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  • Hello all, such a warm and friendly group! I am doing my first FD today. So far so good, and I am really encouraged by people’s stories and encouragement. I’m especially cheered to read that some people in my age group are doing well on this! All the best to everyone.

    Morning all. A quick post, as I’m meant to be doing something else (no prizes for guessing what!).

    First, welcome Helen, and good luck with your first FD. I’m joining you today. I usually do Mondays and Thursdays, but had been poorly at the weekend and wasn’t prepared, so deferred it for a day. Thin is right when she says keeping to two set days a week is the way to go – but needs must, sometimes. BTW, Thin is right about most things …a walking, talking success story, and very kind with her advice (as are all of our friends here on the forum).

    Cinque, I shook my head reading about your home help’s mask fumbles. A bit like Greg Hunt, perhaps? How embarrassing to be the Health Minister and get it wrong on national television. Human, though. Poor chap.

    My GP was all up in the air the other day (in the nicest possible way) about how people aren’t managing to remove their personal protection equipment ….he says removal is as important as putting it on, in terms of keeping contagions contained.

    No masks here in Queensland, but I don’t doubt we’ll have another spike now the borders are open, so I’m hoping they will be mandated soon.

    LJ, Cali, Cinque a lot of us seem to be experiencing covid exhaustion. It’s that sense of being constantly alert, I think, when even going to the shops or walking the dog is an exercise in distancing and watchfulness. It will pass, I am sure.

    Thanks for the tip about the program on SBS tonight LJ … I’ll watch it. My beautiful girl turned 1 on Sunday – and just when I thought she’d reached the age of maturity, this!
    I’d been working and she’d been laying happily in the corner – and I stepped out of the room for a second.

    Betsy, regarding finishing a meal with something sweet….have you considered a square of dark Lindt chocolate? I find it satisfies the need, without too much sugar overload.

    Gday really sorry to hear OH’s news. Such a worrying time. And all power to you for quitting a bad job, and moving towards something you really want to do, and something that will be helping other people while helping yourself.

    Quacka, hope your issues resolve themselves. Good news that the test was negative, although it would have given you something that could be dealt with quickly. Hope you can find some way to maintain this wol, without the reflux.

    Cinque, hope your DD is coping with the lockdown without your physical support with the little girls, and that your sister is also managing what must be a very difficult move. What resilient people they are.

    Dry July Neil? Good luck with it. I saw something funny yesterday ….a bottle shop ad for Dry July…..dry gin, dry white wine, dry vermouth. I take it that’s not the one you’re doing? Phew, that fire sounds like quite the drama. A relief no one was injured, and top marks for reacting as you did.

    Intesha, good to hear from you and great you’ve had a break away. You’re another great ad for this wol….to have lost so much, during the trials you’ve had, is a testament to your perseverance and resilience.

    Cinque, after your tip I went online to buy masks like yours, which I love …they were out of stock, but are back in now. I was disappointed though, to find that the inserts come from China. A shame when the mask itself is so terrifically Australian designed and made.

    And finally, Turn, so nice to hear from you. I can always picture you on your travels….such a nice way of life.

    OK back to the editing. I finished the master’s, and I am now starting a new PhD, recommended by the same supervisor. My first PhD is in a world of woe with a supervisor who is more worried about commas than content, and while I feel for him, it’s not really something that I can help with. I will be so glad when I can put that one to bed, finally. It’s dragged on and on, and if I am being honest, I am pretty over reading and rereading it. Once his supervisors finally approve the content, the dissertation will still have to be reduced by a third, down to 100,000 words. Sigh.

    Enjoy your day all.

    (Penguin, hoping you are doing okay and have just been too busy to post)

    Quick hello this evening.

    Good to read all the posts. Sorry you lost yours, Cinque; that is SO frustrating.

    Thin, hope the passage through the locks was smooth. Did you stop at 16, or go on through the rest?

    CalifDreamer, good to hear from you. Yes, I think I heard more recently that mask-wearing when driving isn’t required, so I managed okay when out today.

    Turn, good that you stayed put. Trying to drive through a 1 in 500 year flood wouldn’t be a lot of fun.

    Helen Kate, hope the FD today went well.

    LindsayL, that Rosy! Agghh!
    Re Lindt dark chocolate – too bitter for my taste, but I’ve been finding sweet but lower calorie alternatives for FDs, so I’m managing. The Chobani FitX I mentioned has no added sugar, and is around 150 calories, so not too bad. And really, when trying to do a 500 calorie FD, I really am better just sticking to liquids. Then food doesn’t have the same lure effect.

    Hi to everyone else. Keep on keeping on, and stay safe and well.

    Weigh-in today and no movement on the scale. Still clinging to the 90s by sitting right on 90.0 kilos. 1 more week left in the month to get that 8 back in front of my number.

    Morning all from a cool and grey Brisbane. A good FD yesterday, but the scales didn’t think so. I need to change the battery ….it’s been saying it is low for a little while, so perhaps today was the day it revolted.

    ABC news this morning is reporting that 200 Qld visitors meant to be in self-quarantine couldn’t be found by police doing compliance checks. And one chap was caught trying to get over the border in the boot of a car. The stupidity and selfishness are breathtaking.

    How are you doing in Vic Betsy and Cinque? Watching those numbers, and hoping for a fall soon.

    How frustrating Neil, to be just a whisker away from being under 90. I have no doubt at all you’ll get there by the end of the month.

    Betsy, inspired by your super pruning efforts, I took the shears out into the garden yesterday, and lightly clipped some grevilleas that had grown too leggy. I am hoping for a fresh flush of flowers. We came back from the island to find the possums hadn’t taken to our vegetable gardens, so I was able to cut a lot of greens and herbs to put in my FD minestrone yesterday. Ver satisfying, gardening.

    LJ we recorded the SBS program on dogs, thank you. Will watch it tonight. I posted the pic of Rosy’s destruction on a special FB site for owners of her litter mates…and so many reacted with similar stories of ‘naughtiness’ from these pups. Even the breeder, who kept one, commented that her dog is super devilish. I am glad to know it’s not just our indulgence, and it’s in her genes.

    I’m so ready for my post FD boiled egg. How did your FD go Helen Kate? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    have a lovely lovely calm and happy day all.

    Good morning, a cold grey fast day for me. I’ll make the most of it.

    Helen Kate, I do hope your first fast day went well and you are now discovering the wonderful feeling of the morning after fast day.

    Turn, it sounds wonderful that you have watched the boaties in Marple at the locks.
    And that you avoided the floods. I hope there is clear sky now.

    Oh dear, your poor dad, no wonder he is feeling frustrated. What a roller coaster ride he has been on.
    My mum lost her sense of smell after an operation, when she was elderly. She did find it very hard. Maybe your dad might regain his though. Fingers crossed.

    My mojo is waking up slowly, I think. It might be an old cat, like Miso (my real cat, Helen Kate). But I am doing a porch drop at my daughters today and asked if Miss 5 could let her doll come home with me so I can start knitting the red, orange and yellow dress for her. So that is a good step. (And a nice small project).

    Lindsay, sorry you have been poorly, and hoping you are having a lovely morning after fast day. Mischievous scales. They will do better next time, surely.
    Oh dear the news here is full of those thoughtlessly cruel quarantine escapees. When will we ever learn?

    I am glad there were some of the masks there, they get sold out so quickly. I do hope you find them as good as I (and my sister) have (if you did end up ordering a couple). Yes, sigh re the inserts. It would be good to have Australian made.

    Betsy, brilliant to keep fast days liquid and have your sensible dessert ready on those NFDs when you really need them.

    Neil, ooh those scales must love the number 90. How frustrating, but fingers crossed for the last week of July. At least you are well into your year at a healthy weight, which I think they are saying is the trick to get your weight memory button re-calibrated.
    But I am doing my clever subtle good magic spell so that you do get down into the 80’s in July no matter how much your scales try to resist. So that’s sorted!

    Our Covid numbers update looks as if it will be late today, a bad sign. I am feeling dreadful as there are so many clusters in aged care homes now. Just the worst scenario. I wish my clever good magic spells were working here.
    (Oh dear just heard it will be in the high 400s).

    Penguin, after my big bunch of flowers for Betsy, I had the idea of this for you:
    https://selectree.calpoly.edu/images/0500/40/original/corymbia-ficifolia-tree-2.jpg Sorry about the house in the background, but I think nothing looks more like a huge bunch of flowers than a wonderful red flowering gum in bloom. They are native to Western Australia, but grow around here and look so stunning. Proper bunch of flowers from the Southern Hemisphere.
    How many treatments still to go?

    Must head off and get those knitting needles out!

    See you day after fastday (mine) Cheers all.

    Hello all, I really appreciate your interest in how my first FD went. Thank you! It went well. I drank lots of water and lots of tea. I weighed every bit of food and counted calories carefully – it’s a bit of a shock to see how many calories are in a bit of butter or a teaspoon of oil! The only down side for me was that it took me hours to get to sleep last night. Maybe my body is used to being satiated, and maybe it will adjust. I hope so. Have any of you had that experience, and if so how have you handled it?
    I enjoy reading all the news of what’s going on in people’s lives. I am in Adelaide, South Australia, where it is cold and grey today, and where we don’t have to wear masks – but I am stocking up because there is sure to be a spike or a surge for us here eventually. Best wishes to all, especially to those of you dealing with lock-downs of various degrees. My next fast day is Saturday, and I am looking forward to it in a way!
    But it is nice to be eating normally today!
    All the best to everyone and thanks again for the support.

