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  • Hi, newbi here. I just happen to find this site researching fasting diets. I started on a product called Fastblast which I saw advertised on Facebook. It’s a smoothie drink that you do twice a week, you drink six pouches of a banana berry smoothie six times a day. It doesn’t taste great but it’s easy to do, just chill and eat. With that said I just ordered the 5-2 diet book I saw advertised on this site hoping to get some more info as well as what to eat on the fasting days. The product I mentioned Fastblast runs $160.00 per month. I’m on week two and have dropped 3 pounds but maybe there is a cheaper alternative and a bit more enjoyable dining on the fasting days?

    @2bsticks – I prefer just water, black coffee and tea. Right now I’m starting a 36 hour fast and I over ate because I was feeding my kids. I feel like I’m going to be starving but I know I won’t. I done the 36 hour fast probably nearly 100 times now. My body will adjust, the bloat will go away and I’ll feel just fine, at least until Saturday morning when I do my upper body workout before eating. Now that is painful.

    Anyway hunger sometimes comes but it just goes away in about 20 minutes, sometimes drinking some water helps, sometimes it doesn’t but in the end the hunger fades away. What I really like about it is that it is super cheap, basically free. Then I can spend money on foods I want to eat the other days of the week. What I can’t understand is how eating or drinking something like Fastblast can possibly improve the impacts of fasting. Fasting is completely natural. I personally think you should spend the money on something you can enjoy.

    When I started water fasting it was only hard the first few times and now sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m fasting except that I generally feel better. I also enjoy not spending any money.

    As for your 3 pounds, it may just be within your normal range or it could be even more fat loss. However how do you know you wouldn’t have even lost more? Anyway best of luck to you. If you really need to eat, try a small ketogenic meal. There are lots of LCHF meal plans.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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