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  • Good morning SH’s,
    Tuesday already.
    The man with the leaf blower is making a deafening noise outside.
    But n the up side, there is a bit of sun.

    I missed out on mung bean soup last night. My fridge is so efficient that even 24 hours wasn’t enough to thaw it. Luckily I have got good at whipping up a bowl of soup in my little saucepan.

    Is there any sun in Whakatane today, Turn?
    Oh dear, sympathy about the pasta and wine. What vengeful scales you have there. I hope a few good days brings recovery.

    Did your dad have Covid19? I must have missed it as I can’t remember worrying about him enough, which surely I would have. I do hope his sense of taste returns.
    Ha re your mum and her longer hair. It does change a person’s looks so much!
    I’m so glad you had a good chat with her.

    Betsy, it’s a good day for pruning. I hope you get a good session in.
    I didn’t get my mint done yesterday, so maybe today.

    Well done, holding onto those masks! I was complimented on mine in the op shop yesterday (and I bought a lovely set of coffee cups and saucers).

    I am so hoping Melbourne’s covid numbers will trend lower, but oh dear there are so many outbreaks now, and in care homes and abbattoirs. Fingers crossed. And NSW is on a knife’s edge too. May it be lucky and contain the spread really well. Queensland is ramping up too, good for them.
    I am fighting hard for Australia to take on the elimination strategy aka NZ’s trick, and glad to see eminent people calling for it too.

    Coffee in my new, dear little cup this morning. I should get six cups from my pot (they are fancy espresso cups). Kettle’s on!

    Sending my very best wishes to you all,

    Good morning from a very horrible Sydney weather-wise. Pouring with rain and a howling galeforce wind. Poor Maxx hasn’t been for a walk yet as OH is waiting for it to calm down a bit. He (Maxx) is currently lying chin-down staring balefully at his neglectful parents.

    Ha ha Turn, yes – each to his/her own regarding work type preferences. Sorry the rain has returned and I hope the sun comes out again soon. Glad you could have a lovely chat with your Mum and I hope your Dad is feeling better soon.

    Boo to the leafblowing man Cinque, they are deafening aren’t they? Glad you are seeing some sun in Melbourne and enjoy your lovely 6 little cups of coffee. I’m fasting today so have had two large black coffees already

    How are you feeling Neil? I hope your cold didn’t turn into something nasty.

    Awesome to get the pruning done Betsy, please post a picture of your roses when they are blooming.

    I can’t believe people run into your boat and then trundle off without even an apology Thin. Rude

    Scales are inching down and this morning I was 90.1….so close to the 80’s. I’m down from a terrible high of 91.7 a couple of weeks ago so going in the right direction. After today’s FD if they are not 89 point something tomorrow they are going through the window.

    Fingers crossed for a lower number of cases coming out of Victoria today and toes crossed NSW can keep a lid on it. Very worrying. I have to go to the dentist today which means a train trip but I have my very good mask that my friend had made for me. It’s only two stops – about 6 minutes – but coming home it will be during peak hour so I’m not happy about that. However parking is a nightmare and so is the traffic so I will risk it.

    Have a great day

    Morning all (well afternoon over here)

    I’m feeling better and back at work now after being laid up for three days with the cold. I hate being sick but luckily I don’t tend to get sick very often. I don’t think my 3 days of groaning on the couch has done anything to help my weight-loss, but there’s not much I can do about that. It is what it is. I’ll do my regular weigh-in tomorrow and then I’ve got two more weeks of July left to get where I want to be (I’m hoping to be under 90 kilos by the end of July)

    The rest of the comments have disappeared onto the previous page but I can reply to the two I can see,

    Cinque, I hope your numbers start dropping as well, they certainly can’t get as bad as they are in the USA at the moment. They had 68,000 cases yesterday, which going on a per capita basis is like New Zealand getting just over 1,000 cases in a day or Australia getting 5,000 cases in a day!

    Anzac, Good luck for your weigh-in, we’re sitting about the same, my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago I was sitting at 90.0, but since then we had holiday eating and fewer gym sessions so that’s likely to be a bit higher now, but I’m having a fast day today and a gym session (although after a few days of being sick I don’t think I’ll be able to do as much as I usually do) and hopefully that will help reduce the damage.

    have a great day everyone and I’ll catch up on the rest of the posts on the previous page when I finish work tonight.

    Turn, oh dear the weather! Not unexpected at this time of year I suppose. And the pasta, that would have happened to me too – sometimes we just need to do these things to help us remember what we can’t realistically eat if we don’t want a horrid weight gain.

    Anzac, good luck at the dentist. I am psyching myself up to find one. It means stopping in a largish town long enough to make a booking and probably more than one appointment and that doesn’t really appeal. Most don’t want new patients which is understandable.

    Cinque, thanks for the three Ts but I think only the first applies – Trim. Unfortunately, not Taut! I hope the coffee was Terrific in the new cup.

    The UK reported only 11 cv deaths yesterday. But there could be a devastating second wave this winter claiming over 100,000 lives according to ‘scientists’. I think I’m over statistics. I’ve decided that the problem is that there are unqualified people playing with numbers and trying to make sensational stories from them. In Britain, the media is less concerned with, say, reporting facts on the value of wearing face masks than ripping into the government because the ‘message has changed’. It’s as if we have two opposition parties.

    Good day, everyone. The end of a hot day here and it’s finally cooling down now that it’s almost midnight. It’s been about 37-38 the past few days and sunny. I like warm weather, but under 35 suits me better. So glad it almost always cools way down at night. You all can send over that cold rainy weather any time you wish, at least for a few days!

    Betsy, I’m glad to hear that your arm is feeling better. It must be, with all those rose bushes you have pruned! You’ll appreciate it when Spring comes and all those bushes are blooming. I’m sorry to hear that you and Cinque are under lockdown there, but glad to hear that masks are being more widely encouraged. They told us in the beginning that they weren’t very useful, but new research has shown them to actually be quite effective if everyone wears them. We have several cloth ones now so we can just throw them in the wash basket after each use and always have several clean ones. I’m sorry to hear that there is a case in Sydney now. Hope that is an isolated incident. The numbers in Melbourne seem to be falling a bit. I hope that continues. I think it takes a few weeks to see the difference.

    Today our governor locked down all indoor dining at restaurants and indoor activities at most other public places throughout the state. Masks have been mandatory anywhere outside the home where there are other people around, although around here there are too many exercising their “freedom of choice” not to wear them and many stores were not enforcing the mask mandate. There is now a phone in number to report and store or business that is not complying. (California only) Business licenses or liquor licenses can be pulled. Sad that it has come to this, but necessary with numbers increasing again in most of the state. Cases are over 300 in my county, but fortunately it’s not too densely populated and closing restaurants and bars will slow the spread. Australians and New Zealanders seem to be a lot more concerned about the common good.

    Cinque, glad to hear you got the henna in your hair. It sounds like you are keeping busy with the African cuisine. So many vibrant colors and flavors. You will have to post some of your favorites.

    LJ, that red velvet cake looks amazing! Such nice strawberries. You do such a beautiful job on all of your cakes. I’m sure they taste as good as they look. Glad you got a little break in the weather.

    Thin, is grocery shopping still going ok for you? I imagine it’s challenging going to different grocery stores all the time, especially when you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. I felt like that today because wearing the mask with some mild allergy related mild asthma symptoms wasn’t very comfortable. I forgot to take something before I left. At least it motivated me to move quickly through the store. Nice that you are able to WhatsApp with DD, that your internet is fast enough on the boat to handle that. OH is a lot less interested in technology than I am, but today he was talking to a friend from Texas on the phone and I told him to ask him if he was on an iPhone or iPad. When he said he was, I asked to have the phone a minute to say hi and I asked the friend if he had used FaceTime. When he said yes, i asked him to hang up and call OH via FaceTime. I turned on his FaceTime and in a minute they were talking that way, which was much more enjoyable since they rarely see each other in person. Technology is so amazing, especially when hunkered down and not getting out to see people. Hopefully OH will want to use it more often.

    Lindsay, being at the island sounds wonderful, especially the part about dolphin and whale watching. Have you seen the koalas yet? Or heard them at night? Lol!

    Neil, I hope you get over your cold quickly. It must have been the cold weather on your holiday.

    Penguin, how are your moving house plans going? I hope you are feeling well enough to get everything done that you need to do for the move.

    Turn, glad you are getting some breaks in the weather so you can enjoy your surroundings. It’s good that you had a nice chat with your mum. Funny that you have never seen her with longer hair, and now snowy white. It must have been quite a surprise. Lots of grown out hair and colors around the world with this pandemic.