    Hi Helen, I started on the fast 800 when I first tried to lose weight (eating 800 calories every day) and I really struggled with hunger for the first 3-4 days, but then it was like a switch had been thrown and I had a big burst of energy and pretty much no hunger.

    If you keep carbohydrates and sugars low on your non fast days then you’ll slip into ketosis and you won’t feel hungry. Ketosis is when your body is burning your fat reserves for fuel rather than your stored sugar reserves (glycogen). The first few days you’ll probably feel pretty terrible though, it’s called the “keto flu” when your body is switching from burning glycogen to burning fat. You might get headaches, dizziness, irritability, trouble sleeping, etc, but it passes and gets a lot easier.

    When I was starting out I ate a lot of cucumber and celery along with my protein and fats to stave off hunger, because they are really low calorie but filling.

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick post to say hello and that work is crazy – utterly crazy so no time for a nice chatty post

    Welcome Helen, this is such a friendly forum full of wise owls. I lost 14 kilos last year and then went on a 7 week holiday and came back just as COVID hit so sadly I have put a fair bit back on. I’m back on 5:2 and slowly watching it come off again. It really works!

    Take care!

    Just a quick hello to everyone and then off to bed. Yesterday’s FD was very successful with over a kg lost, but a lot of that was probably temporary weight from the weekend and lots of water weight. I hope with normal and a little stress eating today, I will still manage to keep some of it off. I need to plan NFD meals better.

    Helen Kate, glad your FD went well. They get to be very routine after a while. That’s why I think sticking to the same two days every week is a good thing. I only change my days for holidays or sometimes if I have a social event one of the days. And with the pandemic there aren’t many social events these days! I agree with Neil that avoiding sugar and heavy carbs can keep the hunger away.

    Lindsay, isn’t it amazing how quickly a pup can tear apart a cushion or a shoe? Nothing is safe in their path.

    Cinque, there are a lot of people around here that sew masks and sell or donate them. I was convinced early on that they were a good idea and bought a few from a lady in the next town over. Then a neighbor started sewing some really nice ones with 2 filter layers sewn in, so I purchased a few from her. So we have a good collection here and the worn ones can go in the next load of wash rather than having to hand wash them. But I hear that they are selling out in some places here too now that a couple of the large chains like WalMart and Home Depot are enforcing the mask mandate in their stores.

    Betsy, I forget about Chobani and other low cal yogurts for FD desserts or snacks. They’re good when you have a few calories left at the end of a day.

    LJ, thank you for that photo you sent me on social distancing in Oz. It made me laugh.
    You should post it here.

    Hi everyone, just a quick word then I’m off the computer. Good to read everyone’s posts.

    Helen Kate, great that you had a successful FD. Your body will adjust.

    Neilithicman, crossing my fingers for you that the “magic” 8 will appear in front, on the scales next weigh-in.

    LindsayL, glad the possums left your vegies alone and you could enjoy some. Also interesting that Rosy is not alone in her “craziness”. Maybe she and all her litter mates will grow out of the puppy stage together.

    Cinque, you are going bigger and better – loved the tree for Penguin. Have fun with the knitting.

    CalifDreamer, yay for a decrease on the scales. Hope you sustain it.

    Anzac65, good that you are persevering with 5:2 even in the crazy busy work. Looking forward to hearing of you being securely in the 80s.

    Hi Thin, LJoyce, Turn, Quacka, Intesha, GDayfromSA, Penguin and all. Stay well and safe everyone.

    Helen Kate, cheers for a good first day. Here is a virtual bunch of flowers you you, to celebrate. https://www.italianflora.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/gerbere-bouquet-arancio-e-rosso.jpg
    It is very common to sleep badly after a fast day, especially right at the beginning. I did. Most people seem to get used to it. The main tip I have heard is to save most of your calories to eat in the evening, so you have a fuller belly when you go to bed. Or at least make your last meal of the day high protein and low GI (ie whole grains or other complex carbohydrate that take a longer time to be digested).
    My bad sleeps at the beginning were on top of chronic insomnia, but I was SO excited to be losing weight that I figured I would just ride out the bad nights, stick on music or my favourite program and rest until morning.

    Anzac, is work ever not crazy? Is it hard to be strict about finishing times when you work from home? Do look after yourself, and especially tell your bosses that you need time in the day to talk to your 5:2 friends!

    Cali, woot woot, a kilo lost! You are getting back into the swing of it!
    You are right about the masks, heaps of people are making them and selling them. They sell out within an hour each morning but there is new supply the next day, mostly. Just like toilet paper! 😉
    You make me realise I should buy a couple more for when these ones wear out, but I will wait til the situation settles down a bit.

    Betsy a lovely catch up. Are you getting back into the swing of your study?

    I am hoping to start knitting, but in the soap opera of my granddaughters’ lives Miss 5 can’t find the doll she wanted me to knit a dress for, but Miss 3 has given me one of hers, asking for a red, white and black dress. The doll is 7cm tall, and about half of that is her head. I will need my thinnest needles and yarn!

    Well I have had my delicious breakfast after fast day, and a very healthy delicious breakfast too. I am going to make futari again to have with lunch, and a yummy Asian soup for supper. Walnuts if I need a snack. There, that is sorted.

    Off to make the most of my day. And maybe a walk, with my mask on.

    Cheers all.

    Hi everyone

    Just caught up on the posts. Welcome Helen Kate. Glad to hear your first FD went well.

    Cinque, I’m loving the flowers!

    Thanks for all your positive thoughts for my reflux issue to go away. It is definitely improving so it is possible that it may well do that!

    I did two mini FD’s (not really FD’s but heading in the right direction) this week to just test it out again. I skipped breakfast and then ate a normal lunch and dinner but without going overboard. I did eat a little bit of protein in the morning (some meat one day, an egg the other) but not a full breakfast like I have been eating. The reflux seemed to be ok. I might try an 800 calorie FD next week. I was thinking eggs, miso soup with kelp noodles and veggies and maybe some celery and cucumber snacks (thanks Neil). With a bit of planning I think I could eat quite a lot of food for 800 calories.

    Also thanks LJ for the banana suggestion. I have found that they really do help. I stopped eating bananas when I started this WOE but I am glad to be back on them as they are so yummy 🙂
    Did I ever mention that my parents owned a banana plantation when I was a kid?

    OK I better go. Last day of work for this week before I have a week off to get my major uni assessment done. Wishing it was to go on a nice holiday somewhere warm but with all the Covid stuff happening again that is not an option. Oh well, I’ll just have to get the fire going.

    Take care all xx

    Good afternoon all, sorry for my absence the last few days. I was very busy and then on my first day at home yesterday I had a very persistent headache all day and couldn’t focus to write a proper post. SO I am back today, headache free and trying to catch up.

    As Cali suggested, here is the photo I sent her: https://imgur.com/joQ6TXI
    It’s the social distancing sign used in Belair National park, where I walked with a friend on Tuesday. I suspect the non-Aussies will find it amusing.

    Helen Kate, welcome. Very glad to see that you got through your first FD unscathed. Not sure if someone else mentioned it, but a two tips that I found most helpful were:
    – start eating as late in the day as you can manage
    – find a limited number of meals that you are happy to eat regularly on FDs. It makes the planning so much easier and also makes it easy to have some frozen serves for busy days.
    I got rather excited to see that you are in Adelaide – so am I. I’ve been practicing 5:2 since January 2017, but you are the first other person from Adelaide that has joined in all that time. If you feel comfortable catching up for a cuppa at some point, just say so.

    Quacka, glad the banana helps. My stomach acid sometimes makes me feel queasy in the mornings and the banana always fixes that – I usually have one at 10-11am on NFDs and the banana is my lunch on FDs. I eat those that have a slight green tinge still. My dietitian advised that as they contain a lot of resistant starch when under ripe and are good for our gut health at that stage.
    No you’d never mentioned you used to live on a banana farm. Did you get sick of them as a kid? I grew up surrounded by apricots and grapes and I still don’t care for either of them. (Too many hot summers spent either picking grapes or cutting apricots for drying.)

    Anzac & Lindsay, did you find anything useful in the SBS program. I thought the discussion was all over the place and focused more on people. I would have liked to hear more about the research on dog brain changes. I was very impressed with the dog who stayed still long enough to have an MRI.
    Lindsay – is that bed number 2 that’s been destroyed.

    Well done to Betsy, Cali, Lindsay, Anzac, Neil and anyone else I’ve missed who has been seeing the scales reduce lately. Given how many people I know who are having troubles with their weight in recent months I think that’s doubly impressive.
    I can finally report some success of my own. After bouncing back up to a worrying 84kg a few weeks ago I was back to 79.5kg this morning. Very relieved to see a 7 again. I like to be in the 75-78 range and that feels a whole lot closer now.

    Hope everyone is well. Hope those of you living with stay at home restrictions are coping. Take care all.

    I’ve read the posts twice now and still can’t remember what I wanted to say in reply, it’s so much easier to keep up when posting daily.

