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  • I did my 2x 500 cal fast days this week Tuesday & Thursday weighed today and I’ve gained 1/2 lb????

    Please help x

    Sometimes it takes a while for weight to drop so if you are definitely only having 500 calories on FDs and not exceeding your TDEE on non fast days, you need to be patient.
    It is important to remember that eating what you want on non FDs does not mean eat as much as you want.

    I have no idea how old you are but it could also be hormonal. At different times of the month our bodies hold onto more fluid.

    So check out your TDEE ie the maximum calories you should be consuming on non FDs and ensure you aren’t exceeding it and give your body another 2 or 3 weeks to get used to fasting.

    @timbermiss: Awe, I feel your pain. I currently fast 3 days a week. I have had weeks of a 1/2lb gain too. I can say from doing this just over 3 months weight does fluctuate throughout the month (especially hormonally) *I got a new scale and currently weigh myself often (in the past I only weighed myself once a week* Although I don’t recommend weighing often, it has given me some good data (I have all of it stored with dates and times) and to tell you the truth I have seen my weight read higher on some occasions in the morning than the evening or afternoon (the standard is that most folks get the most accurate reading 1st thing in the morning right after you have gone to the loo) SOOOOO I learned that while the number on the scale does give us an idea of our weight, it can change as much as 2-3lbs throughout the day (at least mine has, by the data I’ve collected)

    Now that being said – I also LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE to eat portions that are way bigger than I should and I drink stouts! Oh My Gosh talk about self control?!?! ah yeah. Here are the steps I took to improve my weight loss.

    1. I decided to keep track of ALL of calories every day for about 2 weeks (something I don’t like doing, but made myself do, because I needed to see WHAT was causing me to either stay the same weight or gain!)

    2. I noticed I tend to over do it just a bit on my NFD (non-fasting days) this is one of the reasons I started out 4:3 (4NFD and 3FD) so that I could get a bit more control over what I was eating and have a bigger calorie deficits.

    *this helped a bunch but then I noticed I was just maintaining my weight and not losing. So….

    3. I also switched my FD 400-500 calories to WFD(Water Fasting Days) or LFD(Liquid Fasting Days with 100 calories or less which I count the calories of my broth) Switching to WFD or LFD has helped a lot!

    I have actually started to improve my attitude with food on my NFD. I am just getting to the point I don’t feel deprived from FD to NFD. I know that on a FD I remind myself I can have the dinner and/or stout the next day. Then on my NFD I have become more mindful and feel more of my true hunger and when I just WANT something just because well it looks toooooooo good to pass up.

    Give it some time and make adjustments. This WOL(way of life) is about paying attention and figuring out your eating rhythm that helps you feel your best.

    Amazon and Rabette thanks for taking the time to reply, I think it may be hormonal and I’ve probably exceeded my TDEE as just realised that eating whatever isn’t exceeding TDEE. I lost my friend last week so I prob was not eating with TDEE.

    I need to rethink my non fast days per your advice.

    Thanks again 😀

    Forgot to say I’m 43 xx

    Well you and I are close in age I’m only 2 years younger 🙂 but you are 2 years wiser. At least going by the saying my mom always told me. “The older ya get the wiser ya get”

    Thank you rejuvaaesthetica so things will settle ? x

    I think that rejuvaaesthetica is discussing electronics. Not Fasting.

    TimberMiss, how are you doing these days — have you begun to lose? Have you calculated your TDEE so you’ll know your limits? I have found that if I eat white rice, my weight goes up and stays there. perhaps there is a food that does that to you, unbeknownst…

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