    Anzac, hope all those meetings at work have calmed down a little. It’s good to hear that Maxx is calming down too. It takes pups a long time to get past that crazy stage. Now Lyndsay is in the middle of it with Rosy!

    Well, time for sleep. Stay happy and well everyone!

    Several new posts that crossed since I started reading and posting!

    Neil, not only are the numbers of new cases horrific over here, but after in Florida, after having some of the highest cases in the county since this all began, they opened Florida’s Disney World over the weekend. How can that possibly be safe, even with all the precautions? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/11/business/florida-coronavirus-disney-world-reopening.html

    Good evening everyone.

    Didn’t get to pruning today – still trying to cover a steel frame with bird wire. It is slow, painstaking and tedious work, very hard on my hands. Still, it’s progressing. Once done, it’s going over the biggest rose in the backyard, to protect it from the possums. Should finish it tomorrow or Thursday.

    Cinque, very disappointed with you today at the additional 271 covid cases in Melbourne. Let’s hope the numbers start going down by the end of the week.

    I wore one of my masks when shopping at the supermarket today. It surprised me though that more than half of those present weren’t bothering with masks. Haven’t they been watching the news? Admittedly, wearing a mask is still optional, though recommended here in Victoria, and I wasn’t bothering up till now, but as I live in the north of Melbourne, on the edge of the north-west hot zone, it just seems more sensible now.

    LJoyce, hope the outbreak in Sydney is brought under control quickly. You don’t want what we’ve got here in NSW.

    Anzac65, did you or OH manage to find a lull in the weather to take Maxx out for his walk? Poor Maxx! Would he go out if the weather is miserable, though? I mean, if OH rugged up and took him walking, would Maxx want to go? It wouldn’t be good for you if he went, of course – cold, wet, smelly dog in the house? Not so pleasant 🙂

    Neilithicman, sorry you were sidelined for 3 days – hope going back to work doesn’t derail your recovery.

    Thin, hope you find a dentist soon who will accept you as a patient.

    Califdreamer, I was very pleased to read that cases in your county haven’t been to high, so I hope you and your family members stay well. You certainly seem to be taking all due care.

    Today was another TDEE day – frustrating. Wanted a FD, but I still have trouble keeping the calorie count down once I actually start eating. Tomorrow I’ll try again, keeping to liquids only.

    Stay safe everyone!

    CalifD, good to hear from you. Fun that your OH is embracing the technology. My OH chats to friends in Ca on FaceTime. It must be hard for you wearing a mask under those conditions. I still get a little anxious entering stores but I do notice more people wearing masks now. We’ve worn them since the start as a sign of respect for those exposed front-line workers so it’s comforting to see others considering it and I’m pleased that it will be law here soon. I think it’s a good idea to have business licences pulled if they fail to enforce the rules. That gives them a little clout when approaching customers. As you say, shame it has to come to that.

    Most of the things we’re being asked to do are such small sacrifices so, yeah, I feel your frustration with those whining about their rights being violated. My dad would have said, ‘a good spell in the army would sort them out’.

    Betsy, Cinque, those numbers are so low in the scheme of things that, if people just pull together for the common good, it will be over quickly. Hope the worrying trend is soon reversed. (Betsy, that did make me smile but I’m sure Cinque knew you didn’t think all the new cases were down to her!)

    Oops, oops, oops! Cinque, sorry, I didn’t write that well – meant joining you in being very disappointed with the Covid-19 numbers today. No, I am definitely NOT “very disappointed with you”. Ridiculous word choices I made just trying to write more succinctly. Sorry. Hope you read this straight after my last entry.

    Betsy, I’m pretty sure Cinque added the “along” with you and didn’t think you were disappointed with her. That’s what I did.

    Thin, your dad’s statement, “ A good spell in the army would sort them out” could be changed now to ‘ A good spell in the ICU would sort them out’. Several states now are mandating masks whenever we are exposed to other people. But I think it is a bit late to be deciding that. I hate looking at the numbers at the end of the day. I hope Melbourne gets the outbreak contained quickly.

    My weight was down about 400 grams this morning. I’m still up about 10kg over my goal of 59kg but am holding the line and need to stop the stress eating.

    Morning all

    Weigh-in and I’m still at 90.0 kilos, so that’s a win. No gain on the scales despite bigger eating over the holiday and a few days off sick.

    Thin and Cali, People certainly have got so precious. During the 1918 influenza epidemic people were required to wear masks, in fact in New York three people were shot for not wearing masks. But these days people whinge like spoiled little kids when told to do something that’s actually for their own good. You’ve just got to shake your head.

    Betsy, is your eating in the evening? One trick I found to help stop overeating at night was to have an early (5:30 pm) dinner and then brush your teeth half an hour or so after you finish dinner. You never enjoy eating very much after brushing your teeth.

    Well have a good day everyone, I’ll enjoy my NFD today and the morning coffee there in 😉

    Good morning,
    Writing early since I am sitting at the computer with the cat solidly on my lap, and as soon as she is off I need to prepare the house for my lovely homehelp. (it is a dreadful mess and so it might take hours.)

    Haha Betsy, I understood exactly what you meant. Oh dear, the times I have reread what I wrote to find it makes no sense or comes across terribly. Mostly after I have published. You make wicked fun Thin!

    Anzac, I hope the weather is better today, and I hope hope hope that we can get a lid on these quickly spreading outbursts of the virus.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that you see the 80’s on the scales today.

    Neil, so glad you are feeling better, keep taking it easy until you have your vim back.
    Yes, we are so lucky with Covid, compared to the countries where it is raging. Poor USA, I read yesterday that the obituaries in the Houston paper went for 43 pages. Just terrible.
    I do so hope we can lockdown hard and stamp it out here.

    Yay, July is half over and you should definitely end it in the 80’s.

    Thin, what a relief to see the numbers of UK covid deaths falling so low.
    Oh dear, don’t the media want to jump on any possible chance of a sensation.

    Coffee was delightful in my new coffee cups, (and the saucers have a wonderful second use, sitting over little bowls in the fridge to save me from using gladwrap).

    Cali, so glad to hear from you. Very happy to have these restrictions, and for them to be even harder if it leads to stopping community transfer of this horrible virus.
    We came to masks late, and people are adopting them slowly, but it is happening.
    Sympathy for those hot days, I would gladly let you skim 10 degrees off the top and send them over here.

    I heard an audio clip of your governor on our National News, and thought of you. What a difficult situation. It is hard enough here. Covid doesn’t rumble along it goes in bursts and explosions. I do hope you can stamp it out in your county. All power to you.

    Big congratulations on that .4 gone https://www.wallpaperbetter.com/wallpaper/297/548/920/four-tulips-abstract-beautiful-environment-four-green-leafs-nature-photo-red-flowers-smiling-hd-720P-wallpaper-middle-size.jpg
    ( 😉 Betsy)

    My African cookbooks are still my leisure reading! And luckily there are now lots of youtube clips and online recipes to educate me further.

    Betsy a TDEE day is a good day. I hope today works well for a liquids only FD.

    My fast day will be tomorrow, so I’ll grab the baton off you when you’ve finished yours, if that’s okay.

    Well, Miso has been on and off my knee, outside for a roam and back inside. I’ve had breakfast and coffee and even put 3 things away every time I got up, so the kitchen is a fair bit tidier already. Better get on to the rest of it!

    Cheers Wednesday Fasters! Sensible eating Wednesday non fasters! Good food in sensible portions is treat enough 😉

    Penguin: https://shinterimkk.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/dog-flowers4.jpg
    Hope it is an easy day.

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick check in. This morning I thought I would try fasting until lunch time and see how it affects my reflux. I made it through to 11am and then decided to eat as I could feel the reflux flaring up again. I fear that I will never be able to fast again and that makes me sad.
    I have had almost two weeks of no reflux so was hoping that I had got it beaten but I don’t think that is the case. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to get the results from the helicobacter test.

    Take care everyone x

    Good luck for the test Quacka. I hope it comes back positive, because if it is helicobacter then you’ll have a definitive answer and it’s nice and easy to treat.

    Good afternoon all

    Today started sunny but has now clouded over and the wind is still howling. Ugh. Maxx did get a walk yesterday Betsy, after lunch, and came back happy again. They picked a lull in the rain thankfully because yes, wet labrador is NOT a good smell!

    I was very glad to hear about the indoor dining being knocked on the head Cali. Very sensible and hopefully it will help to bring the numbers down.

    I wore my mask for the train trip to the dentist yesterday but hardly anyone else had one on. I was surprised but I really think everyone here has become complacent.