    Turn, well done with your weight and good luck on seeing 73kg soon. For how long will you be travelling? Yes, thanks, we’re staying well and have largely been making our own judgments on what’s safe. We stopped using public transport and going to pubs two weeks before the govt. told us to. We’ve used masks all along, they’ll be mandatory in shops from tomorrow which pleases me. On the other hand, we floated into Wales before the Anglo-Welsh border was officially open because we determined that we literally could not be more isolated than on a narrowboat. Trying to apply common sense.

    Helen Kate, (HK) you’ve made it five days on this thread without anyone shortening or lengthening your name! When I started this WOL I would go to sleep so early and sleep deeply. Hunger doesn’t bother me, it reminds me of why I’m doing this. It comes and goes in waves and can be distracted – except at night. If you found it hard to sleep because of hunger, perhaps try to keep something in calorie reserve for later in the evening, I sometimes do this with either a boiled egg or a banana.

    Betsy, we did 15 locks that day, 5 the next. I’m so pleased that we stopped where we did because a couple from the marina where we started out several months ago were passing in the opposite direction. It was our first social occasion since the covid outbreak so quite exciting – we spaced chairs out on the towpath and had a glass of wine and a good catch up.

    CalifD, hurray for the weight loss, good that you can get all those masks, we have some washable ones too. My mother lives in a sort of seniors golfing community in Destin. It sounds like she’s staying safe but we’ve been estranged for many years.

    It’s getting late and I’ll stop rambling now. Hello Cinque, LJ, Lindsay, Anzac, Neil, and everyone else. Keep up the good work.

    A few more posts have appeared since I wrote this last night, hello LJ et al.

    Morning all, from rainy Brisbane. It’s overdue, so I’ll ignore my muddy floors and look instead to my cheerful garden.

    My Cinque, that red flowering gum was something to behold. Is there anything prettier than a red flower? or a yellow one, for that matter. I have the same tree in my front garden, and every now and then we get a pair of king parrots. But it doesn’t flower anything like the one in the pic.

    Betsy a few of Rosy’s litter went overseas (including Finland and Hawaii) and it is lovely to see their pics and antics posted on the special FB page. She was an AI pup, and the Finland owners of Rosy’s litter mate just posted a pic of their two dogs, one a half brother born in Estonia, from AI from the same sire. I’m amazed how similar our litter all are.

    Thin, great work on the locks. You must be so so fit. Any news on the visa situation? Are you able to see your daughter now? Nice, to be able to socialise just a little. Sitting by the water, with a glass of wine, sounds very relaxing.

    Cinque, I didn’t get those masks, in the end. It didn’t feel right buying an Australian designed and manufactured mask, that needed Chinese made inserts.

    Helen Kate, following Neil’s advice, a few of us here do time restricted eating. I practised 16:8, (eating in an 8 hour window) but for various reasons (not going out to work, which made it easier, and an OH at home who likes us to eat together) it has come back a bit to around 14:10 most days. Something that keeps me going on FDs is a big pot of minestrone soup (vegetable soup really) made without the pasta and beans. Very filling but tasty too. Like LJ, I’ve found having the same go-to meals on FDs is the best way for me to manage.

    Cali whoo hoo on losing a kilo on your FD. That is a serious amount of weight, water or weekend weight notwithstanding.

    Ooh Cinque, that dress will take some clever knitting! Can you do a striped scarf to cover the doll’s very large head? haha….you must post the pic when it’s done.

    Good luck with your assignment Quacka … are you nearing the end now? I agree, it would be much nicer to go somewhere sunny to stand on a beach with a fishing rod in one hand, and a beer in the other. But these times will come. 🙂

    Love the social distancing pic LJ. LJ, yes and no, about bed number 2. The first one, irretrievable. The second one (this one) has been stitched once before, and when I get around to it, I think I can restuff it and restitch it. At night she has a similar bed over an elevated platform, and she’s had a go at that one too, but it was also able to be resewn. Now, as soon as she gets up, we whip the bed and her blanket away. At least with kids they don’t eat their bedding! How wonderful to be back in the 7s LJ. such a nice number.

    OK time to think about my post FD breakfast. Egg sitting on the bench, waiting to be boiled, OH gently dozing in the chair (he did get up at 4.30, bless him).

    Good day all.

    Good morning from Melbourne’s cold weekend,

    Quacka, so glad that horrible reflux is still improving, and hooray for the mini fast days. Taking it gently will be the best way, a a couple of light eating days must be good. I imagine it gets you back into that nice 5:2 rhythm of the week.

    And hooray for bananas. Ooh I only know banana plantations from a couple of visits to the North. Such amazing plants! I’m glad you didn’t do an LJoyce and get sick of them.

    Can you remind me what you are studying? It was something to get you out of that shoe factory wasn’t it. Was it to do with nutrition? (Brain like a sieve). Anyway, big wishes to get that uni assignment nicely done. I hope it makes for a cosy holiday week. Fire on, study underway.

    LJoyce, that headache sounds horrible, I hope it is a distant memory now. It sounds like you needed a quiet day or two.
    Ooh my heart aches for you, getting sick of apricots. The grapes I never loved so much, but beautiful home grown apricots jostle to be my favourite fruit.

    Hooray for getting out of the 80’s. This is for you (I am on a riff) They are flowering around here, and look so wonderful https://www.thefloweringsoul.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/silver_princess3.jpg

    Thin, hooray for a lovely catch up post from you. Great work with the locks. So glad you had a lovely catch up with friends. Enjoy Wales.

    Hello Lindsay. Has it stopped raining?
    What a wide range of trees you have! Curry leaf, flowering gum. It must be so beautiful.

    I hope you have found some masks that you like. But I thought I would mention that I am not buying the inserts for my masks. They come with one, but while I kept it (the insert) in a pocket in my bag, I felt fine with the two good layers. To start with this was because the mask worked so well to keep other people at a distance, haha. And now that everyone else is wearing masks it feels safe again.
    But yesterday morning I had my optometry appt (glaucoma in the family, my eyes are stable, yay) so put the insert in. But I really didn’t need it as the optometrist wore her mask and I had to pull mine down at times so as not to fog up bits of glass I was peering through.
    If I need an insert I can easily cut a bit of material to fit in, but I think I am doing fine without, after seeing this: https://theconversation.com/which-mask-works-best-we-filmed-people-coughing-and-sneezing-to-find-out-143173

    Ok, I am off to see if I can knit a teeny tiny dress for Miss 3’s dolly, and yes, a hat is a good idea. She would love that.

    Cheers to you all and to all your near and dear.
    Fast day tomorrow!

    Good morning. We have some sunshine in Adelaide today, so I’m looking forward to my walk today.

    Cinque, a doll’s dress sounds very fiddly to knit, good luck.
    Thankyou for the flowering gum pic, very pretty.
    If you need an insert for your masks, the best option might be a non-woven interfacing. (From my reading, the combination of woven fabric layers and non-woven interfacing stops more particles.) Here I’d go to a Spotlight store for interfacing, but not sure if you have them in Victoria. Any haberdashery store should stock it.
    Glad the glaucoma test was ok.

    Thin, that’s a lot of locks to get through. I imagine that with the hire boats now also on the canal you may have longer waits to use locks, especially for the rest of the warmer weather. Hope there is still lots of lovely scenery and walking trails to keep you happy.

    Lindsay, it’s amazing to think that Rosy’s brothers and sisters are scattered around the globe. I also got a bit of a shock when you mentioned her first birthday. It really doesn’t seem that long. Although when she’s destructive, it probably feels longer!

    I’m having another careful NFD. My weight is still in the 79s and I do not want to see 80 again.

    Have a lovely weekend all.

    Hello everyone, thank you for all the helpful advice. I am following it today, my second FD. I’ve just had a very late lunch of vegetable soup – parsnip, carrot and ginger – and I will have my evening meal as late as possible. And I will keep some calories in reserve, so that I can have a hard-boiled egg or a banana as a late supper. Hopefully I will get to sleep more quickly, but if I don’t I will be relaxed about it.
    As LJoyce has said, it is a beautiful day in Adelaide. Blue sky and sunshine. I’ve just been for a big walk in our beautiful Botanic Gardens.
    Cinque, thank you so much for the beautiful vivid bunch of flowers!
    And LJoyce, my fellow Adelaidean, it would be nice to meet you some time for a cup of coffee and a chat.
    Thanks everyone for the support – and I am very happy to have my name shortened to HK!
    Best wishes to all

    HK and LJ, exciting that a coffee meeting might be coming up. When I lived in Perth, I met several people from this forum at cafes. Stay away from those 80s LJ.

    Lindsay, I applaud your stance on not buying Chinese. Governments around the world are posturing but it’s the people who will make the impact by not buying. Our own citizens need to get back to work. How’s the plastic-free life working out?

    The locks are busy now but one advantage is that half the work is already done if another boat’s already in the lock and coming in the opposite direction. Everyone’s really friendly and there’s always time for a brief chat in passing so we’re getting used to the busier canals. I was reminded of the Western Australian beaches last evening though. Pop up your sun shelter, put down your towel and marvel over the vast expanse of white sandy beach. Within minutes, the only other person on the beach has arrived and all but overlapped their towel onto yours. Yesterday, we moored in a remote part of the canal where I’d been observing & photographing a heron fishing all day when a hire boater moored their boat using the SAME mooring ring as ours, bows almost touching, so we had the pleasure of looking into their boat all evening and they ours! There are 2000 miles of canal – find your own spot please!

