First day and a bit confussed

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  • Hi everyone,

    New to this diet. Got the book and got my computer and phone all tuned in. Any suggestions would be soooooooooooooooooooooo welcomed.



    Hi Kari641

    I’ve only been doing it for a 6weeks. I think it depends on how much you want to lose. I did 5-2 then started doing 4-3. I’ve lost 12 1/2 pounds in 6 weeks but very good.

    Do you have an app such as myfitness pal? Log everything you eat and drink as you go along that way you don’t miss anything and mix up the food so you don’t get bored

    Good luck it really has worked for me 😀

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Yes I just got my fittness pal on my phone. I’m starting off with the fast day as I’m not feeling so great and not that hungry at all.

    Did you stick to the same fasting days every week?

    Yes I tend to do Monday Tuesday B2B (just in case over done it at weekend) then I do a fast on a Thursday. I like to keep the weekends as NFD (non fast days) as then I don’t feel it’s a diet! The first month I lost 11lbs it has slowed down to about a pound or 1/2 lb a week but that usually happens to me.

    I need to get my finger back out TBH too much socialising 😜

    So you do back to back 500 calorie day and you totally fast (NO FOOD) one day?


    Gosh no! I do 500 on all 3 days at the moment. I also still have 3 small meals cereal in the morning salad for lunch then fish/chicken with either salad or veg for tea.

    I also joined the monthly challenges which can help. I don’t always log everyday but might be worth a try. A lot of people have been doing it a lot longer than me

    Thanks so much for chatting with me. I feel better about this now.


    I decided to do this from today too will be doing 5:2 with 500 on Tue and Thu dont think I could cope with 2 days in a row. Would be good to keep in touch and exchange notes as we go along for motivAtion. I lost 4 st on Slimming World 3 years ago but gained 2 st back last year so need to loose A total of about 4 st to reach my ideal weight which seems a very tall order. Every journey starts with a small strp and this seems e right one right now.


    Hello Rajula,

    I could use the support and any tips and tricks…..LOL. Take a look at this link. It looks like the Fast day calories have gone up to 800. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s for both men and women.

    Thats brilliant perfect timing for us two then feeling very positive

    Welcome, Kari! I’ve been doing the 5:2 for almost 7 weeks. I’ve lost about 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg). I lost about 4 pounds after the first couple days but then stayed about the same for at least a week. My fast days are Mondays and Thursdays unless I have something special going on one of those days where I have to move it to another day. On non-fast days (NFD) I’m usually not very careful. I don’t go totally crazy, but I don’t stay within the calories I need to just stay the same. That’s probably why my weight loss is slow. I need to eat more mindfully on NFD! On FD, I count every calorie. Myfitnesspal is a great resource for keeping track.

    Anyway, glad to see you here and hopefully you like this way of losing weight as much as I do.


    Congrats on your weight loss. I have the my fitness pal and it seems to be really good.

    Looks like most of the people on this site lives in the UK……….I live in California, so kind of like your name.

    Thanks again


    Hi Kari,

    I’m in California and starting this tomorrow. My boyfriend has been telling me about this for some time and I was too stubborn to entertain the idea, but after 2 months of clean eating and exercising with no weight or body changes (I’ve been taking pictures), I decided I needed to try something that “scared” me. I’m not just complaining about the last two months, I see the positive too, I have gotten stronger which I can tell by how i’m using heavier weights for exercises now.

    I lost 25 pounds about 3 years ago and over the last year gained 15 back, I would love to lose those 15 again because that is when I felt my best.

    I would love a buddy, especially this first week when I’m just jumping into it and maybe am not totally prepared.

    Everyone else, it’s great to hear your stories and suggestions!!!


    I had a slight headache yesterday but I just kept drinking water and it seemed to go away by dinner. Log your food……….it’s amazing to me how many calories are in stupid little things.

    I would love to be your buddy thru this as I have 40 lbs to lose. My boyfriend also told me about this way of eating and he lost 15 lbs but gained it all back when we started our relationship……….lot’s of dinners out. UGH

    We are both on it which should help………..

    Good luck and stay In touch



    HAHA! My boyfriend jokingly blames me for his weight gain during out relationship. Three years ago, we decided to lose together. I mentioned I lost 25, but he lost 75 and has kept off every pound. He’s a huge inspiration and so helpful with my journey.

