Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi Steve

    I notice from you profile that you want to lose the weight before 50. Well I imagine that you can achieve this quite quickly. I read one post that lined food up ready for the next morning thinking they would wake up hungry and actually didn’t need to eat it and didn’t want it. It is funny the fancies you get on a fast day that completely go out of your mind the next day, when you can eat them.

    I fast Monday and Wednesday this way if ever I fancy adding another day I can on Friday. I relax a bit over the weekend.

    Milena and I both started in January and we often post late at night. You will find us a friendly bunch.


    Hi @steve, welcome and very well done on your first successful week and your weight loss! I have to admit that I am one of the lucky ones. Like you I found my first week easy and have continued to do so. The times I feel more hungry are the few days were I have indulged in anything high in sugar. So alcohil or cake that type of thing. To me that first week was like a detox, I went from carb junkie to a bit of a carb phobe lol. I prefer to eat carbs and sugar irregularly now. It’s not that it’s forbidde, I just don’t crave it do why eat it. Fasting has made me become a person that eats mostly from hunger, not on a whim or from emotional hunger etc. 9 weeks and 32lbs later I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop but do far Ai just feel like a new, in control, happy person who weighs a lot less lol. If you need help just give us all a shout.

    I just typed all this then the page crashed… Tut.

    @ginette, have you actually looked at the cals in a croissant? It’s a way better choice than 2/3 custard creams. It has little sugar and is high fat. Fat is calorific but it’s not to be avoided like sugar. If you really wanted them at 190+ cals you could incorporate the odd one into your daily TDEE.

    Sainsbury All Butter Croissant Calories and Nutrition per Serving (1 Serving=1 Croissant/44g)
    Calories 188
    Protein 4
    Carbohydrate 18.7
    Fat 10.8

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: 1 croissant, medium (57.0 g)
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Values
    Calories 231 Calories from Fat 108
    Total Fat 12.0g 18%
    Saturated Fat 6.6g 33%
    Polyunsaturated Fat 0.6g
    Monounsaturated Fat 3.1g
    Cholesterol 38mg 13%
    Sodium 424mg 18%
    Potassium 67mg 2%
    Total Carbohydrates 26.1g 9%
    Dietary Fiber 1.5g 6%
    Sugars 6.4g
    Protein 4.7g
    Vitamin A 8% Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 2% Iron 6%

    I had a bit of a craving tonight, I was full! I blame it on last nights alcohol. I am cutting it out for 6 weeks, God help me. Anyway, I have nothing sweet in the house and had some cals left even staying 500 under so I sliced up a banana and spread a bit of peanut butter on each one. 1 tablespoon of PB, hard work getting it to stick lol. But a really satisfying snack.

    Jaye 🙂

    @ginette keep meaning to ask, is there a thread for FBD or are we just posting in here? I have given the book the once over. Can you tell me if I have the gist of it please? I think all I need to do is add the exercise and dump my weekly bottle of Prosecco? The rest I already do.

    2 Fast days as normal
    Stick to TDEE everyday (I stay under by 500 and without exception never go over)
    No alcohol
    No sweets/deserts etc, eat healthy foods
    HIIT exercises 3 times a week (I’m hoping the boxing will suffice?)

    Is there anything else I am unaware of Ginette?

    Jaye 🙂

    Dead easy!!!!


    Hi, just remembered, check your pulse. I presume it should reduce over the six weeks, due to the exercise.

    Either count for a minute or for ten seconds and multiply by six. I checked mine online and Im above average, which is apparently good.

    So at least if I keel over and die from this lark I will die quite healthy. Gives me hope.

    Is it me or has everyone boundless energy – I used to be a dervish when I was younger, tonight I feel I could run a marathon – just a pity about the knees! But I stopped complaining about those weeks ago, and I can once again get up off the floor without crawling to the sofa.

    Going now cos Im rambling. See you over at the beach diet thread in the morning.

    Travel hopefully

    Where is this Beach thread?

    Hi Jaye

    The link


    As far as I have unserstood that’s it.

    It didn’t say no sweets, desserts, wine but it does say if you have to keep it to a minimum. Like I said to Milena a glass of wine at the end of the week will be fine. Much tighter and more exercise.

    I am doing Boxing for the HIIT

    Monday is at least an easy day. Fast day no problems.

    You will be fine Milena. The most you can do is lose a bit of weight.



