First day today!

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  • Starting today, 9th January 2017. Have not really planned the fast day food but I have porridge, eggs and lots of veg and didn’t want to put this off until tomorrow. I’ll probably find the gap between breakfast and dinner quite hard but I am DETERMINED to lose weight. I’m 61 and want to lose 2 stone. I think that this is the way to go for me as I can eat normally most of the week. Wish me luck! Cathy

    Good luck! I started today as well – it’s going alright so far, just a bit hungry but I’m drinking a lot of tea to fill my stomach 🙂
    How’s it going for you?
    Stay in there!

    Feeling a bit hungry myself! I don’t like black tea and want to save my milk for my omelette later. I did feel a bit faint earlier but had a long glass of room temperature water and that did the trick. Keeping busy helps. I WILL DO THIS! I’m sure it will get easier in a few weeks. Good luck to you too. Let me know how you are getting on.

    If you don’t like black tea, herbal / or fruit teas or fruity green teas can be a great alternative. Strawberry and raspberry tea for example is great when you feel like snacking – very sweet!
    I also love peppermint tea, it a nice refresher!

    Thanks for that, Tanjuscha. Sounds like a great idea. I will get some tomorrow.

    Good luck, Cathy — this is completely do-able! Check out some of topics and join in.

    You might like to try a cup of broth to tide you over. Or use your milk for your tea and try your omelette without it. The French use a splash of water and no milk, so you can be ever so sophisticated and virtuous at the same time. 🙂

    Ha ha, Lolly! Will do that as I REALLY need a cuppa! Thanks 🙂

    I’m with you on the cuppa front — black tea just doesn’t do it for me!

    When I first started 5:2, I found that having a pot of simple homemade soup on the stove (mostly broth, a few veggies, perhaps a bit of meat) got me through a fast day nicely. It kept hunger at bay, was filling, and was real food. It left calorie space for some dinner, too.

    My eating plan has evolved with time, but this 5:2 way of life accommodates all sorts of combinations. I know you’ll find what works for you.

    Hi Cathy!
    I started the 5:2 exactly two years ago and have lost just over 6st – so I know it can work if you’re committed!
    Best advice I’d give you: be patient!
    For me, true motivation wasn’t people telling me I looked great (as nice as that was), it was seeing it for myself in the mirror & on the scales over time. But it does take time.
    All the best!

    Thanks, Richard. It’s great to read so many success stories and I really feel that this is sustainable. Like you it’s about me and how I feel when I look in the mirror. To be honest, I didn’t have a full length mirror and got a very nasty shock when I saw myself in the hotel room on holiday.

    Anyway, that’s in the past and the new me will emerge like a butterfly from the chrysalis ha ha!!

    Well done on your success, Richard!

    Good luck Cathy! I started a week ago, joined the forum today, and it’s so exciting to share in everyone’s progress. Keep the updates coming!

    Thanks, Poca. Same to you.

    Thanks a million, Simcoeluv. I’ll check that out as I appreciate all the help I can get.

    Hello hope I can join in this First Day thread and wish everyone al good wishes for achieving their goals. Did have some success with 5:2 a few years ago then went on holiday broke the habit and stupidly let myself slide….. so am determined to try again. It’s inspiring to hear the success stories and I know am going to need encouragement as I have a strange self sabotaging streak which usually undoes any efforts at self improvement … had busy day so not difficult not to eat until this evening when I reckon I did a little over 500 cals but I would list eating as more of a hobby than a necessity so I know am going to struggle . Have damaged knee and await result of scan so for two months have not managed much of daily walk and guess have put on half a stone already ….. anyone recommend some affordable decent weighing scales as I think it is important to weigh ? (I don’t own any just know by clothes sitting unused in cupboard and occasional horrifying glimpses of self in mirror that I am probably two stones overweight….). First time have ever joined in a forum ….what I do remember is that I must try not to over eat on non-fast days …..

    Hi Travellinghopefully. While I can’t help with suggesting a scales I found out today how important it can be. I was having eggs and had no clue what size my eggs were. I weighed them and was glad I did as they were 79g each. I’m allowing 100 calories each instead of 80!!!

    I know it’s my first time and first day but if you tried this before and it was successful then go for it. I also know that it is hard when you can’t get walking but how about getting some upper body exercises in to make you feel better?

    Keep going!

    I’ve also just started today. I tried last year and gave up, but I’m determined to keep going this time and not get in a huff if I have a few weeks where I don’t lose any weight. In fact, I might not bother weighing myself and just base it on fitting in my clothes better.

    Hi all

    My first day today also. Read the book cover to cover last night and felt inspired to go for it today. Doing ok though. apart from the breakfast I had as part of my 500 cals, I last ate at 10.00 last night, so does this mean I can eat normally at ten tonight or wait til tomorrow morning?

    Here’s hoping!

    Hi NieceyP, I’m with you on not weighing, especially on this type of plan. I always feel it in my clothes and then KNOW I’m on the right track.

    Keep going this time! Good luck!

    Justine B, good luck with the plan! Have a read at this. Might help.

    Simcoeluv sent this to me yesterday 🙂

    Thanks crafty Cathy. That helps 👍🏼

    Hello thanks CraftyCathy for your suggestion re exercise … am in such a state of apathy that never occurred to me to just work the parts of the body that aren’t hurting ! Hope everyone has had a good first and/or second day. This time am going to try putting off eating for as long as possible even on non fast days. There’s a book out I believe condoning missing breakfast so I’ll go with that! Am with NiecyP and not going to weigh myself – perhaps simple tape measurement of waist would be a guide ? But I think we all know losing weight will take time and I don’t want to fall into mind games of looking at scales which show little weight loss one week and just giving up…. what I do remember from before is it’s not just about losing weight, the health benefits are good and once you get used to it the fast days are often when you feel at your sharpest and best. Swiss marigold bouillon made into hot drink is quite useful when desperate !!
    God luck everyone – keep strong! Remember Richard’s 6 stone loss – congratulations to him and thanks for posting words of encouragement for us just starting out ….

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