FAST got me started in healthy eating, hit a wall though, found new methods

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FAST got me started in healthy eating, hit a wall though, found new methods

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  • First, thanks to Drs. Mosleys for getting me and my wife started in heathy dieting including excercising in all aspects. We started our journeys in 2007.

    I excercised (intensively) in the evenings on that empty stomach with spinning classes. Lost over 20 lbs over time. Then physiology changed and could not sleep on fasting days even if I ate right b4 bedtime. On the site were some folks experiencing what I was too. All solutions did not work, so sadly had to give up fasting so I could sleep better and longer. BOOOO.

    Just found intermittent “daily” fasting again in a book by Dr. Bragg. I have adopted the 14/10 method at the start. Every day of the week. Now up to 15/9 for a couple months. Hope to get to 8/16 (my overachiever neighbor there for some time.) (larger # is hrs-per-day-fasting)

    Incredible results. Whole new lifestyle! I hope this can help some of those others who have hit that same wall.

    I no longer eat in the mornings, it feels great, cognitively and physically. The “old” fast diet feelings in my stomach are so familiar that I look forward to them because I know the results will come again. I finally broke that old weight level where I lost sleep and have succeeded in lowering it by a few lbs., but sleep is not affected! YAYYYY.

    I also introduced myself to HIIT classes (U.S.) 2 one hr sessions a week replacing those spinning classes. I’m in my 60’s but this is still possible and I keep up with the rythums. All of this is in sync with the FAST principles and I’m so very thankful to have been actively fasting, and excercising, for so long.

    Brilliant. I have done much the same for a few years now and for the last 2 years have been doing 16:8. Now I am very close to my goal (for the 2nd or 3rd time), I cheat just a little. If I want a little chocolate I have 2 squares (100g) of 85% cocoa chocolate in the evening. I also have 1/2 a glass of Rioja before my last meal. For at least 6 months I didn’t weigh myself and am delighted that my BMI is only 25.3. I thought it would be more. So I’m dieting more strictly again now. But I still eat a lot, mainly fruit and veg. I live in Spain in the winter and due to Corona virus we can’t go outside much. Fortunately we have 2 beagles and for that reason I can go out to exercise the dogs. Beagles are better than any gym and they are very affectionate and learn quickly.

    That’s how I am doing it, two meals a day at around 1pm and 6pm. Coffee and tea allowed and exercise before eating. We are in the UK on Coronavirus lockdown but can go out to exercise as often as we like, as long as it is local and social distancing is observed. I have taken to doing laps and intervals round a rugby field rather than long, slow jogs, shorter but more intense sessions and easier to avoid others. Coupled with long walks in unpopular areas and bike rides on roads empty of cars. It is a beautiful spring here which makes the situation even more sad. The first three weeks I ate and drank like I was on an all inclusive cruise but have now got a grip again. Small portions, 16/8 and plenty of fresh air, keep busy, seems to be doing the trick, 2lb off in the first week and BMI back to 25. Keep safe and healthy everyone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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