    No, we haven’t seen DD since March. It’s not possible to social distance on a 6ft wide boat and there are people she works with whose clients have tested positive for CV. I’d love to give her a big hug.

    Cinque, I love bananas. My grandfather was in the banana trade and my grandmother said she hoped she’d never see another banana. Wow, the baby is already Miss 3. Time flies.

    We’re making the spousal visa application early next week. It’s taken some time to amass the required information and get documents printed so they could be signed. I read today that there are 400,000 documents to be processed by the Home Office in a backlog (mostly British passport renewals I think) so we’re hoping it takes them a long time to get around to looking at ours…

    Good evening everyone and welcome Helen Kate. I’m a South Aussie too but not Adelaide,I’m in the Flinders Ranges.

    I’m a bit disappointed that 3 weeks alcohol free has made no difference to the scales or body measurements. My body measurements are exactly the same as 6 weeks ago and the scales are doing their usual yoyo up and down between a 3 kg span.

    On Sunday evening I will commence a 60 hour fast. Just water, my usual morning black coffee and pure herbal teas. I haven’t done an extended fast for awhile so time to get back to them on a regular basis. Hoping it will kick start a permanent decline and get me out of this damn yoyo.

    Will try to catch up on posts in the next few days. I’m still way behind on all the goings one’s. Happy Saturday everyone

    Good morning everyone,
    On a cold morning, but it has climbed up to 7C already. More than half way to our estimated top of 12. (Eep)

    Well, just look at all you lovely South Australians posting.

    LJoyce, I hope it was a lovely NFD that can keep you nicely in the 70’s. Channel the Skyhooks song!
    Thankyou for the insert tip. I’ve written it down so I won’t lose it. Plenty of Spotlights (and Lincrafts) around.

    Helen Kate, did you sleep okay? Fingers crossed.
    Your soup sounds delicious. Just brilliant for fast days.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the flowers. Let me know when you reach your next milestone and I will post another. 🙂

    Thin, ha, how crazy of that boat mooring right next to you. Party types maybe?
    I don’t think the heron would have liked it either.
    Hooray for video chats with DD. Is she still doing all the ‘first vet job’ learning she hoped for?
    Another banana connection, I wonder if your grandfather’s business bought Quacka’s family’s bananas.
    Hooray that you have got the Spousal Application underway, good wishes that it all goes well.

    Gday, how frustrating! Was that 5:2 fasting AND no alcohol, and no weight loss at all? That is just ridiculous. Did you at least feel comparatively well?
    I do hope your 60 hours fast gives you a lovely push start and then you can go back to easy and sustainable, with good results, surely!

    Well, I am on my Sunday Fast day and soon I will make a pot of soup to keep me going through the day. Not sure yet if I will make one pot of soup, or my usual miso soup as well (and have soup left over for tomorrow!).

    I did get knitting yesterday. Here is a pic of the little doll: https://imgur.com/a/HPQzdZH and here she is with her new clothes https://imgur.com/a/n3U70tD
    Miss 3 is happy. Thin, she becomes Miss 4 in about 7 weeks. Unbelievable.

    Sending everyone good wishes for a lovely day.

    Hi everyone from a very wet, miserable Sydney

    G’day, good luck with your extended fast – I don’t think I could do it. I probably should because I’m yo-yoing again.

    Congrats on getting back into the 70’s LJ. Although I didn’t do a proper FD last week due to stress I still managed to not slip back into the 90’s. Next week should be much calmer as I had a massive deliverable at the end of last week and very glad that is done and dusted. Haha Cinque, Skyhooks song indeed! I wish I could sing it….one day

    I do find I work longer hours being at home Cinque but it works the other way too. If it’s a bit quiet I’ll take a few hours off and do something for myself. I like to target Friday afternoons so I can get a head-start on the housework. In fact my new thing is to do the vacuuming when OH takes Maxx for his Friday afternoon walk. Otherwise dear fur-child follows me around and sits right where he knows I want to hoover next. I simply love the hat and coat you made for Miss 3’s doll. I love autumn colours – in fact I had my colours done many years ago and I am an autumn. I do find when I wear red, orange or brown I both feel better and sometimes get the odd ‘that colour suits you’ comment.

    I hope your second FD went well HK.

    Thin, I shudder at the thought of anyone invading my ‘space’ and can’t fathom people who do things like you described. What is the point of mooring right next to someone else? Perhaps they were hoping for an invite for dinner. You sounded a little wistful when describing the WA beaches – do you miss Australia? I’m so glad you are still able to post as we were all desolate when we thought we’d never hear from you again when you left for the UK.

    Oh dear Lindsay – what a mess little Rosy made of her bed. I’m glad those days are behind us so have hope it will pass. I’ve had a hand towel hanging on the oven for most of the day and he has swung past a few times, given it a glance and left it alone. Fingers crossed

    Good luck with your Uni assessment Quacka. So glad your horrible reflux is a bit better.

    I’m still having some tummy issues but my gastroenterologist appointment is next week so hopefully we can find out what is wrong.

    Hi Betsy, Cali, Turn, Neil, Penguin, Intesha. I must go and start dinner prep. We were going to have a barbie but given the fact that it is POURING with rain and cold we decided to use the cooktop instead. OH has some seafood for himself and I have some chicken marinating in thai spices. I’m making a roast pumpkin, haloumi, mixed leaf and pecan salad and I had some leftover duck fried rice in the freezer that we will have too.

    Take care all

    Anzac, that was so sweet of you to say that. Yes, having been out of Australia for almost a year, I can say I definitely miss many aspects of it. OH tells everyone he’s Australian which is funny given his obvious American accent (most people think he’s Canadian). Not that I’m not enjoying every inch of England and making up for lost time here. Having lived as an ex-pat for 40 years, I’ve come to realise that there’s no utopia; all countries have good and bad aspects but I think the fact that we moved there for 16 months and stayed 30 years says a lot for Australia. You are not slipping back into the 90s, Anzac!

    Cinque, a fasty soup day. The doll’s clothes are very clever. So, if Miss 3 is now nearly 4, how old is the previous Miss 4? Yes, DD is still learning heaps at her job, in another week she will be a ‘recent grad’ vs. a ‘new grad’ and has committed to another year working there ‘in her head’ as she puts it. Her colleagues are so supportive of each other and the practice encourages her to do whatever she feels capable of doing – her ‘thing’ is surgery and they’ve assigned her increasingly more complex cases. We think she works ridiculous hours for rubbish pay but she says she’s happier in her first job than anyone she was at uni with. No, the boaters weren’t party people, we haven’t come across the infamous ‘stag’ dos yet! Most people are very quiet on the canals which is a relief to a noise-intolerant person like me. Thanks for the good wishes with the spousal application. I have a cautiously optimistic feeling about it.

    Quacka’s parents’ banana plantation. Where was it? My grandad imported bananas to UK from Jamaica. Not quite sure how the trade continued but my grandma said that, during the war, they could get almost anything that was on ration because they had a stalk of bananas delivered to the house every week – and everyone needed food. She always said that bananas are the only food you can’t refrigerate. I bet some of you foodies will have something to say on that!

    Good morning all. 16 hours into my 60 hour fast. I’ve had 3 cups of coffee this morning instead of my usual 2 but I have managed to catch up reading posts so all good.

    Cinque, I haven’t been doing a strict 5:2 as such but for most days my calorie intake has been between 500 and 800. I’m also eating very low carb (less than 30g carbs) which I track on an app called Carb Manager that also tracks my protein and fat intake. Combing this with eating 18:6, getting 7 -9 hours solid sleep every night and feeling well, I’m very frustrated with lack of weight loss. I blame it 100% on menopause and the hormone imbalances that stem from that. I will admit though that the cold weather (too many minus temps in the mornings) has put a dampener on my workouts so I do need to become more regular rather than just a couple of times of week. Speaking of weather, we’ve had so many foggy mornings of late. A few days ago the fog didn’t lift until nearly 11am – quite eerie.

    Tomorrow I have a phone consultation with my nutritionist, first one for quite a few months although we have had email contact over this time. She was very happy with my recent blood test results where my Iron and B vitamin levels are back to an acceptable level after taking supplements. She also frowned at my GP’s diagnosis of my cholesterol levels which the GP labelled as very bad and stated if I don’t improve them he will consider putting me on cholesterol medication – it took all my might to not laugh at that comment. My good cholesterol has always a been high and my bad cholesterol has always been low. My GP clearly has an outdated understanding of how to interpret cholesterol levels.

    I did manage to find a Curry Leaf Tree in a nursery on our travels to the hills last weekend so very happy about that. Now just need to decide whether to put it in a large pot or plant in the ground in the spare block.

    Thin, loving hearing your boating stories, takes me back to my days sailing yachts which was a passion of mine for over 20 years. I so love being on the water. Helen Kate and LJoyce how lovely that you may be able to catch up for coffee in Adelaide.

    Quacka, I’m curious too as my memory is a little fuzzy – are you studying for your Diploma in Nutrition?

