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  • I started the diet two weeks ago, tomorrow is my fourth fast day. I have lost 3lbs which I am delighted with. I have found it easier not to eat anything until about 4pm when I had some strawberries and half an apple and a cup of herbal tea and then went til 7.30pm when I had some fish and a salad and a cup of thin vegetable soup. I am looking forward to fasting tomorrow as I have eaten quite a lot today and feel a bit full.

    I am 53 and have found it very difficult to lose weight recently, I am aiming to lose another half stone. I feel encoraged so far and have not found it too difficult. I am not sure how much one should eat on non fast days, if it is really ok to eat quite alot.

    cressy, congratulations. That is just wonderful! I am starting tomorrow (my fast day) and hope to have the same success as you. I will be 60 this year, and losing weight has been terribly difficult over the last few years. I hope this way of eating breaks that pattern.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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