Getting Past the Weight Plateau

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  • I am 72 years old and have been on the 5:2 (actually 4:3) since November 2012. I dropped 18kg from 102 kg to 84kg in the first 3 years, but since then it’s been maintenance only despite running some 20 to 30km a week as well. It’s a way of life now, and no hardship.

    But I’m still classified as “Overweight” by my local hospital, and have a BMI of 27.6.

    Do any other long-term users have any tips on further weight reduction?

    Hi @max46 – I can not speak from being a long-term faster. ‘

    But I can speak on some plateaus. I also do 4:3. I have found that I have to keep the body guessing…

    So depending on the type of 4:3 that you do…
    meaning is the regular FD (Fasting day) less than 500 calories for women and less than 600 calories for men

    I started with
    reg FD
    Then after 2 months transitioned to
    LFD (liquid fasting days)
    Then after about a month I transitioned again to
    WFD (water fasting days) for a bit

    Then I did an egg fast for 4 days. (just to mix things up)

    Now back to reg FDs – the reason I did the different types of fasting was that It would boost me past the stall. So maybe try mixing it up (please remember if you do WFD) have some pink salt OR Sea salt handy about an 1/8 of a teaspoon under the tongue then an 8oz glass a water to wash it down mid day is very helpful.

    You also may find it helpful to do your
    TDEE total recommended daily energy ( for the weight you WANT to be, not the weight that you are)

    Good luck on your journey.

    Thnks Rabette for your interesting and encouraging post. I appreciate it.

    Living in a rural area in the tropics I can’t locate exotic nutrients like ‘pink salt’, but I take your general point.

    I think my problem is that I eat and drink too much on non-diet days and just need to get a grip on this.

    Your interest is inspirational. it’s geat to have other people to talk to.

    Likewise, I wish you every success. It really isn’t that hard.


    Hey there @max46

    Wow no pink salt. How bout sea salt? Or even table salt without the iodine. It’s not the end of the world if all you have is iodized salt, it’s just not nearly as tasty. Iodized salt (just plain under my tongue) almost feels like it’s numbing/burning it’s not horrible and if it was all I had I would use it. But if u can find at least Sea Salt it would be worth it.

    I also love to eat WAY to much on my NFDs (non fasting day) I have learned some tricks tho. Or maybe I should say realized some better signals.

    1st – it’s ok to not have breakfast …. (this is said by someone who LOVED breakfast!!!) now I wait until I’m actually hungry for it… which might mean by lunch time.

    Then I either make lunch or Make breakfast food for lunch.

    2nd – keep a food diary/calorie count for about 2 weeks.
    I’m not all about counting calories because if I’m being honest well I’m lazy. However I did do it for 2 or so weeks and found some of my calories pits!!!! It can be great for realizing some of those – surprise calories like my beloved 13% stouts at 300-400 calories EACH! Talk about reality check.

    3rd – drink an 8oz glass of water when u start to feel hungry on your NFD before you eat. It helps me actually drink more water otherwise NFD are much harder for me to keep my water in me.

    Hope some of this is helpful. Cheers.

    More good tips Rabbette, so thanks again. I’m already aware of most of them, though the salt intrigues me. What’s the underlying rationale?

    I’m going to start calorie counting on NFDs for a couple of weeks. May be a revelation. I already skip or minimise breakfast (just fruit) and consume water before and with meals. The problem is that I also consume a fair amount of cold beer and white wine on NFDs, given the climate in SouthEast Asia!

    Hi Max46 – the sea salt or pink salt is helpful for keeping important minerals in the body after drinking lots of water. It is much easier to also Water Fast for the whole day if you use a dash of salt under the tongue later in the day. Here is an article that could help explain it way better than I can.

    What I’m getting at, is if you did change up your fasting (like if you did a 36 hour WFD instead of reg FD) you might need some electrolytes to keep your body feeling good. Its also helpful in preventing headaches that we sometimes get with fasting.

    it could also just be eating over your TDEE – it might help to calculate it. And I read a tip, where folks said to calculate your TDEE based on the weight you would like to be. Not your current weight. I was blown away by the amount of calories mine stated! – 1290 … talk about food for thought . or no thought about food. ha

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