    If you have an Apple phone or iPad you can get fast beach diet app. Not available in android though.

    Thanks Ginette I have loaded the app. All set to go now excited.com lol. Says I should lose 12lbs, but also says that cals are between 1200/2000 range. The problem as I have found with reducing calories too low is… The second you eat more cals, even within yout TDEE you gain. I will stick to my usual 1550. I wonder how I will fair Saturday nights going out and not drinking. I go out 2 other nights for dinner, drive and don’t drink so should be OK, She says.

    It says in the book to cut out sweets, alcohol etc, plus diet soda but I’ve given them up. I don’t see the point in a boot camp if you’re going to carry on drinking and eating sweet stuff. Then it’s just the regular fast diet?

    Good luck, I’m off to bed.

    Jaye 🙂

    Ok night Jaye. It’s about time I went as well.

    Thanks so much Jaye great tips shopping next Sunday with my very stylish daughter so hopefully she can tell me what looks good totally agree with the size labels they actually vary so much it’s ridiculous will try all the sites you mentioned and find you on Facebook

    Happy fasting Monday

    Woo! I’m so proud of myself! After listening to your very very useful tips on here, I was determine to do things properly. I made a vegetable soup this morning and weighed everything and did my calculations for number of portions.

    Today, I have only eaten 3/4 of an apple (daughter stole a quarter-hey it’s less calories!) for lunch and a bowl of soup for an earlyish dinner which is a grand total of 300calories! I am gobsmacked how much easier it was this week. I genuinely wasn’t hungry at all today. It was effortless!

    Plus this evening I had my Fitsteps class (great fun!) and the instructor REALLY cranked up the energy level this week. So take that fat!!! Be gone!!

    Sorry, I know lots of you do this every week (and a huge well done for doing so for so long!) but today is the first time I’ve genuinely believed I can actually do this diet. I have a weekend away with my partner in 4 weeks (with a private hot tub!) so def want to lose at least 6lbs by then. Fingers crossed!

    I’m looking forward to my bran flakes and raisins in the morning though

    @welshy, fantastic, well done you we told you it gets easier lol.

    If you carry on like this you will definitely be rocking that hot tub with a few less lbs. You can boost your loss by shaving 2/300 cals off your NFDs TDEE. Then you don’t just maintain what you lose on your FDS you’ll lose a bit more.

    I bet you don’t feel hungry for breakfast tomorrow and only start eating at lunch! Lol.



    Well done. A big achievement now reap the rewards. You will do it. Believe in yourself.

    I can’t wait for the results. The first week a lot of us found difficult the second week is much easier. It changes your habits and as you can see becomes much easier.

    Onwards and downwards……


    Hi all

    Just checking in, that’s brilliant Welshy! it’s a great WOL isn’t it?
    I’ve also began to believe it can work 🙂 Today is FD, but not expecting problems 😉 went for a run this morning before the fast kicks in proper..Will report back later on today. FYI, a bit of a strange thing has happened with red wine, it now tastes very weird and sweet, I’m not going to knock it on the head yet! can’t have no vices, lol, but will “observe” how it tastes at the w/e..



    I found that things taste really sweet as well. You will just have to go for a drier one.


    Oh wow @Beldy, no new meds you are taking they can change the taste of red wine. Try a nice summery white wine spritzer? Twice the size but half the amount of wine.

    I am going to practice teetotalism for 6 weeks! Lol.

    I have decide to go with my new scales…. So from today I am adding a stone back to my weight. It just doesn’t feel right not using the right numbers. After much moving around my old scales still weigh me a stone lighter so I am going with the new scales. According to thise I am 235lbs today, having lost 1.5lbs on my first fast. So don’t be surprised watching me tackling 16 stone through to 15+ again lol. I am sticking with the same weight loss, just that I started a stone heavier.

    Happy fasting. I have all my cals, going for a drive in the country to find a nice beer garden and have a late lunch.

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi Jaye

    I decided not to weigh today as I want a nice surprise. Will weigh tomorrow as I am going to see health trainer. I like a an idea of home weight.

    I really wanted to leave it until the end of the week.

    It would be nice to be 16 stone still a long way for me to go to get to that.

    You are about a stone lighter than me at the moment. I am hoping my extra is down to really heavy bones…..there’s a thought. I don’t know who I am kidding.

    Have a nice meal.