    The dratted scales did not move after yesterday’s FD. It wasn’t a great FD but around 900 calories which is still way under my TDEE. Oh well, perhaps tomorrow. Mr A cooked schnitzel and chips for his dinner last night and I simply couldn’t resist 4 fat chips. He cooked too many and left them on the kitchen counter – thanks very much! NOT.

    Good luck finding a dentist Thin. It would be nice for you to get it sorted and put that behind you. I was pleased at how strict they are with hygiene and questioning. I was asked a series of questions when they phoned to confirm and asked them all again by the receptionist. The hygienist asked them all over again when I first sat in the chair and they gave me mouthwash to use prior to the cleaning starting. I noticed they double-gloved and had masks and shields for their faces. It really made my skin crawl that this is our new world – hopefully temporary. I agree that the media is simply looking for sensationalism and it drives me nuts as you don’t know what to believe.

    Glad you are feeling better Neil.

    Cinque, I was shocked to read that the obituaries in the Houston paper went for 43 pages. That truly is terrible and it makes those idiots who are not taking this seriously even more shocking. I agree with Cali that ‘a few days in the ICU will sort them out’. I hope you are enjoying a sparkling clean house after your home help today. My Dad gets home help too as he is a pensioner and she is a lovely girl who sits and has a coffee and a chat with him afterwards. It saves my Sister and I having to do it too – even better.

    Hope you are ok Penguin, touch base when you can.

    Good luck with your test results Quacka. It would be sad indeed if you had to stop fasting forever.

    How is Ms Rosy today Lindsay? Maxx’s recall is coming along slowly but this morning a dog raced over to him in the footy field (they were both off leash) and the owner called her dog but ended up with Maxx! He wouldn’t come back so Mr A had to trudge over to retrieve him. Baby steps. My hand towel lasted 2 days on the oven before it got too much and he nicked it. Sigh

    Hope the sun is peeking out for you Turn.

    Ok work calls. Is it Friday yet? I am so looking forward to visiting the family on Sunday

    Oh my goodness, I just read that the restaurant we went to for my friend’s 60th birthday just closed after a positive diagnosis! We were there 5 weeks ago so are obviously ok but it just hit a bit too close to home…..

    Good evening all.

    Just touching base before I settle to a quiet read and bed. No point just going to bed after using the computer – have to give the “wind-down” signal to the body, and I’ve been finding about half-an-hour of reading does that, and no, I never go to sleep when actually reading, as some people do.

    Cinque, so glad you weren’t offended. As CalifDreamer wrote, all I needed to add was an “along with” which would have kept it nice and succinct. Loved the flowers you sent to Cali – cheeky cheeky! What will you send me when I finally descend below the 68 kg, I wonder?

    I am also wondering when it is going to happen. Lately I seem to be hovering either just above or just below the 69 kg mark, partly because I’ve not been managing effective FDs (today was, yay!) and having too generous NFDs. Aiming to change that. Today’s FD was exactly 500 cals, so I wonder if that will show on the scales?

    Anzac65, I am so glad that your visit to that restaurant was 5 weeks ago, and not a few days ago. Also crossing my fingers for you in Sydney that the authorities are able to effectively contact trace everyone and stop community transmission. Here in Melbourne, it seems a huge task, as cases are cropping up everywhere.

    Your Maxx! I do enjoy reading of his antics. I’m sure they can be highly frustrating at times, but as someone one degree removed …. amusing!

    Neilithicman, glad you’re feeling somewhat better now, and what a relief that the past several days haven’t disrupted your weight situation. Maybe your body has decided to make 90 kg your “set point”?

    The problem I have with eating on FDs, I think, is my upbringing – I find it very difficult to just eat protein and vegetables as a FD evening meal; I have to finish the meal with something sweet, which adds those extra 300 cals. And if I foolishly eat something earlier in the day, I seem to be extra hungry by the time dinner comes around, so eat more than I should. On FDs however, I just ignore food. The mindset is different. I’ll sort it out.

    Quacka, disappointing that the reflux returned by 11 a.m. I do hope the doctor has some useful news/ suggestions for you tomorrow.

    Thin, glad my typo gave you some amusement. For me it was a big oops when I reread it after posting. Yes, I saw on the news that the UK is making masks mandatory; think it’s a great idea. One comment here in Victoria about masks being recommended but not compulsory was that some people just wouldn’t have masks yet, and would need time to make or buy them. There are rumours of stage 4 restrictions being a possibility for parts of Melbourne, if the numbers don’t start going down – no clarity yet on what stage 4 would entail.

    Well, more than half the steel frame is now covered with bird wire, but oh, my poor hands. Have to finish it before Saturday, as I’ve lined up a kind neighbour to come over and help me lift it over the rosebush. There needs to be someone on each end, to lift it. Anyway, that’s pushing me to keep working on it. Probably not tomorrow, though, have 2 Zoom meetings, including with my supervisors, unless I manage to do some in the morning.

    Well, time to close. LindsayL, hope there has been some great whale-watching going on.

    Goodnight all!

    Hello all.

    We woke to a calmer day today. On Tuesday we had the dreadful westerlies and it was unpleasant and cold. Then early afternoon the power went out on all the bay islands including ours, and didn’t come back until after 7 pm. Fortunately SIL had installed the wood burner at the weekend, so we could warm our toes by the glow, while we waited for light. Bless iPads – we both were able to continue reading in the dark. The winds continued yesterday, although not as strong.

    I’ve been doing more than 10000 steps each day, which is easy when the weather is good, but more troublesome when it’s not. I managed nearly 14000 yesterday. I started well ..left OH snoozing while Rose and I walked down to the park and along the sand. All good – until she saw two kangaroos grazing just a few metres away. From then on I had to battle her every inch of the way. She was spooked, and it didn’t help they bounded down the road towards home. There are dozens around at the moment – perhaps because we have fewer visitors with the lockdowns. I saw 15 in one park, and a couple graze on the headland where people go to eat their ice creams and whale watch. They (kangaroos) don’t care one whit about the tourists.

    And yes, Cali, there are a lot of koalas around too, some with little ones. I haven’t heard their mating calls yet …a shocking randy noise, as you remembered. Here’a pic of a little chap who scampered across the road as we were coming home on Tuesday – little grey bottom swinging, as he raced for the tree. https://imgur.com/t9cDQDV

    Cinque, thank you for my beautiful beautiful flower. FD for me today, so hopefully more weight loss tomorrow. I forgot my soup which is my FD staple, so who knows what I am going to eat.

    Anzac, Maxx and Rosy come from the same devil gene. Does he shred tea towels etc, or just want the chase game? I was sitting quietly this morning, when there was a huge crash. OH had hung the tea towel in the pantry, anchored by two tins of white beans, so it could dry. yep, you can guess. When he opened the door she grabbed for it and brought the whole shebang down.

    Cinque your little coffee cups sound pretty, and very useful. Who needs Gladwrap hey?

    Cali we saw on the news that Disneyland had reopened. I can understand that people want to get back to normal, but it is hard to see how it can be safe. Ditto Betsy, for wearing masks while shopping. Taking all precautions seems the right thing to do.

    Thin re your Dad’s ‘a spell in the army would sort them out’ reminded me of the very funny Yes Minister, when someone or other was calling for national service, and Bernard, I think, pointed out that the last thing that was needed was teaching unemployed louts how to use a gun.

    Hoping for good news with your test results today Quacka, and as Neil says, hope it is the heli which can be treated easily and quickly and have you back to fasting in less time than it takes to say ‘man I’m hungry’.

    Betsy hope you thwart those possums – disappointing isn’t it, to find your lovely buds gone gone gone. I forgot to put the wire cages over my vege beds before we came away. We have fewer possums now we have Rosy, but I bet they are making hay while we are away.

    On that note, Rosy has just nicked my slipper from under the table, to try to entice me out to play, so I’ll take her for a walk.

    Enjoy Thursday everyone.

    Good morning,

    Cold and foggy here,
    I hope you are sleeping in Betsy! Hooray for a good fast day, I have grabbed that Fast Day baton and I am off for my run.

    Quacka, good try. So sorry the reflux started coming back. Hope you caught it quickly. Hooray that you have been managing it so well for the last two weeks. Thinking of you at your appointment today.
    If you find you have to live with it, you might find that there are ways you can still have fast days. I am thinking of dividing 800 calories into 5 or 6 small meals. Could a 150 calorie bite be enough to settle it down for a few hours, I wonder? (Fingers crossed such experimenting won’t be needed.)

    Anzac, so glad you had your mask on for public transport. Hopefully seeing you will give at least one other person the courage to do it themselves.
    I’ve got a dentist appt next week (a crown came off and needs to be glued back in) so I will expect face shields.