    I’ve made some decisions too on my future study. As well as starting my Cert IV in Remedial Massage, I am also going to study Cert IV in Fitness which was part of my original plan before the virus gave me cold feet about starting my own business. Having a qualification in Nutrition is also one of my dreams and I have decided that I will also go down that path as well. This will give me a foundation of 3 qualifications to work from, which will integrate with each other and hopefully gain me more credibility etc to build up the business. Most likely I will do the Massage and Fitness qualifications at the same time as they are the shortest of the 3. That way I can start up my massage business as a first priority and then gradually phase in the fitness component. I will also do a short course which focuses on Fitness for the over 50’s as my research has shown that most of the fitness opportunities in my region focus on the ‘young and the beautiful’ people rather than targeting those who don’t want the ‘body beautiful’ but rather just want to gain and maintain a healthy level of fitness. Once that is up and running (pardon the pun) I will commence the Cert IV in Nutrition course as that one takes a bit longer to complete.

    Best wishes to those who have not posted for awhile, hope everyone is travelling ok. Happy Monday 🙂

    Today is halfway over already! A nice easy day after fastday though. Hooray.
    I was a bit migrainey yesterday so went for an 800 cal max, but probably still kept it nearer 600, and felt good this morning. Tidying up 3 small things at a time!

    With Melbourne’s numbers such a worry and a mammogram first thing Wednesday morning, I have cancelled my scary homehelp this week. That means I need to vacuum! But I feel well enough to do that. Hopefully in another two weeks the numbers will be lower and my homehelper will be excellent at covidsafety.

    Anzac, that work balancing does sound good. Hoping you get some free hours in today, after last weeks pressure. Ha, I must remember to link the Skyhooks video once you are living in the 70’s. (Claim to fame, I went to school with Shirley Strachan’s sister).

    My grandchildren must be very into Autumn colours too. Red has always been Miss 5’s favourite colour (6 next month Thin!) and yellow has been Miss 3’s. She keeps saying she loves red, influenced by big sister, I guess, so she didn’t ask me to knit yellow, but that is the piece she is most delighted with. 🙂

    Thin, it is so good to hear that DD is well mentored and supported and that they are a good team. Pity about the pay, but hooray she is able to skill up in her chosen area of work.
    Ha, I suppose the lack of party boats is a positive to come out of the current pandemic. (They would be my nightmare too).

    I agree with your grandma about no bananas in the fridge, but I was always very happy to put overripe bananas (peeled) in the freezer for smoothies and banana bread.

    Gday, happy fastdayS to you. Sending you good wishes.
    I must say I would count 800 calorie max as perfectly fine as a fast day.

    It is bewildering to me that menopause would have such an effect on you. (I was thrown into horrible menopause when my ovaries were removed, 10 years of it, and did put on weight, but once I stopped overeating, it did come off).
    The hormones can make us eat more, but you are guarding against that, and extra inflammation associated with menopause shouldn’t make you not lose weight 6 weeks running. So surely next weigh day you will see a good loss. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Lovely news that you have your curry tree. Maybe check if they grow best outside in the tropics, I have a feeling it might need an awful lot of water.

    Your study subjects sound wonderful. I hope you love every minute of your courses.

    Ok, three small things are calling me to put them away, so I am off to make them happy. Best wishes to you all!

    Hello! I’m also in the mood for slow weight loss)

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Cinque, I loved your knitting. Now your granddaughter’s doll is ready for a Melbourne winter.

    Thin, I have found that I can slow down the ripening a little if I put a banana in the fridge, but the skin colour goes very strange – an allover pale brown. Funny to think of bananas being such an excellent bartering tool during the war.

    GDSA, it sounds like a really good study/work plan. As with many country areas, it helps to have more than one marketable skill.
    Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your weight and diet. Hopefully the phone consult with the nutritionist provides some possible changes that will help.

    RebeccaJil, are you starting 5:2?

    Anzac, hang in there with the weight roller coaster.
    Thankyou for the congrats, the 70s have been a long time coming. It’s taken me quite a while to get my mental commitment into line lately.

    HK, with 2 successful FDs your can see your first week as a real success. Each week it gets easier. I hope you had better sleep after the second FD. I don’t usually find the FDs impact my sleep, but I do consume most of my FD calories in my evening meal, which I think helps.
    So glad you are willing to catch up over a cuppa. I am retired, so I often have free time through the week – although some weeks I seem to have far too many things on. If we are going to catch up in person we’ll have to determine which metro area is convenient for both of us. I live south-west of the CBD, near Brighton. Which side of the city are you?

    I weighed again this morning and was down another half kilo to 79.0kg, very glad to see it a little lower and creeping closer to my preferred weight range. I’ve had to take very drastic action in recent weeks to get my weight moving as I was yo-yoing too much. I went onto the updated fast diet of 800cals every day and also strictly limited my daily food choices to a small range of fresh foods. (Lots of veg, a little fruit and lean meat. Tiny amounts of added fats and absolutely no “extras”.) It’s been boring and bland but thankfully very successful. I had been finding dealing with lots of food choices made it difficult to keep my eating moderate enough. The more flavours, the more it seemed to stimulate my appetite and made it difficult to stop at small portions. This has always made my NFDs challenging, and probably will continue to do so in the future when I get back to a more expansive range of food choices.

    After a gloomy morning the sun now out so I’m heading out for walk. Funny how I do my best to avoid the sun and heat in summer time but delight in it in winter.

    Have a lovely day all.

    Cinque, I hadn’t realised that you were a migraine sufferer. Me too. Mine have evolved over the years and usually comprise just an aura followed by a visual disturbance and rarely make it to the headache stage. I try not to allow them to interfere with life but they can be so debilitating. I once spent four days in bed with one. I think I overate as well on yesterday’s FD – the recipe included ‘chicken breasts’ but didn’t give a weight. The size varies considerably and while I was eating my portion I was thinking ‘this seems like a lot of food for a FD’ yet I kept eating. Only 600g down.

    LJ, good to know your strategies are paying off. Do you still keep a food diary? I’m satisfied that bananas shouldn’t be placed in the fridge but I wondered if other foods had the same caveat. It’s because of their tropical nature and absence of defence against the cold. In Perth, all the bananas on a hand would suddenly ripen together so I’d often peel them and freeze for a FD treat.

    The main reason I came here today was to report the UK headlines. Two thirds of British adults are overweight or obese. 20% of children are obese by the end of primary school. England has the worst obesity in Europe. There’s a move by the govt. to require restauranteurs to apply the calories on a menu.

    Penguin, give us a sign if you can. Worried about you.

    Hello all, Goodness there is so much going on in this group – people doing all sorts of interesting things.
    This is just a quick message to say that, with the help of your tips, my second fast day went very well, and by saving calories so that I could have a late little supper (hard-boiled egg on a tiny slice of bread) I went to sleep much more readily than on my previous day. My next fast day will be this Wednesday. Tuesday is my appointed day but I have friends coming for afternoon tea tomorrow, so it wouldn’t work.
    All the best to everyone from HK

    Hi Thin, yes I absolutely do still keep a food diary (in an excel spreadsheet) – I’ve been keeping these records for 8 years now, although initially I included calorie count too. I write a meal plan in it at the start of each week. This allows me to schedule sensibly, and avoid having to cook on busy days. It also helps me write my shopping list, which I find most helpful. This record has been a help if I’m having any weight or health issues to see if there’s a pattern in the food diary that can explain it. That doesn’t mean I stick exactly to the plan. Sometimes it changes when I do the shopping if there are better priced options, or other veg that look much nicer than those I’d planned to buy. Sometimes I swap meals between days or change them completely on occasion. Mostly it remains similar though, as if I’ve bought fresh ingredients I can’t cope with the idea of wasting them.

    I’m not surprised by those obesity numbers, I doubt Australia is any better. I especially worry about obese children (having been one myself). If you have no memory of being a healthy weight then you also have no experience of what your eating and activity needs to be like to be healthy. No wonder so few people who were obese children ever overcome it as adults, except with the aid of bariatric surgery – which is becoming more commonly used for teenagers.

    Hope you have some lovely scenery floating past today.

    Hi all, just a quick one because I’ve got to dash to work. I had real struggles with my eating all the way from Thursday through to Sunday. I ate too much and most of it was bread products. Copious amounts of toast, a bagel, pizza and cake. I had a decent fast yesterday, but I’m going to delay my weigh-in until Friday. That will give me another 2 days to get over the excesses of the weekend and get that magic 8 in front of my number. It will also mean I will have weighed in on the first and last day of July, book ending the month.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Sorry Thin, I have become a reader not a poster. So a quick update and I’ll make a proper contribution later. Absolutely right, we are a fat lot. I think it is an educational rather than a poverty thing – our local butcher mainly sells steaks, burgers and pies He says most of his customers don’t know what to do with meats that need cooking. He sells them to older people like me.

    I am about half way through my first chemo programme. Seven more weeks to go, then we re-assess. So far it has been kind to me. The list of possible side effects is horrendous and I have managed to avoid them. The secret seems to be to take plenty of exercise.

    Ah Penguin, so good to hear from you. I am sure many of us were worried when we hadn’t heard from you. I’m also glad that you are avoiding the worst of the side effects.

    FD yesterday and disappointing results, although I was super vigilant. No matter, I’ll do another later in the week. I’m yo-yoing a bit too and can’t seem to break my sticking point.

    Bananas….what a great fruit. DD freezes them with a stick up the middle, and gives them to the little ones in lieu of iceblocks. My pet grumble (full of them) is the local greengrocer who wraps them on a tray covered with gladwrap. They already have such perfect wrappers (like corn). So I don’t buy them. (but we do have a stand of cavendish bananas in the garden, which delivers some lovely bunches each year).

