming and mopping done.

    Cheers all!

    Yes I did think about some of the previous conversations on this thread when I listened to the episode about beetroot.

    Cinque, I’m joining you for a FD today. Hope yours is going well. I’m off to a curdling start. The almond milk can’t be frozen, as the package states. I’m sure I used to freeze FD servings in Perth. Ah well, I tried. Enjoying ALDI’s Sumatran coffee blend even more.

    LJ, all the best with the infusion. How long does it take?

    Neil, you can do this. Nutritious, hearty casseroles and soups. You probably have at least fifty more winters ahead so you might as well nail it now. And you will. Do you have a trigger weight? I feel this is the best maintenance strategy, backed up by frequent comments here relating how hard it is to get back into this after a relapse. Get those alarm bells ringing early.

    P.S. Forgot to say, microchips are quick, easy and virtually painless to insert and good for locating owners of found pets. They’re useless for locating lost or stolen pets unless a prospective buyer checks. The worst of the dog stealing gangs will cut open a dog’s throat to remove the micro chip (without anaesthesia obviously) causing horrendous suffering. If caught, virtually nothing happens to the culprits because the courts apply a monetary value to the dog and most beloved pets have none. Sickening.

    😢😢😢 sickening thin, my handyman has just funished the enclosure for Monty, we have put his climbing/scratching tree in there, and he can enter it through a flap cut in the wire door of the laundry,which means I can close the laundry door to keep him in too☺️we will put a tunnel up my “off” sideway to a large avery I found on market place, excellent condition, so with a shelf or two in that, it gives him a view of next door or down the street😂😂the tunnel is strong netting, so we are getting there 😃 take care🌻CGxx

    CG, why don’t you just move into the enclosure and let Monty have the run of the house? 😂

    Morning all.

    Darn it, why doesn’t this site have an “end” button so you can automatically go to the last post?

    The week has gone pretty well. I’ve been keeping between 800 and 1800 calories a day, taking my bike to and from work, keeping away from caffeine, and limiting sugar. It’s been a much more controlled week and hopefully that shows on the scales.

    CG, Monty sounds like a spoiled little puss. Ours is too. My son gives her water out of his drinking cup, so now she won’t drink out of anything else.

    Thin, I’m well past where I set my trigger weight. But I have always struggled with compulsive eating and it’s a constant battle. I’ve been sticking to mainly protein, fruit and vegetables at the moment. It seems to be working, but it’s whether I can maintain it for any length of time. I hope your fast day went well.

    We’ll have a great day everyone, and a great weekend too if I don’t post in the next couple of days.

    Hi thin, ouch! I adore my pets, life would be awfully lonely without them. After leaving an abusive marriage, my pets show such unconditional love, they never hurt me, so making sure they are safe and well fed is my priority. I was the same with my calves. When I was on my farm, they had free rein, and loved chasing mice in the hay shed, but now having moved into our little town, it’s just not as safe for them. We do have 24/7 curfew from our council, so don’t have a choice. Seeing the enclosure this morning, in the frosty sunshine, it doesn’t look too bad, I’m going to make it look nice, not like a cage, I hate anything caged, and he’s had an exploratory look already 😂 so now I can breathe knowing he can’t get onto roads, or again, be stolen! I have some beautiful large potted plants, which were already on the patio, in his “section” now, so it’s looking nice😃
    My pain level is a 9 this morning, I’m taking Oxycontin to take the edge off and will get into a nice hot shower shortly. But, life is good, the sun is shining, the frost is melting, and although cool, a pretty day coming up…..before the predicted rain🥴 have a lovely day one and all, 🌻CGxx
    p.s. hang in there Neil, even just the fact you are aware of what you eat, and are thinking about it, is a positive 💖

    Neil, I totally understand compulsive eating. I spent a lifetime doing it myself. It sounds like you’re doing well right now so hopefully the weight loss is motivating enough to stay on track.

    CG, what do you mean about having a council 24/7 curfew? Animals are wonderful companions, help to lower our BP and give us a range of other benefits. I wish we could have a doggo on the boat but it would be irresponsible since we leave in winter and don’t know how long we’re staying. Maybe you can post a photo of Monty’s Taj Mahal on imgur when it’s finished.

    I used my bus pass for the first time yesterday. We took a half hour ride through the beautiful (albeit flat) Lincolnshire countryside to Boston, a town I’d never heard of before and hope I never see again. It was a relief to get back on the boat with the birdlife all around. Travelling by road does give a completely different perspective from canal and river life.

    Good Morning all just popping in to say Hi and Happy Mothers Day to all the mums of the two and four legged variety…..in my case the three legged variety as we have a cat with 3 legs!

    Still just over a kilo off my goal weight, busy life, fasting not occurring as regularly as it should and limited to time to exercise has taken its toll. Some positive news, yesterday I passed my final assignment so I am now a qualified Personal Trainer. So happy that’s out of the way but now I start my Diploma of Nutrition and Weight Management study….sigh, normally I’m enthusiastic about my studies but with all the other pressures in life at the moment my enthusiasm is low.

    My winter body clock has kicked in after the end of daylight savings and I’m up at 4.30am every day…..falling asleep by 8.30pm. Making the most of the early starts to get a couple of hours work done in the office before the rest of the family wake up.

    Mr GDay had hernia surgery a few days ago and there were complications so his surgery was a lot more invasive than originally anticipated, he is now at home but his recovery will be very slow and he is not allowed to do anything remotely strenuous for 3 months.