    Complacency is big in Victoria. 500 people have been fined over the last week for breaking restrictions, and I bet that is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh if only everyone could be super careful we have such a good chance of getting right on top of this.
    I am really hoping NSW numbers stay low and go lower, and that ours finally start coming down. The next few days will show.
    That restaurant case is too close to home!

    Cheeky scales. I think they are just being mean. Maybe have a read of this to give you some perspective (or another read, if you have read it before) https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/really-no-weight-loss/

    I meant to announce my 5 year anniversary of beginning 5:2, but last time I thought of it, it was a couple of days too early, and now it is a couple of days too late! 14th July was my first fast day. Oh I was so nervous. But didn’t I feel pleased with myself at the end of that day!

    I’m so glad your dad has such lovely homehelp, it makes a huge difference.

    One more sleep and it will be Friday!

    Betsy, I’ll need to find a very special bunch of flowers when you get into the 67’s!

    I do understand what you say about no carbs with your evening meal. We just need to keep adjusting things until we get them right. I generally do need some carbs, but often lentils or beans fills the spot, or root vegetables, or a whole grain mixed with more veggies.

    I’ve realised I can’t sustain my ‘sensible breakfast, midday dinner and soup supper’ every day. I need to let myself have an afternoon snack when I need it and have a decent accompaniment with the soup too, most days.

    And this cold weather is making drinking water hard. It makes me too cold! So I am working on that too.

    Speaking of which, I need to go and have a hot cuppa now.

    Cheers all

    Morning all

    Successful NFD yesterday, I managed to not go too nuts and had my muesli for breakfast, flat white, scone and kiwifruit for snacks, oxtail soup for lunch, and then a pork chop and vegetables for dinner, around 2500 calories total, a couple of hundred calories under my TDEE. I’m fasting today and then tomorrow I’m hoping to go out for dinner and a movie with my wife for the first time since lockdown started (hoping to go to the new David Copperfield movie.

    Have a great one everyone

    Good morning all

    After all those weeks of being at home I’m having trouble coping with being busy. I seem to be in a permanent state of exhaustion even when I get a day at home. It is better than being isolated, but I think I need to find some balance – maybe once school holidays are finished.

    Cinque, it looks like the fog has moved to Melbourne. We had 2 days of it here and the few planes that tried to land were diverted elsewhere.
    I agree with you on the water, even at room temperature it feels like it’s been in the fridge. I’m limiting myself to 2 small pots of tea each day at the moment to force myself to drink more water. Like you, it’s a work in progress!
    I did laugh at your last flower picture for Penguin – loved it.

    Quacka, I hope the helicobacter test yields some results. Not knowing what is causing the problem is I’m sure, adding to your stress.

    Lindsay and Anzac, the antics of Maxx and Rosy make it very clear to me that I could absolutely not cope with a puppy.
    I saw a program advertised – Insight on SBS next Tuesday night – it’s about what a dog’s emotions mean. Thought it might be useful and perhaps insightful.

    Betsy, I have the same issue. Growing up, after every evening meal there was always dessert – usually fruit with custard or icecream, but there was always something. I too am thinking I need something sweet the moment I’ve swallowed that last mouthful of my evening meal. I try to divert my attention to a piece of fruit, but that doesn’t always work. I am having more luck with warm stewed fruit (with stevia) and a dollop of greek yoghurt. Probably because it’s warm, which is comforting in cold weather.

    Neil, very glad to see you are well again. I hope you manage to get enough sunshine now that you are back at work again.

    Cali, I too am glad that indoor dining has been stopped – if they abide by it.
    It looks like your president is finally starting to support face masks, I hope that encourages more people to don them.
    Well done on getting your weight on the downward trend – no easy task among all that stress.

    We actually have some weak sunshine here today so I intend to go out and enjoy a walk under those rays.
    Have a nice day all.

    Good morning from a sunny Sydney but still cool.

    Tada…..89.7 this morning! Next goal is 88 to get back to my post holiday weight.

    Happy 5:2 anniversary Cinque! Wow, 5 years, how wonderful. Thank you for the link to that fabulous post. I then reminded myself that I am still walking around with kilt pins in all of my pre 5:2 trousers so I haven’t undone ALL the good and YES I can get there. I am going to pin the link to that post so I can read it again when feeling down about the scales. I hope your FD is an easy one today

    Lindsay, Maxx steals the tea-towels or paper towels for the chase. He comes running into whatever room you are in and looks you in the eye with his prize protruding from his mouth and his tail up and wagging madly. Then he’s OFF like a ninja. If we don’t chase him and get it back asap he does tend to put holes in them but no longer chews them to pieces. He did end up taking the hand towel yesterday but as soon as I said ‘DROP IT’ he actually did. Progress! I have a tea towel hanging there now as a test. I saw him look at it this morning then look at me and slink off before temptation got the better of him I guess. HA HA. Oh and the other day I’d left my trackie pants and hoodie on the floor next to the bed and he came out with both of them in his mouth at the same time. I almost fell to the floor laughing because you couldn’t even see his head. I wish I’d had my phone so I could get a pic.

    LJ I will definitely watch that SBS show next week, thanks. I’m sorry you are so exhausted from being so busy. Hope you had a wonderful walk in the sunshine this morning

    Neil, enjoy dinner and the movie. How lovely that you can do something so ‘normal’. Isn’t it amazing what we used to take for granted?

    Betsy I really struggle to have an evening meal without carbs and I always have them on NFD’s. During the week I keep the portion very small. I have zero carbs on FD’s. You are doing so well and I’m sure the scales were very kind this morning.

    Hi to everyone else and have a great day all

    Good evening everyone.

    Yay! Yes, Anzac65, the scales were kind to me today – 68.5. Now to consolidate instead of teetering upwards again. I’ve had a CD today and will have another FD tomorrow, and then we’ll see at my Saturday weigh-in. And well done to you to be below that 90 kg mark.

    And yes, Anzac 65 and LJoyce, it’s not the healthy carbs from vegetables, but the sweetness that gets me. Managed to just eat and enjoy half a papaya (pawpaw) this evening, which kept the calorie count down. I’ve also found some Chobani yoghurt (FitX) that has no added sugar, and they’ve been a good substitute. They have some sprinkles that go on top, and range around 150 calories. They’ve been quite satisfying recently.

    Cinque, I will expect something really spectacular in the flower area when I finally go below 68 into the 67s, as it will be a major advance. Last time I lost weight (in 2008), I got down to 69 kg, then slowly (sadly) regained it all again. Will NOT do that this time. It’s probably a good thing we’re in lockdown, as I’m not getting all the “oh, you’ve lost so much weight”s that have led to me self-sabotaging in the past. No more!

    Actually, not too spectacular, as the major, major step will be when I’m below 59 kg and no longer overweight. 🙂

    LindsayL, great that you had the wood burner when you lost power. Otherwise, brrr! Laughed at the Yes Minister comment. Hope you will still have some vegetables when you return home. I gave up on vegetables, but I really hate having my roses ruined.

    Cinque, congrats on surpassing your 5-year anniversary on 5:2. Wow, that’s impressive. Bit sad today about the Covid-19 numbers, but the authorities did warn they expected it to get a bit worse before improving. Hope it happens soon!

    Neilithicman, hope your FD today went well. Have a lovely “date night” with your wife tomorrow night. Let us know what the movie is like.

    Quacka, any news to share re your doctor’s visit? We’ve all been concerned for you.

    Hi to anyone else who is hovering.

    Stay well, stay safe!

    Cold and foggy Friday morning,
    Lovely day after fast day.

    Neil, cheers. Always a good thing not to go too nuts. Best wishes for a wonderful night out with Mrs Neilithic tonight.

    LJoyce, I understand what you are saying about the speed of life post lockdown. I even felt a bit of relief with locking down again. Let’s try and live the lovely slow life. (A bit hard with kids who need babysitting, but just do our best).
    Enjoy that weak sunshine, it is lovely.

    Anzac, I am so glad that post made you realise how well you are doing. I have it as a favourite here so I can find it and reread now and then.

    Thanks for the five year congratulations, friends. What a relief to find 5:2.

    Betsy, ha, I read one statement understanding what you were saying and then misread a perfectly legible paragraph.
    Desserts were an issue for my YamDaisy Cafe menu as I first thought we shouldn’t have them at all. But knowing how many people just feel like their meal isn’t finished until they have something sweet we ended up making them small and fruit based. Tending to berries and yoghurt, or stewed fruit with a little crumble, that sort of thing. Even a little bit of icecream sometimes!

    Ah well, time to stop and stretch and face the day. Best wishes everyone.

    Good morning all. I’ve been MIA for quite a few weeks now and unfortunately haven’t been reading posts. Too far behind now to catch up but I do hope everyone has been travelling well.