    Lol Ginette,

    I always thought heavy bones was a cop out but In the app ypu told me about where it gives you a pic of how you look doesn’t that say ‘what bone size’? Or something like that.

    Good luck tomorrow! I am sure he’ll be very pleased with you.

    My leg is KILLING me today, very weak and painfull. I realised mid afternoon that I did the jogging yesterday. I might just do it twice this week if it’s still painful tomorrow. I really struggled walking today.

    I’ve only had 917 cals so far today. I’m not sure what I’ll be having for dinner but should use up some cals.

    Ginette I’m only just under 16 stone myself!

    Hope everyone is having a good day. Fast day for Ginette and I tomorrow.

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi all

    Need help. Im taking out a friend who did me a good favour tomorrow night, and she has chosen to to go an Indian Restaurant.

    Im a chicken pakora and lamb, usually korma or something creamy, with rice and the sweet nan.

    No idea about healthy choices, except tikka without the masala.

    Any good alternatives. At least no wind calories, off thst for weeks and driving anyway.

    Tandoori chicken is about the best option it has no sauce but v tasty usually comes with salad. If you need a starter go for the pappadoms and pickles it’s easy to leave. Enjoy. Goosey. X

    Hi all,

    Was FD today, and much better 🙂 have tweaked it and had mainly protein, no porridge or bread, tough 🙁 but do-able and feel pretty good, all told..

    Thanks for wine query tips, will probably try white now, and usually drink dry, a girl has to have some treats, now drinking 1/7 a massive change for me, which was a NY’s resolution and has stuck, luckily..

    Welshy do you enjoy the Fitsteps? Is it similar to Zumba at all?

    Am so happy to be part of this WOL, and this epic forum 🙂 thanks to all, I would have deffo failed at this point on a “normal” diet, am really chuffed

    Good luck with next FD’s

    Milena have a look at this site. Weightlossresources.co.uk. X

    Hi Jaye

    Yes I was joking about the bones.

    I have posted about the exercise on FBD thread. Only do what you can. Not worth a lot of pain. Start gently 10 seconds is fine at first. If it still hurts do the boxing.


    The chicken tandoori sounds lovely. I am not a lover of Indian food but I quite fancy that. I do like onion Baha’is though, also Bombay potatoes.

    Milena enjoy your meal.

    Well done Beldyboop on sorting your fast day out. Much easier to stick with protein and vegetables. Salad doesn’t fill me up. I do like it though.


    Good morning all,

    All this chat of curry is making me hungry and it’s only 6am !

    Wow Jaye a dry 6 weeks good luck I couldn’t manage that look forward to my weekend wine too much

    Well done beldyboop it does get easier, and Ginette have you tried swimming lately it’s great exercise and easy on the muscles and bones I had a recurring tendon problem and regular swimming really helped

    Have a lovely day all I’m not fasting today but will be watching the calories since I’ve been fasting I’ve gone right of breakfast so don’t usually eat until I’m hungry which is usually lunchtime especially if I’m at work keeping busy and my mind off food !

    Beldyboop: yeah I really enjoy fitsteps. I’ve never done Zumba so can’t really compare. For each song you do a certain style of dancing (samba, cha cha, waltz etc) don’t be fooled though-ballroom dances are hard work too, good for toning. I really try to do the moves properly in order to get the full effect. (The jive is a killer on the calves!) The warm up and cool down are dances too. I was dripping in sweat after half an hour on monday (it’s 45mins lesson) as it was so intense. I have a lovely group in my village and we have a giggle and enjoy some great tunes (uptown funk, happy, footloose etc)

    I’m going to have a FD today. I know I’ll be ok today as I have everything planned but I was a bit naughty yesterday. I struggle with the NFD so far. I think I feel “free” and while I don’t go crazy I don’t count the calories. I should start doing that properly. The problem is I genuinely enjoy good tasting food and miss it on FD. So then I eat all the foods I enjoy eating on my NFDs (not necessarily all really bad foods but some are). Well I’ll get through today first then worry about the NFDS on Thursday.

    Happy fasting everyone!


    Hi everybody!