    Which segues into your question Thin – how am I going with reducing my plastic? Work in progress, but still haven’t bought any gladwrap. I use Cinque’s trick – a little plate popped on top of a bowl in the fridge. When the bees are back in production I am going to do a Library course on making beeswax wrappers. I was enrolled in one, but it was cancelled.

    Cinque I do have a lovely garden ….but then we’ve been working on it for 40 years. The curry tree I can take no credit for. It’s at the top of the drive, and was a seedling that just popped up.

    And that doll’s dress! What a work of art. So small, so sweet. The little one will love it. And soon she’ll be 4. You must be missing them.

    Thin buying local has its challenges and sometimes there’s no option. For example, now we have Rosy we spend a lot of time in wet parks, so I decided I needed gumboots. I searched and searched, and all were made in China. I found a company called Merry People. I emailed them, and they wrote back to say although their boots were made in China, they used a family company with which they had had a long relationship (also a video of the production on their website), so I bought a pair. Expensive, but I felt better about buying them than a cheap $8 pair from K Mart, which had produced heavens knows where. A compromise.

    Actually one good thing about shopping online for groceries is that is is so much easier to look at products and their country of origin (and ingredients, of course). Time consuming in the beginning, but it’s getting quicker as I learn what comes from where.

    How’s the 60 hour fast going Gday? Take a bow friend ….that’s some commitment.

    Anzac having your colours done was such a thing a while back …. and so accurate! Hw lovely to be an autumn …such a beautiful colour palette. I’m a winter…purples, black, white, pinks and blues along the spectrum.

    Thin, hope all goes well with the visa application. It can be a bit unsettling, I found, being an expat. After I got home from living abroad I found it very hard to settle back – when I was here I wanted to be there, and vice versa. My OH on the other hand loves going back to Scotland, but never feels he wants to be anywhere else but Australia.

    Thin sometimes I watch the Yorkshire Vet on tv, and imagine your DD doing some of that complex, rewarding work. How wonderful she’s found her niche, and is learning in such a supportive environment.

    79 LJ….whoo hoo! You are so focussed – NFDs can be harder than FDs,because sometimes there is as you say too much choice.

    OK I am off for my second coffee, then a couple of hours on the computer before breakfast. Ironically, my latest PhD is researching under and over nutrition in preschool children in Sri Lanka….and Thin, her findings indicate that many are headed the way of British children.

    Sorry for the long rabbit on everyone – I get on here, and it’s like writing a note to a friend.

    Enjoy your day.

    Good morning,

    Welcome RebeccaJil,
    I also think of 5:2 as slow weightloss. Slow and steady wins the race!

    HK, I am so glad you had a better sleep after your second fast day. Your first week of fast days done and dusted. Cheers.
    Enjoy your afternoon tea today! I will be fasting with you tomorrow, I think (I wobble around between Wednesdays and Thursdays).

    LJoyce, lovely work. You are living in the 70’s 😉
    Oh dear, it is a worry when being a good cook and making delicious food just means we eat more. I do the same when I have cooked something really yummy.
    That SBS show (with one of my lovely twin doctors), The Diet Testers, has been on in the middle of the night, (my smart TV remembers I want it recorded), right back at series one and it is interesting that quite a few diets with restricted foods work mostly because people get sick of eating.

    Thin, Those headlines about growing obesity in the UK have made the news here too. Do let them know I have worked out at least part of the answer! My YamDaisy idea makes ‘eating well easy’ and I am still convinced that is the trick. Just tell them to give me a call 😉
    LJoyce, I think you are exactly right that it is the same in Australia. And such a worry with the kids.

    I am the lucky one in my family with migraines. My poor mum suffered so badly. She spent a lot of days in a dark room, retching into a bowl every time she moved. My dad had them too, and of the seven children, until I was in my mid thirties, I was the only one that didn’t have them. Even when I started getting them they have been rare and mild. Aspro and not looking at the screen for an hour or so was all I had to do on Sunday, and I took the day slowly. We had an interesting time in our last sisters zoom, talking about the different visual disturbances we get.

    Oh Neil, those bread products! So hard to eat only a sensible portion. I really hope that they don’t get in the way of you reaching your July goal.
    But the long game is the important one, you have already won the year.

    Penguin, thanks so much for your post. It is so good to know you aren’t suffering too much with side effects. How wonderful that exercise makes such a difference. Half way through! Hooray.
    Good luck with the househunting too.

    Lindsay, a lovely post! Great work cutting out plastic. I thought of you this morning with science news reporting research about native bees: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/scientists-say-native-stingless-bee-honey-hits-the-sweet-spot-20200723-p55eud.html

    Ooh that second coffee sounds like a good idea. Sad about the results of that research, in the thesis you are checking now, but glad it is being done. (I think YamDaisy model could work in Sri Lanka too, just saying) (I can’t help myself!)
    I got all re enthused about YamDaisy yesterday because a) I was feeling a bit better, and that I could maybe do some more on it (once I have cleaned the house 😉 ) and b) because I heard Adam Liaw interviewing Bill Granger and just wishing I was young and healthy as YamDaisy would CLEARLY be a success, haha. No small ego here.

    Gday, thinking of you today. How is it going?

    Ok, off to face the day. Crikey, I was going to do my veggie shop and I want to be there early. Should be leaving right now! Cheers all.

    Hi all, update on the extended fast. I’m up to 45 hours and all going well. Had a few tummy rumbles last night before bedtime but that’s about it so far. Weight was down by 1.6kg this morning from yesterday morning – yippee.

    I’m also very happy that I’ve already reached my aim of getting into moderate ketosis so ‘yippee’ again – I’m officially burning body fat. I use a blood glucose monitor which tests for glucose levels and ketone levels. My glucose levels are now at their lowest since I started testing over 12 months ago. Ketone levels are also at their highest since I started testing. So my aim from here is to continue the fast until mid afteroon tomorrow (Wednesday) when I will break the fast with 2 hard boiled duck eggs. I’ll have a light tea of roast chicken and salad greens from the vegie patch with olive oil dressing. I will need to be very careful about keeping my carb intake to an absolute minimum to keep myself in ketosis after the fast and continue fat burning.

    Quick update on my study enrolements. Spent yesterday and today on the laptop researching and have decided that I won’t do Nutrition studies. When I read the Scope of Practice fine print I decided it was not for me. I understood that a Dietician was required to follow the Australian Dietry Guideliness and that a Nutritionist had more flexibilty when giving dietry advice but I was wrong. My personal beliefs of food intake for good health do not allign with the ADG at all so there’s no way I could be a nutritionist and give people advice that goes against my personal beliefs. I’m not disappointed just glad I researched well and read all the fine print before going ahead. So I’ve just enrolled in the Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness where I have 24 months to complete both courses (12 months each). It is possible to complete both within 6 to 8 months but my priority will be the Cert IV in Massage as I want to get that component of my business up and running first.

    Good afternoon all

    Finally some sunshine this afternoon! Three days of relentless rain and now I see the forecast for the next 10 days is bright sunshine. Hooray

    So nice to hear from you Penguin and I am really glad you aren’t suffering terrible side effects from the chemo. Hang in there. Maxx is still sending plenty of healing drool and fur your way.

    Glad your massive fast is going well G’day, I don’t know how you do it. Your new study commitments sound really interesting. Good luck!

    I get occasional migraines too – luckily very rarely. If I feel one coming on I can run for some strong tablets and normally knock it on the head (excuse the pun) before it develops. I didn’t realise how genetic they can be Cinque but glad yours are infrequent too

    Lindsay, when I was first told I was Autumn I was horrified. So many shades of poo brown! But as I delved more into it I realised I adored orange and red shades. I wanted to be winter as I thought I looked good in black but when they put the black material up against my face and then moved to an autumn colour I saw myself go from looking washed out to having a nice colour. So yes, as you said, it is really accurate.

    FD today and it has gone well. About 680 calories if I just have what I planned for dinner. I’m happy if it’s under 800. I didn’t go for a walk today due to the rain this morning but i did 20 mins on the exercise bike.

    Neil we all have bad days and sometimes I think it has to happen to remind us why we are doing this. You will be fine on Friday

    I still keep a daily food diary LJ and I include calories. Sometimes I just estimate because it is too hard to break down a recipe but I do see patterns of when the bread or other carbs creep up so does the weight. It also shows me that if I do even a bit of exercise it makes a huge difference

    Glad your second FD went well HK. Hang in there and before you know it you will be a happier, slimmer version of yourself

    Thin, I smiled when you said ‘only 600g down’. That is a massive FD for me! I still blame menopause because before it I would be losing weight rapidly given my diet now. But sadly it all came to a screaming halt when that hit. I hope you get to see DD soon. It sounds like she is loving her new life but I do wish they could pay her a decent wage. My poor nephew is on minimum wage over in London. It makes me so sad as he is so clever and his PHD was a big waste of time. His fiance (yes they got engaged!) lost her job so their savings are taking a big hit. They want to have the wedding in Italy next year – Sept/Oct – I hope it can happen. If you are still over there and we go to the wedding I’ll track you down for a catch up!

    I saw a question from someone on the labrador forum. She has started 5:2 and is only eating in a 10.00am to 6.00pm window. She wasn’t sure if she can have a cup of tea outside of the window if it has milk in it. Any thoughts?