    My weight has been doing some weird things of late. A few weeks I ago I remained at exactly- yes exactly the same weight for 9 days straight. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before. I’m slightly up on my recent weight loss and am happy for the moment that it’s not increasing rapudky as it did before, given the current circumstances.

    I think last time I posted I had started my first day at the hardware store. You may think I’m mad after going on so much about being unemployed but I chucked the job in after 4 days. It wasn’t for me due to many reasons, mainly some really bad personalities in the workplace and some working conditions that I wasn’t prepared to work under. OH was fine with my decision as he could see how much I hated being there. We are both eligible for newstart now along with the jobseeker payment so we have $$ coming in for the moment.

    I have made the decision ( along with OHs support) that I don’t want to spend the next 15 years of my working life doing something I don’t enjoy so I’m going back to Plan A. I wanted to do this when I was made redundant in April but got cold feet when the virus locked everything down. So I am about to commence a Certificate IV in Remedial Massage (plus a few other therapies) and will partician off part of the new rumpus room and turn it into a studio. Starting my own businesses is exciting as well a bit scary but I have done my homework and there is a demand in our area. Must go charge phone it’s about to die. Will finish post shortly.

    Part 2. I have other reasons for wanting to work from home. OH is now on the wait list for a new replacement – possibly 6 to 9 months wait. Unfortunately the other reason is not so good. OH has just been diagnosed with the big C. We don’t know the severity yet until further tests are done but as you would expect we are all in a bit of a tizzy at the moment. Must go for now and have a coffee and some boiled eggs for brekky. Take care everyone xx

    Oh God, sorry to hear that Gday, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good prognosis from the tests for your OH. Really good luck for your massage course as well, my sister has done the same and has been running her business from her home for the last few years.

    Good evening everyone.

    Good to see your post, GDayfromSA, but very sorry to read of OH’s diagnosis with the “C”. Hope it’s treatable. What did you mean by OH on the list for a new replacement – a new replacement what?
    Great that you have left something that was pulling you down (even 4 days can do that!), and you’re moving into something that’s been a desired goal. A friend of mine did various courses and then remedial massage for a while, and really enjoyed it.

    Cinque, I’ve also been finding fruit and yoghurt works well as a sweet “taste” after dinner. With your quieter life, and no grandmother duties, how is your daughter coping? Now we’re not supposed to even move out from our local suburb for shopping or exercise. Fair enough. Surprising that some folk are still not wearing masks here.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Stay well, stay safe!

    Hi everyone

    Just saw ur post, Gday. I’m thinking of u and I really hope ur OH will be ok. The ‘not knowing’ is really hard. Sending you all the best wishes for u both.
    Good luck with your new career. It is exciting to embark on something you love.

    Thanks to everyone for your concern and good wishes. The test came back negative but it’s ok. I do feel like it is getting better. Whether that’s because of my lifestyle changes (ie. eating regularly) or something else, I don’t know. Hopefully it just goes away!

    Happy 5 year anniversary, Cinque. Can’t wait to read that post.

    All the best to all my friends here. Talk soon x

    Betsylee that should say knee replacement. Normally I proof read my post before submitting but must have missed that one. I have a new phone and the screen is super sensitive to touch compared to my old phone plus the same auto correct is driving me mad.

    Saturday morning and have to go into town to run a few errands. This arvo I have 30 bean bags to sew (small kids hand held ones for throwing on sports day). MissD’s school needed someone to re-sew the edges which were coming un-done so I volunteered. School goes back on Monday after 2 weeks holiday so need to get them done.

    Tomorrow we are going for a drive in the hills to a small farmers market. They usually don’t have much in the way of fresh produce but have lots of homemade honey, jams and other like foods. Then we will head back through the gorges and do some shopping in a regional town for a few items we can’t get at home.

    Neil, just wondering if you are still obstaining from alcohol. OH and I are but I have yet to notice any change of significance on the scales but that reminds me I must do my body measurements to see if there’s any change. Have a great weekend everyone.

    Good morning,
    Guess what, I can see some blue sky out of the window, and sun is shining through. Lovely. (Brisk wind but).

    Gday, I am so sorry to hear of Mr Gday’s cancer diagnosis. Frightening times. I do so hope it can be treated successfully and quickly and easily (in order of priority). Fingers crossed. I am so glad he has you with him.
    And hooray for leaving the horrible job and doing what you really want to do. Cheers for the jobseeker payment.
    Wo 30 bean bags! That is some job (says Cinque who is STILL trying to fill and sew up two heatbags).
    If scales and measurements are not showing your success, I hope you can just hold on to the fact that 5:2 is a healthy way of eating for the longterm and just keep doing it.

    Betsy, mmm berries and yoghurt are yum.
    My poor daughter, first they all got the sniffles and had the covid test and had to isolate for 5 days before they got the negative result. Then they had two days to catch up and then their suburb locked down, and then a week after that the whole of Melbourne locked down.
    Luckily she is an amazingly even-tempered cruisey sort of person. Also luckily the two girls play well together most of the time. She has been even doing some crochet and yarn dyeing for her etsy store, so she is muddling along well.

    Quacka, damn re the test. But hooray that you are getting on top of it. I do hope you can get to the point it has completely gone away. Fingers crossed.

    Have a lovely weekend people and fingers crossed our daily Covid numbers go down instead of up today.
    And tomorrow.
    And so on.

    Best wishes all.

    Good morning all. Hope you are all looking forward to your weekend.

    GDSA, as others have mentioned, I also hope the oncologist can offer suitable treatment for your husband.
    Good luck with the change of career, it sounds like an excellent idea. There is plenty of demand out there for services such as massage. I used to work with someone who took a voluntary redundancy and did something similar with retraining. Like you she decided to combine several therapies – she studied massage, aromatherapy and reflexology and has been very happy working from home.
    Hopefully you would also be able to draw in clients from neighbouring towns.

    Quacka, I hope the improvement you’ve noticed continues.
    I have a hiatus hernia and had many years of reflux issues. I have to be very careful with the first thing I eat each day. I find a banana the safest option, probably because it has less acid than most other fruits.

    Neil, have a lovely date night.

    Betsy & Cinque, fruit (fresh or cooked) and yoghurt is my go to dessert – especially when I’ve gone to great length to keep all other options out of the house and I’m desperate.
    My current favorite is apples and pears simmered with a dash of water, some stevia, cinnamon and cloves. A bowl of that warmed with a dollop of greek yoghurt feels and tastes like a real treat – there’s just something about the aroma or cinnamon when it’s warm. I’ve even taken to making big batches of the fruit and freezing 1/2 cup portions in tiny plastic containers. Knowing a healthy dessert is only a short microwave away is very reassuring.

    I had some good news yesterday. I had been experiencing pain in one breast, but the mammogram thankfully showed no changes from the previous scans. Very happy about that. It was likely just a pain coming from the underlying muscle tissue. As Anzac mentioned recently, being “unremarkable” can be worth its weight in gold.

    If the weather holds, I’m walking with a friend this afternoon.
    Have a lovely weekend all.

    G’day, I am so sorry to hear of your hubby’s diagnoses. Everything is crossed that it it can be treated quickly and easily

    Good evening all!

    Cinque, didn’t quite make my mini-goal on the scales this morning – 68.1 kg – so I’m being good for the weekend instead of going a little crazy with my NFD eating with the hope that I’ll see a 67 figure by next weekend.
    Sorry to read of your DD’s situation. As you wrote, it’s a good thing the girls play well together.
    After yesterday’s horrible figures, hoping from today that our Victorian Covid-19 numbers will continue trending downwards. Praying for that.

    LJoyce, your dessert treat sounds yum! Hope you had a nice walk with your friend.

    I just about killed myself today in the garden, but pleasingly, all the roses are now pruned plus the ones at the back are safely covered with frames of wire to protect them from the possums. Yay! Didn’t get to the final peach tree to prune it. Ran out of time and energy. When there’s a break in the weather, I’ll try to get that done, and then all the big gardening chores will be done for this winter.

    GDayfromSA, oh, knee replacement, not new replacement. Must have been the auto-correct.

    Quacka, disappointing that the helicobacter test was negative, as that would have provided a simple solution to the reflux. You’ll have to trial various foods and see which don’t provoke the reflux response. Maybe LJoyce’s suggestion of a banana first thing in the morning could be an option to try?

    Stay well, stay safe everyone!