    Didn’t have a great start today 🙁 woke up with big, bad headache, and felt very weary! not for long, was great once I ate, and also took a sachet of electrolyte powder, worked a miracle, must drink more on FD’s…even more

    @jayegirl watch those small injuries. Don’t risk it getting worse. I had a hip injury in Feb from over-training for half marathon, and a) ended up not running the half b) it took about 8 weeks to heal :(..and I had to go back to basics with my running, run/walk..Also had to continue giving my Zumba classes, with reduced movement, still niggles now. I’m a great believer in yoga, not the “hot” kind, lol but the slower Hatha type, it doesn’t directly affect weight loss, BUT, calms me down, sleep better, more relaxed, so more likely to lose weight! You have to look around to find the right class though, as some cause more injury. Also agree about swimming, but for me hair is a hassle, tends to wreck it, and you have to swim for a long time for it to have an impact. Pilates also great for existing injuries, but quite pricey.

    @welshy was interested in your Fit Steps, sounds awesome, have heard of it, but wondered what it was like. The Zumba I teach is more Latin, salsa, cha-cha-cha (no ballroom, so that’s the difference)but we also do Happy, and other routines. I am passionate about Zumba but want to be an instructor who sets an example for being fit, getting there. I know what you mean about making the most of the steps, I try to encourage my ladies to give it their all, but everyone goes at own pace in the end..

    @ginette thanks, protein definitely the way forward..

    Good luck with FD’s!

    Beldyboop: sorry, didn’t realise you were an Zumba instructor-you obviously know about the effect of the dances! I personally love Fitsteps. I imagine I would enjoy zumba too-I suspect they are quite similar. But I personally love the ballroom dances so would prob miss those if I didn’t do it.

    I have to confess that I was SO close to saying “blow it, I’ll have a fast day on Friday instead” this morning. My daughter was out of sorts, I was really tired and I really wanted my breakfast. But thankfully, after a shower (I can’t function till I have my shower!) I found my motivation and went for a walk. Also helped that I’d lost 1lb in just two days.

    But it got me thinking: what keeps you girls motivated? I struggle sometimes to keep my drive and enthusiasm going-I just love the taste of food do much. One thing I’ve found is I’ve got some old pics of me from my uni days where I think I look great. And knowing that’s what I can look like really helps me. I keep them in my make up box do I can see them every morning. Ironically I used to feel really fat and overweight at uni but looking back now, I looked great! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    So what tricks and tips do you have for the mornings you really want a croissant?

    Welshylarue xXx

    Hi All!! Mind if I join in? Im from the Midlands and im 27!
    I did 5:2 last year and lost 2 stone.. for some reason stopped, and have been fluctuating around the same weight now for around 6 months!! Im currently at 144lbs, and I want to lose around another stone and a half!
    Starting 5:2 again next week and will be fasting Tues and Thurs! Ive kinda fiddled around with my numbers, ill be having 1700 on Mon weds and Fri and approx 2300-2400 on the weekend. My maintenance calories are at 2100! I currently also do Insanity Max 30 and Piyo hybrid along with running 5k on Saturdays at Park Run! Hence why my TDEE is a little higher!
    I really really want to get under 10st before I go new york (in about 7 weeks time!)
    Well done to everyone else so far! Look forward to getting to know you all 🙂 🙂

    Hi All

    thanks for the advice, but my meal got postponed at the last minute – hairdresser advised tandoori prawn, never realised that salivating wasn’t something just dogs did – I’ve been feeling hungry all afternoon, now I’m not going, just having good ole prawn salad and I don’t feell particularly hungry any more – and I only had muesli for lunch.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday now!

    Hi Priyac, welcome back! Well you know just what works for you so… Crack on lol. Good luck with your goal.

    Haha Milena well you’ve a good chance of keeping off any lost weight this week without the big indulgence tonight.

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi All

    I am a bit late today as I gave had a busy day.

    Hi Beldyboop

    I always have at least a pint of water, today it was to plus today 4 big mugs of tea (about one a half times that of a normal mug). I haven’t suffered from headaches on fast days.

    Hi Welshy

    Glad your day improved. Well done for the weight loss. I think we get through it in different ways. The forum keeps us on track. I am trying to do a small household sorting out type job on days I don’t exercise. I am hoping that at the end of this journey I will have all my cupboards sorted and a cleaner home. I am thinking of jobs to do tomorrow maybe start tidying kitchen cupboards and shredding mail.

    It’s not strenuous but time consuming. I have a friend coming in the afternoon so I have to get a job done by then. Plus lunch of course.

