First week done! 6lb down!

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  • Hi Guys,

    31 year old bloke here, managed my first week on the 5:2, dropped 6lb, so going well! Entering my second week with a fast day, going well so far.

    Im really hoping this will long continue, I am enjoying this way of eating, as its easier to just forego any food at all one 2 days and then eat regularly, I dont feel like im dieting really!

    Just wanted to say hi…!

    Good job. Just did my first fast yesterday week 1. Will see. I don’ think I will loose 6 but I would be happy with 3 🙂

    Well done KJ! Its worth it. Im currently sat in an open plan office smelling peoples lunches and the guy next to me is eating a subway…and im feeling the hunger pangs! But ive just made another cup of black coffee and onward I go…! Thinking about my chicken and veg tonight lol

    Well done crazyg, congratulations on a great first week!

    Thanks Merry! How long have you been on this train?

    I know, that is the worst…smelling other peoples food…just do the count down till your next meal and tomorrow when it won’t be a fast day 🙂


    Welcome aboard and well done on the fantastic weight loss so far!

    Im 30 and started 5:2 6 weeks ago. I have seen my metabolism decline over recent years and am no longer able to stuff my face and remain slim so thought I’d better do something but didnt want to ‘diet’. I havent actually weighed myself since I started so not sure how much I have lost but my clothes are feeling much better and I feel a lot happier in myself which I think is key for everyone.

    I agree, having little to no food 2 days a week is a fair compromise – still means you can have the odd takeaway or treat and not feel mega guilty!

    Speaking of takeaway (sorry if you’re fasting!) my husband ordered a curry last night while I was on a fast day. Needless to say, I wasn’t best pleased that he filled our little flat with the smell of forbidden fruit! He did try fasting but couldn’t cope with the lack of calories due to him doing quite a physical job – do you have any tips you are find working for you?

    On fast days I always try to eat at no earlier than 12.30/1pm then something light when I get home from work at around 5.30-6pm with plenty of water and green tea in between. This works for me at the moment but aiming to get the window down to about 4 hours. So maybe eating between 2 and 6pm.

    Forums are great for encouragement and tips so please keep the posts coming 🙂

    – HB

    Hi there Holly (love the name btw, same as my eldest!)

    Speaking of takeaway, ive actually got friends around tonight and we are due to have a takeaway and im currently torn as to if i should try to order a healthy chinese of beef and brocolli or if i should just let myself have some chilli beef and chicken balls with some chips! (my eating for today has been pretty good, a protein shake with berrys for breakfast, apple for mid-morning snack and some mackerel and quinoa with veg for lunch)

    So far my routine is this on a fast day;

    My last meal the night before is around 7:30pm, then I have nothing, just black coffee at work and water until 7:30pm on my fast day, when i have my small dinner (yesterday was chicken fajita’s – 2 fajitas for me, with lots of veg and no sour cream 🙁 ) my other 2 days fast meals last week were salmon fillet with loads of veg (broccoli, spinach, carrot sticks and peppers) and a small portion of Moroccan lamb tagine.

    I wont lie, the first 4 days last week which incorporated my Mon & Thurs fast days were the hardest, but I work in an office job, with no facilities on site for buying food, just food trucks which pull up at intervals, so there is no temptation for me to get a snack, there simply arent any options other than the trucks. I walk around the office from meeting to meeting, but no real exercise other than that. However, I have been keeping up my exercise, mainly strength training through weights, ive done these 4 times a week, including fast days.

    It is mostly mind over matter, I find it easier to say no to all food for the day, than to have a little at the start or at lunch. I enjoy looking forward to my one meal that evening, and I plan all the meals and do all the cooking, so I know it will be a meal im really looking forward to.

    One of the hardest challenges is the lunch break, when all the colleagues get their lunch out or go for a walk to a Subway etc… ive managed to join them and look on at the subway counter with just my bottle of water to keep me satiated! Once I got used to saying no, it got easier. Now I relish the challenge of a fast day and take my time to enjoy my meal in the evening even more.

    Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions!

    Here’s a tip for Fasting during lunch at the office. leave your desk and go out for a walk — away from the smells and sounds of eating, plus you’ll get some exercise and no one will ask you why you aren’t eating. If the neighborhood or the weather is nasty, walk the stairwell.
    Good luck, CrazyGuy. I think you will succeed!
    jkneal, keep us posted on your progress.

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