    Gday, I’m sorry to hear about OH’s cancer diagnosis. I hope it can be easily treated and he will have a complete er survivors in my family and they are all long term survivors. When you said he needed a new “replacement“ my mind went to some sort or organ transplant. Glad to hear it is his knee! Perhaps a challenging recovery in terms of physical therapy to get back to normal walking again, but everyone I know who’s had one seems to do well. Look at LJ, who walks over 10,000 steps many days. Your new business idea sounds like a sound one. Glad you got away from that hardware store right away.

    Cinque, congrats on your 5 year 5.2 anniversary! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/49/f3/43/49f3435070d26e2c1c013bd144c95d7e.jpg
    Hoping your lockdown in Melbourne gets thing under control again and ends soon. I think wearing a mask is a very good idea when you are shopping. Our CDC Director stated that we could get covid under control in 6 to 8 weeks if everyone wore masks. https://abc7.com/masks-face-us-covid/6320058/ The key is getting everyone on board. Our president is still not endorsing them although he did wear one a week ago to visit an army hospital. So his followers still think they aren’t necessary.

    Betsy and Anzac, my OH and DS both had problems with acid reflux for years and took various antacids and protein pump inhibitor meds for a long time, prescribed by their doctors. It helped some, but not enough. Finally, after reading that these meds could interfere with nutrient absorption, they decided to just stop taking them. They still took Tums (calcium carbonate) when things got uncomfortable, but gradually the acid reflux seemed to go away on its own. Neither of them have problems with it now anymore. It just finally went away. OH does sleep with a foam incline wedge on the bed and that seemed to help too.

    LJ, I feel a permanent state of exhaustion lately too and it doesn’t come from doing too much. I think it’s just all the stress And uncertainty lately with the terrible numbers in this country and the lack of national leadership to do things to resolve it. Thank goodness we have a governor who is taking steps to resolve the problem in California and a national election coming up in Nov.

    Neil, hope you and OH had a wonderful date night now that you’re feeling better.

    Lyndsay, I loved reading about your walk with Rosey and coming across the kangaroos and later, the baby Koala. To me, it’s like being on another planet. What a wonderful place you live in!

    Betsy, we are both battling the 68’s and 69’s. We’ll get past this! We need to see the 67’s!

    Good morning,
    It is a cold grey Sunday fast day. Planning to make it a fasty fast. (Since the last couple of days have been a bit feasty.) (I tried the corn damper recipe that is the rage here, and did enjoy it.)

    LJoyce, those lovely fruits simmered with spices! Do you find that no added sugar means they keep their shapes?
    I am such a big fan of a small exquisite sweet. I remember realising I would prefer one small piece of good quality chocolate than a block of the cheap sort. And once I made icecream, I didn’t want any brand of store bought again.
    Ho hum, completely out of my diet now.

    A big hooray for that clear mammogram.

    Betsy you are on course for that milestone by next weekend!

    Cheers for getting so much of the pruning done. I hope you are recovering nicely.

    I have a sister who is also in Melbourne and trying to move house! Not just trying, doing it. They have six weeks to pack up their crowded old house, ready for selling it, and then moving to their lovely new one. But they both have health problems and everything is covid-tricky. The best I can do to help will be making food and dropping it over to their porch. My ideas so far are a batch of the yummy spiced chickpea and mince, and a batch of spanikopita. Any other ideas for something suitable, do mention.

    Cali, thankyou for those beautiful roses.
    You are so right that a concerted effort of mask wearing and other covidsafe behaviour could blunt the infection rate and continue until it is eliminated. I was so impressed by the two (unknowingly) infected hairdressers who managed to protect all their customers by their safe practices, especially by wearing masks.

    We are hoping that there are enough people doing the right thing here, to eliminate covid spread, but oh dear the flouters!

    I am seeing there is some wisdom in the way we are introducing mask wearing as lots of reassuring messages about what and how and why and where means that people are willingly wearing them more and are getting better at wearing them correctly and handling them properly. We are just so lucky (it seems, touch wood and whistle) that our low infection numbers have given us time for that introduction and acceptance.

    I say this after watching my homehelp wear her mask so badly! They had just been ordered to wear masks while working, so it was her first time. Clearly no training or practice. She put it on inside out and then turned it the correct way around (already contaminated) she pulled it down under her nose so her nose breath contaminated it again (she readjusted it when I said something), she touched and adjusted it constantly, she took it off, BEFORE coming to get me sign off, by poking it in the top of my swingtop rubbish bin with most of it hanging out. I’m really, really hoping she was covidfree!

    I’m disappointed at how little I do each day too, Cali. I’m not sure how much of it is still my CFS relapse and how much is this lockdown where there are so few things happening that give us the nudge and the impetus to respond. I’m working hard on giving myself a list of things to do, and especially the stretches and walking (without overdoing it) so I am not completely sedentary.

    Off to write that list now!

    Best wishes everyone. May your Sunday be well lived and full of interesting things and lovely little challenges. Cheers.

    Good afternoon everyone. I’m still on the computer after online church, so it seemed a good time to write emails, then come to the forum.

    Okay, are you ready for this – after my CD and hard work in the garden yesterday, my weight on the scales this morning, tarantara,tarantara – 67.8 kg!!! 🙂
    Yay, yay, yay! I may not consolidate there for a few days, but….. very pleasing.

    All right, that’s my boast for today.

    Good to hear from you CalifDreamer. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. Glad to read that your governor has been implementing sensible Covid-19 precautions, despite the lack of leadership from the top. Please stay sensibly safe!

    With my brother and his family in Arizona, I’ve been noting their numbers with considerable concern. One of my nieces suffers from OCD, and this situation has really stressed her out. Fortunately, her husband has been working from home, so he’s been a big support to her, and in helping with the three children.

    I empathise with you and Cinque re the exhaustion. I was finding the same thing for weeks. Suddenly this week I started waking earlier and feeling better. Not sure what changed, maybe someone was praying for me, but it was a distinct shift and I’ve been feeling better since. Hope the same shift occurs for you both. I’ll pray for that.

    Okay, enough for now. I need to soak my aching body in a long, hot, mineral bath – didn’t do it last night, so will do it this afternoon. I know I won’t be getting any visitors, and I’ll put my phones (landline and mobile) next to the bath in case of calls, and just enjoy a good soak.

    Cinque, re exercise, I just housewalk when it’s too miserable to do anything outside (and often even if I could walk outside), and I still get my steps in. Also, there’re the Leslie Sansone videos on Youtube, of 30-minute exercise sessions which can be done in your living-room.

    Keep well everyone!

    Cinque, your FD will be almost done, hoping it was a great and fasty day for you. Exasperating about the home help’s use of a mask.

    Lindsay, laughed at what you wrote about the ‘Yes, Minister’ episode. A lot of that show is so true.

    Betsy, great news on the weight loss, a very good result, well done.

    CalifD, sorry you feel exhausted. Hope life gets better for you soon. I almost preferred the full-on lock-down, at least people took it seriously. There are those in Florida who don’t believe the reported rise in covid infections there; they believe it’s an attempt to influence the elections. With all the meddling from China and Russia in other nations’ affairs, I’m getting to the point where I don’t have faith in much that I read. Unfortunately, with free speech virtually stifled around the world now, we can’t have any meaningful debate on anything important for fear of offending someone. At this point, I’d like to think that we still have free and fair elections – but who knows, honestly? It almost seems surreal.

    GDSA, sorry to hear about your OH’s diagnosis. Others refer to him as your hubby and I know at one time you were posting that you were expecting a marriage proposal at any minute; if I missed the happy occasion, congratulations. Good luck with the new venture.

    LJ, good news on the mammogram, always good to receive that letter in the mail.

    Hello Neil and Anzac.

    Penguin, thinking of you. Hope the silence is due to your being super busy with a house move.

    I’ve had three cups of coffee and it’s only noon. Whatever I had last Sunday is my FD dinner tonight. It looks like it has chicken in it but it’s not defrosted yet …. we have 29 successive locks coming up. Just deciding whether to carry on or tackle them all tomorrow.

    Hello. I’m about to embark on the 5:2 in the hope of shifting the plump stomach that has settled in as I have got older – I am 70. Any tips would be welcome.

    Hello Helen Kate, welcome.

    My tips are firstly read Dr. M’s ‘Fast Diet’ book before you do anything. It’ll take you about two days and give you a good foundation. There are so many people on this forum doing so many variations on the theme that, without the basic premise, you won’t know if you’re coming or going.

    Secondly, plan ahead your FD foods and don’t allow anyone or anything to get in their way. Try to stick to the same fast days if you can so everyone knows you mean business!

    Thirdly, calorie count absolutely everything that passes your lips, milk in tea/coffee and stick to under 500 cals. You won’t have to do this forever, just until you get to grips on what 500 cals looks like.