    I love my food as well. I am still loving it although different foods now than before. After doing this for about 3 weeks my need of carbs changed. I still have some but only about 1/4 of what I had before. This was not something I decided, my body decided it for me….that is the strange thing about this WOL the must haves become less and change. Sometimes I think I must have a piece of fruit and I have a need to eat citrus fruit.

    I still enjoy bread and I always had healthier bread. I don’t like white sliced although I can be tempted by a french stick occasionally, although not since I started in January.

    Hi Priyac

    Welcome back to 5:2 at least you know the ropes and you will soon settle in.

    Well done Milena. Keep up the good work.


    Hi everybody,

    @GinetteK, am keeping a check on the water today’s FD, wondered if I had too much coffee last FD

    Hi priyac, great to have a goal and sounds like you do a lot of exercise, how are the insanity classes?

    Welshy, I keep motivated by the thought of clothes I can wear, have started to sort them out and will begin wearing, some not all, have my Surfgirls shorts, which I’m hoping I’m not too “old” for them now. I think there will be setbacks when willpower in short supply, but that’s life, have to go with the flow. I try to set other little goals as milestones, and maybe give yourself some treats, non-food or otherwise.

    How is the FBD going? I know some are doing it, good luck!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!!
    Im doing a test drive fast today, just to ease me in and see how I get along with fasting and insanity!
    I don’t actually go to insanity classes, I have the videos at home so work out when I get back from work in my flat (im on the 2nd floor, so I really feel sorry for the people below me!)
    Insanity Max is extremely hard, but I have completed T25 and the original insanity already, and the improvements in my body have been immense strength wise! I couldn’t run for more than 5 minutes before, and last Saturday I ran 5K in my best time yet (26 minutes 51 seconds) without stopping!

    Welshy – I keep motivated in a number of ways..I have a little sticky pad on my desk at work with the amount of lbs left I want to lose, and as it goes down I peel a sticky off, so I have a constant reminder of how much I have to lose. I also have a pinterest board with loads of pins of body’s that I would love to look like. Whilst I know I may never look like that, it gives me something to work towards. And finally these kind of forums keep me super motivated!!! Just talking to people who are going through the same things as me helps!

    Hi Priyak

    You wear me out just reading your threads! I have started exercising but have so far make it to 90 minutes a week.

    I do boxercise mostly although I do have a change sometimes. Trying to do HIIT, this is my first week.

    I am hoping it all helps. As long as I keep away from injuries I should be fine.

    How much do you want to lose?


    Im definitely what you call an exercise freak. When I used to do 5:2 before, I would do full 24 hour fasts, and before I went home to eat i’d go to the gym for an hour and half! I think for me now im so used to it, if I didn’t work out on a daily basis, i’d feel awful!

    Ive gone down from 14st 12lbs to 10st 4lbs.. so just over 4 stone. Ideally I would like to go down to 9stone, or maybe just under.. but to be honest, my ultimate goal is just to get a flat stomach.. i still have one of them rolly pooches that refuses to budge! If I can get a flat stomach and I weigh more than my goal, I’ll be happy!!

    What about everyone else on here?

    I love the idea of taking a post it off every time you lose one. Sounds good. And pictures are definitely a good motivation. I see want to treat myself to some new clothes once I hit certain weights. My first big target is 13st. I’m currently 14st 3lbs (was 14st 8lbs). I wish I had time for more exercise in the week but being a full time mum, I’ve always got a toddler stuck to my leg (partners work means he’s often home at irregular times so can’t gaurentee childcare for many classes). I’m so excited about finally getting down into the 13st though-3lbs to go!!

    I’m realising I lose 1lb every fast day (2lbs down so far this week). I actually feel comfortable doing them now and might try and sneak an extra one in Friday due to a busy weekend. I actually find the difficult bits not putting weight back on during NFD, especially weekends. Although today (NFD) I’ve done ok. Made some of the Hairy Dieters Fluffy Banana Pancakes (they’re delish and so light!) which are 75cals each. I did treat myself and my daughter to a little chocolate too but now I’m stuffed. Got loads of housework to do this afternoon so should keep me busy and active!

    Hope you’re all having a good week


    Hi Priac

    Still about 7 to lose. Looks such a lot I take it in half a stone targets. I have lost 2 stone 3 lb so far since I have been trying to lose weight.1 stone 3lb since the start of 5:2 on 10th January. I don’t weigh till the end of the week. At least I do weigh more often but will now will leave it to the end of the week as I am doing FBD. So I want the surprise.

