Hello! Any students here?

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  • I am a 19 year old studying politics and trying the fast diet for the first time! Anybody got any tips on how they concentrate on work while being really hungry? My other problem as well is when I’m hungry I have the loudest grumbling stomach – very embarrassing when I’m in a quiet lecture hall! Any tips to help stop this? I’m looking forward to getting started and hope that I can finally shift the weight I have accumulated through my teenage years due to problems with anxiety and low confidence. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Rachel,

    I’m much older, not a student, but no-one’s answered yet, so thought I’d pop in and say hi. We’ve had a number of people studying while on the forum and on 5:2. As far as I know they have been somewhat older than you though. You might just check what is the lower age limit that 5:2 is recommended for…… Just checked and it’s not advised for under 18 so seems 19 is good to go.

    What country are you in Rachel?

    You might find joining an existing thread that has frequent posts helpful, so that those with more experience can advise you as well.

    Bye for now,

    Welcome Rachel and good for you for taking control of your weight. I can’t really help with your specific question, being 61 myself and having a 21 student daughter who relies on chocolate & coffee to get her through intense study.

    But I just wanted to encourage you as you will gain so much confidence from being a healthy weight. My suggestion is to plan a 500 calorie day including a lot of items that can be snacked on when the stomach rumbles arrive. Put off eating as long as possible on a FD because many of us find that eating awakens the hunger dragon. As you get more fasts under you belt, this becomes easier. Make sure you always have something available to avoid caving in to bad choices at uni. Carrot sticks, boiled eggs, bananas are all satiating and can be eaten on the run.

    Can you drink black coffee? If not, herbal teas can keep you going at 5cals per bag (I use the same bag 3 times on a FD).

    As an added tip, how about organising your schedule so that you do less intense study on your FDs? Or arranging your FDs for days when you have fewer lectures?

    Good luck.

    Thank you for your replies! I’m in the UK!
    Yes, I’m going to go through and have a look at the existing posts today as my first fast day is tomorrow!

    Thank you for your help. I already love bananas so I think they’re a good option if I need a snack. I don’t drink any type of coffee because I don’t like the taste – sometimes I feel like I’m one of the only students that doesn’t drink lots of coffee to get through the day! Thank you for your suggestion, I will go and look at herbal teas today.

    Yes, I have made my fast days the days when I have fewer lectures so hopefully that will make things slightly easier.

    Again, thank you for your help and I am looking forward to getting started!

    thanks for the details.

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