    Keep busy on FDs. Drink lots of water. Remember, it’s just two days a week. Master those FDs first. Enjoy whatever you want on the other five days – but not as much as you want! In time, you can improve your eating habits on the 5 days, they’re a work in progress for most of us.

    I’m approaching six years on this IF way of life. I’m 64 and had battled my weight most of my adult life (since OA knees forced me to give up running in my late twenties). I lost 23kg in the first year and, since then, another couple of kgs along the way. I was 83kg at my worst and now weigh 58kg. I’m currently practicing 6:1. This has changed my life, it’s given me control over food instead of the other way around. I no longer take BP meds, I have no knee pain and I’m not at risk of diabetes, stroke or heart disease (other than that tiny fraction due to my age). Most of all, it’s given me so much more confidence.

    Good luck, you can do this!

    Morning all

    Welcome aboard Helen Kate. The recommendation I would give would be to hit it with a three pronged attack. When I started 18 months ago I was doing restricted calories, time restricted eating (starting with a 12 hour eating window between 7am and 7pm and working down to an 8 hour eating window between 11am and 7pm) and did a Mediterranean diet removing all sugar, processed food and starch carbs like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. I ate mostly fruit, vegetables, nuts, eggs, meat, and oils. I managed to drop around 45 kilograms.

    Thin, you’re sounding like you were hitting the caffeine almost as hard as I did yesterday. I ended up with 2 black coffees, 2 cups of tea and an energy drink yesterday, followed by a headache 😉

    Betsy, you’re a superstar at the moment. into the 67s, you’ve got to be pleased with that!

    Cinque, I hope you reported the home help worker to her company so they can give her proper instructions on how to wear her PPE

    Cali, good luck with your battle to get to the 67s, hopefully you can join Betsy there soon.

    LJoyce, I’m glad your mammogram came back clear, that must be a relief

    G’day, yes still abstaining from alcohol. I’m going to do a full “Dry July” along with the 2 weekends before July started. I’m not having issues with that but I am struggling to keep the carbs and sugar out of my diet. I ate quite a bit of bread in the weekend and some sweets as well. I didn’t go too crazy with it but it annoys me because it puts me on the back foot going in to my weigh-in on Wednesday.

    Quacka, I hope you continue to improve

    Anzac, Yes we take the little things for granted, as the song says, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. We went out for dinner, we got a Turkish mixed grill from our local Turkish café and then went out to the movies. The movie was really good, Dev Patel was as good as he always is in movies and it was really funny.

    We had some excitement yesterday. My wife had her family over for a visit and when they went to leave around 3:30pm we noticed the house across the road had some smoke coming out the front windows. My wife called 111 and I ran across to bang on the doors and windows to check if anyone was home. When I got round the back, the windows had blown out and there were flames pouring out. We had 4 fire engines, 2 cop cars and an ambulance on the street and half the neighborhood turned up to watch. Some heartless buggers even brought along some beers to drink while they sat and watched. Luckily the fire fighters managed to get it out pretty quickly and there turned out to be nobody home at the time so good news all around.

    Have a good day everyone, I’ll be fasting today and then a control day tomorrow before my weigh-in on Wednesday.

    Good morning everyone,

    Welcome Helen Kate!
    You’ve got tips from the master (Thinatlast). I would add, think of your first few fast days as works in progress, you might need to adjust as you go: what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, until you have got it easy and sustainable.
    And don’t forget to drink lots of water through the day. It is surprisingly easy to get dehydrated on a fast day.
    You can do it. It is just one day.

    Betsy! Yippee. You are into the 67’s. I found a BIG bunch of flowers for you!
    Have a lovely week consolidating it!

    And hooray for getting your mojo back. Hopefully Cali and I will too.
    Much sympathy to your niece trying to cope with the added stress of these times.

    Thin, it was a great and fasty day yesterday. Easiest fast day I have had for a while too.
    I do hope your 3 coffee fast day has gone well, and that your meal turned out to be a delicious one.

    After talking of Melbourne easing into mask wearing yesterday…. all of a sudden it is going to be mandatory. Come Thursday morning we will be mask city. I am very pleased. It gives us the best chance of stifling that pesky virus without shutting down further.
    (And my home help will get very good at it 😉 )

    I’m off to be productive through another cold grey day. Best wishes all.

    P.S. Neil, I just saw your post. What a shock to have a house on fire just over the road. So glad you were able to respond quickly, and that no one was hurt.
    It is hard to eat some treats in a way that we don’t regret them afterward! Hope the next couple of days are lovely ones.
    I did think about talking to the Council homehelp department, but it would be hard to do it in a productive way. I’ll see how we go next time.

    Thank you very much to thinatlast and neilithicman and cinque – all so welcoming and helpful and supportive. I will start tomorrow – this week my fast days will be Tuesday and Saturday. I will probably need to decide this on a weekly basis according to social commitments, but those two days will be my default. I have the Mosley book and will re-read it for guidance and inspiration. I will drink lots of water, and will be counting calories very carefully in these early days. And will certainly be following the Mediterranean diet, which I mostly do anyway except when I succumb to the potato crisps! Thanks again for the messages.

    Hi everyone. I’ve been going backwards due to having the munchies and even though I knew what I was doing it didn’t stop me. Must have something to do with the weather, well that’s my excuse.

    Had a few days down the south coast at my brother’s. I don’t know if I mentioned they had rented an Airbnb for 12 months. The weather wasn’t too good but we went to Berry where we had coffee and hot donuts. Did a bush walk through Fitzroy Falls and went to Kangaroo Valley. Had a long walk along the beach On another day, so although I overate with bread and cakes I did manage some exercise. I didn’t have to cook or do anything so I lapped it all up.

    FD yesterday and this morning 64.9 so slightly up from my lowest of 62.3 two weeks ago. Back to the 800 and hopefully on the down slide.

    Gday so sorry to hear about your OH. You just don’t seem to be able to get on top at the moment but working from home and doing something you love will have huge benefits for you.

    Welcome Helen Kate, you could not want for a better forum than this to join. Everyone is so encouraging and full of knowledge. I have been doing this since February 2015, starting weight was 87.1. I haven’t won any races but I have stuck with it and have had many trials along the way. I turn 70 this year, so it is very doable if you are determined.

    Betsy, congrats on getting to the 67’s! This is wonderful news! Maybe the newfound energy and increased movement helped get you there. Now you’ve inspired me. Cinque, those are some pretty impressive flowers that you sent to Betsy. Now I want to see how you top that when she hits the 66’s!

    Cinque, I would either phone the agency about the mask problem with the house help or else maybe print out a list of instructions (there are many all over the internet) and hand it to the person cleaning your house next time, with an explanation of how important it is to you. Yaay that Melbourne is mask mandatory now! I think it is the most effective thing we can do, along with distancing and hand washing, to stop the spread. It’s a shame that the US was so slow to suggest them when things were already out of control here. BTW, someone posted this short YouTube video explaining why masks are important on our local Nextdoor site. I’ve watched a lot of videos on the subject, but I think this one from PBS Digital Studios is one of the best I’ve seen: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0Tp0zB904Mc&list=PL1mtdjDVOoOqKjV9WNrIXRphDssM4gu0J

    Thin, the news here is certainly divisive and there are a lot of conflicting messages. But I don’t doubt the numbers in Florida or other states other than they may sometimes be delayed. I generally rely on https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

    Helen Kent, welcome to the forum and to the 5:2 way of life. Thin, Neil and Cinque have already given you some great advice. I think it’s the best way to lose weight and doesn’t feel like a diet. I’m 71 and have put on a few Kg’s since the pandemic, but I know that 5:2 is the best way to get them off. Where do you live? I’m in Northern California. Most of the people here are in Oz or NZ, but thin and penguin are in the UK.

    Well, more to write, but OH and DS want to watch a movie now, so I’ll hopefully be able to stay awake through it and be back later. Stay well, everyone!

    Good afternoon everyone.

    FD today after a NFD yesterday tipped me back into the 68s. I expected that to happen, but I should be solidly in the 67s by the end of the week.

    Cinque, I just laughed when I saw the “bunch” of flowers, and I echo CalifDreamer – not sure how you will top that, not when I get to the 66s, but when I’m into the 58s and no longer officially overweight.

    Let’s hope your cleaning lady improves her mask use as she perseveres with it. There have been a few useful and informative blurbs on TV also showing how to use a mask correctly.

    I’m not sure how I’ll go trying to wear one in the car, though, unless I use the cloth masks I have – I bought a box of the single-use ones today at Officeworks. I trialled one, and they’re fine UNLESS I have to put on my glasses, and then they mist up the glasses with every breath. That is NOT helpful when wearing sunglasses to drive. Maybe I’ll just put on a bandanna in the car.