    My first long term target was to get within a normal weight range and this will still be overweight. I am in the morbidly obese category now and I hope to be in the next obese category down within a few weeks.

    Bmi has gone from 47 to 41.8. 40 and under is in the next category.

    Welsh you

    Those pancakes sound lovely. I must see if I can find recipe. I must admit to not eating bananas. I love them but they make me gain weight, maybe I will just go and buy one to do this.

    Off to see if I can find recipe……


    These are recipes for 300cal 5:2 meals.

    There are 50 of them so a good chance you can find something you like. Link below:



    Hi Welshy

    I start about you weight, 14st 5,dont do much exercise, a little walking just stepping up now and I got under 13 in about three months.

    So it can be done. Doing FBD at the moment and have size 14 knickers, a 16 top, and a medium size cardi hanging up for motivation. Were some size 16 knickers there but Im now wearing them. The size 14 jeans I bought the other week are there too, wearing 18, OH threw out 20s, and moaning that I look like a bag lady in 18s, so moght be time to dig out 16.

    Seeing yhem hanging there is great motivation wearing them is even more!!

    Ginette: Thank you for the 300cal recipes. I love to cook so always look at new recipes. A friend had the banana pancakes and raved about them so I had to try them. I half the recipe and then made 8 so worked out that they were 56 each. I had 4 and as its a NFD I had a teaspoon of honey drizzled over too. (My daughter often has them for a snack during the day too!)

    I like watching my BMI fall too. I’m 31.1 currently so just into the obese category. I’d really like to get that under 30

    Milena: so it can be done then! Well done! I’m hoping to lose those 3lbs by the end of next week. As I’ve mentioned before I have a weekend away coming up so would def love to lose a few more before then too. Looking forward to losing my first stone though.
    I’m slightly hesitant to buy clothes smaller to motivate me cos I then have this little voice that says “if you don’t lose your weight, youve wasted money” which I know isn’t the attitude but I do have some old clothes that are too small which I would love to wear again. Will dig them out!

    I’m actually starting to look forward to the next fast day. I’ve definitely changed!!!

    well, I’m quite lucky cos I’ve never thrown out smaller clothes, my little voice said “The time will come ……..”

    but altogether we are a much bigger voice! And it seems to work – perhaps cos it’s non-judgmental, generous and kind!

    Im a few months in and it’s scary imagining I will make it, but more scary that I wont. Apple pie has got me on another full fast day – second this week, just by letting me know she does them – leading by example, and now we’re doing the frankly impossible – she also extols the benefits of red wine (though price rather than benefits!), so with help from the likes of our wee spanish rose, it can be done!

    Appliepie, blushing uses loads of calories, just doing my bit to help!!!!!

    Hi Welshy

    There are some nice recipes there. They cater for everyone I think. Thanks for the link. Yes it can be done. Milena is brave enough to do all day fasts. I eat in the evening.

    We all find our own way eventually as long as we see it working it’s a result. Also there are things we don’t see but can have measured. Lowering of blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol etc.

    All this is a reason to stay with it.

    If it starts to slow down there is always tge Fast Beach diet or 4:3 to kickstart it.

    A good system.

    This is the second lot of recipes I have from Woman Magazine. The other were to the under 500 calorie ones. I decided to suscribe to 12 editions. It is £6.99 quarterly. I thougt that was good value. I will decide at the end of the 12 issues if I continue.

    If I hadn’t got these recipes I wouldn’t be subscribing. So they’ve gained a reader.


    Brave? Nah bloody minded more like.

    Oh has made his standby dinner of bacon sarnie – followed tonight by a toasted teacake. I keep wavering with the smells!!!! Just 13 or 14 hours to go, and I’ll be asleep for most of it.

    Though if I’m charged with murder and need a character witness..

    Hi Milena

    Don’t worry I will say you were driven to it by a bacon sarnie.


    Hi everybody,

    Just did my 6th FD, so feeling pleased, but was officially “ratty” today :0 work in a school, and usually am Ok, but reached a hunger “low” around 6pm, and was pretty impatient, lol just all a bit too much, I was guzzling enough water all day, so put it down to one of those days, nearly over now!.

