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  • Hello. I’m Kevin. I’m 56, and obese. I’ve been overweight for a long time, but carried it well with my 6’2″ frame. During the past few years, I lost the ability to maintain that weight, and have become obese. I’ve had to buy new clothes, I have suffered from acid reflux and snorning, and I don’t have anywhere near the energy I used to have.

    I had success with a keto diet and a lot of walking about 5 years ago, but have gained it all back and then some.

    I’ve been exploring the topic of intermittent fasting for awhile, and tried a few days here and there. It makes a lot of sense. Now I’m committed to it.

    My goal is to lose 20 lbs as quickly as possible to get back to overweight territory, and then to more moderately move toward the right weight, which is about 200 lbs.

    I’m on Day 2. So far, so good. Good 600 calorie meal last night, and a 4 mile walk with my Westie both yesterday and today.


    Hi Kevin

    So glad you have made the decision to do this. I just wanted to wish you all the best.

    This forum is awesome for so many reasons. There are a few groups on here and you might want to consider joining one. I am part of the Southern hemispherites one (we also have some Northern hemispherites in it) and there is also one for Brits and I think there is an American one as well. Of course you are welcome to join one or just continue here on your own thread.

    There are so many great success stories on here too.

    Good luck 🙂

    Thank you!

    I started with two fast days in a row, only eating dinner, with 600 CALs, and I’ve lost 6 pounds. Of course, I know there are any number of reasons that we lose a lot of weight immediately when we start a new diet, but I feel great.

    Today is a food day, and then tomorrow is another fast day. I plan to have three fast days week until I lose the 20 pounds I really need to get rid of, and then we’ll see. I may switch to two days a week at that point, or I may stick with three for a while longer if it’s working well.

    I’m not in the southern hemisphere, but I’m happy to hang out with you folks. I’m in the Northeast US.


    8 lbs down already this week, and today is a fast day. Could get to 10.

    Of course, the important thing is not to throw away my gains (well, losses) over the weekend.


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