    Hi to everyone else, have a great evening

    Penguin, great to hear from you and to know that things are going well with the treatment. In your next post, we might hear how the house sale is progressing.

    Cinque, those visual disturbances are bizarre and varied, aren’t they? Your poor mother. And how strange that all your siblings suffered, had no idea that it was familial. Migraines were long considered a psychosomatic illness and not given much research attention. There were some awful medications available when I was a teen that made me vomit. These days, mine pass relatively quickly, within minutes sometimes, as you say, avoiding screen time (can’t read it anyway during an attack), dark room or just doing nothing all help. Do any of your sisters mention feeling very cold? Usually, I don’t even mention it to OH, it just goes away and I hate making a fuss.

    Lindsay, I enjoyed your rabbit – read it all twice. Commendable effort on the plastics. The Yorkshire vet is exactly DD’s life. It’s all so James Herriot, book one, including the clapped out car. Agree, wrapping bananas in plastic is nuts. What a great idea about placing the stick in a banana before freezing. Why didn’t I think of that?

    LJ, Neil, reading with interest your efforts to get back on track. You’re both determined and I have every faith in you.

    Morning from a crisp Brisbane, where I am sitting shivering with every door open because our elderly cat got caught a bit short. No way to wake up! (Although dear OH dealt with the immediate aftermath)

    How are you going HelenKate? Seeing the scales shift? It’s so lovely getting into the swing of 5:2, and seeing the results. When I first started the program I was so vigilant, and it worked so well, that I used to spring out of bed to jump on the scales. I am working on getting that vigilance back.

    Here’s a funny thing. My FD on Monday didn’t turn up anything significant by way of weight loss, but were very kind after a reasonable NFD yesterday. I don’t understand it, but I’ll take it.

    Cinque, your YamDaisy program sounds like such a worthy and fun project. I hope you can get it off the ground soon, once this drama is over.

    Thin, Cinque, Anzac, I’m a migraine sufferer too. First the blur – often the first signal it’s coming when I can’t read or see – followed by the jagged lines, then the headache, unless I get to it first with aspirin. Sometimes I wake up with one I’ve had overnight, which lasts like a nasty hangover (not that I know what that is like of course 🙂 I got my first at 15, then years of two-day events, darkened room, nausea, and killer jabs from my doctor. Just like your poor mother Cinque. Then at menopause, they became just a little worse than a normal headache. One of my brothers suffers as well, and my mum did.

    What interesting research about native bees Cinque – thanks for the link. I am waiting for the weather to warm up so the bee man can deliver the colony we are giving my son for his birthday – which we missed because of Covid lockdown. He will be very excited. He’d love the honey bees, but with a 5 ad a 2 year old, probably not.

    Gday isn’t ketosis a wondrous thing? I love how after a certain time, the hunger fades. I have been good at it in the past, but can’t quite last the distance at the moment. You must be just about finished your long fast? How did you go?

    Anzac how lovely to have a trip to Italy in the planning. You never know, we may just have a vaccine by then, and we’ll all be gaily flying off to where we want to go, if that’s our thing. Great your got to take your big trip, pre-Covid.

    re the cup of tea with milk for your Lab forum friend. I read, and I can’t remember where, that black is better, but if having a cuppa with milk is the only way to stick with the program, then have a dash.

    LJ Neil, I endorse Thin’s comments …. you are both very good at this now.

    OK back to nutrition in preschool children. I am going to do a couple of hours of editing before I lunch with a friend, who’s recovering from back surgery. Our first outing, and we are going to find somewhere in the sunshine.

    Best wishes all

    Hi All, I am a newbie who completed her first fasting day yesterday, Tuesday. It was a bit of a last minute decision so I wasn’t as prepared as I normally would be. I held off eating anything until about 1:30pm when I had a smoothie and then after some modifications to what we had planned for dinner, I am really happy that I survived! Husband and I also completed an 8km walk which I thought would make me starving all day. Surprisingly I was OK.
    I will do another fast day on Thursday and then next week, will do Mon & Wed as my set days. I’ve been furiously scouring the internet for recipes and ideas and have found a few pages with some ideas. But no Holy Grail of recipes. I think I need to develop my own catalogue and just rotate meals so I know for sure I am not exceeding the 500 calories. Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts.
    Anywho, so pleased this forum exists! 🙂

    Hello friends,

    Welcome MandyClogs! Congratulations on an excellent first fast day. Here is a link for recipes we have found useful, hope it helps! https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/southern-hemispherites-fd-recipes/
    You can add to it, from your catalogue too!

    Gday, nice work. Good planning for your future too. Happy end of your 60 hour fast. I do hope you are feeling great.

    Anzac, snap re the sunshine yesterday afternoon, I even managed to sit out in it for a little while. It is still gray and cold here at the moment, but they are promising some sun this afternoon too (I’m not sure we will get 10 days of it though).

    Re your friend, I agree with Lindsay that the official line would be no milk, but if it makes the difference between being able to do it or not, have a dash of milk. Your friend would quickly use those calories and her body would then get straight back to all the fasting benefits.

    Lindsay, oh dear, I am not looking forward to my cat getting that elderly. Hooray for a dear OH to clean up. Do enjoy your outing in the sunshine, and a lovely catch up with your friend.

    Sympathy re your migraines everyone. My visual disturbances have been restricted to sparkly swirling golden patterns at the outer edge of my vision. One sister loses part of her vision, like your blur, I think Lindsay. They have extraordinarily clear and vivid vision and/or strange effects starting at the centre of their vision, and such beautiful things happening they just wish they could sit and enjoy them.
    Ours do seem very genetic, so many of the next generation have them too, and very much coming on with puberty, so cruel. Most of my daughter’s sick days at High School were thanks to migraines.

    Here is today’s bunch of flowers, Penguin. I’m still on my tree theme, and this one produces 40 different varieties of fruit! Best wishes. https://cdn.foodbeast.com/content/uploads/2014/07/tree-of-40-fruit.jpg

    Well it is Wednesday Fast Day for me, and I am going fasty fast after stepping on the scales at the hospital (mammogram this morning) and they agree that I have too much chub on my belly. I’m more than 3kg above my happy weight, and I have been since I last stepped on the hospital scales in November.

    So I have some new resolutions. Fasty Fast days, measuring my waist every two weeks. But best of all I am feeling a bit better so I can more things. So wonderful, it takes up time, keeps my mind off my next meal, and I get things done!

    Fingers crossed I can avoid spending too many spoons (for those of you who have heard of spoon theory), or basically, not overdo it and make myself sicker again.

    Off to do some nice pottering around. Cheers all.

    Good Morning all and welcome mandyclogs and rebeccajil.

    Quick fasting update. Still going strong. My 6am weigh-in this morning shows another 1kg down on yesteray so that’s a total of 2.6kg since I started the extended fast on Sunday evening. I decided not to break my fast for breakfast this morning and will instead continue on until 3pm this afternoon as I still don’t feel hungry. So at 3pm my total fasting time will be 69 hours. Think I might weigh myself again at 3pm to see if there is another loss.

    Anzac, for a true fast milk is not allowed, only black tea (tea that doesn’t contain any calories), black coffee, water and an electrolyte powder (essential for an extended fast as I am doing now). Supplements and medications are also ok to consume while fasting. Any amount of calorie intake, regardless of how small, will counteract the purpose of a fast. Autophagy (the body using it’s own fat stores for energy rather than energy from calorie intake – food) will only kick in after a minimum of 18 hours fasting but fasting needs to occur for longer for Autophagy to have any reasonable effect. Autophagy is what I am doing now with the extended fast.

    Must dash, OH is waiting outside for me to help with some yard chores. Happy Wednesday everyone

    Hi all, it’s great to see some new faces on the forum the last couple of weeks.

    Mandy, dahl (spicy Indian lentil soup) is a great one for fast days. Low calorie, but filling, packed with protein and fiber and really tasty. There are lots of recipes online to play around with to find something you enjoy.

    I kept a sneaky peak at my weight on the gym scales, and I’m glad I shifted my official weigh-in until Friday. My scales at home usually read a kilo or so lighter than the ones at the gym, Monday I tipped the Gym scales at 92.8 kilos (eek!!) yesterday 92.0 kilos, and then today 91.0 kilos. I have my regular Thursday fast tomorrow and then I’ll weigh in on Friday morning. It looks like I managed to get rid of the effects of all the carbs I ate over the weekend though

    Betsy, are you ok? I haven’t seen you post for a couple of days and you’re usually pretty regular.

    Welcome aboard and good luck Mandy and Rebecca

    Penguin, great to hear you’re still dodging the side effects of your chemo and things seem to be going well for you at the moment. Do keep us posted how you’re getting along.

    Have a great one everyone and have a nice easy fast those of you joining me for a Thursday fast tomorrow.

    Hello all
    This is such a warm and encouraging group. I appreciate it very much.
    Cinque, your phrase ‘too much chub on the belly’ described perfectly one of the main reasons that I have embarked on this way of eating. I’m also impressed by the other benefits it seems to offer for health in general.
    I am on my third fast day. I’ve just eaten a late lunch of three sardines and a big bowl of chopped rocket and lettuce leaves. Surprisingly tasty and satisfying. I have broccolini and hard-boiled eggs there for a late dinner. Cups of tea and coffee and lots of water too of course.
    Penguin, this time 4 years ago I was on the chemo trail. Not much fun but worth it. Special warm wishes to you.