    HelenKate, welcome to the forum. You’ve been given some good advice from the long-timers here, so I won’t add to it.
    However, just to encourage you – I’m 70, began this way of eating/life November 2018 at 86.4 kg, lost 13 kg but didn’t persevere and regained 10kg. Since March this year at 83.4 kg, I have lost a further 15.6 kg, so in all, 18.6 kg and feel so much better for it. Not at my goal yet – another 16 kg or so to go – but it’s not been difficult to stick to, and it’s well worth the effort.

    Thinatlast, did you tackle the 29 locks, or decide to delay a day? Sounds quite daunting!

    Neilithicman, scary re the house fire opposite, but very good of you to try to alert possible folk there to their danger. What a relief that no-one was home!
    Sounds like a wonderful evening out with your OH.

    CalifDreamer, thanks for the links you sent, especially the one re world covid numbers. I think LJoyce may have sent that one, or one similar, some time back, but I failed to note it down.

    Intesha, great you could have a break away, and enjoy having no cooking duties. The weight will come off again. You know how to do it! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Neil, what drama and what a great response from you (and a horrid one from the beer drinkers). I saw a sign on a pub wall about Dry July: Dry Gin, Dry Cider, Dry Martini, Dry White Wine.

    Betsy, we are doing the locks this morning, 15 of them within one mile to begin with and then we’ll re-assess! I read some tips about mask wearing with glasses – make sure your glasses are outside the mask, not inside. You can also wash them with soap and water which leaves a slight film on the lens preventing them from fogging. And you can place a folded tissue inside the top of the mask which will absorb moisture.

    Intesha, what a great break, did your dad go with you? Hey, lay off the junk, you were on a roll, ha ha!

    CalifD, the Florida numbers look awful if true. My mother lives there. I’m trying to zone out statistics. Too many numbers for my addled brain.

    Cinque, since mask-wearing is generally considered helpful for others and not the wearer, it’s clear that in today’s self-centred society, making them mandatory is the only way to ensure they’re worn.

    Helen Kate, all the best with it. I forgot to say ‘post often’ as one of my tips. We all need support. Your FDs can be flexible, it’s good that you have the stated anchor days though.

    Well, I promptly fell asleep about half an hour into the movie and woke up hours later, so I will have to watch what I missed tomorrow. Good sleep though!

    Neil, it was fortunate that your in-laws left when they did so you noticed the fire across the street. How scary! But glad nobody was inside and you were able to alert the fire department and get it extinguished when you did before it spread to other homes. What an awful thing for the homeowners to return to! Was it completely destroyed?

    Intesha, how nice to be able to get away for a few day’s down the south coast. A change of scenery is always nice, and especially now since being around home more because of the pandemic. Going for walks and hikes in different places is also more interesting.

    Betsy, you mentioned housewalking when it was too miserable to walk outdoors. I do that often in the summer when it’s really hot or in the winter when it’s raining, and I know LJ and a few others here do too. There was a story on TV tonight about a lady with two young daughters who started jogging in a loop path around her kitchen and family room. She built up to tracing for a half marathon! Truly inspiring! Here’s a short video story about her: https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/sports/stockton-mom-inspired-to-run-half-marathon-inside-her-home/vi-BB16Wo7H

    Thin, 15 locks in one Day is amazing! How long does it take to get through each one? How far apart are they? I didn’t realize your mum was living in Florida. What part? Hopefully she is staying home through most of this. From what we see on tv, even with the horrific numbers of cases down there, they aren’t on lockdown yet, only curfews, party bans, mask laws and some restricted dining. Pictures of crowded beaches and streets while there are now 49 hospitals with 0% ICU capacity. One has to wonder what the state government is thinking.

    Betsy, you mentioned problems driving with a mask and glasses. Unless there is someone outside of your household in the car with you, there’s no reason to wear a mask until you get to your destination. I take mine off when I get to the car after grocery shopping unless I’m driving to another store nearby, so as not to touch it unnecessarily. We have cloth ones, some with a couple filter layers of non-fusible interfacing sewn in, which make them a little harder to breathe through after half an hour or so, especially with my sometimes mild asthma symptoms. But they also offer us a little more protection for us as well as for others around us. I purchased a few from a neighbor who has been making them. We always keep a couple lighter ones single use paper ones in the car, just in case we need them. As time goes on it looks unusual to see people walking around in masks. I’ve seen some lovely patterned ones in the supermarket. I make a point of complementing people on some of them.

    Well, time to get back to sleep for the remainder of the night/morning. Take care all.

    Aaagh, I lost my post! I’ll rewrite in short irritated points 😉

    Helen Kate, happy first fast day! You are very well prepared. We are all cheering for you. Let us know how you go.

    Intesha hooray for a break in a beautiful place with great food, and the biggest hooray for getting looked after. You needed that.
    Enjoy getting that extra kilo or two gone again!

    Cali, that was a good clip of mask wearing, and I have saved the worldometer.
    Enjoy watching the end of the film.
    I had a good day yesterday. I didn’t let myself have have my coffee until I had the kitchen clean. Oh no, I am going to have to do it again today! Haha.

    Betsy, I’m so pleased the flowers made you laugh. You’ll be glad to see the 67’s live on your scale… until you have to say goodbye to them too.

    I was also wondering about driving in the car wearing a mask, and I am glad they have clarified that we don’t need to, when we are alone in the car.

    Thin, I do hope all the locks went well.

    Masks are the new toilet paper here. Chemist Warehouse sold out over a million masks stock, there are queues outside fabric shops, and the ‘how to make a mask out of a sock’ video is everywhere.

    So glad I bought mine a month ago (they are still my favourite design), and Betsy, I bet you are SO glad you held onto yours all this time.

    Ok, off to clean the kitchen so I can have my coffee! Best wishes all.

    Good Tuesday morning all from a sunny Whakatane, so glad we hunkered down here for a while instead of heading away as further North has severe flooding after a 1 in a 500 year flood at the weekend! Someone was looking out for us? Rain is forecast most of today but you wouldn’t think so looking at the window, there is lots of blue sky! I guess what will be will be.

    So sorry to hear of your OH’s diagnosis GDSA, I do hope you get some sort of definitive prognosis from his medical team so you can move forward, good luck with your new venture, I am sure you will know you have made the right decision. It is something my little sister does back in the UK and loves it, started at home so she could work around the kids days, but now has her own salon, has always worked for her.

    Those locks sound great Thin, we often used to watch and admire the boaties in Marple at the locks when we were out walking that way, think there are about 16 there, such fun but hard work. Hope you are still managing to keep away from the worse of the covid. I forgot to say before, how rude of other boaties to hit you and not notice or at least acknowledge, my OH would be up in arms, but I find it is just society today, that ‘I am here and I don’t care about anyone else mentality’?!

    Great news on the 67’s Betsy, you will definitely be back by the weekend, you got this. Your garden sounds lovely, it will be a picture in spring and through the summer I am sure. I do hope you find a way to use the mask comfortably, thankfully we don’t have that problem here in NZ, although we are still showing some new cases daily, but they are from returning kiwis arriving from hot spot countries and no community clusters.

    That fire sounded pretty scary for you and your family Neil, even more scary for the home owners on their return? Well done you, and thankfully no one was hurt. There seems to be news of home fires on a daily basis at the moment, quite sad, people really should be more careful. The two children killed in a house fire in Christchurch was heartbreaking, I see they have raised 150K for them, lovely spirit. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.

    Woohoo for that sleep Cali, hopefully you’ll get some of your mojo back too, slowly but surely. Stress seems to effect us all in so many different ways, often not noticeable for some time or until it has morphed into something else. Be kind to your self, it can’t be an easy situation to be in given your location. I always think of your when I hear California mentioned on the news.

    Sounds like you well and truly have your mojo back Cinque and I absolutely love that HUGE bunch of flowers you sent to Betsy, they were decidedly mind blowing, how creative is that? We don’t think my Dad has had covid although he was locked down in Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge UK when the pandemic was at it’s height, when he was finally tested it came back negative, however, he had a bleed on the brain through a knock on the head and I wonder if the knock could have caused the loss of senses? He is back in hospital again at present, waiting on colonoscopy results and more tests, feeling really fed up. Mum has visited him today and says he doesn’t think much is being done! Very frustrating. We’ll wait and see.

    Looks like it’s time for another coffee before I break my fast this morning now it’s raining again, am currently sitting on 74.00 so heading in the right direction and on target, just waiting to hit the 73’s, next mini goal is 73, hope to be there by Sunday.

    Enjoy your Tuesday everyone, and all those I’ve missed in my ramblings!


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