    I started using MyFitnessPal not too long ago, and I feel ya, it’s shocking how quickly you can rack up calories.

    I didn’t get a headache today, but the hunger was getting to me before dinner.

    In case this helps you, this is what I ate today. I will probably be fasting on Tuesday and Thursdays.

    Hard boiled egg – 78
    ½ Pink Lady Apple – 36 (114)
    2 tbsp sour kraut -5 (119)

    Meatball Soup – 221 (340)
    2 tbsp sour kraut – 5 (345)

    Salad Base – 45 (390)
    Lemon Juice – 5 (395)
    2oz boiled chicken breast – 55 (450)
    Cucumber – 16 (466)

    Justbe, do you like sauerkraut? Do you make your own? It’s so easy to ferment your own and the only equipment needed is a big jar or crock and a plate and weight or something to weigh the chopped cabbage down. Sauerkraut ingredients are sliced cabbage and salt. And it has sooo many more probiotics than the stuff in the cans or jars that you buy in the store. They have to kill a lot of the good stuff off so it doesn’t continue fermenting and explode the can or jar. When you ferment it yourself you can just put it in the frig when it’s sour enough to slow rather fermentation way down. Here’s a site that has instructions for making it:

    I use about a teaspoon of non-iodized salt per pound of cabbage. I usually make it In a 2 gallon crock because I like lots of sauerkraut. It tastes so much better when you do it yourself because it stays crunchy even when you let it ferment for weeks until it’s really sour. I always add caraway seeds.

    Your menu for the day sounds great to me! Can I come over?


    Thanks for the meal info. I’m going today to get more good food for the home. Last night there was a big party for my mans dad. I must say I did drink beer (low Cal) and watched what I ate but it was hard to go back to my normal habit of over eating and drinking………..LOL. Now my man cheated on his 2nd day so I feel a little high and mighty right now. JK.

    Camping this weekend is going to be rough as I really have to plan our meals and snacks out. Wish me luck.


    @cali – i LOVE sauerkraut and kimchi. I usually only buy the WildBrine brand. I have wanted to make it on my own, but just haven’t I actually love cooking and making things from scratch so thank you for the website and encouragement, I might finally do it! Hahaha! i thought my menu was pretty basic since i literally decided on Monday night that I would start Tuesday and wanted no excuses for pushing it off.

    @kari – you can’t deprive yourself, especially on special occasions! lol Make sure you hold the fact that you’re better than your bf over his head for a very long time! hahaha! I don’t know how you usually camp, but keeping it simple might help you stay on track. if you do burgers, keep them protein style. we sometimes pack carne asada and/or pollo asado. for sides i like grilled zucchini, asparagus, red bell peppers. for snacks i chop up veggies and pack hummus, trail mix, and chop up fruit. and, when i drink, i stick to vodka or gin and tonic. ooo another side that travels well is mango and black bean salad. that sounds gross to some, but if it doesn’t to you, there’s a ton of recipes out there if you google it. i can’t find the exact one i make but it, black beans, mango, jalapeno, green onions, red bell pepper, salt and pepper tossed with lime and olive oil.

    No matter what, have an amazing time!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your helpful advise. I’m making a very healthy but yummy dinner tonight as tomorrow is the Fasting day. Glad to know that women now get 700 calories on the fasting day, makes it a bit easier to deal with.

    I made ahead a breakfast burrito mix for easy fixing over the next couple of days

    240 calories……….not bad as it has egg, cheese, turkey sausage and is wrapped in a low carb tortilla.

    I will try the Mango and Black bean salad…it think it sound amazing.


    That breakfast burrito sounds amazing!

    Where did you see the 700 calories??!?!? i need to know this!

    Interesting… like you I lost a lot of weight (36 pounds) a couple years ago and then gained 12 back over the past year. DETERMINED to get rid of it and keep it off, and I’m hopeful about 5:2 letting me do that. I’m on Day 11. I lost four pounds after the first couple of days, but since then I haven’t lost any. HOWEVER, I do feel more energetic, and I am definitely less bloated… and hey it’s early days yet! Still hopeful. 🙂

    Here’s the link to check out

    My boyfriend is totally blowing it this week and it’s only Thursday. I’m staying strong hoping he gets inspired. Fast day today so wish me luck.


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