    Interested to read about everyone’s migraine’s experiences. Cinque, are you sure you aren’t on magic mushrooms? Those golden effects sound quite exciting! I’ve always played mine down, few people know I’m a sufferer and I wouldn’t even mention an attack to OH unless I had to. Like many of you, at the onset, I’d race for the dissolving panadol and, if I took it immediately, it would knock it out quickly.

    Then one night, we were at our neighbours’ house in Perth (the two doctors). It came up because he’s a flight surgeon and had a pilot patient suffering from them. He told me that the patient’s migraines were severe (making flying military jets impossible) but that they passed within a few minutes. That gave me the idea to stop taking the panadol and see what happened. Turns out, I don’t actually need the panadol, mine also disappear within minutes with no intervention.

    On the other side of this coin, I was once getting a migraine every few days. My GP told me to take the panadol every morning for a week whether I had the onset or not. He said it would break the chain – and it did. By ‘chain’ I read ‘habit’. Although I know migraines are very real and very debilitating, I still tend to believe what I was told as a teen that they are psychosomatic and that the panadol was a placebo.

    My history of them was that they started as an unhappy teenager in boarding school. Once I left school and determined my own destiny, I didn’t get them for 15 years. They started again when I got married – oh dear! Apart from the infrequent, really devastating ones, they’re now very mild. I get a sort of aura telling me it’s coming on which I can’t really describe. In their mildest form, I get squiggly, darting lines and can’t see what I’m focussing on but my peripheral vision is fine. I can’t read anything. In their worst form, I can’t speak properly even though I know what I want to say, I get numbness in my fingertips and lips and some of the symptoms are alarmingly stroke-like.

    Enough about me. Welcome newbies.

    Anzac, your post above my last wasn’t there when I posted it. Then someone referenced your migraines which I hadn’t read so I went back. Strange. Yes, if you make it to Italy, we will have to meet. We applied for OH’s spousal visa to the tune of £2052.90 yesterday.

    Another grey morning promising afternoon sun. (Much better than the grey mornings that don’t).

    Lovely morning after fast day for me. Hello all you others enjoying the morning after fast day.

    Hello Thursday fasters! Neil! Enjoy a fasty fast day, your last in July.

    Gday, I hope you are in fine form again today. Such a delight to get things moving.

    Helen Kate, yes, sigh, that pesky bellychub. Won’t it be nice to have less as summer rolls in. You are right, the long term health benefits are even more important than that comfort of looking okay in the mirror. Hooray for 5:2 making it easy and sustainable.
    Sorry to hear you had a cancer scare 4 years ago. Cheers for getting through it.

    Thin, haha, magic mushrooms might be fun if they gave those hallucinations. Sticking to coffee for now though!
    Amazing to read about short migraines. Ooh I had numb fingers around the time of the recent migraine, I wonder if that was connected.
    Hooray that your spousal application is in process. Do you just wait now, in the UK, living your wonderful life on the longboat?

    Well, my fast day was quite easy, so I am happily following it up with some lovely healthy non fast days. My pottering around is getting things done, so hoping for another good day of that. And I have two fat eggplant that want to be cooked today. I have to decide whether to try an African dish or do something even easier. What a pleasant problem to have.

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed that Victoria’s covid19 new cases will be lower again today, but braced for more sad deaths.

    Take care everyone, enjoy this precious day.

    Oh dear, awful numbers today, 723 . heartbreaking.

    So sad for Victoria Cinque. I really hoped the numbers would start to fall. So difficult for the government to know what to do next.

    Betsy, you are MIA. Are you okay? Ditto, Calif.

    Dreadful news this morning of two young women who thought going to Melbourne to steal designer handbags was a good idea – and then lied flying back to Queensland. Covid-positive, they are now in hospital, but in the past eight days they’ve been to church (?), bars, nightclubs, shopping centres….and now a sister has tested positive too…and she works at an afterschool care centre. We are bracing.

    Wow Thin, that visa isn’t cheap, is it. I thought my permanent right of abode renewal (partner of a Brit citizen) was expensive, but from memory, at around $600, now seems cheap by comparison. Fingers crossed, it works out.

    I’ve read lots of different theories about migraines – the one that seems to fit my case is the hormonal theory – which fits because of when my started, and then when the worst of them ended.

    Anzac, back to the milk in tea question. I found a lot of good questions and answers on this site https://www.dietdoctor.com/intermittent-fasting/questions-and-answers He (Dr Jason Fung) says that while technically milk in tea doesn’t fall into the guidelines for a true fast, because it can improve compliance, his program allows 1-2 teaspoons of milk/cream.

    OK off to get ready to meet my brothers and wives for a picnic in a park, then home for an afternoon of editing. It has to be finished by 1st August, so I’ll be head down, and the other bit up.

    Stay safe, all.

    Good afternoon friends

    Ok, 2020 just needs to get lost. Nothing but bad news and we had some more yesterday. A friend of OH passed away yesterday (or the day before). They don’t know how yet, but his business had failed and he was going through a very acrimonious divorce so, sadly, suicide is suspected.

    OH was in tears yesterday afternoon and went to another friends place to console each other. Maxx knew he was upset and wouldn’t move from the back gate where he can see down onto the street. Isn’t it amazing how keenly our pets can tune into their humans?


    I went to the Gastroenterologist this morning and am booked in for a colonoscopy Friday week. You were right Betsy, I have read the preparation instructions and all I could think was I’m glad I’m ok with fasting! It doesn’t sound pleasant so I’m looking forward to it being over

    Had a terrible day food wise yesterday as I was upset for OH but today is a FD and going very well. I had a small thai beef salad for lunch and have some chicken and veges for a stir fry tonight.

    My poor sister had yet another planned trip cancelled because of those two idiot teenagers who went to QLD. Firstly she and BIL were trapped in Europe when Covid hit and had to pay a lot of money to get home. Then they booked a trip to Fiji for their 40th wedding anniversary in September and that has been cancelled of course. So they booked a trip to Port Douglas, leaving in 10 days and now that is cancelled too. I feel so sorry for them

    Gosh I’ve just read my post so far and such doom and gloom! Sorry about that, I promise nothing but positivity from here on in

    I hope you had a lovely picnic with your brothers and SIL’s Lindsay. I hope the sun was shining as nicely as it is here. My washing dried on the line for the first time since winter started – hooray!

    Ouch Thin, that visa is so expensive! Fingers crossed we make it across to Europe so we can meet – I’m already excited

    So very glad it’s going well HK, you are providing much motivation and encouragement already.

    G’day = 69 hours! Incredible and well done you 🙂

    Welcome MandyClogs (I see Neil has already shortened your name to Mandy – we do that to everyone!)

    I hope the sun did indeed come out for you Cinque. I feel so much happier when it does. Those three days of relentless rain across last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were awful. I couldn’t live in the UK where it seems to rain more than it doesn’t (according to my labrador friends). Especially those in Scotland…..brrrr

    Must get back to work, hi everyone else and happy rest of your Thursday

    Just a quick hello tonight. I fell asleep on the sofa and just woke up and will go upstairs to bed soon.

    I read all of the posts that I missed last night and then was too tired to post. Welcome to Mandy and Rebecca! HK, glad you are getting in the swing of fasting. Once you’ve gotten through a couple weeks and realize you really won’t starve to death on 500 calories it becomes a routine. Like many others here I tend to eat similar foods each FD, generally going for the biggest quantity for the lowest calories. I love broccoli and will often eat a whole bag, about 452 grams of frozen broccoli cuts which I cook in the microwave with a sprinkle of lemon juice and tamari.

    Cinque, I love those tiny knitted doll clothes. Such pretty colors! I had my colors done many years ago too and found out I was a winter. 75% of my closet is filled with black, white and navy clothing. I like the blue based winter reds too or dark emerald green.

    Penguin, so good to hear that the chemo is going well and you’re halfway through. The lack of most side effects probably has a lot to do with your good diet and exercise. I’ll be anxious to hear what’s going on with the house move.

    LJ, congrats on getting back into the 70’s! I’m glad you’re heading downward again, even with the NFD’s. I’ve been inching downward too, not as quickly as I would like, but finally heading in the right direction and not skipping any FD’s.

    I’ve had headaches, but never a migraine headache. But about 4 years ago I had my first painless migraine with some little geometric black zigzags in my left eye, up near the left hand upper corner. It lasted for about 20 minutes, then went away. I’ve had some small, much shorter ones since, sometimes less than a minute, usually in the AM and usually when I’m stressed. LJ and I have talked about them but never realized so many of you here have experienced something similar. They usually scare me, but now I’ll realize they aren’t that uncommon. I did have my eye doctor check my eyes the first time it happened and he confirmed there was nothing wrong with my eyes.

    Thin, that is one expensive visa for OH! How long will it be good for? Any idea how long til it’s actually processed?

    Anzac, so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. Maxx surely seemed to know something was wrong. Such a sweet picture of him waiting for OH.

    Gday, great job on your 69 hour fast and resulting weight loss! I can’t imagine being able to hold out that long.

    So sorry to hear about the new cases in Victoria and now Queensland. Does Sydney still have cases? It doesn’t seem to take much for it to spread. Some states here are going down while others are increasing. The mask debate continues.

    Well, time to get back to sleep. Tomorrow is a FD. (Actually it’s already tomorrow!)

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