    Started 5:2 on April 7, and have lost, but TBC as don’t trust the scales, until have done the measurements, 6-7 Ibs, started at 11, want to get to roughly 9. Also a bit of an exercise freak Priyac, aside from Zumba, run and yoga, and have recently started “planking”, (elbow and side elbow) hell on earth to begin with, could only hold for 1 min, now 2 mins, but want to scream and cry. It shouldn’t be painful in the lower back, only intense muscle burn in stomach, legs, shoulders, so I found best to start with a short burst, totally works on every muscle 🙂 now addicted, here’s a link, (impossibly achievable model figure, but do we care? good technique)

    Main goal is to feel great in clothes, over the summer I tend to “hide” in clothes, but would like to wear stuff that shows shoulders, and leggings. Love the idea of pinterest page..I also have some “thinspiration” pics on my cupboard walls. Will have 4 NFD’s in a row now, FD Tue/Thurs so I hope I can keep strong. Have an afternoon tea with Champagne, at the end of May (see Groupon offer) as an incentive 🙂

    Are the FBD instructions on the forum? congrats to those who are following it!


    Beldyboop, I think you would really benefit from a cup or two of Miso soup when you are fasting at work. 18 cals per sachet, it’s worth it. Because it’s a beefy flavour and the taste lingers it just gives you the feeling you’ve eaten something. Asda sell little boxes for £2.99 in the Oriental section.

    I don’t know if you are doing liquid only fasts and if it’s allowed though?

    Personally I won’t be trying the liquid only fasts. My reasons are I don’t want to do anything that extreme. When I have reduced my TDEE very low for an entire week the weight inevitably come back on the week after. So unless you are prepared to always do a liquid fast, which I am not, I think once you stop and increase cals the weight will return untill your body adjusts to the cal increase at least. Possibly for a short term remedy for an upcoming event I might try it but otherwise it’s not sustainable for me and my lifestyle. This is only my opinion on my body and how I feel about it. I think fasting is set up in such a way that Michael has found the best way to sustain a WOL for, well life lol and I’m happy losing weight the regular 5:2 way. I also worry as some have reported that I would wake up hungry and I don’t normally eat until 1/2pm on NFDs.

    Hope everyone is having a good start to TGIF. my fasts are done for the week and I have an alcohol free weekend ahead! Lol.

    Happy Fasting.

    Jaye 🙂

    anyone know the calories in a restaurant bowl of Singapore Noodles with beef? I had it yesterday at Yee Rah, it was delicious but I couldn’t find it on MyFitnesspal, I added it as 2 cups under a listing from another place in the end as about 900 cals. Honestly I don’t think it was anything like that amount. It was a creamy thin sauce, no idea how it was made lol. Small amount of beef, about six pieces off very thin 2 inch strips. I was under my TDEE by a few hundred but would love a more acurate cal count.

    Normally I would ask the waiter to ask the chef but he didn’t speak great english and didn’t want to stress him lol.

    Jaye 🙂

    i can’t remember if Applepie has any rules for the liquid only days – I did ask if wine was allowed but she wasn’t very impressed. I think she mentioned she had about 50 cals?

    I do water because I don’t like green tea, fruit tea or bovril and can’t think of anything else to drink but water – not very scientific. I do like the lack of thought that goes into it though – tried it an it suits me – mainly because I don’t have much discipline, and it is a very disciplined approach – but also takes away the interaction with food. Yesterday was odd, but I didn’t wake hungry. Also just realised it was the first week I did two full fasts – Monday’s was a doddle.

    You could be right about having to do liquid fasts longterm – never thought of it – but this think it might be an great option on 6:1. Interesting times ahead.

    I would love to do a true 5:2, but did that at the start and it didn’t work for me, and I have too little faith in myself that I could do it now. As you all know – I am precise about TDEE and my fast days maximum calories – which the rest of my life has a little of the discipline fast days have brought me.

    Ideally though I do want to be eating normally, including so called ‘treat’ food. Because this treat food should be normal, eating it is not a problem at all, eating too much of it is. Imagine a life without puds, wine and chocolate?

    Perhaps its just a confidence thing. Some have great success doing the true 5:2, no calorie counting or TDEE on the NFDs – and that was the original theory – I might be wrong, but I don’t think TDEE was even mentioned, at least not in depth, in the first book. Will reread tonight to check this.

    No matter, this WOE can be tweaked to suit us all – 5:2, 4:3, ADF 16-8 (not even sure what that is) so it can be tricky to work out what is working best, but it is all certainly working – that it ALL works is probably the secret of its success.

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