    I hope everyones weight loss journey is travelling the right direction. I came across this quote the other day by Brendon Burhard about changing behaviours which I thought I would share:
    “First, it is an intention. Then a behaviour. Then a Habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.”

    Happy Sunday Everyone

    Hello, I don’t know how all the days went by!
    I had a good fast day Wednesday, a good Thursday, a rotten compulsive eating Friday for some reason, a survival Saturday and a good Sunday with proper miso soup! (My classic fast day meal).

    I was all set to write this morning and Pzzzt the power went off. So I went out and posted my postal vote and spent way too long at Savers (op shop) and now I am too tired to do more. (But at least the power was on again when I got home).

    Tomorrow is my volunteering day, and the new manager is starting tomorrow too, so that will be interesting.

    Sending best wishes to everyone, catch you again soon!

    Day after FD for me and a pleasing 1kg gone. However, the day before was a disaster as I had a rare bread roll with some homemade soup and up shot the scales. Before 5:2, I was mainlining so much food that I wouldn’t even have known how bread affected me. These days, I eat so much less food that the culprits are blatantly obvious. And still I do it, ho hum.

    Cinque I had remembered to wish you good luck for tomorrow. You’ll be a star with lots of great ideas for your new manager.

    Good evening everyone.

    Cinque, I hope your volunteering went well today and didn’t leave you exhausted.
    Glad to hear you finally got back to a good FD after derailing.

    Thin, I’m sure the bread roll was yummy – no point eating it otherwise. Ans as you are well aware, one of your strict FDs will deal with any repercussions. I find I don’t appreciate the joy of bread until I ban it for a while, then a single piece of sourdough can taste amazing. I suspect avoiding bread as you usually do does increase it’s desirability.
    You asked CG about the 24hour curfew. There are a growing number of councils which have implemented bans on pets being allowed to roam free, If you own a pet you have to either keep it on your property. If it leaves your property it needs to be under under your control (eg on a lead or in a pet carrier). The hills councils in Adelaide have done this to reduce the incidence of pet dogs and cats killing native birds and marsupials – which was all too frequent before the change in regulation. I actually don’t think it’s unreasonable for pet owners to keep their pets under control and not inflict the more antisocial elements of their behaviour on other people or fauna in their community. It probably had minimal impact on most dog owners, but it did cause a lot of indignation from some cat owners who allowed their cats to roam freely and had never had to deal with kitty litter trays.

    GDSA, Excellent to hear that Mr G finally has finally had one of the surgeries he was waiting for. Despite the shaky start, I hope his recovery from here on is uneventful.
    Wonderful news on your qualification. I hope it gives you access to some work options while you undertake the next diploma.
    Thankyou so much for your reminder about changing behaviour. I had been lamenting my after dinner snacking and decided to tackle it immediately.

    CG, sorry to hear your pain has been so awful lately. It is lovely to hear you describe the many joys in your life though. I hope your pets, garden and family continue to provide a counterbalance to the toll that continual pain takes on you.

    Lindsay, congratulations to the lovely Rose on her championship win. I’m glad you are all still enjoying the show ring.

    As I mentioned earlier I had been lamenting the amount of after dinner snacking I seem to do. GDSAs comment on changing behaviours was the spur I needed to tackle it head on. There was a time I never ate after dinner and I’m determined to get back to that again. I have set the goal of no more food after dinner is finished. While the little voice of temptation still nags me I am now resisting it. I’m not sure how to tackle the pain meds issue though. If I take the condeine based pain meds as prescribed on an empty stomach it causes a cramping pain in my upper abdomen – I can only take 1/4 of the prescribed dose without food. If I don’t push my body too far I can actually reduce pain enough on that 1/4 dose to get to sleep, so it will only be an occasional problem. I have some solutions, but none are ideal.
    It has been very helpful to just focus on getting this one behavioural issue changed and not worrying about any other food issues on NFDs. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow on a FD.
    I have been trying out some new recipes in recent days. Tonight I have a much changed Wolton Pie – a far cry from the bland original, but still mostly veg. Instead of the original wholemeal pastry, I made a pastry from a combination of chickpea, teff and wholemeal flours. It’s nearly ready, so we’ll soon see if that little experiment worked. One of my many veggie purchases this week was a purple cauliflower. I love the colour purple, but I have the reached the conclusion that purple in veggie mix (eggplant excluded), just looks a bit weird. It looks like I’ve gone mad with the food colouring.

    Take care all.

    LJ, thanks for the clarification on what CG meant by curfews and I agree with your sentiments. CG is obviously one of the considerate cat owners; many are not.

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this but ‘food with medication’ doesn’t have to be a whole meal and can just be as little as a cracker so can be incorporated into the day’s intake fairly easily.

    Nope, the bread wasn’t worth it, I’m sorry to say. I’ve over it now though. Taking daily measurements works both ways and I can now easily see that the trend is going in the right direction.

    Cinque, how did it go? I’m wondering how you will manage to commit to being there on a certain time of day – or even day – even if it is just for two hours. I suppose you will make sure that the day before doesn’t have too many commitments? I hope you love it. And I bet you’ve already got those brochures printed out for your group next term.

    I am getting really frustrated. I had a good week (took my bike to work every day except Monday, got some exercise in the weekend, had a good eating week, but my weight went up almost 3 kilograms! What the hell is going on?

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